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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Strong Bad in Etika Appreciation Thread   
    I've been super mega gone from the Sonic scene for so long, but Etika is someone I kept up with through the years. From humble beginnings as a SegaSonic Radio DJ to being a famous YouTuber, his passion as an entertainer was obvious from day 1. He wanted to bring smiles to the faces of others, and he did that better than anyone I have ever known.
    He and I would talk on MSN as early as 2006, and bonded over the fact that we had the same birthdate (may 12th!). Later in 2015 we finally got to meet up. He was always so excited about any progression or good parts of my life, encouraging me and helping me. I met up with him at various events and again in 2017 as I hung at his apartment in NYC. He just... he wouldn't let me pay for my own food.... or anything like that. I was his guest of honor, I suppose, that's just how kind he truly was. Infinite kindness. Infinite patience. Infinite smiles. I knew he was hurting, and I reached out to him, but I hadn't got a reply since October... I'm so sorry it came to this, Desmond, and I'm sorry I couldn't help you. I'm in tears over your passing and I'm sorry you were suffering this much. I will never forget you no matter how much time passes.
    I don't much like putting my face on the internet these days, but I'll make an exception.

    Here's to you, Desmond. I love you and miss you so much. Everything hurts, but I can only imagine this is a fraction of the pain you must have felt. I would do anything to hear some Cold Hard Facts from you just one more time. 💔 
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to PublicEnemy1 in Etika Appreciation Thread   
    Whether you loved or hated him, you can't deny that Etika, AKA Iceman, was a part of us. He was a funny and excellent streamer who was taken from us way too soon. May he rest in piece. 

    Joycon Boyz for life.
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Failinhearts in [Fanfiction] Academy Chronicles: Palutena's Guidance (An Introduction to the SSMB Heroes Academy RP)   
    Things have been busy, but I've been getting to them whenever I can!
    MAYA FEY: @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Failinhearts in Failin's Reviews! [Youtube Series]   
    I'm putting my vocal cords to the test as I review Aladdin! But this is no ordinary review, oh no. I'm looking at this film in song!
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #112

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    Bloxxerboy reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #111

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    Bloxxerboy reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #110

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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Failinhearts in Failin's Reviews! [Youtube Series]   
    Cancelled my next vid. Please read the following tweet.
    Click the link for the whole list. Might post the whole script at a later date.
    The next full length video is Ninjago: Day of the Departed
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Badnik Mechanic in I'm Stepping Down From Writing At TSS!   
    Might as well make this public now. I was gonna post this in announcements but didn't want to be cheeky...
    So I joined TSS in March 2012 and have written nearly 600 articles for the site, both news and original material, which is quite a lot. And.... Shortly into March this year, I made the decision that I would step down from my position as writer for the site.
    I figured given how long I've been effectively one of the main faces who brings you the Sonic news I should post a bit of a goodbye and why I'm putting down my keyboard to pick up a... uh... Keyboard!
    Why are you going?
    Some of you know that last year my health took a major nose dive which hasn't gotten much better this year. So does this have anything to do with that? 
    Yes... But not in the way you think. Since I started having the health issues, I've tried to do some productive stuff to help me through it, first I made myself a small place on the internets which I really need to get back to doing at some point.
    But I then started to take my video making a bit more seriously, something which I'd wanted to do for a long time anyway but never really had a the time and the response has been quite incredible, far beyond anything I could have imagined and I'd really liked to dedicate a lot more time to it, especially since it lets me talk about games outside of Sonic and Sega which is also something I've wanted to do for a long time.
    And aside from releasing these completed projects, the process of making them is also making me a lot happier, far more than when I was just writing for TSS. So I feel it's the best for my health and... just the fact I'm doing something that a lot of others are also really enjoying if I focus on that full time.
    When are you turning red (Retired Rank)?


    Well... Technically I'm already gone, I can't write for the site anymore, but I still have access to the staff area and something is being worked on which I've been dropping the odd input in so I imagine I'll wake up one day and find myself in the retirement castle with Flyboy Fox and all the other retired staff, I'll be sat in the corner working on videos, please visit and leave a muffin.. One with chocolate chips.
    But I've said I'll occasionally drop by for the odd guest article or help with a live-stream if they need a hand with something.
    Anything else?
    Not really, just like to thank all the wonderful people and friends I've met through my time writing on here, especially @Dreadknux for allowing me to write for so long without breaking anything (I'm still waiting for the money to fund my real life Death Egg).

    So I'm off to YouTube now to make videos, so feel free to subscribe to me there or follow me on twitter if you still enjoy telling me my opinion on Sonic is wrong! I'll still be a member here posting about the Sonikku and the Segagaga, but my new creative outlet where I make new content will be on YouTube and Twitter.
     So if you desperately miss my stuff or want to tell me it's 'wrong' I invite you to come along!

    Who is replacing you? Can they make nice sandwiches?
    I've not been involved in that conversation, but I think I know who my replacement is going to be and I hope you wish them all the very best. But I'll let them reveal that surprise in their own topic.
    Only I hope the reveal is something like this...
    But with my avatar on the hood, then when they lift it off it's their avatar.
    If you've made it this far, the moral of the story is @Dreadknux still hasn't funded my Death Egg!
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in General E3 2019 Topic & Motobug @ E3 - SSMB's Exclusive E3 Stream - E3 Starts June 8th 2019   
    With E3 starting in about two weeks, and things being pretty different with several studios this time around, I thought now might be the best time to make the general discussion topic for this year's E3. As with previous years, this topic will be used as a general guide topic for E3, including the links to the other topic discussions that I'm sure will begin popping up as E3 closes in on us. This will also cover the stream details that Motobug will be running for this year. As usual, Motobug will be streaming the conferences for another year in a row, so if you want to watch an exclusive SSMB stream of the conferences, and watch the reveals live with SSMB members, that's the stream for you.
    The additional conferences that aren't exactly E3 conferences (Treehouse streams for example) will be streamed on Motobug when it doesn't interfere with other conferences as well. As usual, it's a community volunteer thing to run these streams as well, so keep in mind there may be some hiccups on our side, and will be under the Motobug rules that are listed in the main Motobug topic. We're also considering the Smash tourney as well, but it's undecided, so I'll update when Motobug staff have come to a decision on it.
    Anyways, with all that said, here is all the gathered information for E3 this year. I'll be updating the topic as more topics are made, and updating with a proper schedule when the conferences have all been properly revealed. 
    Also, if there's any info that I've missed about already announced topics (right now, I'm just announcing Nintendo, Sony, and MS as I'm unsure we've got the info of the other usual contenders such as Ubisoft, EA, etc), let me know and I'll update the topic.
    Where to Watch:
    Motobug: https://cytu.be/r/Motobug
    Known Conference Details: 
    -Direct as Usual
    -Conference is supposedly over an hour long.
    -Will not have a conference this year
    -Nintendo-like Direct confirmed 
    -Will have a conference
    -Conference will be around two hours long. 

    June 8th: 
    EA Play: 
    5:15 pm GMT/12:15 pm EST/9:15 am PDT
    Nintendo Championship: 
    7pm GMT/2pm EST/11am PDT
    June 9th: 
    9pm GMT/4pm EST/1pm PDT
    1:30am GMT/8:30pm EST/5:30pm PDT
    June 10th: 
    PC Gaming Show: 
    6pm GMT/1pm EST/10am PDT
    Limited Run Games: 
    8pm GMT/2pm EST
    9pm GMT/4pm EST/1pm PDT
    Square Enix:
    2am GMT/9pm EST/6pm PDT
    Developer Digital:
    4am GMT/11pm EST/8pm PDT
    June 11th:
    5pm GMT/12pm EST/9am PDT
    6pm GMT/1pm EST/10am PDT
    Discussion Topics: 
    Motobug Main Topic: 
    Nintendo Speculation/Discussion Topic: 
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Failinhearts in [Fanfiction] Academy Chronicles: Palutena's Guidance (An Introduction to the SSMB Heroes Academy RP)   
    New Guidances, ahoy!
    AOI ASAHINA: @Ryannumber1gamer
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Failinhearts in [Fanfiction] Academy Chronicles: Palutena's Guidance (An Introduction to the SSMB Heroes Academy RP)   
    New Palutena's Guidances!
    PIT?! (APRIL FOOLS 2019):
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Failinhearts in [Fanfiction] Academy Chronicles: Palutena's Guidance (An Introduction to the SSMB Heroes Academy RP)   
    They're back, and ready to tackle the biggest subject yet!
    ...Spirit Bikes.
    MAKOTO NIJIMA: @Ryannumber1gamer
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Tarnish in Terminator: Dark Fate (Paramount's 'other' movie)   
    For me it felt nothing like a Terminator movie, more like an approximation.

    The music for the trailer felt like a very strange choice.

    I'm not sold on whoever is playing the new Terminator. Just doesn't really have that menacing killer face.

    So far it seems as I exspected, the focus will be on the 2 new characters with Sarah appearing more as a marketing tool to get asses in the seats rather than be a main focus (that's how it felt to me anyway).

    Sarrah's appearance when taking out the Terminator, I know it's supposed to be badass, but it felt like she was the Terminator instead with her zero emotion, almost bored delivery.

    We're once again introducing a sideplot with that boy girl being the result of some kind of weird experiment.

    Old Terminator shows up as if he really did went on a vacation at the end of T2 instead of melting himself.

    Was John Connor even in the trailer?

    Looks like the action is gonna be way over the top CGI, as it's typical these days. (I miss the days when all you needed was just a truck to know real shit was gonna go down.)
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Emperor Robrainiac in ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart   
    So... I'm just giving those of you who follow me a heads up, I might be taking a break from art for a while to focus getting my comic off the ground. I've gone as far to make an outline, but other than that, no significant progress has been made, so I want to try and put all my energy into that.
    That being said, here's some character designs from a different idea I had.

    Here's an unlikely pair, Scale the Pangolin and Yumi the Scorpion: adoptive siblings who are also prophesied heroes. But they're not the only chosen ones in the world. Nope for they have been selected to attend an academy for "Chosen Ones" from all over the world.

    Here is two of their classmates, friends and teammates of Scale and Yumi. On the left, Emma, a princess who also happens to be a chosen pirate of prophecy, and Jack, a chosen monster tamer and the biggest nerd in the academy. 

    Characters returning are Bacon, the mellow lizard, and Egg, a short tempered spirit who took the shape of Bacon. Bacon is also a legendary hero, but she acts as their mentor and teacher in fighting evil.
    So yeah, an academy that takes young heroes who are said to protect their homes, and possibly the world. Inspired by the Sonic Knock-off mascot era of gaming, (Which was something that's been dancing around in my mind for a while,) I'd imagine this idea to be a sci-fi fantasy, with a tropical, pirate fantasy style enviroment.
    But yeah, that's what I have for you today. I'll be slowing down from here on out to work on my comic project, like I said, so I'll see you guys whenever I come back!
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #109

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    Bloxxerboy reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #108

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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in The ProJared Drama   
    I'm sure this is totally the truth, Heidi just randomly decided to say "oh yea go ahead and announce you love my best friend, and then i'll randomly be angry you did so".
    Fucking bullshit. This is utterly fucking pathetic. Go ahead Jared, dig your hole deeper, considering that's all your nonsense story has done for you.
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Failinhearts in [Fanfiction] Academy Chronicles: Episode Tsumugi   
    Been pretty busy, but I'm back in business to deliver updates once every two weeks as I alternate with Guidances!
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #107

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    Bloxxerboy reacted to tailsBOOM! in The ProJared Drama   
    Haven't seen this mentioned, but she got the cat (Which is the closest thing they have to a child):
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    Bloxxerboy got a reaction from tailsBOOM! in The ProJared Drama   
    Mindfall Media has voiced his opinion on the matter.
    I don’t really know who ProJared is until now. I’m just disgusted. The cheating, the nude sending, everything about this incident. I’m not really sure if I’m on grounds to show my opinion, since I just found out who this guy is. I’m just...disgusted at this.
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Knight56 in The Introduction Topic   
    Well, I think I'd be more helpful if I saw some of your work. But to me, one of the more underappreciated things is setting description. It can really set the mood for the rest of the chapter or story, and I've found in my reviews on other sites that it can really help.
    One of the ideas I have floating around right now is a retelling of Shadow the Hedgehog's Last Story, as it seems to be heavily bashed for having a story ridden with plot holes and having a poor explanation of what really happened. I aim to fix that by using most of the levels present in the game and tying them all together to build up to the climax. I think it would honestly do a service to the community.
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    Bloxxerboy reacted to Failinhearts in Failinhearts Attempts to Make Things   
    The 8 Sentinels showcased in my Youtube Thumbnails so far!
    ...Transparent art doesn't translate well to Twitter
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