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  1. BIG BUMP! Hi guys, this is a special drawing regarding Sonic's 28th Birthday/Anniversary on the 23rd June, but wait it's Doctor Eggman/Robotnik's birthday too. They both appeared in the very first Sonic game, and I felt it was fitting to draw a double celebration of their anniversary. As you know, they have been battling each other for 28 years, that's some time, but they don't seem to be quite finished with each other yet, as you can see from the drawing, they are at it again lol. Thinking of a drawing for Sonic's anniversary was tough, it could of been Sonic alone, but Eggman/Robotnik entered the fray, and the Number 8 sparked the idea of combining both characters into the drawing, and the Number 8 too. It may be Sonic's/Eggman's next birthday soon, but I want it to be a unique one, and of course each one is, but drawing this I hope I contributed to making it feel unique on that day for both these iconic characters. Thanks for looking.
  2. I hate rocks, but I love them too? The hate / love relationship of them.....
  3. Why am I not excited for this game? Even with Spyro in it. I am just not excited for it. Sorry to post in here, and say this really lame opinion.
  4. I regret nothing. Better viewing here: https://twitter.com/RedDevilDazzy/status/1128543789910495233
  5. I am trying hard to like that retro cheat, but it looks kinda off. Still, maybe eventually I'll like it.
  6. Hi guys, I am back with a new video, and once again it's another tribute video. This time the game I have picked is Sonic Mania Plus. I hope you guys like it. As a big Sonic I really wanted to show my appreciation of this game. Music is by Freqrexy.
  7. I hardly post on this forum, but thought this would be funny to show. Unexpected too.
  8. Hi,I recently made a Spyro The Dragon Tribute video based on his 1st adventure, here's the link:
  9. His 20th birthday sure is close, September 9th. Would love to see them release a Spyro 1 demo to mark the original's anniversary release, pray and hope, it might just happen.
  10. I hope they release some playable demos, such as the E3 one. Why not, atleast that will make up for this delay.
  11. Hi guys, in these photo's I am showing a drawing I did of Kat, the main character in Gravity Rush. I drew her many years ago but with her back turned. I have never drawn her face because I suck at drawing people, but Kat is my favourite modern day super hero, I can't say no, I had to try. I needed a lot of practise with drawing her, and this drawing here was almost scrapped too because I did not like the look of it. Anyway, here are the black and white/colour versions of the drawing, thanks for looking guys.
  12. Over an hour, sweet jesus. On a scale from 1% to 100%, I am 100% jealous. Ugh.
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