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  1. BTW, is your avatar the fan art of the main character (I forgot his name...) from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends or is that a caricature of you?

    1. Tomadom


      It's a caricature of me, a friend made it for me and gave me permission to use it as my profile picture. Though I will admit it does look like the main character (I believe his name was Mac?).

    2. Mick


      Yup, his name was Mac.  I looked it up.

  2. Hi and welcome to SSMB.  I see you're new here!

    1. Tomadom


      Hi! Yeah, I realized after years of coming to the Sonic Stadium for news updates that this website has a forum. I figured that since I enjoy Sonic Retro forums and other gaming related forums that I'd go ahead and make an account here.

    2. Mick


      Yeah, that's cool.  I have been on here since July 2007... the incarnation before this one is lost forever (but you can see some pages through Archive.org) when the server got wiped... sadly, it was never backed up and this forum had to be started over by scratch in March 2009.

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