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  1. Marsden looks to be pretty happy with this role. I hope it's a good character.
  2. They probably haven't said much of anything so far because they like how things are going.
  3. They confirmed that keeping Sonic as the main character was "very important to them". I don't think we have to worry about Tom being the main focus of the film. So many CGI/live-action movies have made that mistake, and I don't think they're too keen on following in their footsteps.
  4. I can see a story where Sonic loses his rings, which do give him power, and possibly slowly losing his speed? So we still get to see him being fast, but there's also the looming plot of him losing his speed?
  5. I'm not telling anyone their opinion doesn't mean anything. I'm saying that a choice has been made by the producers and nothing we say is going to change it, so complaining about it is pointless.
  6. Why are people even arguing about Schwartz being casted as Sonic? They're not going to cast Roger just because fans are complaining about it. Roger has been chosen for the games; that never guaranteed he'd get the role in a movie.
  7. Great choice, in my opinion. I think with his range, he can do a great Sonic that has emotion and depth to his voice that Roger does not particularly bring.
  8. Agreed. Sonic with a new voice actor and more fleshed-out personality, even if it's a bit different from what we're used to, would be great. I'd take a different, flesh-out take over same-y, mediocrity any day. Remember that there's still a part of him that rises above his eyes, like his forehead and ears.
  9. But that IS supposed to be Sonic. The balls represent Sonic's eyes so the actor knows where to look to meet his face.
  10. I highly, highly doubt any other character besides Sonic and maybe Tails will appear in the movie.
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