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  1. I don't think it is. 5 months before the movie release and they still be cryptic and not showing Sonic's face again?
  2. Thailand's poster. How the heck they can manage to carve Sonic's head onto the letter "ค". Yeah, it looks like a logo in every poster, its font will get carved no matter how thin the font is.
  3. OK! I think Sonic movie will have a really tough challenger here. The King's man will be released in Valentine's day (14 February) same as Sonic.
  4. "Next few weeks" Best Case Scenario: Got something in this week Worse Case Scenario: Got something 3 weeks from now (definition of "few"), or not getting anything again...
  5. He does explained the real description of the trailer, but he act like it's really lame and gonna be suck. To me, IMO.
  6. Maybe they won't do it via words, but an actual "visual" on the cover, with a movie design. This will be a deal breaker.
  7. A novel is a good idea, for people who don't want to see Movie Sonic, so they experience the story via a novel and imagine the Sonic they want in their head.
  8. Seeing those posters in a different language, I wonder how the logo looks in my country(Thailand, use Thai Language) Actually, I envision Sonic movie logo in Thai language before. But without iconic Sonic quill incorporated in the font. here... (THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL, IT'S FANMADE, WHICH IS ME.) โซนิค = Sonic เจ้าเม่นสายฟ้า = Lightning Hedgehog (เจ้าเม่น = Little Hedgehog, สายฟ้า = Lightning, Thunder) The reason for this definition is Thai people mostly know Sonic by the definition "Lighting-fast hedgehog" from the Thai version of Sonic X. I'm gonna wait and see an official logo in Thai version. and compare it. ;-)
  9. That Nacho Fries commercial gives me a little bit shock because there's Sonic filming location that is similar to the one appears in that Nacho trailer, which is 1739 Dunbar street. Visual is quite similar. In a good way, but it isn't the same place. Isn't it?
  10. This guy claim that he was in the Comic Con in Brazil where Sonic teaser was shown. He said this pic is the closest to the Sonic that he saw.
  11. If I remember correctly, Patrick Casey and Josh Miller are a screenwriter. A screenwriter is a guy who takes the story and turns it into a screenplay, which is the detail of how exactly the characters is doing in the scene. The writer is, in fact, Van Robichaux And Evan Susser, which Van is one of the Sonic fans. They were writing the first draft of the story, but who takes their story to make a final storyline, I don't know? And the screenplay Patrick and Josh were working isn't the final one, the person who does a final draft of a screenplay is Oren Uziel, the guy who writes a screenplay for 22th Jump Street and one of the Mortal Kombat TV series. I hope for nothing other than it's at least entertaining. :-)
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