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  1. BONUS DAY - Why Do You Play Games? Like nearly everyone else has said, they're fun. Fun things are good. They give you a chance to meet great characters and amazing settings that you wouldn't otherwise get to see in real life. Ever wanted to see what it'd be like to be a blue collar worker who has to beat up reptiles and mushrooms to save a member of royalty? Or have you ever thought about what it'd be like to see a bunch of animals pilot a space ship to go and shoot up a giant monkey head? What about a cyborg ninja out for revengeance against a war crime organisation lead by a senator made of nanomachines? Chances are you haven't ever thought of these things but there are games with all sorts of strange and fun scenarios like this. They give you worlds where your only worries are things as simple as the RNG co-operating or hoping you made a right guess. But what I think a large part of why I prefer it to other forms of media is the interactivity and the possibilities that brings. It allows countless different amounts of different types of games to appear, both as far as genres go and within each genre. You can take a countless number of approaches to the gameplay, and your experience with the game could be completely different to someone else's because of how you approached it. The developers can also throw in all kinds of different things into the gameplay that can make a particular game worth sinking loads of time into, that can make a single player experience or a competetive game truly stand out. They've become a big part of my life for all of these reasons and probably more that I can't think of right now, and that won't change for what I hope to be a very long time.
  2. Day 30 - Favorite Ending For whatever reason I'm completely drawing a blank on what else to pick. Probably because I'm just really tired at the time of writing, but I'm going to have to use the same answer as last year again, because the ending obviously stuck with me if it's the only one that's coming to me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e9z2Yd83II (The audio seems to be messed up at parts in this, but it's the only video I could find, sorry.) I already talked about the first half of this ending on the favourite moments day, but the latter half is still more than worth talking about. It really makes you feel like you've tied up all of the loose ends in the land. You restored all stretches of the land, helping a large number of people overcome their plights to get them on the right path, restored the population's faith in the gods and in turn revived Amaterasu's true potential, and put an end to the darkness' influence on the mortal world once and for all. You managed to overcome all of the odds against you, and now it's over. Your long journey has finally come to an end, and it couldn't make you feel better about it. But then, even during the ending, you find out that the tale isn't over! Okami did yet another ending fake out! The Celestial Plain, the home of the gods is still in shambles, and you need to head up there and restore it! There's a promise of even bigger and better things, and it truly sets up the spectacle that will be Okami's sequel perfectly. Right? Riiiiight? What. NO.
  3. Day 29 - Favourite Overall Cast Once again, don't really have a unique answer, but Ace Attorney's cast is truly a great one and worth talking about regardless. Despite the subject matter, Ace Attorney's cast manages to be a really fun one that leads to many great interactions. A large number of characters in the cast all have their own quirks and mannerisms that make each one of the characters you come across except Moe because Moe is garbage interesting and amusing to interact with. The recurring cast are all fleshed out really well, with well written backgrounds, memorable personalities and characterisations, and believable development. These games wouldn't be as good as they are if it weren't for the amazing cast and their interactions, and they make playing each entry of the series worthwhile.
  4. I finally manage to hatch a shiny Pokémon but it came so early in the breeding process that it's IVs suck and it got the wrong ability. Thanks Obama.

  5. Day 28 - Most Anticipated Game I'm going to have to list quite a few games, because there are a bunch that I'm really looking forward to. It's the new Smash Bros., what is there to not be excited about? I'm really looking forward to this because of how much more effort seems to have gone into this one than previous entries. The actual attention to character balance as opposed to just changing things about characters and hoping for the best will be really interesting to see if they can pull it off well, and I like how they're trying to throw a bone to the competetive crowd with this one, even if they'll just end up sticking with Melee anyway. I'm also really looking forward to seeing how the newcomers play, even if I don't plan on using most of them, because of how unique some of them appear to be, whether it's Mega Man's mostly projectile based moveset, Little Mac's ground only based gameplay or Rosalina's Luma set ups. It looks to be a fine addition to the Smash Bros. series, and I can't wait to play it. As I said earlier on in this topic, Bayonetta was the absolute perfection of it's genre, and it's getting a sequel where it'll get the chance to improve even further. I'm really happy that this game is coming to be, since it's not often that a game made by Platinum ever gets to see more than one game made per IP, and thanks to Nintendo, Bayonetta gets another chance to shine. From what has been shown of it, it looks just as good as ever, and I can't wait to see what improvements Platinum has made to the combat system, and I have complete faith in them that this will be a worthy sequel to the first game, even if Kamiya isn't working on it. With gen 3 being my most nostalgic Pokémon generation and game in general, I am really hyped to see that it's finally getting remade, and it honestly couldn't have come at a better time. Now that the Pokémon games have finally made the jump to 3D in the main line games, I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do and don't change in the region now that they have to take the old region's design and put it in full 3D. It's really exciting to think about what they're going to do, and see how they integrate all of the changes that the series has gone through since the original games. Having all of X/Y's features with things like Emerald's Battle Frontier in one game could easily make it a contender for the best Pokémon game yet.
  6. Day 27 - Favorite Developer As previously stated, Clover Studio/Platinum games are some of the best developers out there because of the amount of effort they put into all of their games. They seem to know exactly what to do to make whatever they're working on a worthwhile experience, and pretty much every game they have made is a defining example of whatever genre the game is done right. The amount of refinement that goes into each and every one of their games is pretty much unheard of at their level of consistency, both in gameplay and storytelling. Their track record is something that other developers should dream of having, since I honextly can't think of a game they've made that could be called anything below good. And what is possibly one of the best things about them is they never let their pretty much consistently poor unit sales put them down. They just keep going at it as they always have because they know that what they make is great as they are, and they know that the people who play their games feel the same way. The developer that saved the whole industry back in the day deserves a mention, as it not only did that, but has made a huge mark on the industry since. While they don't have a perfect track record, the amount of classic, genre defining games these guys have put out is uncountable.....well countable but there's a lot of them. These guys have a huge number of amazing IPs under their belt, even if they don't use like half of them, that all have a huge amount of polish put into them. It's always exciting to see them announce new games because most of the time what they will be putting out will be high quality stuff.
  7. Day 26 - Favorite Console Generation Going to have to parrot what everyone else was saying here and say my favourite generation is the sixth generation. There were a huge number of great releases that came about this generation across the various systems, and every system felt like it was worth considering at the very least. I'd list some but there are so many that I would end up going on for ages, but a lot of really unique and groundbreaking games came out during this generation's run. It also had what was arguably the largest jump in quality of graphical and musical quality in 3D gaming too, so it's also memorable for that.
  8. Day 25 - Least Favorite Character Since DmC's Dante was mentioned already, I'm going to have to go with sloppy seconds here. So we're a good bit since DmC's announcement. Everything they've shown of the game has been....underwhelming to put it lightly. However, out of the blue, it's announced that their own interpretation of Vergil would be in this game. You know what, Vergil was a pretty cool guy, and with how well he was portrayed in DMC3, they surely can't fuck him up, right? Right? Yeah tell everyone on r/NephilimsRightsAssociation that I said hi. Now my qualm here isn't with his design, because honestly it's probably one of the less offensive ones DmC had to offer, even if his model is plastered with a stupid fucking grin no matter what he's saying or doing. It's the fact that this important character in their supposed "advancement in the storytelling of video games that will rival film and literature" (I still can't fucking believe they said that about this trite) is handled with absolutely no subtlety at all, and can't decide what he wants to be from scene to scene. He's initially presented as being the leader of the rebellion against Mundus' rule, wanting to help Dante realise who he is and what he can do. Okay, it's a bit different to how he was portrayed in the original series, but you know what, it's a reboot. But then they decide fuck that, let's actually have him be a huge prick and want to throw the life of someone who has been a big help to him so far, and shoot a fucking pregnant woman through the fucking body and then give her a moment to realise what's happened before offing her too. Wow, what a fucking prick. Oh but now like 2 or 3 cutscenes later he's laughing and joking with Dante.....making remarks that he has a bigger dick.....to his brother.....that's fucking gross. And then they're just shown getting along and helping each other out even though Dante called him out on both of the afromentioned clearly evil actions that didn't even happen all that long ago. After that, the "twist" that Vergil was a bad guy and wanted to rule over everything comes out. Man, that sure would've been a shocking twist if you didn't already show that he was a huge fucking asshole. I get it, those scenes were meant to be foreshadowing but they hid it so poorly that the "twist" could've been seen coming from half the game away. After that point, Vergil gets his own DLC. Maybe he'll have his chance to redeem himself there.....or he'll just spend the entire time whinging about how no one likes him just because he wanted to take over the world and rule over the humans that are so stupid despite them helping him get where he was. He is a poor excuse for a villain both when compared to the old Vergil and in his own right.
  9. Day 24 - Favorite Controller I know I'm basically beating a dead horse by mentioning this since there's a good number of posts on it already, but I really can't think of a controller that I've found better than this one. It's just a really well designed controller in my eyes because of the button layout and the way the controller itself is structured. All of the buttons have distinct shapes and positions, and everything on the controller is easily within reach, meaning you'll never have to contort your hands into weird positions for anything. What I also really like about it is how comfortable it is to hold. The analogue stick/C-Stick being really soft, the triggers having the indents to rest your fingers in, the smooth buttons and the well shaped handles on the bottom made holding it feel really natural, and unlike most other controllers, I never experienced any problems with holding this controller for extended periods of time. My only real gripe with it is there are better D-Pads out there, but it's still far from the worst.
  10. Day 23 - Favorite Song My choices from the last 30 days still stand, and since the Ace Attorney Cornered themes have been covered, I'll go with my next pick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcpGIVbPYrI The entirety of Metal Gear Rising is nonsensical hypefest from start to end, and it's soundtrack reflects that perfectly. I could've mentioned pretty much any of the boss themes for this, but this is the one that stands out the most. Much like the bossfight this accompanies, this song is the epitome of the ridiculousness and hype that the soundtrack has to offer. It really sets the atmosphere for the fight perfectly, and plays something of a part of what makes what is possibly the dumbest idea for a boss ever so exciting. It really gets you in the mood to push the Senator's shit in and put his stupid plans to an end.
  11. Day 22 - Favorite Art Style I used it last year and it's kind of an obligatory answer, but really, I can't think of anything else that comes close to Okami's art style to me. Whether it's the concept art or the game itself, Okami's visuals look fantastic at every point. The game pulls off the Japanese watercolour painting style pretty much perfectly, and it really makes you feel like the world around you is your own canvas to paint on. Every area you go to makes full use of the visuals, and they really make each location stand out as a result. There are also some breathtaking moments that are in a large part caused by the visuals. Reaching a high up area with a good view of the terrain below feels more worth it in Okami than any other game to me because of how nice some of the areas look, and the afromentioned Restoration cutscenes are simply stunning.
  12. Day 21 - Most Memorable Unlockable How did this person get killed by the Gigapede that many times. Easy Mode in the Devil May Cry series is easily the unlockable that stands out to me the most, because the way they implimented it is fucking genius. These games are pretty difficult if you don't know what you're doing, and just randomly button mashing will get you absolutely nowhere. Chances are on your first runthrough of one of these games you're going to die. You're going to die a lot. So much so that you'll get frustrated and maybe want to give up, thinking that this game is too much for you. But then when you die so many times in one area, those words come up on the screen. Easy mode is now selectable. The game is basically telling you "Awww, is this game too hard for you? Well we'll let the little baby have his easy mode so then he'll maybe stand a chance." And at that point, you've got to keep going. It motivates you to keep on trying as it is, because you don't want to face the humiliation of having to turn on the casual babby mode that the game presents easy mode as. You can't let the game win and never surpass wherever it is that you're stuck at or face the shame of having to play through a watered down husk of a game, knowing that you'll never beat the game with true skill and style. You won't have earned that victory in the end, it was all a lie because you weren't good enough to handle the game as it was unless you keep going at the normal difficulty. I'm probably thinking way too much into this, but that's how it always came across to me, and I can't think of another unlock that's quite as much of an affect as this one on me.
  13. Day 20 - Favorite Side Character There's a lot of Ace Attorney characters I could put here because a bunch of them are well written and enjoyable characters, but out of all of the side characters I think I like Maya the most. I enjoy her near constant upbeat and optimistic attitude, and her almost child-like wonder about everything going on around her. It was always worth it to examine random objects in every area you come across if she was with you to see what kind of outlandish comments she would make on whatever it was you were looking at, whether it's making weird business related suggestions, constantly bringing up her never ending craving for hamburgers, or being pedantic about ladder based terminology. She's always willing to help out those she cares for in any way she can, whether it's trying to keep everyone around her in a good mood, channeling spirits....most of the time it being Mia, getting vital pieces of information or evidence out of people or even that one time she took the blow from a stun-gun for Phoenix. I also like how selfless she's been to show at times, not wanting to be a burden during her multiple arrests and kidnappings, and staying strong for her relatives despite facing her own problems at the time too. She is just an amusing character who has a lot of good points to her besides that.
  14. Day 19 - Favorite Antagonist I know I talked about Dante yesterday but Vergil is such a great antagonist that I can't help but mention him. What makes him so great is that he's pretty much the perfection of the rival character trope. He is basically what you would expect someone of his and Dante's upbringing to be like. He's stoic, serious at all times and doesn't give a shit about style as long as he's able to stop everything that gets in his way.....despite being pretty stylish anyway. However, like Dante, he also has some traits that would be uncharacteristic of someone with his upbringing. He embraces his demon half and loathes his human side, believing it to be what is holding him back from attaining ultimate power. However, despite these huge differences, he is also very similar to Dante in some ways. At a glance they look very similar aside from Vergil's coat being blue, to the point where Vergil's hair will sometimes fall into place to where it's exactly the same as Dante's. They also both posess similar abilities. They both have a Devil Trigger that functions pretty similarly, they are both capable of gaining weaponry from the souls of fallen foes, and they both use swords as their weapons of choice, despite their uses of said swords being very different and, throughout the story of Devil May Cry 3, much like Dante, Vergil keeps learning new techniques by the time the two of them cross paths again. He is a great rival because of how greatly he contrasts Dante despite having quite a few similarities to him too. It also helps that all of the fights you have with him are really fun and challenging too. However so I'm not doing nothing but talking about Devil May Cry for two days in a row, I'll mention my second choice. Placed in Spoiler tags because of spoilers relating to Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.
  15. Day 18 - Favorite Protagonist Dante, the son of Sparda, the legendary dark knight who slayed the most powerful demons around. Half demon, half human, despised by the purebreeds of either side. Losing his father at a young age and then later losing his mother and twin brother during an attack by demons. He later started up a demon hunting business, probably as an act of revenge against the demons who took so much from him so early in his life. So what is he like exactly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSEBAukcHaU Oh. Dante is a great protagonist for many reasons. Firstly, his personality fits with his gameplay perfectly. He loves to show off and look stylish no matter what he's doing, and he'll always keep his cool no matter what kind of freakish creature from the depths of the demon world he is faced with. His mostly upbeat demeanor, cheesy one liners and wisecracks and general lack of ability to care about what is going on around him and just go CUHRAZY makes watching him interact with the various characters, friends or foes, always an entertaining experience. It's always amusing to see what kind of dumb bullshit feats he pulls of in each game too, whether it's pushing a bike away from him by shooting it repeatedly after being impaled, surfing around on missiles, riding a motorcycle up a collapsing cliff and then flinging said motorbike around like it was a pair of nunchakus, casually ignoring being impaled through the chest by his own sword and, as shown above, doing what is basically a theatre routine on the spot with one of the demons he is out to kill. He just knows how to have fun in any situation he's put in and that's why I'd call him my favourite protagonist. Now if you excuse me I have to go back to pretending that travesty of a reboot never happened. Honorable Mentions: Amaterasu: An extremely powerful celestial being revived to restore peace to the land, with control of the elements, time, the weather and more at her disposal.....is a dumb wolf who will fall asleep while someone is in the middle of talking to her if she is bored by them, solves everything by simply butting heads with it, and willing to cause all kinds of havock if you damage her pride. Despite never saying a word, she's a very amusing protagonist. Phoenix Wright: Despite sometimes not really knowing what he's doing, he's always willing to keep thing going to the end in the pursuit of truth and belief in his clients, willing to pull out all out all of the stops (Mostly just bluffing though) to try and get them the innocent verdict be believes they deserve, even in the most dire situations. Luigi: Despite being so timid that he'll run for safety from anything that so much as looks at him funny, he's always able to muster up enough courage to move past his fears and get the right thing done, no matter what kind of danger he is faced with. Said timidity leads to some pretty funny moments in some of the spin-off games too.
  16. Day 17 - Best Combat So what would happen if you took Devil May Cry's combat system, one that is perfectly worthy of this title too, and added even more on top of it while throwing out what few problems that system had? That description pretty much sums up Bayonetta to a T, and it's easily the best game of it's kind as of right now. At a glance, the game looks really similar to the afromentioned Devil May Cry. Arena based combat where you're given a huge plethora of moves that all work into the flow based combat, allowing for a ridiculously large number of possible combos, a multitude of weapons that allow for a good number of options at short and long range, and sporting features like a lock-on button. So as said, it's an already great sytem while adding it's own things while getting rid of the few problems Devil May Cry had, namely getting rid of things that would limit your available movelist at any given time, allowing for even better flowing combat. As for what Bayonetta adds, it brings a huge number of finishing moves to the table, a large number of which are ridiculous in concept and make finishing combos properly all the more satisfying. They also added Witch Time, a feature where if you dodge an enemy's attack at the right time, time will be slowed down for a few seconds, and you'll be able to counter attack them with no real opposition, which is a great system that rewards you for properly learning an enemy's combat prowess as well as your own. Both of these things make learning how the game works all the more rewarding, and I don't think there's another game like it that does so at the level this game pulls it off at.
  17. Day 16 - Most Tragic/Saddest Moment Contains The Walking Dead spoilers.
  18. Day 15 - Favorite Moment Going to have to use Okami again, because once again, it contains a moment that I really can't think of anything that tops this for me. It's the penultimate cutscene of the game so I'll put it in spoiler tags I guess.
  19. Day 14 - Favorite Story I've wrote about Okami before, and others have covered The Walking Dead already, so I'll go with..... I could say the whole Ace Attorney series has my favourite story, with it's interesting and varied characters, all of the over-arching plot lines, the strange oddly court centric world and the many twists and turns that occur from seemingly nowhere. All of the games I've played in this series (Which is all of the "main" games barring Apollo Justice, which I still need to get around to playing) have had excellently written plots that are worth seeing from start to end......except the third case in Justice for All. Fucking Moe. But that's besides the point. I'm giving Trials and Tribulations special mention here, as I feel it has the best story out of the games I've played so far. All but one of the cases feel really strongly tied together to form a plot that's thrilling from start to end. Seeing how it resolves both it's own plot lines and ones left over from the previous 2 games makes it an exciting experience despite you having very little interaction as far as gameplay goes. The game feels like a true ending to the original trilogy, pulling out all the stops and making sure everything is resolved by the end.
  20. Day 13 - Most Disappointing Game "I did not kill her, it's not true, it's bullshit, I did not kill her, I did naaaaaaht. Oh hi Pyramid Head." Before this game was released, Silent Hill was pretty much on top of the world. Three fantastic games with well written stories, fantastic world building and atmosphere that understood how to make a survival horror game work perfectly in a row. Konami had struck gold, and it looked like they would be able to keep this series going strong for a very long time. Then this game happened. This game basically took everything that made the first three games great and chucked them all out of the window completely, leaving nothing but a putrid mess. Firstly, it's a Silent Hill game in name only, because at no point do you ever actually go to the titular Silent Hill, which already throws out a large majority of what the games beforehand set down in the lore, since in the first three games, a lot of the occurances were to do with the town itself. Instead, the story is set in......some dude's apartment that is being posessed by an undead murderer. While the concept of having an area you constantly come back to slowly becoming more and more degraded and, well, Silent Hill-esque could've been a pretty cool idea. A shame that none of that comes into play until the second half of the game, and in a very lacklustre way at that. The areas you have to explore all feel very unconnected and random too, making the atmosphere very inconsistent, which is a very poor aspect if you're trying to make a competent survival horror game. I mentioned the second half of the game earlier, and that is easily the worst part. Why, you may ask? Because the second half of the game has you replay the first half of the game over again. As an escort mission. With a partner that is either a useless moron who just gets in your way and forces you to slow down constantly, or if you give her a weapon, goes god damn apeshit on every enemy you come across. While Mr. Undead Murderer ghost is constantly tailing you. And what ending you get is largely based on how little or much said stupid AI companion gets damaged. It's bloody infuriating, and it drags what is already a pretty drab experience down even further. And the worst part, it didn't even have any joke endings! How can you have a Silent Hill game without a joke ending? Even fucking Downpour has a joke ending. What a piece of shit game.
  21. Day 12 - Fondest "Next Gen Experience" My fondest next-gen experience would probably be with Super Smash Bros. Melee. I remember finally getting around to buying a Gamecube just to get my hands on this game, and it was definitely a worthwhile decision. The game was basically the original Super Smash Bros. amped up to 11, and it made that clear from the start with it's brand new (at the time) FMV cutscene, which I still enjoy watching to this day whenever I come back to this game. There were new characters, new stages, new items, new music, new modes, new attacks, faster paced gameplay, re-balancing the old cast and more, making it more than a worthy sequel to the original. I don't know how much time I put into this game, whether it was playing through the plethora of single player modes trying to unlock everything this game had hidden away in it, or beating down my friends and family because I am a horrible person who mained Fox. The sheer amount that this game had to offer made it the best introduction to a new console to me, and there hasn't been anything that's had the same effect on me since.
  22. Day 11 - Most Frustrating Moment Any moment when one or more of these pricks are on the screen. Flying enemies tend to be a pain in video games. They're often hard to hit or flat out of your reach and usually move in annoying ways and are hard to counter-attack because of how fast a lot of them are. Ninja Gaiden is an infamously hard game, having shit flying at you from everywhere at all times, extremely difficult platforming and all you have to get yourself by with is a sword with what feels like an annoyingly short range and some magic every now and then. So what happens when you combine these two horribly annoying things? You get this asshole. With an extremely small hitbox, swift and awkward to avoid movement patterns, and always hanging around the god damn bottomless pits in fucking droves makes any sections where these guys decide to show their stupid faces a huge pain in the dick. Whether they decide to mess up a difficult jump, swarm you with no feasible escape because of how fast they are, appear out of nowhere and snipe you down when you're low on health or whatever else, these guys will find you. And they will kill you. Over and over and over again. Fuck these guys.
  23. Day 10 - Most Immersive Game I said I'd try to mention this game minimalistically but I really couldn't think of another game that I've got quite as lost in as this one. As I said in my favourite game post, the world building and atmosphere in Okami is done excellently, with fleshed out settings that always feel appropriate the context that they're being put in, likeable characters that grow and develop throughout the story and more, make advancing through the plot and seeing what is waiting for you next all the more exciting. The aesthetics, the vastly different settings and the wonderful soundtrack made coming across new areas and exploring them all the better, and with the amount of NPCs to talk to, the sights to see and the tasks to do in each area, I found it extremely easy and satisfying to immerse myself into the experience.
  24. Day 9 - Favorite Boss I was going to write about Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 here, but I ended up talking more about his character than the fights themselves, so I'll save that for if favourite villain or something comes up. Instead, I'll go with my next pick... Jubileus from Bayonetta. On your first runthrough of the game, you'll keep hearing everyone mention this Jubileus person, and how they're the best and it's going to fuck everyone's shit and yadda yadda yadda and then you get to the end of the game, and you never see her. What the hell was the point of all that foreshadowing? Were they sequel baiting? They had to be sequel baiting, right? Except no not really because they fake you out into thinking the game is over. They have a whole fake wrap up ending and everything, but nope, Bayonetta gets carried off into fucking space to be given to this Jubileus figure you've heard so much about. When this happens, you get to take control Jeanne, the game's rival character, and ride a motorcycle up a god damn rocket and then run up Jubileus' body to save Bayonetta. Once Bayo is freed, you get on to the real fight.....the real fight where you're beating up what is basically god. And Jubileus is no slouch, being as huge as she is, she has some ridiculous attacks, so you better hope you're good at making use of Witch Time by the time you reach this point. The boss has a good number of different phases that all work pretty differently from the other phases, including a couple of phases with some minor platforming segments. Once you manage to get through all of these phases, Bayonetta summons a giant hair demon that punches Jubileus' lights out so hard that you have to play a section where you guide Jubileus' body through the entire fucking solar system into the sun, leading to it's demise. Congratulations, you beat god, and now the game is over. Roll credits, we're done. Except no not really because they fake you out again. Mid credits. The final section of this fight takes place in the god damn sun, where you have to break down every part of Jubileus' remains before the timer runs out. What. After this, the boss is done for real, and the game is finally over. This boss fight is ridiculous. From the concept to the multiple fake-out endings, to some of the bizarre attacks it posesses, to guiding a fucking god's body through the solar system and destroying it's remains in the sun. You could never tell what they would pull next, and they made sure to exploit what they could do with this boss to it's fullest.
  25. Day 8 - Favorite Ability I already talked about Okami's Celestial Brush last time, and while that hasn't changed as being my favourite ability, for the sake of having something different to talk about, I'll go with another one I'm pretty fond of. Screenshot is a bit generic because there's no real way to show off what I'm talking about, but I'm going with Style/Weapon Switching from Devil May Cry 3/4. Each weapon and style in these games made you have to play completely differently to how you would have to play if you had a different weapon or style equipped. While you still had a lot to work with even if you were relegated to one style and a few weapon at a time without having to navigate through several menus, it sometimes felt a bit limiting being stuck to one set for a whole mission. The ability to switch these in real time however, completely changed this. It allowed you much more freedom with your combat options, having the mobility of the Trickster style, the comboing potential with the Swordmaster style, the ranged capabilities of the Gunslinger style and more all at the same time, which allowed you to be prepared for anything that could be thrown at you, making for both varied and well flowing combat.
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