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  1. I've seen many mixed opinions of the first Luigi's Mansion, but I really liked it. It was nice to see Luigi as the protagonist for once not counting those terrible educational games, and the gameplay and premise of the game felt like a nice change to what was expected from a Mario game. It wasn't a bright and cheery platformer, but it was still fun in it's own right. The only really big problem with it was that it didn't exactly take very long to complete once you knew what you were doing. When they announced the sequel to it, I was really happy, since it was nice to see that Nintendo were willing to give a game that had probably been long since forgotten by a large number of people, simply for how long ago it came out, a sequel. When they announced that there would be more than one mansion, I got even more hyped for it, since it means that my main problem with the previous game is more than likely not going to be around this time, and it being on a portable console makes it even better. (The 3DS one of course) As a big fan of the Paper Mario series, I'm really hyped for this game as well. It's nice to see them going back to the RPG style rather than the platformer Super Paper Mario was. I'm not one of the people who disliked the game, it was standard Mario gameplay, it would be hard for it to be bad, but one of my favourite things about the Paper Mario series, and the Mario RPGs on the whole, was how they were able to mix in the platforming elements with the puzzles and battle system that come with an RPG. Like I mentioned a few days ago, they seem to have got somewhat creative with how they used the 3D with this one, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they use the 3D for here. Since I'm a Street Fighter fan (I've played some of the Tekken games, but it's been a long time since I've done so since I'm not as big on 3D fighters as I was when I was younger) this was another obvious pick for me. It's nice to see some of the older characters that didn't make the cut in the various versions of Street Fighter 4 like Rolento and Hugo (The former of the 2 I'm really excited to see again, since he was one of my favourite characters to use in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3) and even introducing a (sort of) new character with Poison for the Street Fighter side, rather than just getting lazy and entirely rehashing characters from Street Fighter 4. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the Tekken cast works on a 2D plain rather than their native 3D one. Now if only I had a PS3 so i could play as Bad Box Art Mega Man.
  2. http://i42.tinypic.com/2vuy4x2.png Who wouldn't read this?
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  3. As well as any other studios working for them such as HAL Labs, Game Freak etc. The thing is with Nintendo, what isn't there to like? They saved the video games industry from the massive crash it had in the early 80s and have been making quality games since. It's honestly hard to think of more than a few of their games that aren't worth getting, and they have made many great IPs such as Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Metroid and many others. They also have a great lineup of consoles, both home consoles and portable ones, that were, and still are a large part in what made the video games industry what it is today, and they will probably continue to do so. I've had many good times with their consoles and games in the past, and I hope to have many more in the future.
  4. Platformers were my primary pick, but since that genre has been mentioned a load of times, there isn't really a point in saying any more about it, I couldn't really add anything that hasn't already been said. Because of this, my pick for favourite genre is..... RPGs! While I'm not a big fans of the overly cinematic ones like the newer Final Fantasy games and such due to their tendancy to sacrifice good gameplay to look good in trailers, it still is a genre I enjoy a lot of the time when I play them. They usually have good stories, likable characters, interesting settings, a decent amount to do because of the long stories and various sidequests, a good number of varied enemies to face in each one, and in some cases, a lot of strategy behind the battle system make them really fun to play. I also really enjoy RPGs where the gameplay still sticks to RPG conventions, but makes it so there's more interaction required than pushing a button and then watching an attack, like the Mario RPGs and the Mega Man Battle Network games. Zero's lower leg parts have to be made of rubber or something to bend like that. Fighting games are another genre I really enjoy. Despite what comes across to scrubs some people as a genre that takes no skill to play, and is all just mashing buttons until someone comes out on top, it's a genre that takes a lot of skill to get good in due to all of the movesets and combos that you have to learn, but pulling off really hard combos is a really satisfying feeling once you're able to do them correctly. The wide rosters and many playstyles each character can have in these games also make each fight you run into unique, which prevent the games from getting stale as well. Games with character customisation like Soul Calibur help this even more. The general fast paced nature of them, and the fact that you have to pay a lot of attention to game plans and predictions when against better opponents also add to how much I enjoy them as well. They're also one of the few genres of games that I can enjoy watching as well, especially if the players really know what they're doing.
  5. You know, you guys are really making it hard for me to avoid mentioning this game. It was a predictable choice, it was an easy answer to this question, but the art style really is one of the best things about this game, so I couldn't avoid mentioning it. The art style being themed after Japanese paintings makes for some really nice looking environments and moments within the game. There are a good number of places in the game where if the game was just a still, it could pretty easily pass as something that had been painted, well to me at least anyway. The ricepaper filter on the PS2 version also really helps add to this, as it gives all of the colours a very slight sepia tone to them, which really adds to making it similar to the style the game was based off of. I often just found myself stopping for several minutes at a time once I got a good view of the various environments just to take a look at them. The art style fits really well with other factors of the game as well, although that's probably the other elements being based around the art style. I've heard many people saying that the game would look much better with HD graphics, but I personally think that would be missing the point of the art style, it'd look too perfect to look like something that had been painted, but again, maybe that's just me. Right, with the really obvious pick out of the way.... I really like Paper Mario's art style for how simplistic it is, and how much they take advantage of the 2D aspect of the characters. The characters still have a lot of charm to them, and the animations look really smooth and expressive despite what would probably be expected of a style like this, which helps a lot with the more comical moments in the game. The environments usually have a very nice design as well, a lot of the time the backgrounds, and even the level geometry itself are composed of really odd formations of shapes, which make them interesting to look at. The environments are usually really bright and colourful as well, and are never dull to look at. I also enjoy how well they seem to blend the style into the gameplay as well, particularly with the upcoming 3DS game (Going by the trailer anyway), which with additions like the attacks where scissors come and cut up the screen and the fan coming on and blowing all of the enemies around, to me looks like one of the few times where the 3D aspect looks like it's used really creatively.
  6. I'm not sure if I'm meant to pick just one or if I can go with multiple songs, but since others have picked several, so I assume it's ok to do so. If not, then my first choice would be the single pick and the rest as honourable mentions. I said I'd stop mentioning this game but these categories are just making it too hard for me to not do that. This is the song that plays during the final boss of the game, and what a great song to end the game on. It really amplifies the epic feeling that the boss already had. Despite not being massively upbeat, it still manages to make you feel really pumped to give that giant sphere hell....heaven.....whatever a sun god would need to give a giant evil ball to make it feel pain. It still manages to be memorable, it still manages to make you feel awesome as you rid the land of evil once and for all until the sequel, it's just an all round great theme, and I honestly can't put all of the things that are amazing about it into words, they just can't do it justice. Listen to this theme here No, this isn't on here because it goes with everything, although that is a plus. I just find this theme to be really memorable, and I can't get it out of my head for a good while once I hear it. I just really like how upbeat and victorious it sounds, and how it fits with any situation it could possibly be put in, and it really sounds like something you could fight to. It's themes like this that really make me wish that the Street Fighter series still had their old composers working on their music, none of the newer songs in the franchise are nearly as memorable as songs like this. Now go home and be a family man! and listen to this song for America, you won't regret it. I'm aware that this theme has been remixed a billion times and people are probably sick of hearing it, but I still think it's a really good song. It's really catchy, as is the case with a good number of songs from Mega Man 2, because of how popular the song is, it's pretty iconic to the Mega Man series, and the fast pace intensity of it really adds to the feeling of breaking into Dr. Wily's fortress to make him pay for his crimes for a second out of many.....many.....many times.
  7. I know I said I'd try to reduce my mentions of this game, but I really couldn't leave this scene out of this, it's just too good. Just as you think your quest is over, Yami, the final boss of the game, strikes Amaterasu down and takes away all of her powers. At this point, all hope seems lost ignoring the fact that you're a hero, therfore you don't lose, everything gets shrouded in darkness, Yami unveils it's most powerful form, and the only one who can stop it is completely powerless. But just then, all of the people who have met and helped on your journey across Nippon come together in prayer to help encourage Amaterasu to keep on fighting and revive her most powerful state. This scene is just beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing all of these characters come together to perk up Amaterasu was really touching, and seeing all of the people you met again for one last time felt like a really nice finale to the adventure. The tidbits of character development they throw in like Issun finally realising his true path in life and embracing his role as a painter was really nice as well. I also enjoyed how they were able to even throw a few lessons in there, like Oki's lines about the effort put into something being far more valuable than the result. The music accompanying the scene is really fitting as well, and has a pretty nice sound to it as well. Seeing Amaterasu reach the powerful state she was in 100 years ago really made you feel psyched up for the following fight as well.
  8. This one is probably going to be poorly worded like all of my other posts here since this pick was one I had to come up with on the spot, since my primary pick, Elise, had everything I could say about them said already, and this category isn't something I usually think about when playing a game, so it's not something I can easily write about. I know this might seem like an odd pick to some people, but I'm not too fond of Cream for a number of reasons. First off, I'm not a big fan of the kind of character that serves no purpose other than trying to look cute all of the time, and Cream is basically this ramped up to the extreme. (She even fails on that front to me.) There's nothing more to her than that, and because of that, her personality is really basic and uninteresting, not spanning much beyond her being polite ,scared of things and other really predictable traits from this trope. Her design is pretty overcomplicated as well, she has a lot of features on her design that look like they were added to prevent her from looking really bland, and she comes out looking like a jumbled mess in comparison to characters like Sonic and Tails, when characters that are trying to accomplish what she is usually benefit with a simpler design. I find her voice pretty irritating as well, I understand that it's fitting for her to have a really high pitched voice because of her age and all, but it still isn't something I can listen to for very long without being annoyed. I also don't like how she doesn't really contribute anything in any of her appearences, she never makes any major contributions to the plot, or do anything useful in general really. Heck, her story arc in Sonic Battle was about her being kidnapped. Her gameplay is never very fun either, since she always either breaks the game (Advance series) or is just boring to play as (Heroes, however the flying formation was pretty boring to play as on the whole, but she wasn't even fun when she was on her own.) She just feels like a really pointless addition to the series on the whole to me. She isn't the most useless addition, but she's up there.
  9. Ghetsis and N from Pokémon Black and White were 2 of my favourite antagonists. I liked Ghetsis because, for once in a Pokémon game, there was a main antagonist who actually had a well thought out plan. His plan of trying to get the people of Unova to believe that they were doing thier Pokémon harm by keeping them and getting them to release them, and then take over the reigon once he's the only one left who has a Pokémon was actually a pretty clever plan, and the fact that he was able to manipulate N for that long a time shows that he really knew what he needed to do for all of the pieces of his plan to fall into place. What I liked about N was that his actions, while considered bad by others, are actions that he believes are genuinely right for the Pokémon he is trying to protect, and it's not exactly an unrealistic idea either. Other than him, no one would be able to tell whether a Pokémon enjoyed being kept in captivity or not, so it made him come across as a believable antagonist, rather than one who is just evil for the sake of being evil or just wanting to rule everything. I also like the fact that he eventually realised that what he had been doing was wrong and that he had acknowledged the fact that he needed to make up for what he had done. It made him feel a lot more human to me, and really added to how believable of a character he was.
  10. WHATAMIFIGHTINGFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR Ok, with the obligatory joke out of the way, Zero is one of my favourite protagonists. He has a pretty cool looking design (Well....I like his X series design anyway inb4hate) without deviating far from the standard Mega Man designs. (Well what was standard at the time that the design was made.) He's also a pretty cool character as well. He doesn't fight because of the fact that he feels he has to because of his position as a hero, he does it because he wants to, for the people that he wants to fight for, which I think is a really cool, and seems to be somewhat unique trait. Although he does brood at times in the series, he still doesn't let that get in the way of him doing his job though, even being able to bring himself to kill his lover because that's what he needed to do at the time to continue with what he needed to do to save the world. The whole backstory he has of being made by Dr. Wily, while his partner was made by Dr. Light makes for some interesting moments as well. Also he's been able to fix himself after being left like this because of terrible writing he's that awesome. From a gameplay perspective he's pretty fun as well, having a melee only character adds an interesting twist to the Mega Man games, and being able to combo with the special abilities is pretty satisfying. Also he's basically a Jedi Terminator. What isn't cool about that? Despite Amaterasu being a mute protagonist, she still has a good bit of personality put into her, and like previously stated, with her position, the personality she has is extremely unexpected, and it can lead to some pretty amusing and sometimes cute moments. Her tendancy to solve everything by tackling it, her low attention span causing her to get tired and fall asleep while someone is lecturing her or staring at their oversized chests where it's applicable, the fact that she's really clumsy, digging up peoples' crops for the sake of showing a kid that she's superior to his dog, weaponising her own excretion, stealing things, damaging property, or just generally causing havoc with her Celestial Brush techniques if you choose to do so really make you wonder how safe Nippon is in her hands....paws.....whatever, and that really amuses me about her. I also really like how much they play up the visual expressions with her because she's mute, it makes her reactions to certain things that much more amusing. Everyone's favourite man in green, the king of second bananas, I really do wonder how he ended up as the sidekick when there's so much more to him than Mario. (Ok, there wasn't anything more to him at the start, but that's besides the point.) I enjoy that they actually give him a personality that isn't flat as cardboard, and it happened to be one that make his victories seem all the more significant over his older brothers. I personally think it's far more impressive to have the younger, bumbling brother who has a panic attack over anything that moves triumph over his nemesis than someone who doesn't bat an eye at anything and getting on with what they are trying to do with no distractions doing the same thing. His personality also leads to some funny moments, as I've previously said before, these are mostly in the RPGs, where his traits are played up a lot and thus, lead to funnier moments. Plus he runs faster and jumps higher than Mario does, how is he considered the inferior brother?
  11. A good number of people have said it already, and I agree. Team Fortress 2 on the whole is a pretty humourous game, whether it be the characters' interactions during domination lines (My personal favourites being the Soldier's and the Demoman's), the weapon concepts (Such as the Holy Mackerel), the various hat and misc item ideas, or even the non-game media like the "Meet the" videos and the comics showing what the classes do other than blow each other into millions of giblets. The Mario RPGs have a lot of funny moments, but a good number of them come from these two here. Luigi for all of the slapstick he finds himself in, as well as his cowardice being upped to eleven in these games (Well, the Mario and Luigi games anyway, I don't really recall that happening in the Paper Mario games) make for some pretty amusing scenes, and Bowser for his brutish, self righteous and pretty dense at times attitude causing some pretty funny moments as well. In my opinion, this is at it's best in the Mario and Luigi games, particularly Superstar Saga for Luigi and Bowser's Inside Story and Super Paper Mario for Bowser. These games really wish they would give Bowser more screen time in more of the games, it could lead to a lot more funny scenes in the series.
  12. Mega Man X's death at the end of Mega Man Zero 3 always struck me as being pretty sad. The main character of a long running franchise (Well....the main character of the previous part of the franchise at this point anyway) being killed off is always sad to see, but then you take X's character traits into account, and the scene becomes even sadder. He'd been through so much in the just over a century that he had been active. He'd fought in several wars, watched his best friend die several times, in fact, everyone he knew he would've seen die at one point, assuming the Zero series follows the trend of any characters that don't show up from the previous series are dead logic, seen a space station crash into the planet he lives on and devestate it, endured Mega Man X6, watch the unity of humans and reploids that he had been fighting to create break up, each one forming into segregated colonies, and had to watch several wars unfold where he was helpless to do anything due to the lack of a body. What makes this so tragic though is that through all of this, he never got what he was fighting for. The whole time he was fighting, he was doing it so he could live in an era of peace, just like Dr. Light had intended him to do so, but he never got it due to the constant wars he had to be put in. He never even got to see the end of the battle he was currently watching over, as he had to die before Zero was able to finish off Weil, and ironically, the era X had been fighting to see occured just after Weil's defeat. What's even sadder is X's final words seem to fall on deaf ears. Zero never really seems to acknowledge that his (previous) best friend just died, I don't even recall him mentioning anything about it, he sort of just ignores it.
  13. Just making a post to point this out. There is an order. It's Frost Walrus > Jet Stingray > Slash Beast > Web Spider > Split Mushroom > Cyber Peacock > Storm Owl > Magma Dragoon.
  14. Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost levels. What to say about this game that Solly hasn't already said. When I first heard about the reasoning behind the game never making it's way to the west before Mario All Stars and the Virtual Console, I thought it was a bit of an odd reason to not bring it over, considering back then, Nintendo wasn't really known for making easy games. That was what I thought until I actually played this game. It's honestly comparable to those Mario rom hacks where they add a load of pointlessly difficult platforming and ridiculously hard jumps for the sake of upping the difficulty to make it stand out. It's really mostly down to the original Super Mario Bros.' controls having such stiff jumping and somewhat poor traction at high speeds, as previously mentioned. It makes a lot of these jumps a lot harder than they would be with the controls of later Mario games. I still haven't beat this game legitimately to this day, and I honestly doubt I ever will, it's just too difficult in places to do perfectly on your first few tries, no matter how many times you play it. Also, if you're able to beat this game with no savestates and get the good ending as Luigi without dying a million times, you are a god.
  15. While Pokémon Black is slowly catching up to it, Pokémon Diamond is the game I've spent the most time on. These games usually do have a lot of time spent on them by me because of all of the things to do on them, however this was the one that was out at the time I started getting into the competetive battling scene, which meant I put a lot more time into this game getting Pokémon with acceptable/good IVs, since this was before things like RNG abuse that made getting good Pokémon far easier were discovered, and then EV training them, which took much longer than it does now since I didn't know the good spots for EV training and such, which added a couple of hundred hours to the total play time of it. Pokémon Black will probably overtake it by the time the next main game comes out, but for now, Pokémon Diamond is my most played game.
  16. I could honestly write about every stage in X6 and it would fit this day's criteria, but I'll keep it to the hardest one. Blaze Heatnix's stage from Mega Man X6 is the hardest stage in my opinion, and here's why. Imagine a boss rush stage, where all of the bosses are massive, have tiny weak points (You see those green spots? Those are the only damagable parts on the boss, and you have to take them out individually), the rooms all have really awkward layouts so they're hard to maneuver around, and in some cases, you also have to worry about not falling off of a platform into instant death. That's Blaze Heatnix's level in a nutshell. Blaze Heatnix himself is pretty hard for similar reasons as well, since he also summons instant kill lava in his fight as well....from the ceiling, making some of his attacks insanely hard to avoid. All in all, it's an insanely hard level for all of the wrong reasons. Now for a level that's hard, but has an excuse to be. As others have said, this level really feels like a test to show how well you've learned everything there is to do in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and while it is a really difficult test due to some hard to avoid enemy placement here and there, some pretty tricky platforming and some hard to pull off moves needed to get by in some places, and all of this with no checkpoints and a single hit as well, it fits considering it's the finale to the game and all but it's still worth mentioning as a really difficult stage.
  17. Happy brithday, Over.

  18. Anyone who has played Street Fighter 2 should know why these guys are massive annoyances. Vega is a massive pain for several reasons. First off, he is by far one of the fastest characters in this game, only really being rivalled by M. Bison in this regard, meaning it can be really hard to land a hit on him. Not only that, but he has several moves which make him invincible, like his backflip and when he climbs on the cage, and the moves where he jumps to the wall that put him out of the way of most attacks makes landing hits on him even harder. The fact that his claw gives some of his attacks ridiculous range and the fact that moves like the grab he does after he jumps off the wall being really difficult to avoid make it so that he can dish out a lot of damage to you pretty quickly as well. As for Sagat, you better like the word tiger a lot, or else you won't like this boss fight. At all. This guy uses his projectiles a lot, and they are really hard to avoid since he can shoot them high or low, and simply trying to jump over them and crouch under them until you can get in on him doesn't work because his AI will usually use a faster projectile or a slower one to throw you off of your timing and make you take damage. Even if you get close to him he's a threat, since both his Tiger Knee and Tiger Uppercut attacks hit like trucks made of lead and full of bricks, and they even come out pretty fast as well. It's pretty sad when the final boss isn't too hard in comparison to the 2 fights before it. Burner Man from Mega Man and Bass is another one of my least favourite bosses. His stage is nightmarish as it is, and then you get to Burner Man himself, and realise that he makes his stage look like a joke. It's bad enough that his boss room has spikes on either side of the room, but he also sets up bear traps from time to time in the middle of the fight, which makes getting around the arena really hard at times, making Burner Man's attacks extremely hard to dodge in some situations. The worst part is, the weapon he's weak to doesn't even work all that well against him. It slow moving, it doesn't even work on him all the time, you have to stop and push it to get it to even move, which leaves you wide open, and it even uses up a lot of energy for each use, which means even using that against him is unreliable at best.
  19. I mentioned this before, but I might has well go into more depth with it this time since there's a day dedicated to this now. Okami's (I need to stop giving this game so many mentions) Celestial Brush is my favourite ability in a game. The amount that can be done with it in this game is pretty shocking at times. For a start, the amount of techniques you can get with it allow for a lot of unique ways to weaken and/or take down enemies in combat, some of my favourites including Galestorm to blow away a parasol that one of the enemies use to block attacks that are launched at it, using a flame to reignite one of the enemies' smoking pipes to calm it down and prevent it from using it's more powerful attacks and using one of the bosses' swords as a lightning rod to put them into a damagable state. It also has it's uses, which are just as diverse, if not more so, outside of combat as well. It can lead to a lot of interesting and creative ways to traverse the environments, like the drapes Ricky previously mentioned, and also allows some really unique puzzle ideas to come into play as well. Also like Ricky said, the purification techniques, Rejuvination and Bloom, is really satisfying once you see the effects, and they lead to some of the nicest looking moments in the game in some areas. Also being able to use it to change the time of day is a godsend, as it means you rarely ever have to wait for time specific events once you get the Crescent power. Also Brown Rage from the same game makes the list because literally being able to take a dump on the enemies that gave you trouble earlier in the game is INSANELY satisfying.
  20. I could just go ahead and say anything from Mega Man X6, but I've already said why every level in that game is horrible so I won't bother. Any cave in Pokémon that requires Flash in order to be able to see anything makes this list, particularly in Kanto and Johto due to their caves' more complex layouts. No one likes having to carry around HM slaves, since most HM moves are pretty terrible, right? And surely you don't like having to waste a move slot on a move that isn't even useful, and up until recent generations (Thank Arceus they made that change) you wouldn't even be able to delete it until much later in the game, do you? Well too bad, you have to, or else you're going to get lost. Not only that, but you better have brought a lot of repels, or else you're going to have to put up with endless amounts of Zubats and Geodudes! Mt. Silver is particularly annoying with this, because it basically forces you to bring a Flash slave with you to go and fight a trainer with level 80+ Pokémon, effectively making it a 5 vs 6 match against the strongest trainer in the game.
  21. I know it's a bit of an obscure choice for a favourite stage, (Especially since when most people pick a favourite stage from this series and go for a Wily fortress stage, they usually go with Mega Man 2's), Mega Man 7's first stage in the Wily fortress is one of my favourite stages in any game. The look and the music for the stage really capture the atmosphere that really works well for a Wily fortress stage. The music for this stage really helps make the stage what it is to me. It gives the stage this kind of dark and epic feel to it, and it really helps with the impression that the real fight is beginning here. Even the stage conveys this by starting you off outside and then having you make your way into the fortress. Other touches such as having spotlights around at some point also feel like a neat touch to me, and they help add to the feeling of breaking into the fortress. The boss of the stage is pretty fun as well, it was a neat twist on the old Guts Man fight that kept the feel of the original and added something to it. The stage also managed to use the light and dark stage gimmick pretty well. The stage would remain blacked out and you wouldn't be able to see anything but Mega Man while it was blacked out, the room would light up when you jumped, and there were platforms similar to the ones in Guts Man's stage that would drop you down at some point, albeit not dropping you with Jupiter-esque gravity, which I thought was a pretty clever combination, as it required a bit more memorisation and timing skill to pass. Shinshu field is another one of my favourite areas in a game. Like near enough everything in Okami, it's a really pretty environment. This one gets a mention over the other areas in the game though because it feels like the largest of the overworld areas. Well, Ryoshima Coast is probably bigger overall, but a large amount of that is just water. With it being the largest area, it has more areas to explore, and also gives you more area to just run around and take in the sights. It's music is also pretty nice as well, it's pretty memorable and it's upbeat, but not over the top with it. Near enough anywhere in the first 3 Silent Hill games also deserve a mention, because I think a large part in what gives the Silent Hill games their atmosphere is their locations, and the way that they are laid out. While wandering around the town, the feeling of being alone is really emphasised. There's no one around but the monsters of the town, and even then, they're pretty scarce. The thick fog means you also never know what is ahead of you, you can't actively try to avoid any threats, and you'll never know when and where they'll appear. The lack of any sound until one of the monsters appears also adds to it. As for when you're inside a building, the hallways tend to be very small and don't allow for much movement, meaning that when you encounter a monster, it creates a feeling of being trapped, and you have to face what is before you, even if you know you can't. Just the idea of going into old, run down buildings is also a pretty creepy concept, albeit it is standard fare to horror games. This is probably my favourite Sonic level of all time, and will probably keep that title. There's just so much that goes on in this level which is why I like it so much. Having to run away from giant cannons while they blow away the ground you're walking on still strikes me as a really cool concept, and then getting to blow up one of those cannons with rockets later in the level is pretty satisfying. The section where the wind tries to blow you off the stage and you have to grab onto things to survive was a pretty good idea as well, and the last section of the level was pretty open ended for a 3D Sonic level, which made it fun to explore.
  22. Going to parrot several people here and say Team Fortress 2. It's one of the few FPS games I find myself enjoying due to it's wide options in many regards. Each of the 9 classes are very varied in how they play, and each of the classes even have a high variation of styles they can use because of the wide array of weapons at their disposal. The classes as characters are pretty amusing at times as well when they make remarks at getting a kill, dominating someone or other events. It may seem like there's a lot to learn with it, but nearly all of the classes are very easy to pick up and play due to the game's easy to learn control scheme. The fact that it has constant updates, even to this day is also a big factor in why it holds up well, as it prevents the game from getting stale. Well, ignoring if it's several hat/misc. item/clone weapons only updates like it was for a while last year. The fact that even how things look can be customised with the various hats and other items in the game and fan made modifications is a rather nice touch as well, and makes each player distinct both in looks and in playstyle. Also it gets extra cool points for not trying to be super realistic like a lot of FPS games do, in regards to art style, weapon ideas and much more. It feels nice to see a game like this that doesn't take itself super seriously. Even if the community does.
  23. This is one of the few games that got me legitimately angry while playing it. So many things about this game just annoy me to no end. First off, this game is brutally hard, and before people say "It's a Mega Man game, of course it's hard", if you're seriously saying this in regards to this game in comparison to other Mega Man games, I'm not sure that we'd be on about the same game. Now, it's not because it's hard that it's bad, I'm perfectly fine with a challenge, it's just that none of this game's challenge is fair. You know those death spikes that Mega Man is famous for? Those are near enough everywhere in this game, and the sad thing is I'm not even exaggerating, and wherever there aren't spikes, there are plenty of other one hit kill obstacles like bottomless pits and instant kill lava. Some of the level gimmicks are ridiculous as well. Like one level where you have to fight 5 bosses in a row before getting to the boss at the end of the level, at least 2 of them where you have very little space to move and have to worry about instant kill lava, one of them even being on a timer before the instant death lava is inescapable, or another level, where you have a robot who you can't kill constantly shooting at you from the background while you have to do precision platforming. Sounds like a load of fun, right? I didn't think so. What annoys me even more is how all of the levels become significantly easier with Zero, due to everything taking far less hits with him than X, which comes into play much more in this game than the previous X games. Also, I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly or not, but I'm pretty sure that in one of the fortress levels, you are required to have a power up that you aren't even guaranteed to get, and anyone who knows the first thing about games should know that that is just poor game design. It isn't just gameplay elements that bother me though, the game just feels lazy and rushed out on the whole. I actually read somewhere that the development time for this game was under a year. The opening song and voice acting are entirely Japanese for a start. I know that was the case with X5, but it's even more glaring here since the cutscenes also have voice acting in this, rather than just in the gameplay where the most voice acting is a few grunts. There are also even a couple of re-used, albeit optional, bosses from Mega Man X5 in this game. Another problem I have is that it also ruins the feel that the previous game had. Mega Man X5 felt like a great finale for the series, and lead on perfectly into the Mega Man Zero series, however the fact that this game exists, and doesn't leave Zero dead, messes up both the feel of X5 being a finale to the series and the plot transition of the X series to the Zero series. Other than the insane difficulty and poor design choices, the game also doesn't feel memorable. None of the locations are memorable, the soundtrack is bland, none of the bosses look cool or have interesting battles, the power ups aren't that much fun to use other than a select few, it just strikes me as a really forgettable game other than all of it's glaring flaws.
  24. I've got to admit, I was hoping this would be saved for last so I had more time to make a choice on this, but I'll just have to go with what I can think up now. Not a Pokémon game?! It was a tough choice, but I ended up going with Okami. I honestly struggle to find an aspect about this game that I don't love. Ok, maybe the "voice overs" for the text can get slightly irritating at times but that's besides the point. The visual style of the game is really nice, and leads to some really beautiful environments, even by today's standards in my eyes. The celestial brush is still my favourite idea for a game mechanic out of all of the games that I've played. It fits the style and the concept of the game perfectly, it makes combat far more interesting than it already was, and leads to some really unique and clever puzzles that wouldn't be possible without it. The story is interesting, it can be serious at times, humourous at others, they even manage to throw in the occasional cutesy moments and it still works. The characters are likable, surprisingly I actually found myself liking the mute protagonist of this game for once, and I even found myself liking some of the the unimportant characters in the game. The game's soundtrack is also another really nice aspect of the game, there aren't too many upbeat, catchy songs, but for a game like this, the more quiet, ambient approach suits it so much more, and makes the soundtrack that much more because of it. It really saddens me that this game will probably never get a proper sequel, as inone not using a lot of rehashed elements, but it's still a great game on it's own, and I highly reccomend it to anyone who can get a hold of it. (PS2 or Wii works, the PS2 has things like the ricepaper filtering effect that makes the visual style that much nicer to look at and credits, however the Wii version's motion controls do make using things like the Celestial Brush feel far more natural to use, however I find it is easier to mess up what you want to do at times, and the Wii version does have a more vibrant look to it, which is nice in it's own way.)
  25. This is the boxart for the wrong reigon but oh well.~ Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was the first game I ever played, and it (Counting it's second half along with it) still stands as my favourite Sonic game to date. My history with it isn't very long. My family got a Mega Drive, they had Sonic 3, I played it. Well, I say play loosely, until my older brother stopped playing Sonic games, it was more I play for 5 seconds, wait for Tails to fly back on the screen, and then that cycle looped until he was too lazy to do a platforming section and made me carry him over it or until he was struggling on a boss and needed me to fight it, but it was still fun none the less. After he did get out of Sonic I was finally able to play the game properly, and I had a blast with it, although I still stuck with Tails, and tend to still do so even now, because I know how he plays the most. This game is still one of my favourite games to play through, the characters are all fun to use, the zones are memorable, the boss fights are interesting, and it's just an all round good game. I just wish I had Sonic and Knuckles when I was younger as well so I could've had the full experience right from the start.
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