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  1. Personally I'd say the following games are canon: Sonic 1 Sonic 2 (Master system) Sonic 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis) Sonic CD Sonic 3 Sonic and Knuckles Sonic Pocket Adventure Sonic Adventure Sonic Advance Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Advance 2 Sonic Heroes Sonic Battle Sonic Advance 3 Sonic Rush Sonic Riders Sonic and the secret rings Sonic Riders Zero Gravity Sonic Unleashed I might've added SatBK but I havent played it yet so I cant really say
  2. They havent reviewed Sonic 3 and Knuckles have they? If so then what did they give it out of 10?
  3. Strengths: Platformers RPGs Fighting Games (2D and 3D) Puzzle Games Weaknesses: Shooters Strategy games GH/RB games Singing games
  4. Your personal photo is awsome. Dr Evil FTW

  5. I just thought I'd ask a question abut the Sonic Showcase forum. I was hoping to post a topic about a fangame I'm planning to make however I'm not sure where to post it. On the old forum it didnt go in a miscelaneous forum however this time around I'm not sure whether it does go on the miscelaneous forum or not. Would you please be able to shed some light on this situation?

  6. Well, it would be a Pokemon game however it wouldnt be an RPG...sort of. For a start the story of the game would escape the generic "You are a young trainer you are going to get all the gym badges oh noes you are being attacked by team _______ you must stop them from getting the legendaries oh I stopped them oh I got ______ now team _______ will bugger off never to be seen again now I will get all the badges and beat the league" plotline that all of the Pokemon games have been doing recently. The main gameplay would still consist of going around an overworld looking for battles etc. but in full 3D. The main thing that would be changed is the battling though. It would play similar to a 3D fighting game. You would have a full 3D battling arena which you could run and jump around however the arena would be an area in the HUB which you are in. It would basically play as a 3D fighting game but with a few Pokemon elements. For example all the stats would be involved. HP would be how large your lifebar is, Attack would determine how strong your physical attacks are (As well as the actual attacks power number), defense would determine how resistant you are to physical attacks, special attack is how strong your projectile attacks are (Again, as well as the attacks power number, the special defense will determine how resistant you are to projectiles and Speed would determine how fast you move around the arena. There would still be types and super-effective and not very effective moves. You would also still be able to use items in battle and switch out via pause menu. You would flee by running outside of the arenas boundaries before your opponent gets in your way (However you cant flee against trainers). The Pokemon will still level up after fights and there will still be evolution. Also instead of the standard 4 moves for each Pokemon in all of the games your pokemon can learn 10 moves (Just so the fighting style is more varied). Other than that there would still be the standard features of a Pokemon game such as the pokemon centres, Pokemarts, TMs and HMs, Move tutors, battle tower etc. and the gyms and league would just be an optional sidequest to the actual plot which I cant think of right now. Also Pokemon from other games would be transferrable onto this game.
  7. I cant help but agree with this It might have something to do with nicknames. I once searched Lucario on the GTS and it came up with a Riolu that was nicknamed Lucario My guess is that its to prevent the national dex from being completed extremely quickly I fully agree with this. It also sucks if you cant see the nature I dont see why they'd do this I remember you telling me about this. That must really suck. Did your DS run out of power or did you lose connection during the transfer? My guess is that its because of the ranch transfer I agree with this *CoughGardevoircough* (I really dislike it, dont flame me) but there were a few well designed Pokemon from the 3rd generation. It needs an adamant nature and a choice scarf or its not worth using. Umbreon can be an extremely good team healer with the following moves/nature/item Umbreon (Careful) Chople Berry EVS-252 HP, 92 Special Defence, 164 Speed -Mean Look -Wish -Baton Pass -Taunt/Yawn/Protect/Toxic This is one of Umbreon's most useful sets, and the fairly exclusive Mean Look and Baton Pass combination can be deadly when executed correctly. Trap opponents with Mean Look, then Baton Pass to a reliable counter, or send in a sweeper who can freely set up. Wish is the most team oriented healing move, and it allows Umbreon to heal both itself and its teammates. Using Wish in conjunction with Baton Pass and Umbreon's naturally low Speed allows Umbreon to switch out after the opponent's attack on the turn Wish will heal, letting it take the blow and heal something that would normally be unable to switch in due to being too weak to take a hit. The final move slot is open to pretty much anything Umbreon learns, although only the most useful moves are listed here. Taunt and Yawn can be the most effective for getting off a successful Baton Pass. Taunt will absolutely cripple Umbreon if used against it, but at the same time it is a great tool for a Baton Passer, allowing it to stop psuedohazers like Skarmory ruining the whole strategy. Yawn can send a trapped opponent to sleep, making it much easier to send in a team mate. Protect lets Umbreon heal via Wish and Leftovers and can test the waters against enemies with Choice items. Finally, you have Toxic to try and stall out a trapped opponent. Leftovers is the obvious choice, but Chople Berry lets Umbreon survive one Choice Band Close Combat from Heracross (and any other Fighter), so it can pass Mean Look safely. (Copied from Smogon because I couldnt be bothered to type up a strategy) Also for anyone who wants to know how they should EV thier Pokemon and what moves to give them for a competetive match then this is a great place to go to
  8. This is more than likely because we only have a fraction of our members right now. Once all of them come back (And possibly newcomers) post elitists are bound to show up.
  9. Serperior

    Project RINGO

    There isnt a mode to 2, 4 and 7 because the mode is the most occuring number and there is one of each number in this sequence.
  10. Tyranitar is actually in the OU tier so you should be able to use him in tournaments. However hes only in the OU tier because of his bad base speed. As you all can guess I love this series. Like Gunthetra I am into the more advanced techniques of the games such as EVing, IVing (But I'm not too good at this), getting specific natures, tactical movesets etc. However I am not currently doing competetive battles because I still need to get certain moves for some on my Pokemon which require move tuors in Platinum. (Sadly I live in europe so I have to wait until May 22nd). Also like nearly everyone else in this topic I am going to be getting Platinum.
  11. Serperior


    Ok, in my opinion there are different types of furries. Here are what I call each type and my stance on each one. Low level Furries: These are the ones that are into anthromorphic characters and like to draw them, thats about it. These ones are usually very good people however they are quite rare. Sadly this kind is put under the harsh generalisation of 'fur fags' like every other kind of furry despite the fact that they are 2 completely different things. Medium Level furries: These are the kind that draw anthromorphic art but they also like to pretend that they are an animal. These ones are more common then the low level furries but they're usually ok unless theyre trying to shove the fact that they are a furry/you should be a furry down your throat. High level furries: These are the kind that draw more suggestive anthromorphic art but without it being yiff/hentai. These are also the ones that often think that they are an animal and will often try to make it obvious that they are a furry or that you should be a furry etc. These usually attend furry conventions as well. These can also be ex-'fur fags' trying to get out of the perverted zone. Low level 'Fur fags': These are the kind that make yiff/hentai of anthromorphs and look at yiff/hentai of anthromorphs. However these are the kind that dont try to make you think that the character is sexy and they dont think that they are an animal/pretend they are an animal. I cant really say much on this one because they are extremely un-common. Medium level 'Fur fags': These are the kind that make/look at yiff/hentai of anthromorphs but the stuff these ones make are more sexual than what the lower level ones make. These ones will also either pretend/think that they are an animal or shove it down your throat that they are a furry/you should be a furry. These often attend conventions as well. High level 'Fur fags': These ones I really cant stand. These are the kind that make/look at extremely sexual yiff/hentai of anthromorphs and can often go as far as perving on real animals. These ones will always think that they are an animal, always go on about how sexy *Insert character here* is and nearly always make it obvious that they are a furry or try to convince you that you should be a furry. They nearly always attend conventions. I know that I may have missed some details and I often repeated myself and edited the text slightly to fix the groups. I even felt that I missed a few of the groups out that I should've mentioned but didnt bother to because I didnt know how to state it. Also I put the term 'Fur fags' in quotation marks because I dislike the term but I could'nt think of any other way to name them without making it so that noone knew what I was talking about. Im sorry if this offended anyone but this is just my stance on these people.
  12. My "friends" as alot of people reffer to them as often say I'm obsessed with Sonic but only because I know more than the basic things about the series.
  13. The best part of the game was the satisfying part in which I turned it off and sold it But if I had to say something it would be the music
  14. This is actually a good idea and I fully agree with your points however I dont think its possible to do that.
  15. Sonic Unleashed (Wii)-Trying to get all S's on the day stages Pokémon Diamond (DS)-EVing my Pokemon so that theyre ready for platinum New Super Mario Bros (DS)-Trying to get all the star coins Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)-Trying to clear all the challenges Megaman 2 (NES)-Speedrunning it Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Mega Drive)- Trying to get the dark blue super emerald
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