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  1. Could I get a bit of help from someone who has a decent knowledge of team building and synergy? I've been running into problems with my team recently which has caused quite a few losses and I need some help with replacing a character, but I have no idea who to replace them with. I'd try to do this myself, but I usually have a tendancy to slap characters together with no rhyme or reason in terms of how well they work together, so I figured I'd be better off asking the more knowledgable people in this field about it. I run a team of Amaterasu, Zero and X-23. Anyone who knows their stuff about health tiers can probably see what is going wrong. My team is really frail, and many teams can cut through it easily. The one I want to replace is X-23, as Amaterasu is the character I'm best with, as well as having a really solid assist. Zero can do some insane stuff in the right situation, so I don't want to replace him either. (Plus I like both of them. >>) X-23 never does nearly as much for me as Amaterasu and Zero, which is why she was my choice of the character to replace. If it helps with the choice, a character with a good assist for extending Zero's combos would be decent. One that helps with Amaterasu's combos would be useful, but not as useful, since she is usually the one I save for my last character to use X-Factor on, since Vale of Mist and X-Factor is too deadly of a combination to pass up. Having a character with at least 1,000,000 health would be nice as well. I'm thinking of either using Wesker with the Samurai Edge assist or Doctor Doom with the Hidden Missile assist, but I'm not sure how useful these would be for extending Zero's and Amaterasu's combos since I'm not sure how many of their combos could be extended by an OTG assist and/or be worth extending with damage scaling factoring in. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Happy Birthday Gear

  3. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- Close second goes goes to getting frozen for 26 turns in a row in the Battle Tower on Heart Gold while the opponent very slowly kills me because of defense raises I got on my Pokémon, and then getting swept because I lost my only counter to a certain Pokémon.
  4. Other countries could follow America's influence and enforce this law as well. Even if they didn't, a large chunk of the internet would be rendered useless either way since the internet would've lost a massive chunk of it's userbase, so they would be as good as blocked anyway.
  5. Just figured I'd raise a point about your latest post in the Minecraft thread....I'm not a girl.

    1. Cola


      ha ha

      she thought you were a gurrrrrrl

  6. How long will it be before this status is knocked off the front page?

  7. I'll come to it if it's something hilariously terrible, hence why I voted for The Room.
  8. When Gastrodon and Toxicroak are considered better Pokémon than Kyurem, it needs a new form for many more reasons than it's looks. Albeit, it's going to need a good bit of improving to get around that awful typing it got stuck with.
  9. Pheonix Wright looks like he could be a pretty solid character in the right hands, however I get the feeling that he will have a massive learning curve. I don't get why he's shooting lasers though. Nova doesn't seem that interesting to me though, I can't see anything new new that he brings to the game, not to say that he looks like a bad character though. Also the poster in the background of Wright's trailer with some of the the cut MvC2 was a pretty cool touch. I'm surprised they didn't put down Mega Man as slain.
  10. Serperior


    I'm still having the same problems as well. I don't know what it could be though, I don't have any mods, and I can't think of any software changes that I've put in recently that could've affected it. I've been having this problem for a while as well.
  11. I resized the banner to the new resolution needed. I wasn't aware that we were meant to add our names to it, but I didn't see anywhere that I could add it, so I didn't bother.
  12. Hey guys, I made a real life recreation of Sonic going through Green Hill. http://i53.tinypic.com/nee07l.gif

    1. Meemz


      Gotta go fast~

    2. Cola





    3. Chibinuva


      You should so submit this to try and win one of those F4F statues.

    4. Tracker_TD


      The use of Soap Shoe Sonic on that... INSTANT WIN.

    5. Ivo the Egghog

      Ivo the Egghog

      Have you considered a movie adaptation? This is sheer genius.

  13. I don't really have a proper introduction to this. I make art, it's not exactly the best going. That's all I have to say. First off, the stuff you guys actually care about, Sonic art.....admittedly I don't have all that much. All I have that's worth showing off are the full body versions of the pictures I did of Sonic and Tails for the SSMB banner. For those who couldn't tell, play more Sonic 3 they're based on the Sonic 3 victory poses, but using the modern designs because I like them a bit more I figured they would be more fitting. inb4rage Next up, what all of you were expecting a majority of my art to be, and would be right in thinking so, Pokémon art. The first 2 don't really have a reasoning behind them. I just doodled them on flockdraw one day and decided to make them in to actual drawings. I don't really have much to say on these 2. The last one I have to show however is based on something. There are spoilers....I guess...of a certain event in Pokémon Black and White, so if you somehow don't know about what happens in this event already, don't read the spoiler, and if you don't know about it and want to know about what it is, read on. So yeah, that's all I have to show off that's notable right now....if this could be called notable. Also you may notice all of the skies in my drawings are empty. That's because I don't know how to draw good looking clouds.
  14. Ok then, what's your steam ID? I'll get you added now while you're on.
  15. I might want the Black Box and Vita-Saw, what do you want for them?
  16. Serperior


    This is what happens when you combine boredom and the realisation that you can get infinite amounts of any item in creative mode. Here's a shot of the carnage from above:
  17. It's his 30th if you count stuff like the original Donkey Kong, Mario Bros and Wrecking Crew, which this video did.
  18. If you can see this, happy birthday Ninja :V

  19. So you're making an online petition to get a finished show in both subs and dubs redubbed? I don't even know where to start on this....
  20. I'm not saying I wouldn't want a 3DS Pokémon game, that could have the potential to be really good. You do raise a good point about a Pokémon title helping out 3DS sales though, I didn't think of that admittedly. I doubt they would have full on 3D battles though, even if they could do it, because then they wouldn't really have a point to release the obligatory Stadium clone of Gen 5, which would mean that they would lose out on money. Again, I wouldn't be against the 3D battles on a handheld (Even though quite a few Pokémon look a lot better in 2D) but I wouldn't count on it happening. EDIT: There's a good chance that the only reason a second reigon was added to Gold and Silver is because Johto is tiny on it's own, and the game would be way too short, and too easy, without Kanto being added.
  21. I just assumed that they would go with the system that they did last gen. I do agree that how they did it in gen 3 was better though, but I still think that the announcement order will be how it was in gen 4. Also if they want to keep BW3 on the DS for the sake of consistency and/or sales, then it would be better to get the third version out earlier.
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