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  1. *Takes the leaf back* Mine >:V

  2. ...Give that back. >:I

  3. Everyone has to make sacrifices. :

  4. Ow, stop doing that. >:V

  5. Well find something to eat then. :

  6. What is it? =O

  7. I went with design B. It'd be nice to see a change in design for Volnutt, however design C looks a bit wierd to me. Then again, it wouldn't exactly make sense for his design to have changed while he was in space, so maybe A would've been the better choice for canonical reasons.
  8. The name of the game was Mutant Uprising.

  9. That photo is amazing.

    Just thought I'd drop by to tell you.~

  10. ...Who? I'm kind of confused. Who are One Direction? (I'm assuming they're not a very good band going by Shadzter's and Blue Blood's reactions.) Also yes, it is very comfortable under my rock. Thanks for asking.
  11. Ok, Porygon Z is best as a quick Special Attacker, so as you said, EVing it in Speed and Special Attack would be best. Modest nature would be the best choice, since Porygon Z's main niche is it's power. As far as movesets go, it may be a bit hard deciding, since it loses a few nice options since I'm assuming this Porygon Z is on a gen 5 game, and I doubt you'd want to breed for specific Hidden Power types and strengths, so I'd reccomend Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Dark Pulse. Tri Attack is there for obvious reasons, Dark Pulse is there to hit ghost types who are immune to Tri Attack, and Thunderbolt and Ice Beam are there thanks to their decent base power and because they get decent neutral type coverage together. As far as items go, Life Orb is probably the best choice, as it gives Porygon Z's attacks a bit more power, and the recoil isn't all that problematic anyway, as Porygon Z will rarely survive attacks anyway. Now for Zoroark. You'll want a Timid nature, as Zoroark is a pretty fast Pokemon, so you'll probably want to take advantage of it, however Modest is a good nature for it as well if you want power over speed, however with Timid you can outspeed things like Salamence, Volcarona, Hydreigon Garchomp with +Speed natures, and Pokemon like Lati@s, Gengar, Infernape, the Musketeer trio and other Zoroarks without +Speed Natures. As far as EVs go, again, Speed and Special Attack are the way to go with Zoroark. With the moveset, it depends on if you're a fan of set up moves or not. If you're fine with using them, then I'd say the best set would be Nasty Plot, Night Daze/Dark Pulse, Focus Blast and Flamethrower/Extrasensory, however, if you don't like set up moves, go with whichever move you didn't pick out of Flamethrower and Extrasensory, or maybe even Grass Knot if you wanted. Nasty Plot is there because of the fact that it allows Zoroark to hit harder, and since Zoroark is about as bulky as a wet sheet of paper, it'll want to hit as hard as possible before it goes down. Night Daze and Dark Pulse are your STAB Dark moves, although you should only use 1 for better coverage. Your choice should be made on whether you prefer higher power or accuracy, the secondary effects don't matter, as both are pretty nice. Night Daze is better if you want power, and Dark Pulse is better if you don't want to be messed up by a miss. Focus Blast is there for getting close to perfect neutral coverage, and it hits most steel types that may otherwise give you a bit of trouble for very nice damage. It may miss a fair bit due to it's shaky 70 accuracy, which sometimes seems like it misses more than it should, but it's your best option for coverage, and Zoroark gets no good special fighting moves besides this and Hidden Power Fighting, which would require a lot of breeding for, which is why I reccomended Focus Blast. The choice of Flamethrower or Extrasensory comes down to what kinds of Pokemon you'd rather hit for more damage. Neither are really bad for your coverage, as both of them hit the only 2 Pokemon who resist the Dark + Fighting combo (Heracross and Toxicroak) for neutral damage at the very least. Flamethrower is better if you don't like facing Pokemon like Ferrothorn, Scizor, Forretress and Skarmory, as well as having a slighly more reliable but less weak move to take out steels, while Extrasensory is better for going against fighting types. While I'd personally pick Flamethrower, as Zoroark wouldn't want to stay in on many fighting types anyway, the option is still there. You have 2 choices as far as items go, Life Orb or Focus Sash. Again, Life Orb is a very nice item if you want your Zoroark to be hitting harder, however Focus Sash will let you survive any attack aimed at you. Now the reason why Zoroark could use a Focus Sash and Porygon Z doesn't need it as much is simple. Zoroark can't take a hit from anything. Porygon Z can at least take some attacks. Even attacks Zoroark resists will hurt it a lot, so Focus Sash will allow you to at least take 1 attack. With Lucario, I'd go for another special attacking set, as that way the amount of physical and special attackers you have are balanced out. Modest nature would be best, and I'll explain why later. As far as moves go, I'd go with Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse/Shadow Ball and Vacuum Wave. Nasty Plot, like on Zoroark, is there to boost the power of your moves, and gives Lucario the same benefits as Zoroark, however you'll need to keep your Lucario as a Riolu until level 47 to get this move, but it's worth it. Aura Sphere is there for obvious reasons, it's a STAB move, and if you find someone spamming Double Team, at least you won't be completely helpless. (Unless it's a ghost of course.) The choice of Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball isn't down to power or accuracy this time, as both are exactly the same in that regard. Shadow Ball gets you perfect neutral coverage with Aura Sphere, however Dark Pulse has the better secondary effect, which can possibly cause a flinch. Vacuum Wave is the reason that Modest is used over Timid. It allows you to damage faster Pokemon, and with Modest, it's a bit more powerful as well. It's better to be able to hit a faster Pokemon with a somewhat weak attack (And even then Lucario gets STAB from it so it's got base 60 power rather than 40 on the plus side) rather than be absolutely helpless against a faster Pokemon. It also allows you to finish off weakened Pokemon before they can do anything else. The power may be a bit dissapointing, but it can be very helpful in some situations. As for items, again, Lucario can run life orb for the same reasons as the previous 2, however, the Air Balloon item is decent on it as well, as it gives it a ground immunity until it's hit by an attack. This can actually get you quite a few surprise kills against non CPU opponents who try to use a ground attack on you. If you do use it though, make sure Lucario doesn't get hit early on. There are 2 ways you can go about training Metagross, it depends on if you want a bulky one or an all out offensive one. While I'd say you're better off going with a bulky one, since your team is really frail, you can go for an offensive one if you want. With both sets, you'll want to put your EVs into attack, as even on the bulky set that attack is too high to not abuse. On the bulky set, you'll want to put the rest of your EVs into HP, while on the offensive set, you should put the rest of it into Speed. For the bulky set, a Careful nature is the best option, while Adamant is best on the offensive one. The movesets aren't too different between the 2. On the bulky one you'll want Stealth Rock, Meteor Mash, Earthquake and Bullet Punch, while on the offensive one Agility, Meteor Mash, Earthquake and Zen Headbutt are the best choices. (I'd normally say something like Thunderpunch would be better than Zen Headbutt, but, again, I'm assuming this is gen 5 only.) Stealth Rock is extremely good for weakening the foe's Pokemon, and makes anyone using Pokemon like Charizard and Yanmega want to crawl into the corner and cry. Meteor Mash is there as a STAB option, and also has the chance of raising your attack 1 stage, which is a very good thing for Metagross. Earthquake is there because Earthquake is an amazing move. Bullet Punch is on the bulky set for the same reasons that Vacuum Wave is on Lucario. Agility is on the offensive one because it allows Metagross to get past it's main problem offensively, it's somewhat bad base speed, it outspeeds a surprising amount of Pokemon, even after just 1 agility. Zen Headbutt is there because it's a STAB move, and it doesn't really have many other options that are good anyway. Leftovers would be good choices on both sets, however Life Orb can work on the offensive one. Now for Arcanine. Adamant would be the best nature for it, because as far as special attacking goes, it's sub par at best, so there's no point in using it in that department. Max out Arcanine's Attack and Speed, so it can hit as hard and fast as possible. With movesets, Arcanine's options aren't too wide, but wide enough to do what it needs to do well. Flare Blitz, Extremespeed, Wild Charge and Morning Sun are the best choices for it, although Close Combat can also go in one of these slots if you really want to use it. Flare Blitz is there because it's a STAB move and really powerful at that. Extremespeed, like Vacuum Wave and Bullet Punch on Lucario and Metagross, is there to hit faster Pokemon. Wild Charge is there to hit the Water types Arcanine will be seeing a lot for super effective damage, and Morning Sun is there to heal off the recoil you'll get from Flare Blitz and Wild Charge. Leftovers is the best item for Arcanine (You can get a second Leftovers by making a trade for a Munchlax in Undella for a Cincinno during Summer) although Life Orb works as well. Lastly, Marowak. You seem to have a good idea on what you're doing with Marowak, although I'd reccomend that you move it's speed EVs into HP, as Marowak is extremely slow either way, and you don't have anything that can paralyse anything, so it'll pretty much never outspeed anything anyway. As far as moves go, I'd reccomend Earthquake, Stone Edge, Double Edge and Substitute, although you must have Rock Head as an ability for this to work. Earthquake is there as a STAB move, and an extremely good one at that. Stone Edge is there for good neutral coverage again, however if the accuracy is offputting Rock Slide is always an option. Double Edge is there for the high power, and because of Rock Head you'll be taking no damage from it. Substitute is there so you can take a hit for free if you set it up. I probably would've put one of the elemental punches on here, but it's gen 4 only. Thick Club is also an amazing item, so you made a good choice in using it. I apologise for the wall of text, but I thought I'd try to help, and at least justify the choices I made so they don't seem like bad ones.
  12. Drizzle + Swift Swim doesn't only give a boost to the user's speed, it also powers up their water type STAB as well, which is why it was considered broken, as it basically made Pokémon like Kingdra nearly unstoppable, and because of the fact that it was now a permanant set up in 1 turn, something needed to be done. Sunny Day on the other hand only speeds up grass types, and, unlike rain abusers, none of their STABs become stupidly strong. Also the best sun abuser (Blaziken) is banned now anyway, so Drought isn't nearly as big a threat as it was. Also things like Ferrothorn are annoyingly hard to kill in rain.
  13. Kanto's, Hoenn's and Sinnoh's starters have all been released with their Dream World abilities, albeit only in Japan so far, so if you trade around enough, you may be able to find legitimate versions of Torchic and Chimchar with Speed Boost and Iron Fist respectively.
  14. After messing around a bit with it, I thought I'd leave some feedback here. The game was actually really well made. Level 1 was actually really well designed. Lots of different routes to get to the goal, a good bit of platforming was involved, it really was like the classic games in that regard. The physics were well done as well, although the spring problem threw me off until you told me what I was doing wrong. :V My only real complaints thus far are that the zone looked a bit bland, and the double esc closing the game can be a bit irritating at times. Other than that, keep up the good work with this game. Also debug mode is amazing.
  15. He gets Nasty Plot in Black/White, which makes him a good special attacker, if not better than his physical set thanks to his naturally higher base special attack, and the fact that it can still beat special walls like Blissey with it's special attacking set (+2 modest natured Aura Sphere 2HKOs most Blissey if I remember right) mean that it's a pretty nice special attacker.
  16. The point is, since he is a competetive player, he wants one that can take advantage of Zekrom's main niche competetively, beating Kyogre, which is important, as barring Arceus, Kyogre is easily the biggest threat in the Uber metagame, and because of Soul Dew not being obtainable in gen 5, Kyogre's counter list is extremely small, meaning that for Zekrom, getting a....Zekrom with an Adamant nature is needed, otherwise it can't do it's job.
  17. Well there's always the inevitable third version to get your Adamant Zekrom. :< I do agree about the rotation battles though. They do add a fair bit of strategy to the battles, although they do end rather quickly if 1 person is far better at prediction than others. Triple battles I don't find to be too great, they're pretty hectic, and even with faster animations now, they still go pretty slow because of all of the animations that are going on, not to mention the extra time added because of all the post attack messages and animations going on like Leftovers and Life Orb make them go on for far longer than they should. Also maybe you should use that Modest Zekrom as a Specs user. It might be almost as good as Banded Milotic. [/injoke]
  18. I'm liking the theme you've got going with your avatar and signature. =P

  19. Klinklang is possibly one of the single worst Pokémon in the game, I can say with a straight face that even things like Bibarel are better than it. It's movepool literally consists of all Steel, Electric and Normal moves, with it's only other moves that aren't those 3 types are Toxic, Sandstorm, Hidden Power, (And even then, it's not worth considering unless you know you have good IVs and a good type for it) Rest, Trick Room and Rock Smash. It's stats aren't very good either. Klinklang is a joke. Golurk on the other hand has a few pretty nice options as far as moves go. Learning moves like Earthquake and Dynamicpunch are very nice, it's got a good attack stat, and it can bypass it's kind of bad speed, which is it's main downfall, with Rock Polish via TM. Speaking of TMs, it has access to some pretty good ones as well. Stone Edge is always a nice move as long as the game doesn't decide to screw you over too much, and if you're not into non offensive moves like Rock Polish, you can use it's low speed to it's advantage with Gyro Ball.
  20. Well I just cleared the game. It was easily the most fun I've had during the story mode of a Pokémon game. N and Ghetsis were pretty easy though.....well, apart from Ghetsis' Hydreigon. It was able to take out 4 of my Pokémon, and I was only able to beat it because I was able to stall it out of it's Fire Blasts thanks to my Serperior being really bulky and having lots of healing items. A majority of their teams can just be steamrolled by Reshiram's Fusion Flare. I'd imagine it'd be a bit harder on White, since Electric doesn't seem to get as good coverage on their teams. Then again, my highest levelled Pokémon was my level 52 Serperior at the time, which is why I may have struggled against the Hydreigon. Thankfully it wasn't hard to take out the rest of his team with Serperior and Reshiram.
  21. "Now you can become one of us." Anyway, I got the game, it's pretty fun, and I've been able to use the characters I was planning to quite well, however I want to get better before I go online, and want to work out a few kinks in my team synergy before I do. One of them I've been struggling with is which of Zero's assists to use. I'm kind of torn between Ryuenjin and Hadongeki. On the one hand, Ryuenjin does more damage, but Hadongeki is stronger if I have Sougenmu activated because it fires 2 projectiles instead of 1. I'm also not sure which would leave him more vunerable to attack, although I'd probably guess Ryuenjin. I haven't sound Shippuga to be that good of an assist, so I probably won't use that. If anyone has any input on this, it would be appreciated. (Also if it helps with the choice, I use Jam Session with Dante and Trigger Happy with Deadpool.)
  22. Over, the most amazing thing just happened.

    I was in a battle, I only had my Skarmory (with 1 attacking move) left, and my opponent had a Metagross, a Swampert and a Gallade left.

    I won.

  23. Articuno's bad typing is also a big middle finger to Articuno as well. :P

  24. A list of them was leaked a while back. It's been pretty much proven real at this point, as several Pokémon names that were on the list were confirmed by later announcements. The full list of names for the 5th gen Pokémon can be seen here.


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