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  1. Those. Fucking. Male. Legs. And those obviously human feet just to make things even more nauseating. Good Lord, what a travesty. I like English language just for words like "travesty", "monstrosity", "nauseating" - their analogues in my language don't sound even half as powerful and cool. I liked Shadow the Hedgehog, if that means something, I'm O.K. with Sonic Forces and even have defended it on this forum couple of times - I am a very "tolerant freethinker" when it comes to Sonic, ya know. And I've never asked much from my favorite universe. But mother of fucking God, what a shitshow: they've just brutally raped and butchered the very essence of Sonic - muh blue boi himself, his very iconic Image, beloved and designed with care, so simplistic and easy to perceive. That's enough even for me. I don't know how good must be this movie in terms of story, so I could accept this changes. It should be something truly badass like The Lion King, no less. Even more of a shitshow are the excuses of corporate fat cats and their lovers on this very forum. "To make it more REALISTIC" - yeah, Sonic is now completely fucking real and believable, "just like in life". Because obviously the very thing I see everyday when I'm going to my job is some antropomorphic blue furry midget running at the speed of sound just with "more realistic look". Yea, now it's totally relatable for normies, sure, you are doing great, Paramount!
  2. If I inderstand correctly what are you suggesting is to cater to some casual fucks who can't push more than one button at once or toddlers? Wanna joke? It's basically Sonic Forces way - simplistic level design without all that "niche difficult hardcore details" where you can basically just push boost to the win. But hey, for some reason I don't hear that much praise for this game - at one point I actually started to believe I'm the only one who somewhat enjoyed Forces, albeit I really didn't like its ridiculous shortness and simplicity. The only real step for Sonic into the coffin would be trying to be "friendly" with dirty casuls and marioboys, especially with latter. Sonic Colors was shit for me mostly for this particular reason. Point is: Sonic should practice and improve those things in which he has already been able to recommend himself well. And he should do it with the purpose to appease his true and loyal fans, not some outsiders with their gay-ass-NintendoSwitch and shroom-fuck-Mario.
  3. Despite I really liked the game I can't help but to be afraid of how scarce resources Sega has actually. Too much of recycled and reused content, too little of actual creative process and work EVEN in comparison with fan-made indie like Mania - the game really feels like cashgrab on Sonic Team's last legs. The perspective looks woefully to say the least.
  4. I actually played Generations as well as majority of Sonic games through all his eras, all his "ups" and "downs", so I'm not some lowly bystander who don't care at all about Sonic and can eat any crap just because don't know better. And I must to say that I had fun with Forces almost as much as with Generations - quite a bit less but mostly just because Forces is short af (u know, story in Generations is just as simple as in Forces, so there is a little of difference). If Forces had bigger budget and wider development team then the game would be miles better, I can guarantee.
  5. Yup, SCD is definetly the obscure and controversal one. Maze-like levels, tedious concept of searching signposts and generators which is hardly suits Sonic just as Chaotix gameplay in SH - the gameplay was irritating for me at worst and bleak at best, and the only one part of my walkthrough which I will remember warmly is the race with Metal Sonic. But somehow it delivers one of the best music in the series. I know, I told earlier that I find both soundtrack versions boring, but now, when I've listened to the US soundrack more and closely while on my job (cuz my job SUCKS BALLS), I can say that this music just rocks - in a multiple sense of the word. I'm now listening to it constantly, especially Stardust Speedway Present while writing articles or walking on night streets with a can of beer in hand.
  6. [redacted] sry, misunderstood the sentence No, bashing is more common than praising for SatAM. The usual way of discussing SatAM considers it's comparison with OVA with inevitable conclussion that OVA "was sanic" and SatAM "wasn't", OVA "had a soul" and SatAM "hadn't".
  7. I don't know where you were gathering intel for your claim, but I saw shit like this >it's not sanic cuz no funky jazz and too dark lol coldsteel the edgeheg nothin personell it's not a phase too soulless and american it's not an anime a hundred of times on Youtube and forums - you can google it yourself.
  8. Unpopular opinions of mine: 1. US soundtrack was better. 😉 2. Shadow the Hedgehog was a good game: shooting things with guns while being fast black edgy Sanic was the best shit, especially with badass hard rock/heavy metal soundtrack. 3. SatAM is extremely underrated. Dark, relatively mature show with memorable characters such as Jim Cummings's Robotnik - the only one of 'em who looks like a real threat. I mean, a fucking Terminator with glowing red eyes, implanted lazor-weaponry and voice of Rasputin - how could you not like him? The show is only as good as it's villain so SatAM receive 5 out of 5 from me. 😁
  9. Of all my previous initial comprehensions and thoughts, now I understand the great and simple truth: US soundtrack is just plain better on every level, lel. This shit is just gorgeous on its own: from ultimately badass "Sonic Boom" through just as badass Tidal Tempest and Wacky Workbench, to the Speedway full of Stardust, dark cyberpunk notes and powerful invintation to the decisive battle with Metal Faker. I can listen to that all day long. Sonic is a Badass himself - he surely deserves better than some funky crap of JP.
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