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  1. All other questions I have to ask have probably been answered somewhere on this thread, but I'm just gonna leave a few here anyway. Does Knuckles have any form of security on Angel Island whenever he's neglecting to guard the Master Emerald? Why is Silver currently not in his own time, A.K.A the future? Is the bad ending of Sonic CD the canon ending because of Sonic 4: Episode II or is the latter game non-canon? Does Dark Sonic from Sonic X have a chance of re-appearing in the games? I always thought it would've been cool if he was the alternate gameplay style in Unleashed instead of the Werehog.
  2. I have a question. Do all the males in Sonic barring Eggman commit public indecency every time they go out into the city since they only have shoes and gloves on?
  3. Okay. So, to give a quick summarization of what this guy discussed: Most, if not all 3D Sonic games are plagued by linearity, automation, and less than ideal level design given Sonic's speed and imprecise controls. These are all very valid points. And fans have certainly taken it upon themselves to fix all of these issues with fan games like Utopia mentioned in the video above, and Sonic Infinity created by Ōban. I think this video by BlazeHedgehog also goes into what could be done to lessen or even remove all of these problems entirely from 3D Sonic.
  4. Well said. So, now that all of this has been brought to everyone's attention, are we all clear on the main problems that 3D Sonic games suffer from in general? No biased statements about the Adventure era having objectively better games than what we've received in the modern era or anything like that? Cuz the main reason I made this post was not only to hear people's opinions on the potential future of the series but also to correctly assess all of the good as well as the faults from Sonic games in recent memory. That's all I'm trying to do here.
  5. It could be possible if Team Sonic Racing performs well in both sales and reception. But only time well tell, I'm afraid.
  6. Well, then, I guess there really is no remedy to all these problems unless SEGA/Sonic Team properly learns from all the mistakes they've made instead of avoiding them like they have for so long. But hey, that reminds me, wasn't there an online survey conducted after Forces came out to see what critiques and concerns fans had with the series?
  7. When I said "appeasing the fans", I was referring to the Adventure fans specifically. And yes, I know the constant rehashing of those two stages has been done to death and the inclusion of Classic Sonic in Forces was absolutely unnecessary, but I never really took that as pandering to the Classic fans and more so just being lazy instead of taking the time to come up with something new and exciting. Furthermore, all those games you listed certainly have the essence of an Adventure game but if that was the case, shouldn't people be begging for Sonic Adventure 6 instead of Sonic Adventure 3? That's all I'm sayin'.
  8. If by "return to the Adventure formula" you mean another Adventure game, like Sonic Adventure 3, then I think you're gonna have to keep dreaming. Iizuka said himself in a TGS interview that he'll only make an SA3 if it's an advancement of the already established gameplay. He doesn't really want to make another game like that for the sake of appeasing the fans.
  9. You certainly have a point there. And to be honest, I was only thinking about all the good things the fan base has offered and contributed instead of its overall behavior towards Sonic. But you know, there really is no pleasing everyone, though I think that's pretty obvious. I mean just look at all the things that have been said here, for instance. I for one want to see the boost formula in its fullest potential, others want to see the Adventure gameplay return, and some want to see Lost World's parkour gimmick given another chance. I guess there'll never be any one solution that everybody can agree on, huh?
  10. I hear that. And yeah, considering the circumstances, having some hope may very well be the irrational thing to do. But, I dunno. Perhaps Sonic is just cursed or something.
  11. Hmm. Well, it's evident to me that everybody has their own feelings towards this matter. And though I agree with some things and disagree with other things, though I won't explicitly say which, I think that maybe the best thing to do now is just to wait and see what happens next. And also, maybe have a sliver of faith in SEGA/Sonic Team.
  12. We all do, man. That's why fans have taken the initiative and making games like Sonic World that could be amazing if given a proper budget.
  13. I'm only going to say what I think should happen for the next Modern Sonic game. -A boost game where Sonic is the main focus (Shadow could be either added in as DLC or modded in if the game is released on PC) -Sonic should keep all the known moves in his repertoire (Homing Attack, Slide, Boost, Light Speed Dash, Stomp, Drift, Side Step, and maybe Bounce Bracelet) -Have all these moves be mapped to different buttons. -Have a lot of expansive levels that reward the player from diverging off the beaten pathway with items like extra lives, rings, shields, etc. -Have the trick system from Rush and Generations make a return. -Keep the cast list relatively small, i.e Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Shadow possibly, and Eggman -Have a story with the amount of depth as titles like Unleashed or Black Knight with solid voice direction. -Have the game be mostly 3D with some 2D sprinkled in. -The music I know will be decent at the very least, so I won't say a whole lot about this. -And most importantly, listen to the feedback that fans have to give. This isn't asking for too much, now is it?
  14. It's cool, I think it's better to be more real about something like this. But in any case, the first and third scenario listed are the most likely to happen to me, as well. Another mediocre game from Sonic Team is less likely to happen if they would learn to be mindful of what exactly they're developing like I suggested earlier.
  15. I see what you mean. Also, why the hell was Omega dabbing in one of those panels? Lmao.
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