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  1. Ah, okay, it was probably just me then. I wasn't purposefully trying to nitpick or just find another small inconsequential thing to rag Penders about, so I hope I didn't come off that way. Was just reading these data files and noticed he still used a similar format. Sorry for derailing the conversation about something so minuscule, haha. (On a tangent, the backstory Penders gave Amy was interesting. Not terrible to me or anything like that, but interesting. Sorry, that's pretty much my cop-out word when describing something, haha.)
  2. Hey guys, poking out of my months-long lurking to post something minor and non-important, but I thought it was kind of interesting. I was reading through someone's sort of review through the Penders Era issues and sort of delving a bit into the convoluted and poorly written lore Penders had made, and there was some images of the comic's data files that went into the backgrounds and info of the characters. I noticed that Penders used nearly the same exact format for his data files on the Lara-Su Chronicles characters. Sega Data Files: And then the Penders data file: I don't think it's a big deal or anything like that, but just sort of interesting. I think it's kind of amusing that he used a format so close to the one in the comic. He couldn't...change it up a bit or think of something else? It had to be this similar? To me, it shows how many strings Penders still has attached to the Archie comics despite his insistence that they're completely different and he's moved on. But like I said, just something super minor that I thought might be interesting to share. I don't know if anyone's brought this up so if it's already been noticed, my apologies.
  3. Thank you for your reply, @horridus. They're always very detailed and well-written and I enjoy reading them. Much appreciated! Going off on the "stuck in the glory days" part, I definitely feel Penders put Sonic on this weird pedestal. As much as I still love Sonic, I wonder if Penders realizes that the series doesn't have the status it used to have back in the 90's. The sad truth is that Sonic isn't as popular anymore, and as a consequence he doesn't rake in as much profit. That kind of makes it all the more tragic when Penders clings so relentlessly to him. The comics (and arguably Sonic as a whole) is pretty much an end of an era. He's no longer the powerhouse he used to be, and the fact that Penders is clutching onto something that has long since passed on and moved on really tells of his current "achievements" and things like that. It's like that one guy you know who constantly reminsices and worships his high school days despite being out of high school for along time, because that's where he peaked. I don't know how much of the love drama was Bollers or how much of it was Penders, but good God am I glad that it's all over with and done. Those were some of the worst issues with the comics. I don't mind a tiny bit of romance drama (even if I prefer that there'd be none at all), but man did it go way overboard. I remember being a kid and reading the infamous issue where Sally slaps Sonic after he comes back from space. And I admit, I do like some of the concepts that Penders introduced...he was just awful at executing them. That's something that's always too bad when it happens. You can have an amazing concept, but if you suck at actually making it work than well, tough luck I guess. When I was younger, I loved the idea of Knuckles belonging to this long lineage that's basically royalty, and seeing all the potential things his ancestors have done that led up to Knuckles's current situation. Seeing how Flynn writes them out, you can see these concepts do have potential and can be interesting. It took an entirely different writer though, haha. Reading more information about the Penders and Bollers feud...yikes. Really, yikes. I may not have liked Bollers writing too much more than Penders, but I still prefer him over the Knuckles stories that Penders was cranking out. It especially helps that Bollers seems to have moved on from his Sonic days and went on to do other things while Penders is still clinging on to those glory days. I'm going to be honest though and say that I can't help but feel this is partially the editor's fault as well. At the very least, he should be able to sort of strike some sort of balance. Or at the very, absolute least, he should make sure things are consistent. That should be the bare minimum. Instead of letting things wildly contradict each other, though I know that's also because Penders was adamant that the 25YL stories were the absolute real future of the characters. Slight tangent, but that's why I think the 25YL segment shouldn't have gone as long as it did. I can't help but feel that it's too tiring to constantly double check to make sure things line. Eventually, something's going to get messed up, especially on a ship that's as sloppily run as the Archie comics. The Knuckles movie is one of my favorite things about this whole mess. Like, part of me secretly wishes that Penders won the lottery just so we could see this trainwreck come to life. There's so many things wrong with this. The fact that he thinks he can have complete creative control over a mascot that he doesn't own a single part of. The fact that he thinks a Knuckles movie would generate enough of a profit for SEGA to be on board. This is one of those projects that I really wish got concept art and other things like his other Sonic movie pitch. I would just love to see his vision for a Knuckles movie.
  4. Yeah, I think this is just a case of us interpreting parts of the character differently and wanting different things from him. I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I'm sorry if that sounds like a really cheap and cop-out answer, I promise I'm not throwing away any of what you said. It's just my entire counter-argument is pretty much just me saying "This what I personally feel and would like", and it's all subjective. And I don't think it's something that you can really argue with, you know what I mean? All of the events from the games you listed I see them in a different light, but that's probably because I have my own sort of personal definitions and measurements of some character traits, like "edgy" and "angst." So, yeah. I'm afraid this is one we're going to have to agree to disagree on, haha. But I like that, there's different parts of Shadow that appeal to us and that we like! In the end, we can both agree that he's one cool dude. I'm sorry, I swear I didn't mean to completely gloss over your post. Please forgive me! There's just something I love about the idea of Shadow being really meticulous about his appearance. I can totally see him spending an hour in front of the mirror every morning and patting back his quills and brushing his chest fur, hahaha. I'm very sorry, I'm not really sure what you're say or mean here? I got like 3 hours of sleep last night, so my mind is probably just a little fuzzy, haha.
  5. Aw, thank you guys so much. It makes me happy to see others who love Omega too, haha. Along with what you guys have said, I think he's a fun character. A walking arsenal who's really full of himself and will shoot anything down, while also having a sense of humor. I also think the friendship he has with Shadow and Rouge is kind of sweet, and shows this other side to this team full of anti-heroes. He's just a really fun and engaging character to me, and I really like him and the Team Dark interactions. I do agree with the idea that made Rouge and Omega and tied too much to Team Dark at the cost of them having meaningful interactions outside the team, but I think that's something you can definitely fix by simply showing it. Omega can definitely have his own agenda outside of Team Dark. Sometimes a lot of the reason why I like something just boils down to, "He's just a funny walking robot who blows things up. I like that." However, I do kind of agree with this. If there's one group of characters that I feel have the most trouble with meshing with the cast and series, definitely the Babylon Rogues. I agree with everything you've said about them and I probably couldn't say it better, haha. I think they're probably "trapped" by the fact that they were written with specific and limiting circumstances in mind (the Riders series). I'm definitely indifferent to them as well. I think this is a really sweet sentiment! It's one I always try to keep in mind. Even if you don't like something, someone else may really appreciate it, and I think that's swell. For the characters that I dislike in the series, I understand that others like them for the reasons I don't and that those characters appeal to them. Everybody loves somebody sometimes!
  6. I've never watched Dragon Ball, so I can't comment about the Vegeta comparison. I was also joking with the whispering comment. Probably should have made that more obvious. Oops. I don't know, I just think when Shadow's written to be really super serious like that, he's just...kind of dull to me. I like Shadow when he's a cocky and smug jackass. It gives him more personality and it makes him more entertaining to me. I like when characters have personality and flair. And I know he hasn't talked about his purpose and past for a while. I'm happy about that fact and that it's something he's finally seemed to move on from. I'm pretty sure I said that in my post. I also haven't really read the IDW comics aside from a few previews, so I can't comment on that comparison either. That's why I kind of like Shadow in Forces. His line of "Should've hired a Defense Squad for the Defense Squad, eh Doctor?" got a laugh out of me, and I absolutely love how when Infinite shows up, he goes completely ham on him and beats the ever-living shit out of him and then calls him pathetic right to his (probably cracked and bleeding) face, and then warps off like he couldn't care less. I love that. I'd take that over boring serious rival Shadow or uber edgelord angst Shadow from the early 2000's. To me, the whole idea of the parallel between Sonic and Shadow is that they have the same core traits: they're both willful, determined, and egocentric. But they manifest in different ways between the two. In Sonic, he's a bit more light-hearted and benevolent when it comes to these traits. In Shadow, they're more negative and destructive. That's what makes their rivalry interesting to me. Part of the reason Shadow appealed to me in the first place and why he still does is that he's so...over the top. He's a secret military experiment who's immortal and can warp time and space. Granted, I may not entirely like that backstory, but it was so crazy to me as a kid that I loved it. He just does whatever he wants and doesn't give two shits about what anyone else thinks. I think that's great, and something they should roll with a bit more. Also, Shadow's "I'm the coolest!" from SA2 still makes me go into hysterics every time I hear it. I think in the end, it just boils down to a difference in personal preference. We both want different things out of Shadow and he appeals to us in different ways. But hey, that's not a bad thing, yeah? I'd say that's a good thing!
  7. Yeah, I mean it's definitely not a perfect headcanon, but it's one that's kind of stayed with me as a kid. Shadow fluffing his spines was this detail that struck out to me, and his fluffy chest fur always looked like something that he would like, comb or something to me, ahaha. Shadow was my absolute favorite character as a kid, and I was obsessed with him. I admit I still really like him today, even if there are parts about him I don't like and think are pretty flawed. Eh, I guess I just like the idea of Shadow being really haughty and sort of narcissistic. I think it'd be a nice kind of parallel to Sonic's own ego and cockiness. And if Shadow's going to constantly remind everyone how he's the ultimate lifeform, might as well roll with it. Like, he knows he's the ultimate lifeform. He knows he's supposed to be the epitome of perfection (well not really, but you know, haha), and he'll make sure you know as well. As for Shadow in Sonic Boom...eh, he was almost 100% fan service and integrated poorly in my opinion, but I don't mind too much since it was all tongue-in-cheek and was just meant to be, well, fan service. One of the main reasons why I loved (and still love, to be honest) Shadow to this day is that he can be so over the top. I want them to stretch that out a bit. Not too much, but just a little. Like, Shadow going around blowing stuff just because he can. I'd prefer that to Shadow constantly whispering and being sad about his past and his purpose in life and all that. The whole angst-ridden Shadow thing wasn't really something I was a fan of. I'm personally glad that they seemed to be moving away from that with Forces. I'm not saying make Shadow in some wise-cracking jokester like Sonic; still make him have a serious nature but with a bit of flair to it so he's not just a generic sad and grumpy character. It reminds me a bit of Eggman in '06. They took away almost all of his cartoonish flair and style and just made him a generic bad guy villain without any of his bombastic personality, and as a consequence he's just...boring and bland. But I should probably reiterate that this is all my subjective opinion and probably won't be agreeable with a whole lot of people, haha. Also, I'm afraid I don't know who that dapper man in your posted gif is.
  8. Definitely agree with you. Something I like to discuss is how a certain piece of media, whether it be movies or books or video games or whatever, can be heavily influenced by the time period it came out. Sonic is definitely a good example of how he embodies a lot of themes and attitudes of the 90's and how that contributed to his popularity. I've always wanted to make a thread about it...but that's another story for another day, haha. I think someone in the thread about 50 pages ago or something about how Penders seems to have a mindset about Sonic and the comic industry in general that is stuck in the 90's. What are your thoughts about that, horridus? Hah, I've always suspected that since revisiting the comics as an adult, but it's nice to see that it's true. I've always had that weird inkling of Penders shoving all this crap into the comic because he desperately wanted to tell some kind of epic original story. It's especially telling when you read his list of "inspirations." Now, again, I'm not saying that kids are totally incapable of enjoying or understanding mature and deeper themes. However, a talented writer (which Penders is not) is able to weave it into a story that is still accessible to someone who is younger. I can say right now that as a kid, half of what was happening in the comic utterly confused me. I didn't care of course, since it was Sonic and Sonic could do whatever as long as it was Sonic. I think it's a good example, though, of how out-of-touch Penders can be with his material and his audience. I mean, would you hand Dune or Game of Thrones to a 8-10 year old kid and expect them to completely understand and enjoy all the parts of the story? Penders comes off as the kind of person to me who wants to be remembered for making some sort of epic, deep, and heroic story. Unfortunately, the only thing that he's been on board with for an extended period of time and has seen any kind of success with is the Sonic comic, so I guess that became his sort of outlet for all of his pent-up ideas. Or maybe Penders is that kind of guy who thinks a story can't have any merit unless it has a huge amount of backstory baggage or something like that. When I read the Knuckles comic or some of the crazy stories of Sonic fighting aliens in an intergalatic war, it really makes me wonder just what Penders was trying to achieve. It's too bad, because while I don't agree with how he did it, I do like how Penders tried to take the Sonic comic in a more grounded and serious direction. I do like some of the concepts that he's come up with. I just think he's horrible at the execution. This makes no sense...wasn't Penders a "secondary" writer that came onto the book? Like, he wasn't one of the original writers? So...he's being a hypocrite. Nice. I was thinking about the incident where another writer (Scott Fulop, I think? Or Scott Shaw? Something like that) was also suing Archie for copyright over his characters, or when Penders was making those tweets about supporting (and I think showing up at it too?) the lawsuit of another person who worked under Archie (maybe one of the two that I mentioned before). That seems like someone who's pretty supportive of his fellow employees working for a comic company...but then he turns around and belittles their contributions or downplays them to make himself seem better. I can't wrap my head around it. I know that Archie's not exactly the best company, which is probably putting it very mildly, but you know...still. I feel kind of sorry for Flynn. Imagine being hired to write for a comic you've been passionate about and written your own fan material on...and having its previous writer, your predecessor, just demean you. I know Flynn's not the only one that this has happened to, but I'm sure part of it kind of bites. Ah, I thought I read something like that, maybe from Dawn Best herself. Which is too bad, Best is a great artist. I've seen some of her Sonic work that wasn't messed up by Penders, and it's pretty nice. She's drawn some of her own interpretations of Lien-Da and Lara-Su (which I can't find, ergh) and they look so nice. If Dawn Best was hired by Penders to draw for his comic books / graphic novels / whatever the hell they're supposed to be, I think they would look so much nicer. At least it'd look nice, even if everything else was a train wreck. There was also that statement she made about how Penders apparently told her that he was aware his art was only just "test art" or something and that he knew it would have to improve for the final product. I guess Penders...changed his mind? I don't know. I bet nobody knows. It's kind of sad, because I think Penders's work, particularly his pencils and his inks, are much better when he's working with others. I found a site that has a few examples of some pencils Penders did for some other comics, and I really do think they look nice. No doubt in part due to the efforts of the inkers and letters, but they still look pretty nice. It makes it all the more ironic that Penders seems to not be much of a team player. Here's a site with some non-Sonic examples, and here's one of what I'm talking about: (Also, I'm sorry if there's a lot of me saying "this thing happened, but I can't find the source" in this post. I swear I just suck at finding the original post. If I'm wrong on anything, please correct me about it.)
  9. This is a tiny little tidbit that probably matters to no one but me, but as a kid I always loved how Shadow sort of "fluffs" his spines in his idle animation in Heroes and ShtH. I always liked the idea of Shadow of being vain and haughty and always grooming himself. I like the idea of Shadow being kind of over the top. I don't know, I think he's taken too seriously sometimes and it makes him a bit boring to me.
  10. I don't really feel any despair towards Sonic. Probably because I didn't think Forces was bad, just meh. It's not like Sonic is in a place where he's utterly irredeemable or barely active. I definitely still think there's a chance for the series to improve in the near-future and put out a great game instead of one that's just so-so. I can understand why people are burnt out, though. People are passionate about things they care a lot about, and a lot of us here care about the franchise a lot. I can't speak for anyone, but for myself, Sonic was a big part of my childhood and the games of his that I still like still give me happiness to this day. To see something that was once so great and popular is probably really disheartening to a lot. I think it's good to see how a lot of fans are still very passionate about the series in a way. I also think the movie, which I have massive reservations about, still might have a small chance of just being some weird thing that happens and then is sort of viewed more as a curious misstep instead of being a giant disaster that drives an axe into Sonic's head. Kind of like Mario's infamous movie. I still generally positive about the series and I still have hope and love for it, but I can absolutely understand why a lot of fans are pessimistic.
  11. You know, that's actually a question I've kind of bounced around in my head before. I don't think I know enough about game development and what goes into it for me to have a good enough answer for it, only just speculation and personal thoughts...so, I want to ask it to everyone else in the thread. I know that the "Sonic Team" kind of set-up that we're so used to being familiar with is no longer a thing. Now, most of them have split up or gone off to other studios, and now it's just Sega employees sort of being rotated and moved around based on where they're needed most. Do you guys think that the Sonic franchise would benefit from having a Sonic Team again? Like, a group of Sega employees who focus mainly on Sonic games without being moved or splitting their focus on other things? Like I said, I don't know enough about game development to know the pros and cons of this (or if this is a super common format nowadays or not?), so I don't have a good answer to this. I would love to see what other people think.
  12. 1997 to 2002 in its original run. I haven't watched much of the show, but I found that clip after someone had used that Daria quote as a reference and thought it was pretty good. Truly great shows with great material are timeless, though. Yeah, that's what I heard. It's definitely an...interesting word choice. I'm not sure what that exact word, especially with the connotations it carries. I don't know what the original Japanese sentence was, but I feel "imprisoning" or something like that would make more sense in that context, especially when you consider that Sonic seems to be fine and isn't acting like someone who had been put through a particularly rough time. Maybe. I personally think it's an idea with a lot of material to work with. There were certain parts I liked. The overall execution wasn't very good, but I still liked some of the ideas that were presented. I definitely think that at its base, it's not a bad idea. I like the idea of the cast having to band together in order to defeat a very powerful Eggman. I guess it's just a matter of personal preference. I admit there's some discussions on here that I don't like to get involved with simply because my opinions on some things are almost completely subjective. Eh, I guess it just depends. I think for a lot, it's just based on their previous work. They didn't like what Pontac and Graff came up with before or their track record, so naturally they don't have much faith in their future material. I think that's fair. I think saying something like "Pontac and Graff are absolutely incapable of making anything even remotely good and they never will anything good" is probably prejudiced. I'm personally not a big fan of the banter and jokes they tend to write. I find it a bit too over-the-top and too try-hard (if that's the right word I'm looking for).
  13. You know, I used to strongly think that Sonic Team needed to take a break and then come back to the franchise with new and fresh eyes, but I've changed my mind since then. For starters, I learned from this board there isn't even really a Sonic Team anymore. Much of Sonic Team apparently has either gone off to other companies or now it's people being kind of rotated based on where they're needed the most. But other than that, I don't think a break will do any good. I used to think that it was simply a case of Sega being burned out and just cranking out Sonic games due to some sort of obligation, but now I don't feel it's that anymore. It's not an issue of being tired anymore. I think it's just an issue of not knowing exactly what to do. In this case, taking a break won't help. You can be an artist and take a break for ten years, but if you don't examine yourself and try to understand why you need to improve and how, that time means nothing. Ten years later, you'll come back and make the same thing again. Simply taking a break or waiting doesn't improve anything or make anyone better at their job. However, I do wonder if it'd be a benefit to maybe have some sort of meeting about Sonic? Not like a super serious "RED ALERT THIS IS NOT A DRILL" type thing, but just a kind of get-together of the current employees working on Sonic and really trying to work out the next game on a fundamental level. Examine flaws and strengths, look back on mistakes and achievements, and really try and put some sort of genuine heart into the project. Choose a direction they want to go in and stick to it with confidence. If it doesn't work, really sit down and understand why. I want Sega to understand their mistakes and improve based on what they find out. I don't want Sonic to just take a break only to come back and make the same mistakes over and over again. I want a genuine effort to improve.
  14. I think you hit the nail right on the head. I feel edgy is one of those sort of "reflex words" that people see a certain aspect that they associate very strongly with something being edgy, and so they automatically slap that label on without really understanding why or looking into it beyond that. Eventually, anything that's even remotely in the ballpark of what is perceived to be edgy gets slapped with it as well. It's just a really shallow term, in my opinion. I also think Daria's definition of edgy is a pretty good one, too. Eh, I'm not a really big fan of the whole "fridge horror" thing. I mean, everything has fridge horror if you look at it a certain way or if you think too long about certain stuff. Mario is filled to the brim with fridge horror (and if you want, you can read them all on TVTropes). I think it's just a mixture of either writers not really thinking through or not putting too much priority on those types of things. I think the only one that really counts to me is the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle one, and it's because it's not fridge horror. It's right there and clearly shown (and really did scare me a whole lot when I was a kid). And maaaybe the Sonic Adventure one, only because you can clearly see people going about their daily lives when Chaos floods the city. But I guess a post-credits scene where Sonic and Tails wade through a sea of corpses probably wouldn't be good, haha. I agree with you. I actually specifically pointed out Forces being an improvement in my post. I think the "torture" part is weird...and in all honesty, I think it's more of a weird choice of wording than Forces trying to be "edgy" or anything like that (seriously, replacing "torturing" with something like "imprisoning" or "mocking" seems to make a bit more sense and not make the scene come off as jarring as it does). I honestly sort of like the story of Forces, or at the very least where it tried to go with it. It was a concept I was very on board with. I didn't like the execution. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me personally it's definitely the latter part and not the former. I really enjoy the current voice cast. Some of them are even my favorite for the characters out of all the voice acting casts. But even so, the voices of the Sonic cast don't really effect how I see the story as long as they're not really awful performances. I really disliked the 4kids cast of voice actors (no offense to any of them, it's just personal preference) but it never really got in the way of how I played the game or saw the story, and I I'm also not exactly sure what you mean by "prejudiced against the writing." Do you mean against the current writers of the games, Pontac and Graff? My personal opinion of them isn't really based in prejudice. I've liked some of their ideas and I've disliked some of their ideas, but overall I'm not a really big fan of their execution of these ideas.
  15. I'm going to be 100% honest when I say this: I'm really starting to hate the word "edgy" when it's being used to describe Sonic games. I hope I don't sound like I'm point fingers at anybody or sounding accusatory, I promise I don't mean to give off that vibe. I probably don't even know what I'm talking about. I just feel it's a word that gets thrown around a lot without a whole lot of meaning being given to it. It's sort of this general term that so many people use without really defining it well. I also feel it's overused, kind of like how a lot of people throw around the word "cringe." I can't emphasize how much I agree with this. Honestly, I'm starting not to like the term "dark" as well. I mean, I think we can all agree that Shadow the Hedgehog running around with guns shooting everything and yelling curses maybe crossed a few boundaries. But other than that, what is "dark" exactly in the Sonic series? I absolutely agree with "dark" or "light" aren't the main issues with Sonic plots nowadays. I'm not saying that it's okay for Sonic to go around and suddenly start emphasizing murder and having plots that have things like, I don't know, realistic genocide or gritty guerrilla warfare like Apocalypse Now. It's just all about the passion and drive the story and characters makes you feel. It's one of the reasons why I liked the story and characters in the 2000s games. Yeah, they weren't perfectly and were heavily flawed in a lot of places, but I at least felt drive and passion from the stories and characters, like the things they were striving for mattered (if that makes sense?). That's why I don't like how these arguments always delve into the same "kiddy / edgy / dark / light" back and forth. To me, those words just feel empty. They're just thrown out because they're so generalized. They don't really go into the actual problems and flaws that should be discussed. It's like the moment a certain aspect is shown, the game is immediately slapped with some kind of superficial label without any more digging into how these aspects work in relation to the story and characters and why they feel that way. Also absolutely agree with this. I wondered if it was just me who was feeling this way, haha. The stories definitely feel more meta and tongue-in-cheek lately. I mean, I know that's not always a bad thing, and I know that Sonic's personality is that he's a wise-cracker and a funny guy...but I hate the feeling of everything being a joke. It's like nothing is being taken seriously. If nothing is being taken seriously, why should anyone care? Why should I care about Eggman taking over the world or Eggman about to crush Sonic into smithereens when everything is just passed off as some kind of joke and something that should constantly be laughed at? It doesn't matter (in my opinion, anyways) if something may seem cartoonish and childish as long as the characters feel sincere and earnest (if you don't mind me stealing some of your word choice @Sonic Fan J, haha). And I'm not even talking about it being "dark" or "edgy" or even "serious". In Mario Odyssey, the plot is some giant turtle trying to marry a human woman who's less than half his size while some short Italian guy tries to get her back with the help of a talking hat. Yeah, it's pretty cartoony and sounds ridiculous, but it's not like Mario is making some self-aware joke every ten minutes and rolling his eyes about "Oh boy, here we go again" or "Oh gee, it's the almighty King Koopa Bowser, I'm so scared (heavy sarcastic tone)". Even in the end, Mario at least felt earnest in his mission. It felt like he really cared about what he was doing and why. Sonic stories don't really seem to have that anymore. Forces kind of improved on that, I guess...but there's still a lot of room for improvement. I'm sorry if none of this makes sense, it's 3am where I'm when I'm typing this and I haven't slept in like 30 hours.
  16. Eeeh...I guess it depends on your definition of a good year. I think Team Sonic Racing looks pretty good and is shaping up to be a fun game, so that's good. There's also IDW as others have noted, and I really like the comic so far, especially in the art department. But at the same time, the movie will be coming out too. I guess it depends on how much the movie overshadows everything else. Maybe the movie will barely make a splash and be it's own little thing, seen as separate from the series and thus won't do too much damage to the other Sonic branches of media. That's just me being optimistic about it, though. Or maybe it will be funnier than expected or have at least one redeeming quality? But that's also me being optimistic. I honestly don't know. If it wasn't for the film coming out, I would say it wouldn't be a bad year for Sonic. But I still have no idea how the movie is going to go down and affect everything. If I had to be truthful, I'd say I'm a little fearful of what's in store.
  17. I'm afraid I have to agree with the majority here. As sad as it is to face the possibility that the Freedom Fighters have been permanently retired, I think that's the reality we're facing now. Them being put in Freedom Planet just seems to extremely unlikely. I like Freedom Planet being a Sonic inspired game instead of being a direct derivative of it. And just as people before me have said, you would have to change their backstories and redesign them. When it comes to that, what's the point anymore? There would be little to distinguish them from just being new characters. This isn't even considering all the money and legal hurdles that a small indie company would have to go through in order to acquire characters from a large company. In my opinion, I think it's best for the Freedom Fighters to live on through the fans. There's a fan continuation going on right now, there might even be more that I'm not aware of. People are still writing stories, drawing art, and discussing these characters. Even if they're dead in SEGA's hands, they're alive and well in other ways. Will it be the same? No, and that will probably take some time getting used to. But I personally am very thankful for all the hard work and dedication going on from people who still want to keep the FF's around. I think it just goes to show the passion and love a lot of people still have for them.
  18. That's true! Whether anything happens from my ideas or not, it's always fun to discuss and imagine. And I think it's always nice to be inspired by something. Even if we don't necessarily like a game, it's always nice when it makes us discuss about creative ideas, just like you said. 👍 It's not a problem, and thank you for being such a sweet person. Happy holidays to you!
  19. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind response! Yeah, I remember when the whole thing about uprising against the Eggman Army was first revealed about Forces, and I honestly thought that there were a ton of cool ways that they could've executed the concept and ME3 came to my mind. Even if ME3 is my least favorite game out of the ME series (especially the ending and how you originally had to go get points online to get the best possible ending since there WEREN'T ENOUGH IN THE BASE GAME AND AS A PLAYER WHO HAD IT ON XBOX YOU HAD TO PAY TO PLAY ONLINE AAARGHH), I still like the game and had a lot of fun with most of it. The whole thing of helping people out and getting resources as a result for a massive army to go into battle during a final fight was something that would've fit perfectly in Forces...instead of what we got. I also really like your ideas too. I forgot about that part in CD and I think that would've been a cool feature to bring back. I also really like the thing with the characters. Maybe if could be something like the characters are either captured by Eggman or fighting their own battles in their own different parts of the world, and you have to help them free their area in order to unlock them for the resistance army. I really like your sidequest idea. Like you said, it helps them to feel like they're doing something other than just standing around and talking. And it'd be nice to see them do something. We have all these characters coming together for a giant revolution, why not go with that idea more? And maybe in the final battle, if you rescued them, they could help you somehow. If you don't save them, you can still go on fight and beat the game, but maybe it would be a little harder or take a longer while, or maybe you'd have to fight a few minions that the character would've taken care of instead. I can see this idea also working with some other cast members too. Imagine after freeing Soleanna, Elise obviously wouldn't come fight in the battle but maybe she could offer Soleanna's military to come help you. Professor Pickle could maybe offer some research that would assist in the fight. The G.U.N Commander or even the President could offer some more military soldiers. I know in the end this is just me talking out of my ass and it won't change anything about Forces, but I don't know...I just think these ideas are fun to think about, haha.
  20. At best, not really. At worst, it's simply another assurance of Sonic's mediocrity. To me, Forces isn't even that bad. It's...meh. Didn't a get a huge reaction out of me, only a giant feeling of "Well, it could've been worse..." Like, it's nowhere near Sonic '06, a game that's still remembered and talked about even though over ten years have passed since its release and SEGA seems to have moved on from it in some way. And it's nowhere near RoL (which I feel didn't even really have high expectations in the first place). It certainly doesn't help that Mania was released around the same time. Outside of fans of the series, I don't think anyone really cared much for it. To be honest, I don't know if it's more reassuring or worrying that this is the case. It's nice to know we didn't get a godawful and infamous game. At the same time, it's kind of depressing. At least playing a godawful game makes me feel some kind of emotion, whether it be amusement or anger. Forces made me feel a few instances of fun, but after all of it I only really went *shrug* and moved on. @Dr. Detective Mike (I'm sorry I messed up your quote, I don't know how to add it to an edited post) I felt very similar. I try very hard to be optimistic about the Sonic series. Even if it's not optimism, at the very least I try to at least be curious. It's hard to hold onto that hope of "Well, you never know" for the franchise nowadays. It's even harder when your cynical side is reinforced by releases like this... I think that's why Forces is kind of depressing to me in a way. In a sort of morbid way, at least 06 and Rise of Lyric got people talking. At least it felt like people cared something about Sonic. It felt like no one cared about Forces and as a result, no one cares about Sonic. Seeing it be in this state after being with the series for so long is kind of tragic.
  21. I guess it comes to down personal taste on this matter. It's a choice between a game that has higher ups but comes with more negatives, or a game that doesn't have quite as high positives but doesn't come with as many negatives. (I'm sorry, that was probably a horrible way of putting it...) I'm personally in the latter camp. As much as I love the day stages in Unleashed and the production value overall with the game, I don't really like the feeling of having fun one minute and finding the game tedious the next. I'm a bigger fan of consistency, even if that means sacrificing a little to achieve it. I'd rather have some fun throughout the whole thing than alternate having a blast and groaning. But others prefer the former, and that's totally fine.
  22. Thank you horridus, I appreciate it. 👍 Sometimes people pull out the "Well, can you do better?" card and I never know how to respond to it because most of the time I couldn't do better. And I'm always worried that a critic will find a piece of my art and then tout all the flaws I have. I don't know, I guess I'm weird, haha. Oh wow, that's crazy. It is like night and day, haha. It makes it all the more tragic that he's refuses to work with other people. His art really benefits from another person elevating it. And honestly, there's nothing wrong with understanding your strengths and playing to them, like you said. I mean, yeah, it's cool to have the ability to do so many things in a comic instead of doing one thing, but there's a reason people do that. It's just the whole deal of "jack of all trades, master of none." (I also feel that having multiple people doing different things makes the comic go by faster...we all know Penders working on almost everything by himself is not helping him work faster). I've been trying to find a scan or something of The Lost Ones, but I unfortunately can't. I'm thinking that maybe the panels I saw were just the really good ones or the best ones to showcase? I want to see it fully so that way I can judge better and maybe even look at the bad story (I hear it's just a poor man's X-Men). I found this page from someone who was doing a review of it on their tumblr: And it honestly looks good to me. I mean, not fantastic or anything that belongs in a museum, but it looks clean and crisp and not horribly off-model like his Sonic art. And while I hate the cover (definitely feels like it suffers from a bad case of "graphic design is my passion" and the REAL PHOTOGRAPHIC BACKGROUND WHY), I still say it's leagues above the clusterfuck that is the cover to Shattered Tomorrows. Then again, I'm kind of weird when it comes to comic art. As long as it doesn't look something like this, I'm generally okay with it. That literally makes no sense to me. It's like a plumber suddenly becoming a carpenter because he wants to stay ahead of the curve, despite the fact that he's never done any carpentering at all in his life and has more skill as plumber. Penders has his strengths and he has his weaknesses, just like many, many artists and creators out there. And if he can't afford to hire someone, then he should at least practice a bit before deciding he's going to release something for the purpose of getting money. I know I would never just go ahead and make a comic and sell it as my skill is right now. I still need to improve, and there's no shame in admitting that. Some people have made amazing things on tiny budgets, because they know their limits and can work either within them or work to stretch them. But as we've established, Penders has an ego the size of a mountain. That's what reeeally gets to me sometimes, especially after reading the story with Adamis. Penders could save himself so much hassle if he would just stoop down and apologize once in a while. Just a quick little, "I'm sorry, I made a mistake and I didn't mean to. I'll make sure to fix this. I meant no disrespect and I thank you for your assistance." Boom. Done. I sometimes feel like Penders acts the way he does on purpose just to stir something up, because there's so many times that I've seen where Penders could have taken an easier route out, but he always has to say something or do something that just causes more troubles than it seems to be worth. Part of me wonders if he's dong this on purpose to generate some kind of publicity for his art? I mean, tons of people hate Twilight and that's half the reason why they became so popular. [NOTE: I'm having trouble again posting the pictures. If you can't see them, let me know and I'll post links to them instead.]
  23. I was going to quote people who hit the nail on the head for me, but there were too many quotes, haha. Pretty much what everyone said. After the lackluster games that came before it, it was a very solid game and I initially took it as a sort of testing step in a new direction for the series. I was so sick of all the weird added gimmicks (even if I did love the daytime stages in Unleashed and the production value behind it, werehog was just kind of annoying to me) and we finally just got a Sonic game that wasn't something like "Sonic but now with ______!" I'll be 100% honest here...I was totally excited. At the time, I kept on thinking that this was going to be the stepping stone to more, even better games that built upon the positives it established. Looking back, the optimism that kind of blinded me is gone now and the flares glare a bit more at me...but I still think it's a good game and I still have fun with it. At the very least, it feels polished and like there was actual care put into it instead of just mediocrity or throwing a bunch of gimmicks at the wall.
  24. Agreed, I also hate the way he colors it. It makes it look...not like hair, haha. Like it's just some plastic implant. But everything looks strangely plastic to me...like, I can't stress that enough. You know when plastic gets too hot and it kind of starts to warp? That's what it reminds me of. Darn, I tend to have trouble posting pictures to the forum. But it's like you said...it's seen in so many of his pictures. I swear, Lara-Su's head changes size in relation to her body in almost every picture he draws of her. Same thing with her hair, I've noticed too. It's kind of a small difference, but it's enough to bother me. Her hair is drawn in different styles depending on the picture. Sometimes it's drawn very "fuzzy" and thick, and other times it's drawn very noodlely and less cartoonish (I'm sorry these are horrible descriptions). I can understand a character changing over time as an artist evolves, but it's like Penders switches back and forth between the two with no pattern. And you know what the thing is? I tend to hesitate a bit when I want to criticize Penders because I am definitely not a professional. I like to draw, but I'm just an amateur hobbyist who is still struggling and trying to improve. I don't get even close to the amount of outputted work and experience that Penders has, so sometimes I wonder if it's hypocritical for me to talk and criticize his art when I am not an expert myself. But then I see some aspects of his art that just stick out so much to me. I know there's the whole debate about "it's just a different style" and "beauty is in the eye of beholder" and things like that, but I don't know...there are things about his art that I feel just aren't appealing at all and are objectively bad from a "this is supposed to be professional product intended for a mainstream audience" perspective. Haha, I was actually thinking of Rob Liefeld when I wrote that! I just didn't want to say names...but that's another thing that absolutely baffles me. I've seen Penders work on humans and other comics (and the Superman drawing that he posted on his Twitter about half a year ago) and I honestly think they look pretty good. And as badly written as people say Lost Ones is (I actually haven't read it myself, only seen a few panels/art pieces and know the general plot summary of it), I think the art of it looks good. I mean, I've read some published comics with some awful looking art that I couldn't believe got past quality control that looked much, much worse. There's also different aspects of even his Lara-Su art that I think looks okay, like basic anatomy and posing and things like that. It's just muddled down by all the bad things that just overwhelm it. Like you said, his sketches and inked works look so much better. There's actually a picture that he drew (I can't find it, unfortunately, so I hope I'm describing it okay so everyone knows what I'm talking about) that was a work in progress. It was inked and was beginning to have flat colors added to it, but it was Lara-Su laying down on a couch while talking to one of her ancestors(?). I hoenstly thought it didn't look too bad. The posing, layout, and general anatomy looked pretty good to me. A little fun fact, I actually showed a friend some of Penders art on Star Trek and his Lara-Su chronicles stuff, and he was blown away by the fact they were drawn by the same guy. He would've sworn they were drawn by two different people. There are so many little things that could be done that, while definitely not fixing the art completely, could at least improve it in some way. Like, I don't understand why he doesn't use outlines most of the time. His outlined art looks much better than when it's all a bunch of muddy and overly shiny colors blending together. Hell, why not hire someone to color it for him? He could still do literally every other aspect of the comic while having a superior colorist elevate his art to "passable" territory. It wouldn't fix everything, but I personally believe a polished turd is better than a regular turd.
  25. I think a big problem is that there are many divided opinions on how characters other than Sonic should play as. Some people want the other characters to play similar to Sonic, while other people want them to play much more differently. I feel this is one of the few issues in the franchise that is pretty evenly split down the middle with a good compromise being a bit fuzzy to achieve. But I suppose if they play good (which I know is a really vague term and I'm sorry), then it should be okay. Then there's also the issue of if they should be optional or not...and then on top of that, there's also the issue of stages. Should each character get their own stage or should it be the same stage but with different pathways? On one hand you have mech-shooting and treasure hunting stages mixed in with running stages, on the other hand you have the same game being played through four times. Just as a side note, does anyone here think that a similar system to some of the stages Sonic '06 could possibly work? Where the stage is sort of divided into "sections" with one character taking over once the player completes a certain portion that is more tailored to them? I'm kind of "eh" about it myself but I wonder if it could work if done in a certain way.
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