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  1. Myself and about 3 other members have defended this movie from the core. If you know anything then please share.
  2. We should be getting the trailer within the next 2 weeks. It SHOULD be out in cinemas with Pokemon on May 10.
  3. Oh I doubt it. Trailer SHOULD be attached to the movie. Massively wasted opportunity if its not.
  4. Thats why I said the first week of may.
  5. It's either this week or the first week of May.
  6. we should be getting the trailer within a month.
  7. I can wait for the trailer, but, I just wish we had an official reveal.
  8. Late April, early May for the trailer.
  9. That would be cool Imo.
  10. I love LOVE some high end statues...
  11. I hope the official Sonic movie twitter wakes up!
  12. I think we will get the trailer around May 1st.
  13. Still hoping for a leak.

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