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  1. If the re-design is significant then there is no way this move comes out before June 2020. I can see it getting pushed back a whole year.
  2. Oh I definitely understand that but I'm simply stating that if the re-design is significant then they can't release the toys with the old design....
  3. If changed to Sonic's design are significant then there is no way the movie will be released this year.
  4. Absolutely devastated by the re-design. This was the Sonic for the MOVIE. People needed to accept that. Now I fear the movie will be delayed significantly. Just a real damn shame if you ask me.
  5. Thank you for the understanding. It will be very costly but I think it’s something that needs to be done. I simply can’t wait u til January.
  6. I’ve been waiting for a Sonic movie my whole life... it may be a bad movie but it will still bring me lots of joy.
  7. No press screenings here until early January. I honestly might have to fly to the states...
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