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  1. So much fakness and uncertainty. They really need to just fully reveal Sonic right now.
  2. The poster is real and it's gorgeous.
  3. That’s a shame because it looks magical.
  4. Wow.... look. This more is getting a theatrical release. I can’t believe some things that I’m reading.
  5. How is everyone doing 12 or so hours later?
  6. Sonic definitely isn't wearing goggles lol.
  7. Well marketing will make it over 100 million, to be exact.
  8. I am actually laughing at people thinking that a 100 million + dollar movie will be canceled or "scrapped" just because some don't like the design of Sonic. Thats not how it all works. What don't we all just give a movie a chance?
  9. LOVE IT!! I think we might be getting a teaser with Bumblebee after all.

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