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  1. Actually, last episode from season 2 aired on November 18th, 2017. Not even 2 years...
  2. Well, they stopped producing new episodes, so yeah, they wrapped production. I think that doesn't confirm the show is officially dead. They can always go back and make a new season and start producing more episodes again.
  3. I almost forgot this topic, lol. It hasn't been updated for a long time. Season 2 finale aired almost 2 years ago. If a third season gets made, that's gonna be a huge surprise. Even if it's a new team, I would watch it. Let's see what happens.
  4. The Sonic episode was insanely great and now they reveal the series is ending...lol It seems they tried everything with the Sonic episode to see a spike in ratings. I hope the series finale shows Sonic again.
  5. So, I guess we can definitely forget this series now...It's over. At least there are 104 episodes to be watched and enjoyed everytime.
  6. I love Jeff's answer to criticism and this is how professionals should act. I'm glad he's not Josh trank, lol. That being said, it seems he has had feedback for a long time. So, I'm sure this first trailer is showing a old version / draft. The next trailer might show a better design and everyone will say he fixed it after this trailer. Nope, he probably fixed way before the first trailer.
  7. Yeah, people love Iron Man. However it only works because a good actor is playing him. So, iron Man and Robert Downey J are one and the same now.
  8. I guess this is like he'll look like throughout the movie, but I have the feeling he'll change by the end of the movie.
  9. They love playing the old games ( Sonic 1,2,3 and Knuckles ). My 3 old daughter also plays Sonic Dash. The other also plays Sonic Boom. I couldn't believe when my youngest kid managed to beat Robotnik alone in the firsy stage of Sonic 2. They love anything Sonic related. They also love the Sonic Boom cartoon.
  10. Kids definitely know Sonic. I have 2 kids ( one is 6 years old and the oter is 3 years old ) and they both know Sonic thanks to youtube. Trust me, a ton of kids know Sonic.
  11. Sonic is a great character and many people love him despite bad games. He's above games ( good or bad ). We can always come back to the past and replay the good games.
  12. So ,is it definitely dead or can we still hope for anything? I've watched Season 2 again and boy, it gets better and better. I'm glad we got at least 2 seasons to have some fun. It was a great run. Sonic deserves everything good.
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