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  1. Unpopular opinion: I do not think that the Deadly Six are that bad for villains. A lot of Sonic fans seem to dislike them because of their one noted personality traits. But almost 3/4 of the Sonic cast is one dimensional and badly written. Look at Infinite and how laughable he is as a villain in terms of backstory and motives. I wonder if the D6 would be more beloved among the Sonic fans if they were all designed as super cool, radical furry characters like the rest of the cast.
  2. But if he is not, why do people always come back to him? There has to be a secret, that people always come back to Sonic. Even with all the flaws this series has.
  3. I had a discussion with a friend lately and we talked about died out franchises like Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, Jak and Daxter, Gex etc. All of them slowly disappeared after a while because their games where either not as good as they used to be or to not really appeal anymore for todays demographics. Other series like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro also shared the same faith for a while. Now they are back, but back than both series also just vanished for a few years. But Sonic... not really. This franchise is still kicking somehow. Even with all the horrible games this franchise has, Sonic, as a series, is still highly beloved among fans. Banjo-Kazooie only needed one mediocre game in it's series to kill it of for good, and that game wasn't as bad compare to the Sonic games. Even some of the most beloved video game series like Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania and I dare even say Super Mario would be long gone, if they would produced as many games as Sonic. What does the Sonic series have, that the fans still coming back to it, spend all of their hard earned cash and forgive all of the horrible and mediocre games the series throws at them? I think the answer is the character. If you think about it. The character of Sonic and also his friends are the glue that holds the series together. The character was always the biggest focus on the market of Sonic. He was firstly created to out-hip Mario in terms of design, appeal and coolness. He was a radical, young, super cool 90s character that would appeal towards 90s kids and than later a super edgy hip hero dud for the 2000's crowd. Sonic has to be one of the most best thought out fictional characters not only in gaming, but in general. His design and character alone appeals towards a lot of different types of people. Other series do not have this luxury. The Super Mario series also have some really memorable characters in term of design, but they are not really that depended on them like the Sonic series is. They are Mario games out there that do not even feature Luigi and his is technically the second most important character of this franchise. The Crash Bandicoot series also only really needs Crash and Cortex and maybe Coco and Aku Aku, but the rest of the cast isn't really needed to make a game of this series a success. The DKC series also got rid off of 3/4 of it's cast. I really think that the character are the main reason, why we still love Sonic and his friends so much. We can this in many forums. Fans talk so much about the characters. If they show up in a feature game, will they be playable, talk about their edgy designs and how their part in the new story will turn out to be. My point is: Do you think that the characters are the reason, why Sonic is still around and why this franchise hasn't died of yet?
  4. Wouldn't they already have been announced if their would play a role in the movie?
  5. Rowl

    Are we in a new dark era?

    The only bad things about Mario games that I can think of are maybe the lack of fanservice (like for example given some fan favorite characters a role in the game. Looking at you Daisy and Waluigi) and also the lack of a story. But other than that Mario games and Nintendo games in general are always very polished games. Even their worst Mario, Zelda, DKC and PokΓ©mon game can be even sometimes better than some of Sonic's best games. As sad as this sounds.
  6. Rowl

    Are we in a new dark era?

    Yeah.... no. Non of the Mario games are as broken, glitchy, unfinished or boring as some of the Sonic games. You can not tell me with a straight face that Odyssey, Sunshine and Galaxy are really worst games than 06, Boom and Unleashed.
  7. A lot of people say and agree that the really dark era of Sonic really stated with 06. Ad not only that it really damaged the whole image and reputation of Sonic in the community, to the point where people who aren't part of the fandom can't take Sonic and Sega anymore seriously and the character itself became a big joke around the world. The series was on rock bottom at this point where Sega and Sonic Team really had to start over fresh, focused on the more simpler ideas and banished everything else from the old formula. But... ...what if Sonic 06 would be a a good game or at least as okay as SA and SA2? Would it effected the series and how would Sonic games be now, if 06 would have been a great game? I personally think that Sonic games would have those ideas expanded: Story When it comes to the stories and characters, I think they will be more mature and the characters themselves would act less or not goofy at all. I also think that the focus will be ore on the new generations of characters like Shadow or/and Silver. If you think about it since SA2 Sonic kinda was overshadowed by all the new introduced characters and was until Unleashed happen always more of a side character story wise. The new stories would have focused much more on Shadow, Silver and other brand new characters that would be introduced in future games. With Mephilis and Elise it is kinda tricky. Mephilis would hav died, but Elise could have become a recurring regular. Maybe even Sonic's official love interest and the Princess Peach or Princess Zelda of this universe. World If 06 would have been a well received game, I think the world would have stayed this semi-realistic looking one. Humans would have been recurring citizens of this world and will not be banished from his world like in the newer games. Maybe even the characters themselves would have in later games a more semi-realistic look. I do not think they would have gone back to a more goofier looking world like Colors or Lost World and the more cartoony characters like Chip, the Deadly Six, Orbot and Cutbot would have never been crated. Playable characters This is an element I'm almost 100% that it would have been used more if Sonic 06 wasn't such an atrocious game. Silver in particularly would have expanded his gameplay and they would have used him much more as a character. Same also goes for Blaze. Music I think the butt-rock music would have been the the regular music direction for Sonic like happy-go-lucky-music for the Kirby series and environmental music for Crash Bandicoot. This all I could think off. What is your opinion about this what if scenario? How would the series be if 06 was a good or maybe even great game?
  8. Rowl

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Bring back Chip. Get rid off the Babylon Rouges. Unless they are already retired. Than it should be Silver.
  9. Rowl

    Are we in a new dark era?

    Yeah, a lot of you are right. Playing it to save is also something I personally would also not prefer. This is the reason why Nintendo was for a long time very unappealing for me, because a lot of the Mario games where kinda the same all the time. Especially the NSMB series. Sonic is kinda in the same boat now since Generations technically. Recycling all old ideas just for the sake of Nostalgia. It really seems that Sonic is really stuck in a quandary, where Sonic Team can only go in two directions. Either they try out new things, make more characters playable and tell a bigger story, but than the game will fail in quality or, they play it completely save and make it simple, but than the game is very boring and uninspired. Man... that is not really a good future for Sonic... If I had the choice one of those two directions I sadly have to go with the first one. Sure, we will get another broken, almost unplayable mess of a game, but at least it would be so bad that it can be hilarious for us watcher. I kinda like it when friends or youtubers play a bad game. Than at least I have something to laugh about.
  10. I really have a feeling, that the whole Sonic series is now once again in a new dark era. And I have a feeling it is much, much worst than the first dark age. The first want kinda started out with Heroes which was a very mediocre game. Than Shadow the hedgehog which was nothing really to be proud off and than Sonic 06 happen which damaged the reputation of the whole series. People still talked about it to this day. And than there where the other games like Secret Rings, Black Knight, Chronicles and the Rivals and Riders series, which where either bad or boring. And Unleashed a game that was half good and half bad. The dark age ended with Unleashed. But still in this dark age we actually also had some descend games like the Rush series, the first two All-Star games and the Advance series. And even some of the more boring games overall weren't that badly rated by critiques. But... this new era that started with Lost World is a completely other entity. If you look how the feedback for most of the games were, you will see that the fans and critiques are much more harsher on those ones. A lot of people really didn't liked Lost World, the 3DS version is even more disliked, Boom is considered to be even worst than Sonic 06 and the 3DS games were just really boring for most people, the Mario & Sonic games of this era are considered to be the worst of the series, most of the mobile games are not really that fun to play, Forces is not really liked by many and is at best just meh... and Team Sonic Racing looks really uninspired and boring. The only highlight of this era seems to be Mania. And as good as this game is, but not even half of the content was new and the whole game much was dependent on nostalgia pandering. I do not want to sound like a negative nazi, but I really have a feeling that we are gong true a really dark age again. The Sonic series never had such many bad or mediocre games in a row not eve in the first one and the first dark age was much shorter. I'm so sick and tired that Sonic is the laughing stock of the gaming industry. Non of my friends like this character because they all know how much of bad reputation he has in the gaming community. This new dark era has to stop after Team Sonic Racing. Sonic really can't have another one, especially an era that lasted as long as this one. What do you guys think? Are we really in a new dark era and do you think, that this era will end soon?
  11. Been now a Sonic only game was actually one of the biggest marketing tools for this game. Why should they now bring in some other Sega characters as a little extra?
  12. Man... that would be such a boring track roster.... Even the first All-Star had better variety.
  13. C'mon.... again with the Death Egg and Sky Sanctuary? I'm really sick of those two stages.
  14. Rowl

    Sonic Adventure 2D: could it work?

    I actually see the Rush games and also the Advance games as 2D versions of the Adventure games.
  15. When was a Lava stage and a Sonic 3 stage announced? According to my count I only have so far Planet Wisp, Rooftop Run, the unnamed ice stage.

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