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  1. Post them! Don't tell, show! At this point, you guys are as worst as Sega is! Show don't tell!
  2. Show me them, if they even exist! Because I for sure can not find them on the internet. Crash has dozens of them on Youtube right now that show us a full track in HD quality and the animation of the characters.
  3. This is kinda the reason, why I do not have much faith in this game. The Sonic Riders games weren't a really a good series from the start, but Sega put a lot more effort into the marketing of those games compare to Team Sonic Racing. There is just hide something from us as they did with Forces. We haven't seen full gameplay of any of the tracks. Only snippets. We haven't seen the story mode or any of the missions of the mission mode. There is just something that Sega doesn't want us to know about it.
  4. Didn't Metal-Sonic also betray Eggman like the other villains?
  5. Well, we will see in a few months which game will sell better: Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled or Team Sonic Racing. Sonic's only hope is his mascot status, since most Sonic characters, even the bad ones, are most well-known by people, while Crash's cast is pretty unrecognizable.
  6. Mario and Sonic also never head a huge break and disappeared for many years, unlike Crash and Spyro. They kinda need to introduce all of the characters new for newer audiences.
  7. Okay than. Crunch will return. I wonder if they will change his backstory.
  8. They probably did this, so that other racers maybe have a better chance to react. Mario Kart now has this as well, where the characters hold the item in their hands.
  9. It is not you, it is the whole SJW movement as a whole that bugs me. Everything you like from the past is wrong! If you do not agree with me, you are wrong! We are now stuck in this ruleset, where the artists really have to follow specific templates, to avoid any controversies. Storytelling, characterizations, character designs, roles, etc. is so reduced nowadays. This is the reason why I hate SJWs so much. They are a hazard for every creative mind out there and they are not even interested in art, just there agendas.
  10. HGH was sadly very short, but it was also more of a simplified Mega Man-like arcade game, rather than the more complex Metroidvania-like gameplay from the first three games. I really hope that Shantae 5 will go back to basics.
  11. Enough with this PC bullshit! Bad enough that those freaking SJWs destroy all of the old shows and movies, so I hope, really, really hope, that they will not infect games with their pc agenda as well. There is nothing wrong with Shantae and if someone has a problem with the game series, just do not buy them! This freaking SJW movement has to stop before they suck out everything that is fun out of the entertainment industry!
  12. Mario Kart is really more luck based. I think they did this so that everyone has a chance to win. But for the single player, it is kinda frustrating if you are so close to winning, but then get screwed over by a blue shell or another item. Crash Team Racing is more skilled based, meaning if you want to win, you have to be good.
  13. But they kinda designed him like a rat or weasel. But, most animal characters in CB do not resemble the animals they are based on. Crash and Coco look more like foxes, Ripper Roo has the face of a dog, the Komodo Bros. resemble more crocodiles than komodo-dragons, and Tiny looks more like an orange wolf. The only one, that at least looks like the animal he is based on, is actually Koala Kong.
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