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  1. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Yeah, great... more music. Sure it is cool and all, but for fuck sake, show us some gameplay Sega!
  2. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Well, they did it in the past, but now it seems they will only stick with only a few throwbacks, mainly the retro era.
  3. None really knows what they want from Sonic. Sonic has so many different faces. Even in this generation alone, we have technically 5 different version of Sonic in terms of tone and atmosphere. 1. Forces 2. IDW Comics 3. Movie 4. Mania 5. And maybe the potential new cartoon that will come 2019.
  4. No. None of the companies should listen to fans. Fans do most of the time do not know what they want. Sometimes it can turn out very nice like with Breath of the Wild and SSBU, But most of the time it can be a disaster like with most Sonic games.
  5. Rowl

    Has "Solo Sonic" been detrimental to the series?

    This is exactly the issue. If you look at other series like Super Mario and Crash Bandicoot those series also have a huge cast of characters, but the big difference between them and Sonic is, that a lot of them fill in the roles of side characters. Most of Sonic's shitty friends are written just like Sonic. Been a superhero with a special power that fights the big bad guy. Shadow, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, Team Chaotix and even Sticks feel more like co-stars than side characters. And you can not fill your whole story with dozen of hero characters. There needs to be one central character. And for this series, it needs to be Sonic.
  6. Sounds like the typical Hollywood to me. We all know that we here in the west have no balls anymore.
  7. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    You know, this lava level would have been the perfect opportunity, to give either Iblis of the Ifirt genie a cameo as a stage hazard. You know, like in taken advantage of the whole Sonic series, now that it is Sonic only. Jesus Christ... this lava level looks so freaking generic compared to the highly detailed ones from the Mario Kart series, or the one we had in Transformed. Also, I have once again something to bitch about. Have you guys noticed, that almost every track they use the same looking balloons with either Sonic's or Shadow's head as a background decoration? So far those two are the only balloons I saw in the game. No Tails balloon, no Knuckles balloon, not Blaze balloon. Just the same looking balloons in every background. The same I can also say about the audience. So far it seems that every single track has as background characters only those poorly animated 2D sprites of the Chaos and no one else. No animals friends, no anthropomorphic characters, no Badniks, no humans etc. Once again, Mario Kart and CTR beat TSR also in this battle. They actually have 3D animated renders for their background characters like with residents of the Mushroom Kingdom or the animals and lab assistants of N. Sanity Island.
  8. Hard to say... we can not sacrifice the characters, since a lot of them, even the most useless ones like Charmy Bee and Sticks, have their fans. We also can not sacrifice the nostalgia elements from the past, since this series most remind the audience how good Sonic was 30 years ago. And we also can not get rid off all the buttrock music, since it is the most popular soundtrack of the franchise. There is nothing really that can be sacrificed. Sonic's whole existence very depends on everything: Characters, music, nostalgia etc. The only thing that we could maybe sacrifice to make Sonic popular again, for the 4th time already, would be some of the key items like the golden rings, chili-dogs, the springs, and even the Chaos-Emeralds. Those are the only elements that I can see were no longer a part of the franchise if we have to sacrifice at least one thing. Maybe Sonic can have another trademark favorite food like roasted chicken or something, the rings can be replaced by... I don't know... marbles I guess and the Chaos Emeralds can be replaced by some other powerful objects like coins, crystals, burgers whatever.
  9. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I really do not get the whole team mechanic. This is the biggest new feature, the highlight of the game, and they told us almost nothing about it! Nintendo, for example, tells us from the start what the newest feature of their new game is from the first trailer.
  10. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    And here lies the problem. We will never get a really good Sonic game anymore if fans just buy blindly anything with Sonic's name on the cover. Mario, Zelda, Crash, and Spyro, for example, all need to be good to sell. Their games have to be as polished as possible. Sonic on the other hand still relies way too much on his name alone. And to be fair, it still works for him. But someday not even mediocre games like Forces will save the series if they continue this trend. It is just a matter of time. It could happen in 5 years, 10, 20, 50, who knows. It really seems for me, that gameplay and fun are not really the highest priority for this franchise anymore. It is just the name, the characters designs, nostalgia, and memes.
  11. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Whatever they plan, I hope they finally get people interested in the game. So far they didn't really do a good job in hooking people up. Maybe they should start showing us small trailers of characters and tracks like CTR does.
  12. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    What else could they show? We know all the characters and all the vehicles and power-ups. And I doubt that the story modus will be that exciting so that they can talk over 20 minutes about it.
  13. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    This is still very late. Yes, we finally get some gameplay. But only 2.5 months before the release date.
  14. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Maybe the lava level that we saw in the background of the snow level. Or it could be the mine level we saw in the screenshots. Anyway... once again, this shows me why Crash Team Racing is the better-marketed game of the two. Sure, the marketing team of CTR also show us concept arts of the tracks, but at least they also show us gameplay videos and small trailers that show us tracks and animated characters in it. They also talk much more about the game compared to Sega. Heck Crash Team Racing showed us in one single day gameplay videos of three tracks (Crash Cove, Dingo Canyon, and Polar Pass) and full gameplay videos I dare say. Unlike with TSR which only show us small clips of them. Sega lost their care of Sonic many years ago. If they would care about Sonic, they never would let games like 06, Shadow and Boom happen. This game's marketing just shows me once again, how little passion Sega has for their biggest IP. Nintendo cares about Mario and Zelda, and Activision, although they are nothing more than a bunch of greedy assholes, at least care enough about Crash and Spyro to make good games of them. But Sega... they just do not care. The only make Sonic games now because they sell well. Sega knows that Sonic is such a beloved character that kids, families and hardcore fans will buy games as long as Sonic's name is on the cover.
  15. Rowl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    16. Don't forget they already announced that Nitros Oxide is a playable character this time around. So yeah, Crash already has more characters than Sonic and they hinted that they might have more characters for this game. And the reason why they didn't use so many Sonic characters back then was, because this franchise was a crossover of Sega IPs. Not sure if you noticed that, but the whole idea behind the all-star games was to use other IPs besides Sonic. Kinda like Nintendo does it with their SSB series.

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