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  1. But is the world of Sonic Boom not considered to be another universe? If they want to use Sticks in the official modern canon she has to travel from her dimension to Modern Sonic's ones. Or to the classic universe if Sega wants to use her for that universe.
  2. Well... at this moment he is out of the 5 Sonic incarnations he is probably the best received one. There for I can see why Sega want's to push him more.
  3. Every hero character who has the same body build like Sonic and is playable in a main line game or one of the bigger spinoffs has pretty good chances to become a returning character. I'm pretty sure if Sonic Chronicles and also the Boom series would have sold better, Shade and Sticks would both have become recurring regulars to the series. But more on the lower level like Jet, Big and Cream.
  4. Well... the important once like Wario, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Prof. E. Gadd, Toadsworth etc. I mean, if you come up with Pink Gold Peach and the Sprixie Princess and can say the same exact thin with many Sonic characters like Sticks, Marine, Mighty, Ray, Charmy Bee, Cream, Vanilla, Big, Froggy, Omochao etc.
  5. The big difference is, that every single Mario character has a different role in their universe, while with Sonic more than half of them are technically just like Sonic himself. A heroic character with a special power that fights the bad guys. The only characters that kinda have a different role are Tails (support), Amy (love interest), Knuckles (friendly rival), Dr. Eggman (main antagonist), Metal-Sonic (secondary antagonist) and Orbot and Cubot (main antagonist's henchmen). Maybe I can also throw in the Whips, but I'm not sure if they are still considered as characters or are just simple items now.
  6. Not sure how to response to this quote. I kinda understand that they have to build up this new universe. Every has to to that, but I kinda think that they are taking a bit to long for this, since they kinda first have to introduce all of that characters step by step.
  7. Well... personally the comic so far isn't really bad... but just very... how can I say it... it is the same thing we have seen many times before. The comic kinda has a bit the same issue like most of the recent games. It only uses the most popular save characters, the story is about a new danger that has to be defeated by Sonic and his friends, create some new characters to get the attention of the fans, maybe some old fanservice thrown in there and that's kinda it. I also think that the new comic takes a bit long to establish it's big ongoing story, which is kinda hard for the writers if first have to introduce every single popular characters of the series and the new once for new costumers. So far the comic is for me more of a build up of the new IDW Sonic universe. It could get interesting later on, but the only thing I can do now is just wait and hopefully not so long.
  8. Well... since the poster for the Sonic movie has came out, the franchise seems to get one again another nail into the coffin. This happens so many times, that people have start stop counting. This movie will damage the series probably very hard again and Sonic will become more of a laughing stock for the industry. Sega really had after the classic era no clue, where to go with Sonic that they went so many different directions. And each one of them really didn't help out the franchise. The first thing was that they created in my eyes just way to many characters. To the point where I have the feeling that they only created those characters, just because they needed a new eye catcher that they can show of on the box art. This series has so many of them, that they can easily get rid of half of them. Do we really needed characters like Sticks, Ray, Mighty, Jet, Big, Cream, Team Chaotix, Marine, Silver or even Blaze? It really seems that all of them do not really contribute much to the world of Sonic. The second worst thing in my eyes it the forced edginess they went with the series since Sonic Adventure 2. You can't really make a character like Sonic edgy. At least not for me. In my eyes he is still a cartoon character with a Felix the Cat like design. I can't take this series serious when they talk about stuff like death, and lost, almost making out with humans, ancient demons, aliens, revenge etc. I think because of that direction a lot of the games have turned out pretty bad, because it seemed that the highest priority for Sega was not to make Sonic good but rater edgy and cool. Than of course are all of the bad games like Black Knight, Heroes, Chronicles, Secret Rings, Boom and especially 06. Can you imagine if a series like Kingdom Hearts or Ratchet and Clank would pull of only bad game like those ones. Those series would have died out. Sega is lucky that Sonic is such a popular character that fans are willing to forgive them. It really seems that Sega either doesn't care or has no idea what to with Sonic anymore. Those are at least my three worst things that ever happen to the series: To many character, try way to hard to be cool and also the bad games. What about you guys?
  9. Those designs look good, but only because they are drawn as cartoons. This is kinda the problem with those live action movie adaptions. Just because a character looks cute in a drawing, doesn't necessarily mean that it will also look cute in live action.
  10. Not for me personally. I mean sure, it is not as stylized as some other cartoon jump'n runs like Mario, DKC, Rayman, Sly, Crash Bandicoot or Spyro and it looks kinda generic, but I still would prefer this over the weird semi-realistic design they tried with SA, SA2, Shadow and 06.
  11. Yes. The Billy Hatcher characters have technically the same design as the Sonic characters. I also wonder, why they never used Billy Hatcher's or even Night's design as a template for the humans of Sonic's world.
  12. Sure, but why give him abilities that do not reflect an echidna?
  13. Sad, but also understandable. Sonic games do not really need to be good to sell. Even Sonic 06 sold over 3 million unites and also Forces sold according to Sega really well despite its very mediocre reception. The Sonic brand is mostly beloved because of everything else: Story, characters, deigns, setting, lore, music, aesthetics etc.
  14. I always wondered, how do you fans feel about the animals species that Sonic Team has chosen for the designs of their main characters. I also asked me sometimes the question if some of the characters would have been better or worst received by the fans, if they would have been a different species. Like for example Silver was planned to be a mink instead of a hedgehog. Would Silver be received better or worst by the fans if he would have been a mink? When I studied 2D Animation the teachers also told us, that if you have an animals as one of your main characters, than you must design the character after the species her/she is based on. Your animal character must have visually some trades of the specific species and also must have some animals traits that also reflects their personality quit well. Like for example good chosen animals designs for video game animal characters are the DK family, Sly and Spyro. DK's family are all apes and monkeys and the whole gameplay of this series reflects that. The characters climb, jump and eat bananas like real life primates. Sly is a raccoon thief, a character trade that people associate with raccoons and Spyro is a dragon that can fly and spit fire, something that dragons do in fairytales. Some bad examples of chosen animal species are for me Banjo, Conker and Crash Bandicoot. All of them do not really take advantage of the species their designs are based on. Banjo for example could easily be any other animal, same goes for Conker and Crash. The only thing Banjo at least has in common with real bears if the cliché of bears loving honey, but that's about it. Not saying that those three are bad characters, but in the end all of them can be a different animals species. Personally I'm actually okay with most of the chosen animals species in Sonic, but I have to say that their are some that are a bit questionable. Knuckles for example reflects nothing from in his design and abilities from real life echidnas. He doesn't looks like one and he can glide and climb, something the real life echidnas can't do. Blaze is also a character that didn't really needed to be a cat. Because of her fire abilities it would have made more sense of he been a phoenix or a dragon. Same goes also for Shadow and Silver. Those two could easily be humans with superpowers, mutants or some super natural beings like the Zetis. They didn't needed to be hedgehogs. Sticks is also a character that also could have been any wild animal species. She also didn't really needed to be a badger. She also could have been an animal like a weasel, an opossum or another wild animal. What are your opinions about this topic?
  15. Memes are now a very big part of the Sonic series. So important the the official Twitter account, TV shows and even the games themselves use them. I wouldn't even be surprised, if the Sonic movies uses at least one of meme for a gag.
  16. It is not the most out standing art style, but to be honest I think it kinda fits the cartoony nature that the series has since Colors.
  17. Close enough, but still doesn't really match with the regular art style. If you can take this background characters out of Sonic Unleashed and put them into a Pixar, Dreamworks and Bluesky movie, than they will bland in much better with those movies, than Sonic. If you can mistaken the humans designs from Unleashed with those from other movies, than it shows me, that they still didn't found the perfect art design for their human characters.
  18. Since Eggman is a human (I think) it makes sense that the Sonic universe would feature also humans as one of the main population. But so far they kinda have trouble designen them in away so that they can bland in wit the rest of the regular Sonic characters. In SA andSA2 they kinda looked way to realistic, Sonic X humans looked more like NPCs from a Kingdom Hearts game, the ones in 06 looked even to realistic and the ones in Unleashed are designed more like characters from a Pixar movie. So far Sega and Sonic Team failed in designing the humans in a way that fit with the design of the Sonic universe.
  19. Could it be? Sonic was many things over the past years? Slapstick (AoStH), Drama (Satam), Musical... I guess... (Underground), Adventure, Action (Sonic X) and Slice of Life, Comedy (Boom). And also some of the games like the Storybook and the SA series have genres like fantasy and science fantasy in them. Would a tone of HttyD3 really fit for a Sonic movie? I'm not sure... It is really hard (at least for me) to point exactly what type of gerne Sonic wants to be. Sega tried really everything with Sonic to the point where no one really can say, what he wants to be. I mean, they created at the same time two cartoons, which each of them was completely different in tone and story structure. This kinda shows me, that Sega not even than had a real clue, what type of character Sonic is and how his universe should be.
  20. This is actually a problem for the whole western animation industry. Not only for the life action reboots. Animation in general is not really respected here in the west by many. Animation is not a medium for telling stories, it is just an genre, meaning it is just dump kids stuff. No wonder they have nor respect for Sonic, the have no respect for animation in general.
  21. I wouldn't say that they do not have any respect more for Sonic. But I think they do not really care anymore, because they have no real clue what to do with him. I still think it is the lack of a real identity. If Sonic would have one, Sega and Sonic Team would know how to handle him correctly.
  22. Talespin and Darkwing Duck do also have a lot of action in their shows, but are also called out kids shows.
  23. I'm not really sure about that. Sonic is for me much closer to kids shows like The Smurfs and MLP.
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