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  1. This is actually the case for most live action movies of famous cartoon characters. Look at the first two Smurf movies. They have almost nothing in common with the source material. Same you can also say about the Garfield movies, the Chipmunks movies and also with Sonic. This movie was mostly made to bring in new kids to the franchise.
  2. Than why even bring this idea up, if no one should care about it? This is actually not really a good attitude. People, no matter if its the fans or the creators, should show interest about stuff like this. Those are in the end very important key elements for a story. If they do no matter in the end, than the whole story doesn't matter as well.
  3. Yeah... I also have this feeling for years actually. Sega really seems to do not care about Sonic anymore. It seems they just think that, because he is such a popular character, that fans will buy anything of him, as long as it has his face on it. Which is a horrible attitude of them.
  4. Well... to be fair, this design makes a little bit more sense in terms of Sonic's ability. Especially his feet. No creature on earth can run really fast with such big feet Sonic and his pals have in the games.
  5. A lot of iconic, fictional characters do actually have some outstanding trait that separates them from others and let them stand out. Mickey Mouse is the perfect hero character, Donald Duck hat anger issues and his unique voice, Goofy is clumsy, ALF has a loudmouth, Garfield is lazy, Crash Bandicoot is a bit insane, Wario is greedy and Sonic was considered to be the cool 90s kid oft the bunch. Sonic coolness was kinda one of the reasons (maybe even the main reason) why people liked him so much. He was the cool new kid in school, that got all of the attention from the other kids, while the uncool ones like Mario and DK got ignored for a while. The coolness factor made Sonic who he was back than. He was radical, hip, cool, did ride a skateboard, super fast and did this cool tricks etc. He was pretty much everything that was cool in the 90s crammed into one single character But... the 90s are long over and Sonic Team and Sega knew that, that is the reason why the had to re-design Sonic into Modern Sonic, because the 90s coolness can't really appeal anymore to modern kids of the 2000. Because of that I always wanted to know... is Sonic still considered as "cool"? I personally still find him some how cool in his own unique way, but I kinda have the feeling that he lost his coolness and that could actually be an issue for Sonic. Sonic became so popular because he was cool, he had attitude, he was unlike Mario and the other more the in your face action hero type of character. What do you guys think. Is Sonic still cool in your eyes and do you think he needs this coolness to survive in this day and age?
  6. Yeah... that was also the reason why I liked the first two All-Star games. Nothing against Sonic's friends, but the other Sega characters made the games so special. With out them, the only thing left is the Team aspect, which we haven't' seen much about it.
  7. I played CTR and I must say it is a really fun and a really well thought out fun racer. Mario Kart is also fun, but for my taste way to luck based. It doesn't matter how good I am at Mario Kart, every single time before I cross the finish line a blue shell or another item will screw me over. CTR was very balanced when it comes to items, same also with DKR.
  8. That art style doesn't looks so bad... but... I personally also have no hopes left for the movie. They almost never talk about it and we still have to see some trailers. This movie will come out next year and we have seen nothing of it.
  9. TSR will likely be also a successful because the Sonic brand itself will bring people to buy it. The real question is which game will sale more: TSR or CTR?
  10. The Crash games are actually the only fun racers (besides Diddy Kong Racing) who actually had a story modus. Diddy Kong Racing was actually an inspiration for CTS, which is actually kinda nice to see that a pretty small Rare title inspired one big name series like Crash for his racing title.
  11. The Komodo Brothers were actually planned o share one kart in the original game, but this ideas was cut because of the limitations of the PS. Maybe this time we can either see both Joe and Moe sharing one kart of separate them.
  12. I wonder if they will add some new characters. Nitrous Oxide is now playable in the remake, but maybe they can add the rest of the original cast like Tawna, Koala Kong, N. Brio, Komodo Moe... and... yeah, that's about it. Only 4 big characters left. Maybe 5 if they will add Spyro as a guest character.
  13. Yes. I have the feeling, that Crash Team Racing will be the fun racer of 2019 that people will be more existed for. Sega shows nothing of and also almost never talks about TSR. I think the main issue with STR is, that almost all the Trailer are CGI cinematic trailers, which look great, but almost never really show us gameplay. It is like Sega doesn't want want us to know about this game's existence.
  14. I personally can see the comparisons between TSA and ASR. TSA is just like this game only with much less characters and also now only focus on Sonic and his bunch of friends.
  15. The Wisps from Sonic are for me, what the Dreams Eaters are in KH. Both of them are fun gameplay gimmick, not do not really serve a real purpose in the overall story of their specific universe. The Wisps can only really work well in Sonic's narrative, if their are established characters of his universe that live side by side with Sonic. Kinda like with the Toads in Mario.
  16. No... but wasn't the whole reason of him to be an edgelord from begin with? I mean, that is his character. He is a a more egdy version of Sonic.
  17. So we have Seaside Hill (ocean themed), Cool Edge (ice themed), Rooftop Run (city / sky themed), Sandopolis Zone (desert / ancient ruins / haunted themed), Planet Wisp (forest / jungle themed). The only big themes, that maybe are missing are a space, casino and factory.
  18. I personally wouldn't mind to see them take on another RPG idea with Sonic. Maybe an RPG can put Sonic's friends in a better light and redeem themselves as good character again.
  19. I would say yes. At least in the 3D games. When it comes to the 2D games, people seemed to be okay with it. But the acception of other characters been playable in 2D games, has mostly to do with the positive reputation of the 2D games. People seemed to only have a huge issue with multiple characters in the 3D games.
  20. Really? Do people do not want to spend time with their families and friends? Also, if they would go to the cinemas, wouldn't they want to watch a more Christmas/winter oriented movie like Frozen or the Grinch?
  21. 26th December is really a horrible date for a any film. Who will go watch a movie than.
  22. I think the problem is, that Sega and Sonic Team make those characters way to complex, so that they really can only serve a purpose in a more complex narrative that also have them in the focus. Those whole dimension/time traveling idea can only really work, if they make this a regular recurring concept like the realm traveling in Spyro, which are kinda like dimensions.
  23. Does it really matter at this point? I mean, they hang so much around Sonic's world right now, that they could just stay in this world/time era if you ask me. I personally really do not see the point in this idea of different dimensions and time eras, if the characters still show up so often. They can easily drop this idea at this point.
  24. At this point Sonic Team kinda needs to have a new backstory for the entire Modern Sonic era, now that the Classic series is treated as a separate universe and not as events happen in the past. We have to now how Sonic meat Tails and Amy, if Knuckles is in the modern era still the guardian of the Master emerald, if Silver is still from the future and how Shadow is created. I personally think that they have to reboot the Modern Sonic era with a brand new game that establishes the new lore for this universe.
  25. I actually do not really get this two world idea to be honest. So... Sonic Adventure - Sonic Unleashed plays in the human world and from Sonic Colors onwards we have another alternative timeline, where the story takes place in a world filled with Sonic like characters. Is that the case here?
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