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  1. The only thing I can think off, are more levels based on real earth locations. Like the Australian outback, the mountains from Switzerland, Seychellen etc. Storywise you can not bring Chip back and also not the Wherehog.
  2. What I meant is, that almost all Sonic characters are technically just like Sonic himself. Action heroes with a special superpower that fight against the same enemy. If you compare their roles to those form other series like Mario or Banjo-Kzaooie, you will notice that their character's role are a bit ore variated compare to Sonic's cast.
  3. Sonic Team makes their characters a bit to complex, which is the reason, why so many of them can only serve a purpose in one game, which is most of the time their debut game. Another issue I have with Sonic's cast is, that a lot of them are to familiar to each other. If you think about it, almost the entire cats are superhero like characters with a special ability that they use to fight against the main villain of the series. Kinda like Marvel's The Avengers, only that they share the same and only existing narrative. Sega kinda missed here a really big opportunity by giving each character a different role in this universe. So many of them (Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, Silver, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Ray, Mighty, Classic Sonic etc.) share just a way to similar role. This is the reason why I personally consider the Deadly Six as some of the better characters of the series. I mean sure, their are poorly written, but at least can serve a better purpose in the overall narrative compare to other characters, which their role can easily be casted by Sonic himself.
  4. I have to say, it is kinda hard to come up with good ideas for potential DLC characters. Most of the candidates are sadly now confirmed to be either assist trophies/Pokéball-Pokémon (Shadow, Isaac, Ashley, Waluigi, Skull Kid, Spring Man, Shovel-Knight, Bomberman, Eevee etc.), a background character (Cranky Kong) or a spirit in the spirit mode (Dixie Kong, Tails etc.). The 5 upcoming DLC characters have to be some big names, so big, that people are willing to pay money for them. They have to be some really big name characters in the industry. I can not imaging having another normal enemy like the Piranha Plant as a playable character. I mean, I hardly think that a character like a Goomba, or an Octorok will make people go insane for the DLC. No, those 5 have to be some heavy hitter like Simon Belmont, K. Rool and Ridley. And I have to say... it kind is really hard to come up with any good Nintendo characters that are worthy the money. I mean, they are no scratching the bottom of the barrel with stuff like a Piranha Plant. The only characters, that I can think of, are mostly some big named third party characters. 1. Geno is very likely in my eyes. I personally do not care much for him, but I know, that people are obsessed with this character for some reason. 2. I also think that Sora from Kingdom Hearts has good chances now. KH is a huge series and tones of fans adore this series so much. I think he has very good chances in becoming a playable character. 3. Another character that I think has good chances is a character from Monster Hunter. MH is like KH a huge big deal now. People love this series and it is very popular in Japan and also here in the west. Plus we already have a lot of MH content in SSBU already. 4. I also think a new Fire Emblem character is possible. Probably one from the new upcoming FE game for Switch. 5. The last character I can think of that might have a chance becoming a playable character, is Slime from Dragon's Quest. This series is huge in Japan (and also a bit here in the west). I'm not really sure, when it comes to western third party characters. Sure, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, Banjo-Kazooie are all very popular, but mostly here in the west. I'm not sure, how the Japanese people would react, if one of those guys will be playable. Crash Bandicoot has in my eyes the best chances out of them all, since I have heard that this series ahs a bit of a fanbase in Japan.
  5. I have a feeling a lot of Sonic friends are a laughing stock nowadays. I mean people gave them the nickname "Sonic's shitty friends". Tails is a coward, Knuckles an idiot, Shadow an edge lord and Big is a meme. This is kinda their image now.
  6. I can not really speak for Richter, but Daisy seems to have many fans. At least how I see it.
  7. C'mon you guys. You are just way to hard on Sakurai. I mean, sure. It sucks that Sonic didn't got an echo fighter or a second character in general. But so do many other series as well. Mega Man, Pac Man, Snake, Cloud and Bayonetta all didn't got their own echo fighters as well. I'm also a bit salty, that I did not get Dixie Kong, but... at least I got King K. Rool and you guys at least got Sonic. It's better than nothing.
  8. Wait... did they really say, that their will be no trophies to collect this time around? Man... those where one of my most fun things to do in Smash besides fighting of course.
  9. They really spend time and money in making a regular Piranha Plant a playable character? I have to give them probs for surprising me with this move. But still... they choose a regular enemy over characters like Issac, Shovel Knight, Shadow, Waluigi, Dixie Kong and Spring Man?
  10. My guts tells me, that we will get at least 4 new characters today. Two original and two echo fighters. The two new once will be Incineroar at the start with Ken joining the battle against him in the cinematic trailer. Than afterwords Shadow will be announced as an echo fighter for Sonic and than the last cinematic trailer is about Geno, since I have a feeling he is after Ridley and King K. Rool the most wanted character from the ballot. I'm not really sure about Isaac. Golden Sun is really such a small and really unimportant series for Nintendo and it is not like a cult classic like for example Ice Climbers or F-Zero. I'm also not really sure with Sora. KH is huge and popular, but getting the rights for Sora is really a licensing hell. I'm not sure, if Sakurai things that this is worthy to go trough with it. I have zero hopes for Banjo. Sure, it would be cool, but he and Kazooie are just forgotten relics of the past. And their are not as as iconic series as other series like KH, Duck Hunt or Metroid. Heck, at this point even Bubsy has better chances because of his meme status and he is technically more relevant than Banjo-Kazooie at this point.
  11. This is the first really unique stage in my eyes. At least the use a setting and characters they haven't used much in the past.
  12. Memes really are a powerful weapon for some series. I have a feeling so many series, that are popular or became popular again, are because of memes: My little Pony, Rick and Morty, Bubsy, Shrek, The Bee Movie and even Sonic in some cases. I wonder if Busby would have come back, if it wasn't for the memes.
  13. Not gonna lie. This seems to be the best looking game of the Bubsy series so far. This isn't saying much, but I really have to give the company that owns Bubsy credit for at least trying to push their mascot further. Even with all the negative backlash the series gets.
  14. This is kinda a topic that a lot of fans in the Sonic community are arguing about lately. Or at least I do. Risky ideas vs. play it save...Sonic, like any other popular series that exist kinda tried both different directions at one point. Like Mario. Should we try a really risky idea like Sunshine, Galaxy and Odyssey or should we play it save with more Super Mario Bros like games? Same with Zelda. Should we try a new direction like with Breath of the Wild or should we play it save with another OoT like game? So just like with those two mentioned series above, which of those two direction do you want the Sonic series to go from now on, or at least for the next couple of years. I'm personally very split on this one. Very single time they try out something new, which I respect Sega and Sonic Team for at least trying, the games in the end will turn out not really good or mediocre at best. Examples for me at least are games like SA, SA2, Unleashed, Lost World, Boom, Shadow and 06. But than you have the other direction, with games that are playable and polished (sorta), but are pretty boring, because the reuse many old ideas. Stuff like Sonic 4, Forces, Team Sonic Racing etc. Even Mania, as good as it is, has more reused ideas from past games than new ones and plays it very, very save. I always have this problem with any game series that has gone on for so long. And with Sonic I really do not know which direction I would prefer. I want new worlds, ideas, more playable characters and game mechanics, but than I risk getting stuff like fishing, guns, broken gameplays, out of place settings and glitches, but on the other hand, if I want to have a game with no risky ideas that will break it, than I get a very boring game with the same old ideas recycled over and over again. Hard to say... but If I have to choose one of those two, I kinda at the moment at least do prefer a game with risky ideas. Sure it will be a broken mess, but maybe I could find something enjoyable out of it and at least my eyes have something new to see. Which game would you prefer? Risky but glitchy or very save but boring?
  15. I really wonder, if they will add in some extra characters and tracks. The biggest downfall for this game is the lack of surprises and fanservice. As crappy as this Nicktoon kart racing game looks, but it has technically more of fanservice and surprises in its game, than TSR.
  16. I'm not really sure about that. The action adventure image of Sonic started in my eyes with the Adventure series and then ended with Unleashed. And most of the games that happen between SA2 and Unleashed felt more like an other genre. Shadow the Hedgehog was more of a science-fiction drama and 06 felt more like a modern fantasy drama. Heroes was like the classic series a more a lighthearted cartoon adventure. all of them have a bit of action in it, but at their core some of them are either a simple, fun ride or an overly dramatic soup opera. I personally wouldn't call the whole series a full action adventure genre.
  17. Well... Tails for example is now more the smart guy character. Amy the typical girl character, Knuckles the typical dump muscle character, Sticks the one not crazy character, Shadow the typical evil rival guy, Espio the one dimensional ninja guy etc.
  18. Also. If People still are not happy with this roster, there is still the possibility for upcoming DLC. I'm almost 100% that this will be the case. I mean sure, Sora, Crash Bandicoot, Shantae would have been cool. But DLCs could still be a thing. And hey, Sonic fans will get Shadow, the second most popular canon character of the series. I mean, what else could you fans ask for? BTW. If this roster is really true, than I'm actually very surprised that Rayman didn't made it in, especially now that Ubisoft and Nintendo are on such good terms right now.
  19. That would be the perfect roster for me.... Please let be Banjo-Kazooie be real.
  20. In the end it kinda depends on your own taste. I for example like the designs of Mario, Banjo, Crash and DK more than Sonic, but prefer Sonic's design over that of Mega Man or the Rabbids. But I can say that Sonic overall has a design that targets to a wider demographic. Children, teenager, families, boys, girls, cartoon fans and anime fans. Mario for example appeals to children, families, boys and girls. And Banjo even less with only boys and cartoon fans.
  21. It will be hard getting the interest of the audience again. Sonic kinda lived from his 90s image. Been radical and hipper than Mario. That kinda got him the attention for his game. But nowadays you have such big competition in the jump'n run genre alone. You have series like Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong Country and Yoshi. Crash and Spyro are also back (at least for now, I'm not sure, if they will stay). Ratchet and Clank, even though they are more of a third person shooter, still can be considered a half jump'n run. Than we also have some of the indie titles that can grow and become bigger jump'n run series like A Hat in Time and Yooka-Laylee (but the last one most kind improve itself if it's worthy to be called a competition). Rayman and Sly are both also still around and maybe will also get a new game. Sonic... has got a lot of rivals at the moment. Even if you only count the jump'n run series that really have at the moment a fully platform game you still got with Mario, DK, Yoshi, Kirby, Crash and Spyro 6 big "rivals" for Sonic to defeat.
  22. Hard to say. I can not really exactly point the finger on what bothers me the most on her. Maybe because she is in every incarnation a stereotype that I personally do not like. In the old Sonic games she was a stereotypical fangirl character, in the modern games she is just a bland stick in the mud stereotype and in the Boom games and TV show she is a strong woman stereotype and a bit of a hardcore feminist. All Sonic characters are stereotypes, I know that. But at least I can get a bit enjoyment of some of the stereotypes form the other characters. Like Knuckles and Cubot been dump ones, or Zazz been the Crazy one or Vector been the greedy one. But with Amy I personally can not get any enjoyment out of her.
  23. I have another unpopular opinion: I do also think that Princess Elise is not that bad of a character either. I mean sure, she is bland and her design is really uninspired, plus she became kinda creepy in the end with her whole romance angle with Sonic, but at least she did not annoy me like most other damsels in distress. At the moment back then she technically had more character than Zelda or Pauline and still has also technically more personality than Princess Peach to this day. Sure it isn't much, but at least she did not got on my nerves. There are far more main characters at the moment that really trigger me like Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, Shadow, Charmy Bee, Silver and even Sonic. I can't even tell what it is, but they really annoy me at the moment.
  24. Unpopular opinion: I do not think that the Deadly Six are that bad for villains. A lot of Sonic fans seem to dislike them because of their one noted personality traits. But almost 3/4 of the Sonic cast is one dimensional and badly written. Look at Infinite and how laughable he is as a villain in terms of backstory and motives. I wonder if the D6 would be more beloved among the Sonic fans if they were all designed as super cool, radical furry characters like the rest of the cast.
  25. But if he is not, why do people always come back to him? There has to be a secret, that people always come back to Sonic. Even with all the flaws this series has.
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