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  1. A lot of people say and agree that the really dark era of Sonic really stated with 06. Ad not only that it really damaged the whole image and reputation of Sonic in the community, to the point where people who aren't part of the fandom can't take Sonic and Sega anymore seriously and the character itself became a big joke around the world. The series was on rock bottom at this point where Sega and Sonic Team really had to start over fresh, focused on the more simpler ideas and banished everything else from the old formula. But... ...what if Sonic 06 would be a a good game or at least as okay as SA and SA2? Would it effected the series and how would Sonic games be now, if 06 would have been a great game? I personally think that Sonic games would have those ideas expanded: Story When it comes to the stories and characters, I think they will be more mature and the characters themselves would act less or not goofy at all. I also think that the focus will be ore on the new generations of characters like Shadow or/and Silver. If you think about it since SA2 Sonic kinda was overshadowed by all the new introduced characters and was until Unleashed happen always more of a side character story wise. The new stories would have focused much more on Shadow, Silver and other brand new characters that would be introduced in future games. With Mephilis and Elise it is kinda tricky. Mephilis would hav died, but Elise could have become a recurring regular. Maybe even Sonic's official love interest and the Princess Peach or Princess Zelda of this universe. World If 06 would have been a well received game, I think the world would have stayed this semi-realistic looking one. Humans would have been recurring citizens of this world and will not be banished from his world like in the newer games. Maybe even the characters themselves would have in later games a more semi-realistic look. I do not think they would have gone back to a more goofier looking world like Colors or Lost World and the more cartoony characters like Chip, the Deadly Six, Orbot and Cutbot would have never been crated. Playable characters This is an element I'm almost 100% that it would have been used more if Sonic 06 wasn't such an atrocious game. Silver in particularly would have expanded his gameplay and they would have used him much more as a character. Same also goes for Blaze. Music I think the butt-rock music would have been the the regular music direction for Sonic like happy-go-lucky-music for the Kirby series and environmental music for Crash Bandicoot. This all I could think off. What is your opinion about this what if scenario? How would the series be if 06 was a good or maybe even great game?
  2. Bring back Chip. Get rid off the Babylon Rouges. Unless they are already retired. Than it should be Silver.
  3. Yeah, a lot of you are right. Playing it to save is also something I personally would also not prefer. This is the reason why Nintendo was for a long time very unappealing for me, because a lot of the Mario games where kinda the same all the time. Especially the NSMB series. Sonic is kinda in the same boat now since Generations technically. Recycling all old ideas just for the sake of Nostalgia. It really seems that Sonic is really stuck in a quandary, where Sonic Team can only go in two directions. Either they try out new things, make more characters playable and tell a bigger story, but than the game will fail in quality or, they play it completely save and make it simple, but than the game is very boring and uninspired. Man... that is not really a good future for Sonic... If I had the choice one of those two directions I sadly have to go with the first one. Sure, we will get another broken, almost unplayable mess of a game, but at least it would be so bad that it can be hilarious for us watcher. I kinda like it when friends or youtubers play a bad game. Than at least I have something to laugh about.
  4. Man... that would be such a boring track roster.... Even the first All-Star had better variety.
  5. I actually see the Rush games and also the Advance games as 2D versions of the Adventure games.
  6. When was a Lava stage and a Sonic 3 stage announced? According to my count I only have so far Planet Wisp, Rooftop Run, the unnamed ice stage.
  7. Are you sure? Because for me both gameplay styles in the end have a similar goal. Get to the end with the help of speed and platforming.
  8. Technically yes. 06 was the last pure 3D Sonic in the series, if you guys not count the storybook games. And that kinda tells me why Sega seems to avoid in making another real 3D only Sonic game. People to this day still remember 06 and how awful it was. A bit unfair, but I can see why people kinda bring 06 always as an argument against 3D Sonics, because non wants to see such a game again.
  9. Unlike with the Classic Series the world of the Modern series was never really consistent. Technically the modern era actually had (at least how I count them) 5 different incarnations of the years since SA. 1. The first type of world was the SA world. An alternative version to the earth but with fictional cities, semi-realistic-looking humans and also inhabited by a few anthropomorphic animals. 2. The second type world was the world of the Riders series, which was more of a futuristic looking fantasy world only inhabited by anthropomorphic animals it seems. 3. Than we had the 06 world, which was it's own unique fantasy world with more realistic looking humans, animals and environments. 4. The world from Unleashed is kinda like the world from SA, but more cartoony looking, again very close to the real earth with similar continents and cities and mostly inhabited by humans and some supernatural beings like ghosts. 5. The fifth and last type of world is the current world since Colors I guess, which is technically a modern take on the Classic World. A colorful fantasy world similar to the once of Mario or Banjo-Kazooie, completely inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. I do not think that humans (besides Eggman) do exist in this world. Those are the 5 types of world that where used in the modern era if I did not forget one. Anyway my question is, which of those worlds is your favorite and which one should be the established canon world of the modern era? My personally favorite world, is actually the Unleashed one. It is very colorful and reminds a lot of Pixar, which is my favorite CGI studio. But it doesn't really clash well with the more fantasy driven, action oriented image of Modern Sonic, their for I personally would go more with the fifth world, that was introduced in Colors or the one in Riders. The others world feel kinda like they belong into another game like Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. What do you think which world should be presented in the Modern Era games?
  10. Really? How did you come to that inclusion? For me she seemed to be a traditional NPC like character like Omochao.
  11. Well... I personally see no other way than just stick to the story telling of Mania and/or the Rush games. I will take a simple (maybe even boring story) if at least the gameplay is fun. No story is actually worth the trouble by going true a broken, glitchy game (06, Boom) or a boring, uninspired game (Forces). In the end, gameplay matters more for a game.
  12. Hmmm.... yes... and no. Having a good and entertaining story always will benefit a game i my eyes. I kinda wish Nintendo would do more of this in their games. If Sonic will also have a very deep and exciting narrative for one game I'm absolutely open for it. But.... in Sonic's case it maybe would be better, if they just keep it simple. Every time they created a game with a bigger plot the gameplay will suffer in the end. Think about it... all of the Sonic games that have a very simple premise for a story like Rush, Colors or Mania will end up been very good solid games, but every game in the line up that has a "deep" story kinda also has not that much of an appealing gameplay and level design like Secret Rings, 06, Forces and even the SA series in my eyes. That is my reason why I kinda want Sonic games to have simple plots. Because those are in the end always the once, who are most enjoyable gameplay vise. I do not know what it is with Sega, but they never can balance good story telling and gameplay. And the so called "deep" stories in those games are in my eyes not even really good written and have way to many plot holes.
  13. They where okay. They have fulfilled their purpose. But I wouldn't call them good. Decent, but not good. After all, no cartoon jump'n run series really needs to have a great story. Mario rescues Peach, DK beats up King K. Rool and Sonic stops Eggman. This is kinda all you need for such a simple premise. Plus, they always contradict themselves in latter games, when they establish a bigger narrative in a previous game. Like the whole deal with Knuckles and Angel Island is kinda pointless at this point.
  14. It is pretty common that in Jump'n Run series a pretty important main character just vanishes with out any clues from the series. It happen with half of the Kong family, King K. Rool and most of the Animal buddies in DKC, it happen with Tawna from Crash Bandicoot, with Tooty from Banjo-Kazooie, with Mighty an Ray from Sonic and also with Elora from Spyro. Sometimes their is a reason for it and sometimes not. It really depends on what the executives say. Tawna for example was replaced because she was to sexualized for a kids game and Tooty was just kicked out because she nothing more than a plot device and with almost the entire DKC cast it was, because Miyamoto thought they should start of fresh with a new cast of characters. Maybe with Elora it was a similar case, where the writers thought that she had no more use anymore for the series end retired her. Kinda bad, because she is one heck of an adorable character.
  15. The problem with Mania is actually the same problem that the DKC series have. You can't really make that type of game better. Mania is pretty much the most perfect 2D Sonic game. The only thing that a Mania 2 could do, is to created new brand new levels and maybe more fan service driven characters to become playable like Neck, Classic Amy, The Chaotix etc. But like it is now, you can not really improve the game much. It is perfect like it is.
  16. This game really is just a cheep filler until the next big game comes out. You know... the worst part for me is.... if this game will fail, which is very likely to happen, than Sega will no longer produce any of the All-Star games anymore. They always do that to a series , when it fails. Think about it. - Sonic Rush Adventure failed and they ended the Rush series - Sonic 06 failed and they stopped with the Adventure series - Lost World failed and they (kinda) stopped with the Colors series - Black Knight failed and they stopped with the Storybook series. - Riders failed and they stopped producing other Rider games. - And Chronicles failed so hard that they didn't even bother with a sequel. It was always like that. And I do not want this series to die. Those are such good party games that can even rival the once from Nintendo in terms of quality. Do we really have to sacrifice everything that made the All-Stars series so charming just for another mediocre Sonic game? Sega, why do you always do that? Why do you always destroy the legacy of your games! It is always the same with you and I'm sick of it! The All-Stars series was the perfect answer to Mario Party games. But No! Can't have it for some reason.
  17. The reason why we didn't got Pauline and K. Rool as costumes is because those two characters kinda disappeared back than for a while. Nintendo only now starts using those two in a proper way. Back to TSR: I think one reason a delay is better for the game is because Sega can than actually start to promote this game better. Think about it. If this game will come out in December 2018, than we know next to nothing about it. We only know 14 of the 15 characters, I think only 4 of the 21 race tracks, some music pieces and a bit information about the story mode. But that's about it. Sega did a much better job in promoting the other two games before it. We know next to nothing about TSR.
  18. I think that this character trait is more connected with Classic Sonic. Modern Sonic is now more relaxed and likes to be let alone. His is kinda a bit like Big the Cat at this point. Someone that enjoys more the quiet moments in life. I personally do not think, that this type of personality will fit with the new attitude of Modern Sonic. A character can't really be both, a person that seeks for adventure and a person who just wants to relax and sleep all day.
  19. I agree with you in everything. Yes, they should really take advantage of their established cast by now. It is the same issue I have with Nintendo where they barley use any of their beloved characters in a meaningful way like Daisy or King K. Rool. Sega should focus more on those established characters and maybe they will come up with a new story, who knows. But.... sadly this will not happen very soon, because their is a reason why they always introduce new characters for each game.Their function as a marketing tool, to get the attention of the fans. Almost each new game's marketing campaign focused a lot on the new character/s. Shadow and also Rouge with SA2, The Babylon Rouges for the Riders series, Silver with 06, Blaze with the Rush series, The Deadly Six with Lost Word, Sticks for the Boom series and Infinite and the Avatar for Forces. Heck, even the comic series do that to this day. Tangle was kinda a big marketing tool for the new IDW comics. Like she was the new fresh character that will get people interested in the new comic series. At least this is what I felt. I highly doubt that they will stop with introducing new characters for each game. And it works in some ways. People adore every new character as long as they look like typical Sonic characters. I'm pretty sure, if the Deadly Six would have the design of traditional animal characters the series is known for, they would be as beloved and well received as Jet, Silver or Infinite.
  20. Well, what kind of story should the series than have? Sonic is not necessarily a concept than can be used for 100s of different stories. Plus we kinda have done a lot of it already. We had stories about time traveling, demons, other dimensions, werewolves, ancient monsters, aliens, gods, freedom fights, revenge, knights, pirates, evil genies, world domination and even against the devil himself. What other stories can be told with a concept about a blue hedgehog? Even series like Mario, Crash and DKC have got better chances in telling a unique story in their series at this point, compare to Sonic who is pretty much done by now. Maybe we can do something that is music related, since music seems to be a huge part of the Sonic series. Or.... maybe something about... let's see.... something about.... maybe make an origin story of the super form transformation? Or maybe something related to water, since Sonic can't swim.... or something about the Sanic meme... Heck, I don't know. Sonic is pretty much done when it comes to story telling if you ask me.
  21. No. Sega will now focus on Team Sonic Racing and maybe the movie first, before they announce the next big game. Unless the next big 3D game is a tie in game with the movie. But if not, than the next new 3D game should only than come out, if Sega finally figured out, what they want to do with it. I don't care if it takes them 5 years or maybe even 10 years. They just should finally figure out a formula that works for a 3D Sonic and stick with it. Before this happens, I do not see any reason, why they should bring Modern Sonic back. Modern Sonic can't have another mediocre or bad game in his line up. Not even Sonic can survive this long. One day, if their continue with this routine, all the people including the fans will loose hope in the 3D games and maybe even in the series in general. There for, I really hope, that the next Modern Sonic game will only than come out, when they finally have a vision of it.
  22. SA2's story is kinda... meh in my eyes. Back when I was younger I actually thought the story was kinda cool and compelling. But when I got older I saw all of the many flaws this story had and how out of place it felt for a video game series starring a cartoon hedgehog that eats chili dogs. It really felt like Sega tried to copy the dramatic story telling of other series back than. They always do that with Sonic. Always want to make him hip and cool and with the times. Maybe they should just give him an identity for once. Every other series knows want it wants to be. Mario is lighthearted fun, Zelda is a fantasy adventure story and Crash Bandicoot is just whacky and silly. The first step would be to give Sonic for once his own identity. Because I think if the series finally would have one, they could easily build the game around it and do not have to worry about trends and facts.
  23. That will be a bit tricky. Sonic became so popular in the first place because of 3 things: 1. The rivalry against Mario 2. His design 3. His 90's attitude The rivalry against Mario gave Sonic so much attention back than, because everybody wanted to see, if Sega really manage to create a character that could rival the biggest video mascot in the world. This rival battle between those two is now over. But back than it was a huge deal. His design is still appreciated to this day, but it is not really a reason for people to buy the game anymore. They can still enjoy the designs of the characters in form of fanarts on the internet or just draw them by themselves. And the 90s are over. Sonic is not really that cool anymore in the eyes of todays kids. But for the kids that grew up with Sonic he was one of the coolest fictional characters in their eyes, because Sega just stuffed everything that was popular in the 90s into his character. It is not really easy to take such a character over into a next generation, if they are so much stuck in the specific year they where born. It is the same thing like with ALF, who also vanished when the 90s ended.
  24. I have a feeling they will go in a Adventure like direction, not like with the 2 Adventure games from the Dreamcast era, but games that have a similar feeling. Fans demand since years, that Sega should bring back the Adventure formula. Meaning the next game must have... 1. A mature (maybe even a dark story). 2. More playable main characters and only the fan favorite once (meaning Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze and Silver must be playable). 3. Crush 40 must do the music for this game. Those 3 things seem to be biggest demands for a 3D Sonic game by the fans. I personally still think that the parkour system from Lost World has potential and they should not get rid of it completely. But SA formula seem to have a much higher priority for the fans. Sonic Forces is technically kinda like SA2 in many aspects: Dark and super edgy story, more than just one playable character, more than just one gameplay still, a military (sort off) is involved in the story, the main antagonist is a super, over the top edgelord, we have once again music pieces with lyrics, almost all of Sonic's friends are there, and the level themes are more closer to that of the Adventure games with a big city, a dark forest, a space station and a desert and the over all tone of the game is more closer to that of SA and SA2. I would not be surprised if the next game will be like SA and SA2.
  25. I wonder if they will shrink Sonic down to match the size of real life hedgehogs, kinda like they did with the Chipmunks.
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