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  1. No... but wasn't the whole reason of him to be an edgelord from begin with? I mean, that is his character. He is a a more egdy version of Sonic.
  2. So we have Seaside Hill (ocean themed), Cool Edge (ice themed), Rooftop Run (city / sky themed), Sandopolis Zone (desert / ancient ruins / haunted themed), Planet Wisp (forest / jungle themed). The only big themes, that maybe are missing are a space, casino and factory.
  3. I personally wouldn't mind to see them take on another RPG idea with Sonic. Maybe an RPG can put Sonic's friends in a better light and redeem themselves as good character again.
  4. I would say yes. At least in the 3D games. When it comes to the 2D games, people seemed to be okay with it. But the acception of other characters been playable in 2D games, has mostly to do with the positive reputation of the 2D games. People seemed to only have a huge issue with multiple characters in the 3D games.
  5. Really? Do people do not want to spend time with their families and friends? Also, if they would go to the cinemas, wouldn't they want to watch a more Christmas/winter oriented movie like Frozen or the Grinch?
  6. 26th December is really a horrible date for a any film. Who will go watch a movie than.
  7. I think the problem is, that Sega and Sonic Team make those characters way to complex, so that they really can only serve a purpose in a more complex narrative that also have them in the focus. Those whole dimension/time traveling idea can only really work, if they make this a regular recurring concept like the realm traveling in Spyro, which are kinda like dimensions.
  8. Does it really matter at this point? I mean, they hang so much around Sonic's world right now, that they could just stay in this world/time era if you ask me. I personally really do not see the point in this idea of different dimensions and time eras, if the characters still show up so often. They can easily drop this idea at this point.
  9. At this point Sonic Team kinda needs to have a new backstory for the entire Modern Sonic era, now that the Classic series is treated as a separate universe and not as events happen in the past. We have to now how Sonic meat Tails and Amy, if Knuckles is in the modern era still the guardian of the Master emerald, if Silver is still from the future and how Shadow is created. I personally think that they have to reboot the Modern Sonic era with a brand new game that establishes the new lore for this universe.
  10. Wait... No Eeyore? Where is he? He is actually my favorite character from Winnie the Pooh.
  11. I actually do not really get this two world idea to be honest. So... Sonic Adventure - Sonic Unleashed plays in the human world and from Sonic Colors onwards we have another alternative timeline, where the story takes place in a world filled with Sonic like characters. Is that the case here?
  12. Yes. In comic form, those characters can work. But in a video game, where you can only focus on one story at the time, you kinda need only one maybe two important characters. Sure. But my point is, that all of the serve still a different role in the world of Mario. Luigi is Mario's brother, Toad is a sidekick and servant for Peach and Toadette is Toads sister I think... With Sonic it is a bit more complicated. Shadow is a superhero(anti-hero that wants to stop the bad guy, Blaze a heroine that wants to stop the bad guy, same with Silver, and Classic Sonic, Mighty, Ray, and Rouge, and Team Chaotix etc. Those characters do not really have a clear role in this world. Amy and Tails have one, Knuckles maybe to, I'm not sure if the Master Emerald is still a thing in the modern time era, Metal-Sonic, Orbot, Cubot, Eggman, even the Elise and Deadly Six... but most of Sonic's other friends.... not really. This is kinda the problem I have with them. It seems the creators wanted them to be just like Sonic, even thought this series is good enough with only one.
  13. The only thing I can think off, are more levels based on real earth locations. Like the Australian outback, the mountains from Switzerland, Seychellen etc. Storywise you can not bring Chip back and also not the Wherehog.
  14. What I meant is, that almost all Sonic characters are technically just like Sonic himself. Action heroes with a special superpower that fight against the same enemy. If you compare their roles to those form other series like Mario or Banjo-Kzaooie, you will notice that their character's role are a bit ore variated compare to Sonic's cast.
  15. Sonic Team makes their characters a bit to complex, which is the reason, why so many of them can only serve a purpose in one game, which is most of the time their debut game. Another issue I have with Sonic's cast is, that a lot of them are to familiar to each other. If you think about it, almost the entire cats are superhero like characters with a special ability that they use to fight against the main villain of the series. Kinda like Marvel's The Avengers, only that they share the same and only existing narrative. Sega kinda missed here a really big opportunity by giving each character a different role in this universe. So many of them (Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, Silver, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Ray, Mighty, Classic Sonic etc.) share just a way to similar role. This is the reason why I personally consider the Deadly Six as some of the better characters of the series. I mean sure, their are poorly written, but at least can serve a better purpose in the overall narrative compare to other characters, which their role can easily be casted by Sonic himself.
  16. The last 6 month Shadow was standing on a hill, looking down on a city and asked himself why is he here and what is the meaning of his existence.
  17. Well... their are a lot of games in this series, that at least have three - five really missed opportunities. A perfect example for me at least, is actually the idea of the whole Sonic Boom spinoff series. I saw many the scrapped ideas they had: concept arts, music tracks, level ideas, story ideas etc. This spinoff had the potential in becoming a very interesting take one on the Sonic series, but something bad happen during the production and we ended up with probably the worst game in the entire series. Their are also other games that suffered a similar faith like 06, Shadow, the storybook games and Chronicles, but it is not only the games in general that don't use their full potential. The franchise in general seems to not really have a clue in what to do with their cast of characters. It really seems for me, that Sonic characters are not meant to stay a recurring regulars. The characters feel more like characters from an RPG. Only meant to appear in their debut games, serve a purpose in just this one game and than never meant to appear again.
  18. i think the issue with Shadow is that you can only make him playable, if he serves a purpose in the story. Otherwise I see no reason why he should be playable again. This is not only a rule for Sonic, this goes for pretty much any other series. Mario for example also sometimes has Peach or Toad as playable characters in their main line games, but only than, if they can offer something or have an excuse for been playable. Shadow and other Sonic characters needs this to. The developers can not just shoehorn him into a game, just for the sake off. 06 showed us how this could turn out.
  19. I have to say, it is kinda hard to come up with good ideas for potential DLC characters. Most of the candidates are sadly now confirmed to be either assist trophies/Pokéball-Pokémon (Shadow, Isaac, Ashley, Waluigi, Skull Kid, Spring Man, Shovel-Knight, Bomberman, Eevee etc.), a background character (Cranky Kong) or a spirit in the spirit mode (Dixie Kong, Tails etc.). The 5 upcoming DLC characters have to be some big names, so big, that people are willing to pay money for them. They have to be some really big name characters in the industry. I can not imaging having another normal enemy like the Piranha Plant as a playable character. I mean, I hardly think that a character like a Goomba, or an Octorok will make people go insane for the DLC. No, those 5 have to be some heavy hitter like Simon Belmont, K. Rool and Ridley. And I have to say... it kind is really hard to come up with any good Nintendo characters that are worthy the money. I mean, they are no scratching the bottom of the barrel with stuff like a Piranha Plant. The only characters, that I can think of, are mostly some big named third party characters. 1. Geno is very likely in my eyes. I personally do not care much for him, but I know, that people are obsessed with this character for some reason. 2. I also think that Sora from Kingdom Hearts has good chances now. KH is a huge series and tones of fans adore this series so much. I think he has very good chances in becoming a playable character. 3. Another character that I think has good chances is a character from Monster Hunter. MH is like KH a huge big deal now. People love this series and it is very popular in Japan and also here in the west. Plus we already have a lot of MH content in SSBU already. 4. I also think a new Fire Emblem character is possible. Probably one from the new upcoming FE game for Switch. 5. The last character I can think of that might have a chance becoming a playable character, is Slime from Dragon's Quest. This series is huge in Japan (and also a bit here in the west). I'm not really sure, when it comes to western third party characters. Sure, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, Banjo-Kazooie are all very popular, but mostly here in the west. I'm not sure, how the Japanese people would react, if one of those guys will be playable. Crash Bandicoot has in my eyes the best chances out of them all, since I have heard that this series ahs a bit of a fanbase in Japan.
  20. I have a feeling a lot of Sonic friends are a laughing stock nowadays. I mean people gave them the nickname "Sonic's shitty friends". Tails is a coward, Knuckles an idiot, Shadow an edge lord and Big is a meme. This is kinda their image now.
  21. I can not really speak for Richter, but Daisy seems to have many fans. At least how I see it.
  22. Well... to be fair, is anyone of Sonic's friends really that relevant nowadays? OK, the same thing I can say about King K. Rool, but do people outside of the Sonic fandom really care much about Sonic's friends as much as we do?
  23. Yeah... to be honest, if it wasn't for KKR I would also not buy the game either. Sounds really stupid, I know...
  24. C'mon you guys. You are just way to hard on Sakurai. I mean, sure. It sucks that Sonic didn't got an echo fighter or a second character in general. But so do many other series as well. Mega Man, Pac Man, Snake, Cloud and Bayonetta all didn't got their own echo fighters as well. I'm also a bit salty, that I did not get Dixie Kong, but... at least I got King K. Rool and you guys at least got Sonic. It's better than nothing.
  25. Wait... did they really say, that their will be no trophies to collect this time around? Man... those where one of my most fun things to do in Smash besides fighting of course.
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