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  1. That will be a bit tricky. Sonic became so popular in the first place because of 3 things: 1. The rivalry against Mario 2. His design 3. His 90's attitude The rivalry against Mario gave Sonic so much attention back than, because everybody wanted to see, if Sega really manage to create a character that could rival the biggest video mascot in the world. This rival battle between those two is now over. But back than it was a huge deal. His design is still appreciated to this day, but it is not really a reason for people to buy the game anymore. They can still enjoy the designs of the characters in form of fanarts on the internet or just draw them by themselves. And the 90s are over. Sonic is not really that cool anymore in the eyes of todays kids. But for the kids that grew up with Sonic he was one of the coolest fictional characters in their eyes, because Sega just stuffed everything that was popular in the 90s into his character. It is not really easy to take such a character over into a next generation, if they are so much stuck in the specific year they where born. It is the same thing like with ALF, who also vanished when the 90s ended.
  2. I have a feeling they will go in a Adventure like direction, not like with the 2 Adventure games from the Dreamcast era, but games that have a similar feeling. Fans demand since years, that Sega should bring back the Adventure formula. Meaning the next game must have... 1. A mature (maybe even a dark story). 2. More playable main characters and only the fan favorite once (meaning Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze and Silver must be playable). 3. Crush 40 must do the music for this game. Those 3 things seem to be biggest demands for a 3D Sonic game by the fans. I personally still think that the parkour system from Lost World has potential and they should not get rid of it completely. But SA formula seem to have a much higher priority for the fans. Sonic Forces is technically kinda like SA2 in many aspects: Dark and super edgy story, more than just one playable character, more than just one gameplay still, a military (sort off) is involved in the story, the main antagonist is a super, over the top edgelord, we have once again music pieces with lyrics, almost all of Sonic's friends are there, and the level themes are more closer to that of the Adventure games with a big city, a dark forest, a space station and a desert and the over all tone of the game is more closer to that of SA and SA2. I would not be surprised if the next game will be like SA and SA2.
  3. I wonder if they will shrink Sonic down to match the size of real life hedgehogs, kinda like they did with the Chipmunks.
  4. Sure. They can make a game about only Sonic and Silver.... but... we will face another problem with this concept. The fans of the Sonic series will, unlike the fans from the Mario or Crash Bandicoot series demand Sega to put in their favorite characters as well. If Silver is in the game, than fans want to see Blaze, and other fans want to see Knuckles and than other fans want to see Knuckles, Amy, Vector etc. Look how big the out cry was in Forces because the left Blaze out. It really seems that Sonic Team can't make a game with one side character with out including all of the other characters as well. They always kinda forced themselves to included as many characters as possible. Forces had all of Sonic's friends besides Blaze, Big and Cream. Lost World had for some reason Knuckles and Amy in the game, even thought the story could have worked with out them. Shadow the Hedgehog also had all of the characters in it besides Big and Metal-Sonic. 06 also included all the important characters at the tie, even thought more than half of them do not contribute anything to the narrative. I even heard of rumors that neither Knuckles or Amy where planned to take part in the story of SA2 and where only included because of the high demand of the fans.
  5. Boom for sure. When I listen to the cancelled music and see the scrapped concept arts and ideas of the game BRB had, I really think that Sega missed an opportunity here. This game could have been good, if they just didn't made this deal with Nintendo.
  6. Even if it gets delay, would that fix any of the current problems? I mean they can not suddenly produce a new game.
  7. I think in Sonic's case it would be the best. Unlike other fanbases Sonic's fanbase is separated in more than just two groups unlike with other series of his kind that usually are split into retro fans and/or modern fans. Sonic has four different fanbases: Classic, Adventure, Modern and Boom (even thought it is a very small one compare to the other three.) And also the Modern fanbase can be split into 3 other sub groups like the Whisp formula fans, the Boost only gameplay fans and the very small parkour fans that liked Lost World. And you can't please every single one of them. Sega and Sonic Team should just stick to their own ideas and stop following any kind of trends. Just do what they think can work.
  8. Not in my case. After the disappointment that was Sonic Forces, I'm actually routing now even more for Mania 2 or a potential new spin off series like the Paper Mario games are for the Mario series. Sega and Sonic Team really must take a long break of modern Sonic and finally figure out, how the gameplay can be used well in a modern 3D environment. The best would be, if they will take at least a 5 year long break. I know that Sonic is kinda known for to survive anything in his career, while other series like Banjo-Kazooie or Jak and Daxter only needed one mediocre game in their lineup to kick the bucket, but also Sonic can't really pull off that many mediocre or even bad games. One day even Sonic can't survive on his cool design and his 90's popularity anymore. People, who love Sonic only because of his design, can just go on the internet and look up all of the fan creations and the die hard fans, who grew up with Sonic and kept him afloat with their fanbase will also die someday. Sonic really needs to have a good 3D spinoff series or a good lineup of series in general. And I don't mean like producing a very good game now and than afterwards making for 5 years long a bunch of mediocre until in the end of the 5 years lifespan we get the next good game in the series. No, Sonic needs to have one good game after the other like Mario, Zelda, Shantae, Kirby, Kingdom Hearts etc.
  9. The same thing can be also said about Knuckles. He is technically the guardian of the Master Emerald and the Angel Island, the lost paradise. But now he just hangs around most of the time next to Sonic. You see this is really the tricky part with some of the characters. Blaze for example has this whole story concept of been a princess in another dimension and Silver been in another time period. If the writers really want to use those two characters on a regular basis, than the stories of the next Sonic game must be about Blaze and/or Silver. Another option would be, if the writers make time and dimension traveling a very important and common story angle in the narrative of Sonic's new head canon, where it is a daily thing that happens all the time. Kinda like dimension traveling is a pretty important story part in the Disney animated series "Star vs. the Forces of Evil".
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