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  1. Only a few: Mania, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Colors, the two All-Stars Racing games, and Sega Tennis. I also liked Sonic Chronicles before, but now that I wanted to play it again, I see how bad of a game it actually really is and how annoying some of Sonic's friends are in this game.
  2. It seems like the design is really the main reason why fans still coming back.
  3. Something that really fascinates me about the Sonic the Hedgehog series is, that this brand is still very relevant to this day, although it has so many bad games in its line up. Every other series would have died out with only one bad game that is only half as bad as the ones from Sonic. Take Banjo-Kazooie for example, this series was killed off after Nuts and Bolts, and B-K: NaB wasn't even really a bad game, it was just a different one. Earthworm Jim is also a good example. Only needed one bad game in his lineup and he was gone. Sonic 06 is a bad game, a really terrible one, but it sold pretty well and I even know people from the internet that even like and defend this broken mess of a game. Only Sonic seems to have this power, to please so many fans, no matter how awful his games really are. But why is it this way? How is it, that this series can survive so many awful games, while others would be killed off by only having one. I have four theories of why this is the case. 1. Sonic is an old series: Sonic was born actually at the right time, where the industry didn't really have much beloved IPs. Unlike today where we have much more companies, software and smaller indie developers who are part of the market. Plus, every series that is old has a big advantage with the nostalgia card. 2. Sonic's design: The design of Sonic has a wide appeal for many different target groups: kids, teens, families, girls, boys, furries, foot fetishist etc. Many people find his design very appealing and you can tell with all those ocs on Deviantart. 3. Sonic's rivalry with Mario: This Nintendo vs. Sega marketing really gave Sonic a boost for attention. They challenged the biggest videogame mascot in history. No wonder, so many people wanted to keep an eye on Sonic. Everyone wanted to see if Sega really can pull off a character that is as beloved or maybe even more than Super Mario. 4. Sonic's fame on the internet: This is probably the main reason, why Sonic is still very relevant to this day. So many people on the internet take advantage of Sonic's fame and kinda mock him for that or make many reviews of his games and shows: Gamegrumps, SomecallmeJohnny, Mashed, Dorkly etc. Also, a site like DeviantArt boosted Sonic's popularity even more with all those original characters, fanfics and fan comics. Sonic has become this big internet phenomenal. What are your theories in Sonic's fame?
  4. Wonder if they give Komodo Joe also a tail. His is also pretty long.
  5. I completely forgot about this. We haven't really seen much of him.
  6. I'm not sure if we are ready for that. Especially with Africa.
  7. Although the Sonic series is a more western oriented brand and is also much more popular here than in Japan, it still actually had some elements taken from Japanese folklore and used for some ideas. Like for example, Tails is loosely based on the mythical creature Kitsune, the Deadly Six on the yokai demons Onis, the Chaos by Japanese Tamagotchi pets and Big, if I'm not mistaken is a homage on Ghibli's Totoro mixed with the designs of the Japanese Tanookis. We also have other elements like for example that Amy likes to play with tarot cards, although I have never seen her doing this, and also Blaze might be inspired by some Japanese folklore that has to do with cats. But the only reason I think about this is that she has a jewelry suck in her forehead, which some of the cat-based Pokémon also have. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing more Japanese elements used in Sonic games. I personally would like to see more levels with a Japanese flair like Aquarium Park in Colors or Press Graden in Mania. Maybe Big the Cta can open a sushi restaurant in the next game, or the next new character they introduced can be a character based on a Japanese creature or an animal like a phoenix, a pheasant, a tanooki, or a real Kitsune who has got nine tails. Maybe one of Dr. Eggman's new boss robots can be a Samurai or a Tengu etc. What do you think?
  8. I asked me the same question over and over again. And I have to say, that Sonic fits better in the role of an animated cartoon/anime or comic character than a video game character. After all, the reason why he was created is to be a mascot for Sega and not a videogame series first. Ratchet and Clank or Sly for example where created to be videogame series and this is why most of their games are good or solid, while with Sonic the focus lied way more on the character rather than the game, which is why many Sonics games feel half baked. It was the character of Sonic, that sold the games and not the games themselves, which is the reason why even the worst games of Sonic like Unleashed, Forces, and even the infamous 06 sold really well.
  9. I now that trope. And I also do know some characters like Squidward from Spongebob or the Brain from Pinky and the Brain that fall int that category. But those are characters that were invented in a comical story. I'm not so sure if you can pull off the same thing with the more serious Sonic characters since those were born in a more series era of Sonic and people love them for that. Also, characters like Amy, Big and Knuckles do have got much more personality compare to Shadow and Blaze, who are more or less just blank slates.
  10. Sonic isn't really a niche franchise in my eyes. Not at all. Viva Pinata and Grabbed by the Ghoulies are niche, since not many people did heard of those games. Heck, I would even say, that games like DKC, Banjo-Kazooie, F-Zero, and Metroid more niche franchises compare to Sonic are. Sonic is a property that is always present every year. And the reason for this is because people keep him relevant somehow: Fanarts, fanfics, fan videos, animated TV shows, the upcoming movie, officially animated shorts form Sega that they can put on their Youtube channel, fan movies like those made by Dorkly, the official Sonic Twitter account, the official comics from Archie (formerly) and now IDW, youtube celebrities like the GameGrumps who make fun of the series (they are now playing SA2 on their channel), popular memes like the Sanic and Uganda Knuckles etc. all of those things keep the series alive. No other series in the world is so much involved in other things besides the own game series than Sonic. Hardcore fans will always come back to Sonic, since they love the characters so much. This luxury has no other game series. If the next Crash or Spyro game fails, then yeah, they are once again gone, maybe forever, because there is nothing to come back for. People love those games because they are good games. Sonic, on the other hand, doesn't need to have good games to sell, he just needs everything else that surrounds the games. So yeah, short story, Sonic is in my eyes no niche, since so many people know him from some were.
  11. But why suddenly now? There was a big gap between the first announced and real marketing. The trailer they showed us yesterday is technically the first real trailer that showed us only gameplay. No cinematic cutscenes or music.
  12. In your dreams. They missed the chance of promoting the game. The only reason it will sale maybe a few copies is just because of the Sonic name itself.
  13. We all knew that this will happen. Sega really is just way too afraid in taking risks with Sonic nowadays, that they recycle the same levels and themes over and over again.
  14. No one is so good in showing nothing like Sega. Well at least TSR looks less sucky than before. But still, it can not compete at all with Crash Team Racing.
  15. Out of all the other side characters in this franchise, I think Shadow has the most potential by carrying his own series. The reason for this is unlike with others like Blaze or Knuckles he has developed his own image and is much further away from the usual Sonic formula. Maybe even too much, because he doesn't really feel like a typical Sonic character at all. He has his own cast of characters like DK Wario, he has his own unique gameplay style like Luigi, his world and storytelling is nothing like that of Sonic. So yes, he has the potential for his own series. I'm pretty sure if Sega didn't ruin his first stand-alone-game, Shadow would have become its own series. At least for a while, because I'm not sure if over the top edgelords are still something that people are into today. It seems that those types of characters are seen as a complete joke nowadays.
  16. They are very active on this account, I have to give them that. But most of the stuff their post seems to be more meme fooder than anything that really has to do with the series itself. And it is not like there isn't something to talk about: We have the movie, the IDW comics, and TSR. But still, they focus much more on memes.
  17. I love this song! But I'm not sure if Gangsta's Paradise is the right fit for Sonic. Unless this is the new direction for the Hedgehog in the future, be a black gangsta and such.
  18. No one should really listen to anyone when it comes to creating his/her own art. If you do that, then you just tangle yourself in your own creativity to the point where you the artist do not what to do with your one creation. And that is the problem Sega know hs to face. They have listened to much to the fans. Sonic is too much of everything and no one really knows, what he should be and what he is. And that all happen because they have listened to much to the fans.
  19. Gee... I didn't think that they could make Ripper Roo even crazier. Especially his laugh sounds now more frightening than funny.
  20. And this might be even the saddest thing of this story. It could be a good game in its own rights, but they really don't sell it well. It would be sad if it fails, if the game is good.
  21. Why didn't they told us before, that this game had this feature? And official they didn't really tell us, we had to find this out with a picture someone took and posted it on Twitter. Great marketing, Sega!
  22. It is more a love-hate-relationship he has with Sonic. Kinda like many people nowadays. They love to hate Sonic.
  23. Wow. The Gamegrumps really are now a huge part of the Sonic brand. Well... maybe not huge, but they play a noteworthy role in Sonic's marketing now.
  24. How can be anyone hype about this game? They almost showed nothing of this game in the last 10 months. SSBU is a game that builds hype, KH3 is a game that builds hype, Spyro knew how to build hype and interest for his game and same goes for Crash Team Racing. With this game, on the other hand, it is like Sega doesn't want to market it.
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