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  1. Hopefully with only brand new zones. No rehashes anymore. I'm so sick and tired of this nostalgia pandering.
  2. Good question... I'm not really sure if this is already too late. The Sonic brand is really damaged at this point. A lot of mediocre or downright terrible games, movies, and TV shows that confuses the image of Sonic even more and at Sega, no one really cares about this series anymore. I think the first thing Sega needs to change about Sonic is by given the series a clear image. This series must finally make up its mind what it wants to be. If you look at other series like Mario, Zelda, DKC, they never really changed the core elements of their brand that much. The world, style, characters etc. All of them are pretty consistent. The Sonic brand tried way too hard to be everything at once, which just confuses the people. This is what I would do first. Finally, decide the image of Sonic. I think this is one of Sonic's biggest issues. That is is a very confusing series.
  3. That was a long time ago. Sonic kinda now just tries to survive at this point, desperate to find a way to stay relevant. And you know what? Sonic wouldn't really have these problems if the series did not try so freaking hard to out beat Mario in terms of being cooler than him. Crash, Spyro, Kirby, DKC and Ratchet & Clank all of them just did their best in what they can do and didn't try so hard to be cooler, hipper and edgier than Mario unlike with Sonic. Sonic is now in the position in being a complete laughing stock for the whole industry. No one takes him as a serious game icon anymore, no one really sees his game as worthy to buy and the whole internet makes fun about him. The Sonic brand is now associated with being a joke. Only exiting so that people can laugh at it. This could have easily be avoided if Sonic just stuck to his own style and tried to be a good game series, instead of desperately trying to be just the cooler mascot.
  4. I actually hope that this guy has the chance to create his own IP some day. He seems to have talent and he seems to have a passion for games, so it would be nice if we can see his own art turned into a game. I do not want him to be stuck in this loop, where the only thing he and his team are allowed to make, are just Sonic reboots. Mania wasn't even that great of a game, because of all the nostalgia pendering. At leats in my eyes.
  5. It does not look that bad in my eyes. Sonic is one of the hardest characters to change for a live-action adoption. This is probably the best a person can do.
  6. To be honest. It could have been worst. I mean, this is the mentality of this series for years. You can't expect anything really good anymore of this franchise, just stuff that is not as awful as before.
  7. You know... having a Pokémon based on Nessie is quite possible since the new region is based on the UK. But I do not think that they will use this concept for a regular starter Pokémon. Nessie is a mythological creature, and because of that fact, I see it more been a pretty rare Pokémon. Maybe even a one of a kind creature.
  8. Blaze was kinda a mix of all popular main characters at the time. She is super fast like Sonic, her arch enemy is also a version of Dr. Eggman, has a super form like Sonic and also her own smart sidekick that can build machines in Marine, she is very mature like Shadow and has a bit of an edgy vibe on her and she also has kinda the same job like Knuckles, by guardian some powerful gems. Also, she has the word princess in her title, which always sells, is a powerful, strong woman and she is a cat, which, well, also sells. She is kinda the most ultimate character to sell a game. I wonder if 06 kinda destroy her reputation a bit. Because after that game Sega never really tried anything with her again.
  9. The Pokémon and backgrounds look good, but the humans look more like dolls to me. They do not really blend in with the Pokémon or the backgrounds.
  10. Finally! Nothing against people who like this show, but I was getting so sick and tired in see them everywhere on the internet. Also, I don't regard this show as the best-animated show that was ever created. It is a good show, I watched some of the episodes and they are... well, good, but not groundbreaking masterpieces.
  11. I hope not. We really do not need a bunch of brand new characters just for the sake of having them. The Sonic universe is overfilled with characters that they haven't used yet probably. Blaze ist, for example, one that can use some more screentime interactions. Same with the Chaotix.
  12. Unpopular opinion: I don't think that Blaze is that good of a character. She isn't awful by any means, but she isn't this holly character in my eyes fans claim she is. She is okay at best. She kinda needs more screentime to prove herself, but so far she is nothing more than just a purple cat that runs really fast.
  13. Sonic kinda needs to be the main focus if the story has his name in the title. Would be the same if Spongebob doesn't play much of a role in his own show. Having Sonic as the focus isn't really the problem, but more that so far he doesn't have his own story yet. Sonic in the Archie era worked better because they wrote him as a character that had flaws and had something to lose to get a better character. IDW Sonic, on the other hand, feels more like a tool to progress the story but isn't really a part of the overall narrative.
  14. Kinda depends on how they will handle them. But I think that the story will be very simple like in CTR and DKR. New evil guy forces the characters to race each other, the winner gets something from him: either an artifact or their freedom. I highly doubt it will be something deep. Otherwise, they would have told this from the start.
  15. O, for fuck sake! Just create a music album if that is the biggest selling point. You don't have to make an entire game to sell it. And also, how uninspired are some of those music tracks. Green Light Ride sounds just was to close to Live and Learn for my taste and the other tracks used for my licking way too much the electronic guitar. I hope that the soundtrack has a bit more variety, I do not want that every single track is just buttrock music like Arin Hanson calls it. Fuck man... now wonder no one talks about this game.
  16. Yeah, but everybody on this freaking planet thinks that! This just shows, how powerful Disney as a company is. When they show an idea, doesn't matter if someone else had this idea before, then people will see Disney's idea as the canon one. Same also with Frozen. If a future movie features a character with ice powers, doesn't matter if it will be a girl or a boy, he/she will be called out an Elsa ripoff.
  17. It is like no one at Sega cares anymore about Sonic. Forces was such a soulless game, the Boom games were a disaster, they didn't care much of the TV show either and never really promoted it, same with the 2019 movie and now this game. For real, it really seems that Sega just doesn't have a connection anymore towards Sonic as Nintendo has with their series.
  18. You see... that is sadly the whole deal with this game. Yes, they do show us stuff from the game, but never the game itself, only the extra stuff. This really has to be the most poorly handled game of the series so far. Music, concept arts and crystal cubes are all fine and good, but the thing we want to see, is the gameplay, which so far we have seen mostly nothing. They better show us something pretty soon, otherwise, TSA has no chance against CTR:NF. I can not see at this point, why anyone would prefer TSR over CTR.
  19. I can see the fire rabbit having a dual combination of Fire and electricity since it runs really fast. But I'm not sure if that will be to overpowered. The Monkey Pokémon I can see as a grass/fighter type since I have a feeling that it will evolve into a gorilla-like Pokémon. With the water-lizard, it is a bit harder to tell. I can see it been either a water/ice type like you said, but I can see it also evolving into a water/fairy because of the shy nature it has.
  20. Out of the three new starters, I like the bunny the most. The monkey looks cute, but we already had a monkey as a starter and the lizard looks kind generic. But... looking back almost all the water starters look generic in their first form. I also like the new region that is based on the United Kingdom. I kinda saw it coming, the next region will take place in a more urban/European setting after the more topical themed region from Sun and Moon.
  21. This game isn't a glitchy, buggy mess like Sonic 06 or Boom, but still has some pretty bad glitches here and there. So far I have found three of them that broke the game for me: Two in Ripto's Rage and one in Year of the Dragon. Those two games also had other glitches, which didn't break the game, but kinda killed off the atmosphere for me. Like in the boss battle with Gulp the music and sound effects were suddenly missing.
  22. Do we really have to compare every single idea that features anthropomorphic animals as a Zootopia ripoff? Geez, Disney didn't invent the idea of anthropomorphic animals. I'm so sick an tired of that stupid Disney movie!
  23. I hope so. I got a really bad glitch with one mission in Enchanted Towers, where the wolf puppy always gets stuck on the one pillar and will not move away.
  24. I recently finished Spyro 1. Got 120%. Out of the three original games from the trilogy, I really liked Spyro 1 the most. It is easily the most polished out of the three. I didn't run into one single glitch in the game. Unlike with Spyro 2 and 3 which both had some really bad game breaking glitches. Too bad Activision didn't give ToB and SG more time to fix the game. I personally would give the game an 8/10. But maybe only a 7/10. Kinda depends on how many glitches Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon still have hidden in their games. I'm still not done with those two.
  25. You could be right. This is the only explanation for this weird figurine. I do not remember one game, where Crash wore a hula skirt.
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