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  1. Yes. But let's be honest here. Shrek has become more of a meme to make fun off rather than a serious movie franchise.
  2. Bubsy is one of those series that people like ironically. Kinda like with Shrek. They do not really like it, it is just cool to hate it.
  3. At least Free Riders had voice acting used for the images. This game will most likely do not have this as well.
  4. Still images... really? I doubt that the story will be that complex, that the character will have that much dialogue. They really could have used voice acting and animated models. Once again, Crash Team Racing will also win this battle. Even back then with the original game, they actually had spoken dialogues for the characters and moving models.
  5. Not sure how serious I should take Dunkey as a reviewer, but he brought up some good points. KH3 isn't a bad game, but it is also not perfect. It is basically more a movie than a video game and we can all agree that the story in KH is the biggest part of all the KH games after the first one. Sometimes I think KH would work better as a TV show or a movie series rather than a video game.
  6. Yeah, I'm not surprised by this. If you work in the art industry, not matter if you are a writer, an animator or a game programmer, you will be nothing more than a tool for the higher-ups. Those rich bastards always forget that the people who make their games and movies are still human beings and not machines. Activision is just like any other company that demands their employees to work 15 hours a day, with no weekends, a low salary and if they ever break down of exhaustion, they will get fired, blacklisted and will never find a job in this industry again.
  7. I'm not really a fan of the art direction. It is not bad but looks kinda... hard to say. I do not want to say cheap, because it isn't, but at the same time, it also doesn't look that impressive. Especially for a big name series like Zelda. Maybe I'm just spoiled because I currently playing the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, which to this date is probably one of the best-looking cartoon game that exists, and I'm just way to use to see those graphics.
  8. They have to show us something soon. If they really want people to see this movie they have to drop just something. A Teaser, a real trailer, maybe an artwork, or the final logo. I mean, so far it seems like that they do not want people to see this movie.
  9. I'm all for new IPs. But it is always hard to get new ideas out if so many old ones still exist. After all, we humans only want the same old stuff and characters and stories, again and again, are not really open for new ideas. This is how we are.
  10. Listen, you can have fun with Sonic, that is good and all, you can be positive about everything, that is also good in my book, but some of us, like me, we kinda expect better from Sonic. I mean, if I look at other series like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank etc. The people behind those games put in so much effort into them, while Sega really seemed to not care for Sonic at all. Sega really seems to think that Sonic's name alone will get people to buy the games. Which so far has worked out for them in their favor. But someday, I tell you, will this plan backfire.
  11. Are you really surprised about all the negative feedback? Since Sonic Generation Sega hasn't done anything really good besides Mania when it comes to Sonic. - Lost World was just... meh. And the 3DS version of the games was even worst. - Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was only a reminder for us, that Sega really doesn't care about Sonic. This game was just another nail into the coffin of the franchise. - The 3DS Boom games, while not bad, were just okay at best. Not awful, but didn't really offer something new and fresh. - Sonic Forces was really underwhelming. - The Sonic IDW comics are so far just world building and Sega doesn't really market them well. - The movie will likely be a disaster. - Team Sonic Racing is such a downgrade compare to the other two All-Stars Racing in terms of track design, characters, fanservice, and gameplay and the game also looks really boring compared to Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart 8. So yeah... I absolutely can understand all the negativity right now. Sega didn't really prove themselves in why anyone should care about Sonic nowadays. Besides Mania and those animated shorts on Youtube, they really didn't do anything to show us why Sonic as a series has to be taken seriously. This whole franchise is just a joke now. And this horrible movie will even further the image of Sonic for being just a joke franchise.
  12. For me personally, it is more because of the chats. Sonic is a series, that you can talk a lot about. Good stuff, bad stuff, more bad stuff, mediocre stuff, extremely bad stuff etc. It is a topic that can offer a lot of stuff to talk about. More than Mario and Crash for sure.
  13. Sypro actually had one game that is almost as terrible as 06. It was called Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. Not as a horrible game as Sonic 06, but still pretty glitchy and buggy.
  14. No, they will not use Banjo-Kazooie. If they will use one of their IPs, it will most likely be Minecraft. As much as I like Banjo, but this series is not even in the Top 200 game series of all time, while Minecraft is pretty high up. It is MS biggest franchise. If they will bring on of their characters into Smash, it is either Steve or Master Chief, but surely not Banjo, a character that not even the current staff at Rare respects or is remotely interested in.
  15. I know that. This is also the reason why Crash Team Racing will be the overall better game of the two because unlike Sonic the Crash series can't rely just on the popularity of its characters. Crash games have to be good, they have to be polished and they have to nail every aspect of the game if they want to sell the game: Presentation, music, gameplay, characters, animation, track design, item balance, story mode, etc. The only thing that TSR so far has gone are a handful of Sonic's friends and butt rock.
  16. Let's see... why are people more excited about Crash Team Racing... reasons are: 1. They talk about this game and show us new stuff from it like new trailers, concept arts, screenshots etc. 2. The graphics are better. 3. The animations are better. 4. CTR has more characters. 5. CTR has better track design. 6. People could actually playtest the game. 7. Crash Bandicoot has a better image, while Sonic becomes more and more of a laughing stock on the internet. I mean, people already say this game will suck. 8. Gameplay could maybe be also better (but it is kinda hard to tell with Sonic if almost no one has a chance to playtest it) Those are the reasons that I can think of. Also, the characters in CTR are not random. They actually used pretty much the whole cast of the characters of the series. Unlike with TSR where they left out many popular characters. Just because you do only recognize two characters from Crash doesn't mean that they were picked randomly. What kind of logic is that?
  17. Boy.... those are a lot of polar bears in Polar Pass.
  18. Please... we only got 15 characters and from the 21 tracks, 2 of them are already recycled ones. And they mighty will be even more, maybe the 3 Seaside Hill track will be once again one recycled from the first game. What really sucks, is that they do not even use the whole idea of Sonic only. They had the chance to make this the first big Sonic only kart racing game and they couldn't even do that. They threw out all of the other Sega content for just the basic rehashed characters, themes, and settings they have been recycling for years now. They do not even take the chance by making this a big celebration of Sonic's history. No! They just scratch the bare minimum. No real surprises, no real outstanding characters besides Chaos and Zavok, no outstanding tracks beside the two desert stages... everything in this game is just stuff we have seen a dozen times already. This is what sickens me so much about this game. They sacrificed all of the Sega characters, all of the Sega locations, unique gameplay mechanics, references, and throwbacks for just typical Sonic stuff we have seen so many times.
  19. They didn't show us anything of that besides the music. And the Crush 40 title song is nothing special. It sounds way too similar to Live and Learn. So far we only had music and characters revealed and a few tracks. Nothing from the story mode, nothing from mission mode, almost no real high gameplay videos and the ones we got are in very bad quality. If they have something interesting to show, they would have done this already. After all, this game was set to be released at the end of last year. So far they haven't done anything to hook people's interest, besides some of Sonic's shitty friends and a few music tracks. Even the racing tracks we have seen so far look very impressive compared to ones from Transformed. Transformed first track was the Panzer Dragoon track and we got for TSR a basic Planet Wisp track... this is so lame...
  20. Nothing about this game is really a selling point. 1. Now that Crash Team Racing was announced, people will mostly buy that game instead of Team Sonic Racing. 2. We also lost the other Sega characters, which means we have less variety in terms of tracks, characters, and themes. 3. We also only have 15 characters, compared to the 25 - 30 we had in All-Stars Racing. The only selling point is, that it is now Sonic only and that fans can play as a handful of Sonic's other friends, and if you think about it, we only have gotten 7 new friends, which two of them, Zavok and the Chaos, fans are not really interested in. So... if you think about it, we had to sacrifice all of the Sega characters, all of the unique tracks, all of Sega's history and legacy for just 5 new friends of Sonic. That is the only selling point this game has so that you now can play as with 5 new friends. That's it, that is everything. And Sega knows that. Why else would they rarely talk about this game? It has nothing to offer besides 5 new friends.
  21. Not much actually. Sonic is already a very westernized character. If American's were the ones who created Sonic, the series wouldn't be that much different from Japan's version... or maybe not... there are a few things that American's might would have changed Sonic's direction drastically. 1. The characters would have been a bit more "in your face“ with the 90's attitude. I mean, we saw this in the cartoon series. Americans really like to rube stuff like this under the nose of people. Sonic would have been more "Poochy" when the Americans would have created him. Maybe Sonic would have done more radical stuff like riding a skateboard, play in a band or did do breakdance battles with Badniks. 2. Sonic would have talked already in the Classic Era and might have had his own catchphrase in the games. Most likely the same ones his uses in his first cartoon: "I'm waiting...". 3. I also think that the characters would have been more on the whacky side in terms of design and personality. Kinda like Crash Bandicoot. Cute things, at least at the time, were more Japan's thing. I don't think the series would have had characters like the Chaos, Amy, and Cream. 4. I also do not think that a character like Amy would have been Sonic's girlfriend. It would have been a Jessica Rabbit type of character. The Americans really pushed back then the idea of whacky cartoon characters having a tall humanoid girlfriend. Who knows, maybe Madonna would have been Sonic's official girlfriend or an animal girl with a more humanoid body. After all, the Americans were the ones who created Sally Acorn. One of the first furry bait characters created in a kids show. 5. The Americans would have also given Sonic his trademark favorite food, which they actually did, but only in the shows. I think if Americans would have created Sonic, chili-dogs would have been an established element from the first game on. 6. I also think that if the Americans Sonic would have created a rival for Sonic's, it would have been just a classical evil doppelganger, kinda in the same way Negaduck was for Darkwing Duck. It wouldn't have been an edgelord like Shadow, or a mature one like Metal or a friendly rival like Knuckles, it would have been just an evil Sonic. A lot of videogame characters from the 90s did actually have one of these: Mario had Wario, Jim had Evil Jim, Crash had Fake Crash (if we can consider him a rival) etc. 7. I also think that the Sonic series wouldn't have gotten major storytelling and lore for its universe. Americans are not really open for big, deep storytelling. Only now they are starting this trend with shows like Adventure Time and Avatar. But back then they really wanted to keep everything as simple as possible. Sure, they tried it with Sonic Satam, but it really failed because of it. I don't think we would have ever had a backstory to the Chaos-Emeralds, Knuckle's history with his clan and Chaos, G.U.N., Shadow, Dark Gaia etc. None of these elements would have been part of Sonic's world and story if Americans would have created Sonic. Actually... if I think about this. If the Americans would have created Sonic, the series would have been most likely more like is first animated shows, most likely more in the style of AoStH.
  22. To be honest... it is kinda hard to find a role for Cream in the Sonic series because she herself as a character is not really something that fits with the theme of the series. 1. She isn't one of the characters that are strongly connected with Sonic. She isn't a close friend or a rival of Sonic. Cream is more connected with Amy, a side character and as such closer to her than with Sonic. 2. She isn't really a fighter and this series main cast consists mostly of characters that can fight or have some sort of special, supernatural ability. She is more written like a normal civilian. 3. She lacks the edgy and cool factor that most of the characters have. Most characters in the Sonic Universe are hip, cool, radical dude, and dudettes with a super, special power or some other super, special, radical, hip ability which helps them to connect with the target demographic. Cream, on the other hand, is more of the complete opposite. She is sweet, polite and likes to do more quiet stuff like reading, shopping and drinking tea. 4. Also, unlike Big, she hasn't got her own meme, which is also the reason why many fans forget about her. So... yeah... Cream kinda has a very hard time right now. She is kinda in the same boat as Daisy and Waluigi. Outside of Party games, she has no purpose anymore in mainline games.
  23. Music, music and more music... they only talk about the music... I really have the feeling that the music is the focus of this game.
  24. So... is it now 100% clear, that there will be no season 3. Season 2 was the final season of this series? I'm just asking because Sega never really told us the statement of this series. They just let the show die it seems.
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