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  1. @Wraith Those are very fair criticisms of the game. But I'm not surprised that so many of you can be disappointed with KH3. It is a game with very, very high expectations. After all, so many of you have been waiting for this game for over 10 years. That is a long time to get your hopes and dreams up. I personally kinda lost interest in the KH games after KH2. And KH2 isn't even really that fun for me to be honest. The story kinda is a complete mess, and after seeing the ending it isn't really that satisfying for me. Turning all those horrible people into tragic figures, that have destroyed whole worlds, ruined the lives of so many people? It doesn't make any sense.
  2. This whole idea of Tails having a depression or losing his mind over Sonic's death was just another desperate attempted in making the story edgier than it really needed to be.
  3. Yeah... it seems that the first one was the best polished out of them all. But still, it is a very enjoyable game. I haven't had this much fun with a 3D platformer since Banjo-Tooie.
  4. A lot of people say, that Spyro 3 of the Trilogy has the most glitches. But I didn't run into one single glitch (so far). I actually had some pretty bad, game breaking glitches in the second one. Especially in the level Zephyr.
  5. If this is a disguise, I still think it is Orbot and Cubot. Or just a simple Egg Pawn.
  6. Maybe, maybe not... hard to say. Maybe they use Zavok so much because they already have a render of him and that is why they use him so much. Either that or they really see him as the next Silver of the series.
  7. It kinda depends on how they are written. Characters like Chip, for example, can't return for obvious reasons. He has to stay in the center of the earth and sleep until the day he and Dark Gaia will awake and fight each other again. Same also with characters like Maria. She got killed by a G.U.N. soldier and then probably got organ harvest by them. She can't come back for reasons as well. If a writer wants to create a recurring character that will be an established part of the cast, then he/she needs to be written like one. The recurring characters need to be a part of the world and narrative. And sadly a lot of Sonic characters are not like that. So many of them are written in such a specific way, that they can only be used when specific circumstances will happen in the story. Blaze, for example, lives in another dimension. She can only be used for a story if the story has something to do with her or her dimension. Same also with Silver. He lives in another timeline. So he can only be used if time traveling elements are part of the story the writer wants to tell. And then we have other characters like Shadow and Big, who feel like they are more part of their own separate story, that has nothing to do with that of Sonic's. Like I said before, some Sonic characters are too complex written for their own good. Infinite and the Deadly Six could maybe work as recurring bad guys. But for that, they need better motivations and a clear backstory, but characters like Sticks, for example, have almost no real chance of getting a good role in a Sonic story. Because she will be just another friend of Sonic, which he already has a bunch of them. Heck, some of Sonic's friends haven't been used in years like Jet and Cream.
  8. Well... Crash never really had the greatest story in the world. But I will take a simple, enjoyable story over some really nerve-wracking story as most Sonic games have. I just really, really hope they will not try too hard with the story. Just be a simple, charming story like the one from CTR or Diddy Kong Racing.
  9. For me, it seems that the story will have some cutscenes. I actually hope this is the case. The story mode is the only thing that can actually save this game. Unless Crash will also beat Sonic in this one.
  10. ... and that is probably a good thing. Well, at least in my eyes. The Sonic series kinda needs characters like the Deadly Six right now for many reasons. First off, they are bad guys. When it comes to villains in the Sonic series, Sega and Sonic Team handles them mostly as simple monsters/big bads of the week. They come, do stuff and then die. The Deadly Six could be the first real recurring villains of the Sonic series. Dr. Eggman feels kinda... repetitive at this point. Plus with Forces, his biggest triumph right now, it is kinda hard to top this. Zavok and his five demon friends can actually fresh things a bit up. Also with a handful returning villains, an old one can take a bit of a break. I take the poor Dr. Eggman a bit for granted right now. It is the same situation with Bowser of the Mario Series. Both are great villains, but always pull a similar stick for years. A break can be good for Eggman. Also, the Deadly Six, to be quite honest, can be better used for stories, than a lot of Sonic's friends. Some of them are so specific written characters that in the end they can only be used for storylines, that have them in the focus. Blaze is too much tied in with her dimension world, Silver with the future, The Babylon Rouges with the Riders Series, Shadow with his backstory, and Rouge and Omega are also to close to Shadow's story. And characters like the Chaotix, Big and Cream serve almost no role in the stories anymore. Plus, I kinda adore the designs of The Deadly Six. They are one of the very few characters in the series that do not use the Felix-the-Cat-design. That makes the universe a bit more varied. I'm actually very fine with them to be recurring characters.
  11. This is exactly the truth. I know people on the internet that even defended games like 06 and Boom for been good and got angry because I told them those are bad games.
  12. No. You are absolutely right. This isn't a nitpick. This just shows how much of a freaking downgrade this is compared to the other racing series. And not only that, they added the most save, predictable characters to the roster. The only ones, who were kinda a big surprise, were Zavok and the Chaos. That's it! Nothing more. No really weird choices like Merlina, or Chip, or Zazz or Marine. No, we get the most save characters possible. And it is not only the characters. The tracks as well fill so freaking save. Seaside Hill, Planet Wisp, Rooftop Run, and that Ice stage that looks way too familiar to Forces' Chemical Plant. It was already hard enough that we had to sacrifice all the other Sega characters for more Sonic, but than not even take advantage of the brand feels even more insulting. They had the chance to go really deep into Sonic's history. This is the first real Sonic only party game since Free Riders. No Mario, no Sega, just Sonic. And they did nothing with it... NOTHING! If that would have been the case then they just should have never develope this game in the first place. This game feels more and more like a quick filler because Sega does not seem to have anything else for Sonic planned in 2019. Well... besides the movie that will most likely suck.
  13. That would be funny as heck! If Infinite would be portrait more like this I would have liked him more. I think Sega knows or has a feeling, that this game will not really be that good. So they will do the same thing as they did with the Boom games. Just bring them out and hope the can sell a few copies without the internet freaking out too much.
  14. I'm sorry... nothing against people who like infinite... but... man... that guy was such a big joke. "O, no! A bigger edgelord stole my edginess! Now I have to join forces with the biggest terrorist this world knows and kill millions of people so that I can prove to mankind how edgy I really am!" Shadow was right about Infinite. He is such a pathetic character.
  15. I also think that Frozen Junkyard is just reused elements from Forces' Chemical Plant Zone. It looks just way too much like that.
  16. I personally enjoy the Deadly Six. They have cool designs, funny personalities and are one of the very few Non-Dr.-Eggman-Villains that actually fit into the Sonic Universe since they are also designed and written in a very cartoon-like way. Most other Sonic villains look like they belong into another game. Merlina and Erazor-Djinn, for example, look like they belong into a Zelda game and villains like Iblis and Dark Gaia look like monsters form a Square Enix game. And those villains who have the more the typical Sonic design like Infinite and Mephilies are just way too over the top for their own good.
  17. Shouldn't this be Sega's job? After all, they own the rights of Sonic.
  18. I think it has more to do with the fact that they do not know what to do with them anymore. Most of Sonic's shitty friends have ended their stories years ago. It is kinda hard to use any character if you as a writer told everything that you can tell with them. Take Chip for example. His story ended with Unleashed and it is nearly impossible to use him as a character anymore without ruin his finished story. A lot of Sonic's other shitty friends are in the same boat as him. Shadow for example also had his story ended with his own game Shadow the Hedgehog. He got all his questions answered, there are no secrets anymore to discover, he made peace with himself and G.U.N., and he let his past go. There is really nothing more to do with this guy. And you can tell, that the writers really have big trouble in fitting Shadow into the narrative of a Sonic game. In most recent games he is just there for fanservice and is grumpy all the time. He is kinda like Squidward now.
  19. This new issue kinda feels more the real beginning of the whole saga. For me, it feels like now the story starts to begin.
  20. Don't forget that all the classic versions are now their own characters. Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Classic Knuckles, Classic Amy, Classic Eggman and Classic Meta-Sonic are not the same characters as Modern Sonic, Modern Tails, Modern Knuckles, Modern Amy, Modern Eggman and Modern Metal-Sonic.
  21. Am I the only one on this forum that isn't an Infinite fan? For me he was the most laughable, weakest, pitifully, forgettable excuse for a villain I ever saw in a Sonic game. He had the lamest motive out of all the villains in Sonic history. This over the top edgelord was edged down by a bigger edgelord and because he lost his edginess against this other edgelord he now joins forces with the biggest villain of his world to show the world how edgy he can be. No... I take Zavok over him everyday. Sure, Zavok is a Bowser ripoff, but at least he is not as pathetic as a villain as Infinite.
  22. I don't think the story will be that big and dramatic. They will keep it simple like in Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing. A bad guy shows up (Wizpig and Nitros Oxid) and forces the hero characters to race against him. TSR will most likely have a very similar plot.
  23. Sonic's shitty friends are now in the same boat as the DKC characters. Back than when the other Kongs and King K. Rool where still around, we took them all for granted. But now that they are gone, we start to miss them and start realize, how much they actually added to the DKC universe. With Sonic's friends it is kinda the same thing. They made the Sonic universe a bit more lively.
  24. Sure... all of those characters do technically fit an own role, but... so many fans expect them to be playable just like Sonic, which makes them characters that should be on the same level of importance like him.
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