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  1. But... isn't this actually the point of Blaze's creation? She was meant to be a female version of Sonic. Everything about her, her design, her abilities, her role in her home dimension was intended to be (almost) the same as Sonic. I mean, sure they can add some new things here and there like Nintendo did with Luigi, Yoshi and Wario, but... I'm not sure if that is the thing that people want form Blaze. The reason why she has become so popular in the first place is, because she is just like Sonic, a female Sonic that is as powerful and cool like him.
  2. Well... yes. I mean if the Blaze game plays like Sonic, sounds like Sonic, looks like Sonic than... yes, it should be a Sonic game. Other spinoffs separate themselves in many points from their original series. Luigi's Mansion for example was a unique gameplay mechanic, a different level structure, different enemies (most of them) and a different sound design than the more familiar Mario games. Same goes with DKC, Wario Land and Yoshi's Island. If Blaze will get her own game, than it should feel like a Blaze game. It must have its own identity. It needs to have just like Luigi's Mansion or Wario Land something that can Blaze call her own. It can't just be Sonic's gameplay, narrative, goal, enemy and boss design, but just with Blaze as the lead character. If that is the case, than Sega should just green light another Rush game with her as the co-star.
  3. Not really... she kinda needs to have her own gameplay style to justified her own spinoff. Sure Wario Land, Yoshi's Island and DKC is all spinoffs of the Mario series, and yes, all of them are also 2D Jump'n Runs, but they still are very different from Mario in terms of gameplay, art style and tone.They even have their own character cast, that are different from Mario. King K. Rool and Captain Syrup are very different from Bowser. And Yoshi Island for example has it's own unique art style, music and gameplay with the egg mechanic. A Blaze game kinda needs to have all of those things to justified her own spinoff. She needs to have a new main antagonist that is as unique as King K. Rool or Captain Syrup, she needs to have maybe a outstanding gameplay style or at least a gimmick like Yoshi has and the tone and feeling of her game needs also to be very different Sonic. I personally do not see the point for a Blaze game, if everything from the main antagonist, to the art style, the gameplay, music direction, enemy design and characters is just like that of Sonic. Than why even bother to give her a spinoff.
  4. The only big things that might get my attention for this game are the story and maybe the last mysterious character that Sega makes such a big deal about it. With the last remaining zone themes... I'm not sure... we already have urban/sky theme with Rooftop Run, an ocean theme with Seaside Hill, a desert/haunted theme with Sandolopis, an ice theme with Cool Edge and with Planet Whip we have a nature/forest theme. The two most likely ones are casino theme and a space theme. My guesses would be Casino Park from Sonic Heroes and Death Egg.
  5. The answer is easy: She is as fast as Sonic, her arch enemy is a re-colored Dr. Eggman, her super form is very similar to that of Sonic, she collects seven different colored gems and her sidekick likes to build stuff like machines and gadgets. She is more or less just a cat version of Sonic. So... is you already have Sonic, why would you create a game of Blaze that would be almost identical to that of Sonic?
  6. Again... The Music is fine like always. But... jeez... show us some gameplay for once... it seems like they have really nothing to show off. Imagine if this came would have came out in December 2018 like it was planned to be.
  7. I also do not get it. And with Billy Hatcher (and maybe even Nights) they actually have the best template for a human design that would fit into the Sonic Universe. Billy Hatcher a bit more, because they are all technically human versions of the four main Sonic characters. Billy = Sonic, Rolly = Amy, Chick = Tails, Bantam = Knuckles. But... I'm not sure if this is even necessary anymore. It seems to me that, besides Eggman, they will be no humans anymore in the current world of Sonic.
  8. Sonic 4. Unless you count the new Badniks as characters.
  9. They first should use the characters they have for the classic era before creating new ones. They already have with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, Metal-Sonic, Mighty, Ray, Fang, Bean, Bark, Espio, Vector, Charmy and the Hard Boiled Heavies enough characters to work with. Those are 19 characters for only the classic series. Maybe even 23 if we count Honey, Tails Doll and Metal-Knuckles as well.
  10. How can they run out? They already now have maybe over 30 recurring characters.
  11. The Sonic series is actually very well-known for its huge cast of beloved and also very hated side characters. Sonic has a big circle of friends, rivals and enemies. I wonder... will there be more of them in the future? I personally would say yes, they will create new characters. But I think they will now handle them more like Nintendo does with their characters. If they will create another new character, he or she will only be part of one game and than will never used again, besides some small cameos and throw backs. Nintendo for example created for Breath of the Wild the Four Champions, which all played a huge role in this game, but will also likely stay in this one game and will never be used in a major role again. Same also with DKC where they introduced some new enemy groups like the Tiki Tak Tribe and the Snowmads. Those characters will mostly never be used in major roles again. I think Sega will do the same thing. They actually also kinda started with that after 06. Elise for example was never used again in a game, same with Chip and Prof. Pickles. Infinite will also probably be never used again. With the Deadly Six I'm not 100% sure, but it seems like their big role was also in Sonic Lost World. Sticks will also never been used again and same I could also say of Marine. How would you like to see Sonic Team take one the new characters for the future? Should they handle them like they did with Shadow, Silver, Jet and Blaze, where they will be recurring regulars to the series? Or should they handle them like Elise, Shahra, Merlina and Chip, where they just play one major role and than get retired?
  12. Even if its just a few people complaining about them, they can still force the creators to change their ideas. They just have to be loud enough, which a lot of SJWs are. I mean look at the controversy with Apu from The Simpsons. Sure, it was only a few people that had an issue with Apu, but they have gotten so far, that even the network might will remove Apu from the Simpsons entirely, or make him at least just simple background character that will never talk again. I know it is stupid, but this is the world we are now living in. Everything has to be political correct.
  13. I'm sadly not really a huge fan of those two. Nina is kinda boring and Crunch feels way to much like a Knuckles ripoff. With him Crash Team feels just like Team Sonic. Sonic = Action Hero, Tails = Brains, Knuckles = Muscles. Crash = Action Hero, Coco = Brains, Crunch = Muscles. If they come back, which I'm still not 100% sure about it. I mean, they are called "Trophy Girls". Like you own them as a trophy, a girl, a female, as your personal item. I know that this isn't the case with them, but you know how sensitive people are nowadays.
  14. What exactly was very "Zelda" on Unleashed? I personally can't remember something that was closed to a Zelda idea.
  15. I think they could add the rest of the Crash cast to the game. The technically only have to add 4 characters: Tawna, Brio, Komodo Moe and Koala Kong + Spyro as a bonus. So... yeah with Spyro only 5.
  16. Well, you can also point a a small thing like a character or a design choice also from those mentioned games. Maybe I missed something.
  17. Giving Shadow his own series isn't that bad of an idea. He is probably the most diverse character of them all. He has his own story, his own past and also, and that is very important, his own cast of characters: He has in Rouge and Omega his own two sidekicks, in Gerald Robotnik his father, in the Black Arms his own arch-enemies, in G.U.N. his own back-up team and in Maria his former best friend who was killed. I think this is something, that the other characters need. Their own cast of characters. Even Luigi has at least three new characters for his own spinoff game: I. Gadd as an support character, King Boo as Luigi's personal arch enemy and maybe now this little ghost dog from LM2.
  18. Something interesting about the Mario series is, that a lot of their side characters got their own spinoff game or even series: Donkey Kong got DKC, Diddy Kong got Diddy Kong Racing, Yoshi got Yoshi's Island, Wario got even two series with Wario Land and WarioWare, Peach got her own game Super Princess Peach (which sadly flopped), Luigi got his own series with Luigi's Mansion and Toad got his own game with Captain Toad. Kinda a lot of spinoffs. I actually wonder, if Sonic Team pull of the same with Sonic. And it's not like they didn't tried already. Tails got his own little spinoff series in the form of Tails Adventure, Knuckles with Chaotix and Shadow with his own game StH. Sega actually tried to pull of some spinoffs with some of the side characters, but stopped one day. Anyway, my question for this topic is, would you like to see some spinoffs of the other characters and when yes, which character should get his/her own spinoff series. Personally, I wouldn't mind to see them trying to flash out the other characters a bit more with their own possible game series, but on the other hand I'm actually not 100% sure, if anyone can pull this off. Sonic's friends do not have the best record with critiques unlike Mario's friends, which seemed that all of them, even the filler ones like Daisy and Waluigi, are highly beloved. Kinda hard to say... what do you guys think?
  19. As much as I like to see Banjo and Kazooie making the cut, it is very, very unlikely for them to make it in as DLC. Like people already said, it makes no sense for MS to push one of their lowest IPs into Smash Bros. It would be the same if Sega instead of Sonic would have chosen Vyse from Skies of Arcadia or if Capcom would have chosen Amaterasu over Mega Man and/or Ryu. B-K and B-T are my favorite games of all time, but even I, as a diehard Banjo-Kazooie fan can see, that bringing them into Smash Bros. would be a bad business strategy. All the people, that grew up with B-K already bought the game and the younger kids today probably never ever heard of B-K. The kids today play Minecraft and Halo. Those are the biggest IPs that MS owns. So why should they promote an Ip that is dead for over a decade? Also, the current people at Rare do not even respect Banjo-Kazooie and the other old games Rare has created from the past. Banjo-Kazooie is sadly nothing more now a days than a memory from the past.
  20. I sometimes wonder if video games really are the most fitting merchandise for Sonic. I know it sounds weird to say this, since he was created to be a video game star, but for me it seems the focus on Sonic was always in how to present him correctly for the fans. I mean, sure other series like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are also depending on their characters and how they are represented, but it seems to me that Sega have to focus much more on this than others. Also, at least how I see it, the character of Sonic and also his friends, where always the most beloved part of the series. How they act, how they are written, how they are designed and how they are executed in the end. And I'm not wrong about this. Out of all the video game stars, Sonic did had the most animated series and also the longest running comic series. Maybe, just maybe, the should just use Modern Sonic for this from now own and just put out sometimes a video game. Kinda like Disney doe sit with their characters.
  21. The music isn't that bad. At least they tried some new music styles for once. Not my taste personally, but at least it is something new.
  22. I actually think, that Orbot and Cubot are Dodon Pa in disguise. Or maybe even just a simple Egg Pawn.
  23. I personally think, if the characters have fingers, then they should also have toes. Kirby for example has nor fingers, technically he doesn't even have hands, there for on his feet his doesn't have any toes, so that it fit with the rest of his design. Some Kirby characters like Bonkers for example have fingers and also toes. I personally think that giving the Sonic characters toes wouldn't really hurt their design. Human characters like Eggman for example kinda need to have toes. I wouldn't make a big fuzz about it, if all the characters would wear shoes all the time, but some of them do not like Tikal and Big. And that looks so weird to me.
  24. Sonic Team has to understand Sonic... that is true. This is something every creator should know about their art.... but... can Sega and Sonic Team understand Sonic? Does anyone on this planet understands Sonic? I for sure don't. The only thing I know of this series is that the main character is fast and that he is blue. And that's about it. The series tried pretty much everything at this point. Level design, gameplay, tone, world, backstory, lore, controls etc. Sonic as a series can't really decided what it truly wants to be. Nintendo for example understands Mario: It is a colorful, happy-go-lucky, jump'n run series that takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom. Even series like Zelda and Kirby, who always bring something new to the table, can keep the core elements of the series alive. This is sadly not the case with Sonic.
  25. Well... technically the original plan was to create a brand new IP.
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