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  1. Gosh... those Sonic feet are so weird. Why can't the draw them with real toes? Those blob feet look so unfinished.
  2. Big Red Button mighty could have turned out to be a good studio, if Sega didn't screw them over. The concept of Sonic Boom sounded actually pretty good and interesting.
  3. I know that this is fucked up. But this is what Sonic kinda needs to be, if ST really want to make the hedgehog super edgy and dark. Either make it fully dark and disturbing or just don't do it in the first place.
  4. The internet also barley talks about IDW comics as well. I'm not sure what Archie did, but they manage to hold people's interest in comic from the beginning.
  5. I always forget about the comics. IDW do not really talk much about them.
  6. Kinda hard to say, if a SA revival is really the way Sega should go with Sonic. I mean, sure, Crash and Spyro also got their revivals, but this was the first real nostalgia throwback for both series. Sonic does this all the time since Generation. Also, wasn't Forces kinda like the SA games in some cases? It technically had all the elements that made the SA so popular, minus the Chao Garden: It had different gameplay styles, different playable characters, almost all of Sonic's friends where here, it had a darker story and tone, an over the top edgy villain, a lot of the levels are similar to the once in SA and SA2 in terms of aesthetics, a lot of the songs where vocal tracks and had the buttrock feeling from SA and SA2 etc. I'm not sure if we need a SA revival because Forces did come very close to the formula. Not one to one, but close.
  7. I drew a picture off Big the Cat where I gave him a bit more fishing items, so that you can tell, that he is a fisher.
  8. Doesn't matter. We only need one of those two character types.
  9. I think 06 was the first real hard reboot of the series. Or at least it tried to be. That would explain why the universe and characters where so drastically changed.
  10. Hmmm... hard to say... Forces is technically not a bad game, just a very boring and short one. It isn't the worst thing that happen to the series, heck, I wouldn't even call it one of the Top 10 worst Sonic games, but the game kinda shows the public that this franchise has run out of ideas. Their is nothing really more that you can do with Sonic as a series. They pretty much tried every type of gameplay: Jump'n run, action adventure, RPG, mech shooting, fishing, puzzles etc. They also tried every type of story telling with Sonic: He went true time and space, has fallen in love with a human princess, turned into a werewolf, has visited the stories of the Arabian Nights and King Arthur, teamed up with his 90s version, fought mad scientists, robots, evil clones, genies, knights, aliens, demons, ancient creatures, dragons and even the most powerful god of their universe. I mean, what else can they do story wise with Sonic? Should the next story be about Sonic and Shadow bringing back Maria to life, so that she can live from now own as a undead corpse girl around them and later become Elise's official girlfriend, because Elise has a thing for dead bodies, like we all saw at the end of Sonic 06? Sega did pretty much everything you can do with Sonic as a concept and even went to places they shouldn't even attempted in the first place. Sonic Forces didn't damage the series as hard as some people think, that honor goes to Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog, but it kinda opened the eyes of fans, critiques, let's players and causal gamers that the series can't really do much anymore with its concept. This is probably the reason why Sega went so often back to the nostalgic roost of the franchise and in reminding the public why Sonic was so popular fin the first place. I personally don't know what else they can do with Sonic, besides making more Mania styled games. Maybe going back to the Adventure styled games for the modern era? Making another Colors or Lost World? No one can tell.
  11. I'm not surprised by this. I think for a 2D game it is much simpler and also not as complicated to program in some more additional playable characters. Plus the classic games where also much more simpler in structure compare to the modern games.
  12. I think the reason why Colors was such a huge hit with critiques is not only of the one gameplay style, but because it was the first modern game of the series that was... well good. Colors did abandoned everything from the game, that people have criticized for years: Non of Sonic's friends, no forced in alternative gameplays, no bugs, no glitches, non out of place story elements like human princesses, demons and gods. It was just a simple, but fun game. Fun was the reason, why people liked Colors so much. It was just fun, which is something Sonic technically didn't had for a long time.
  13. It seems like this is the case. I mean if I look at Team Sonic Racing and compare it to Transformed I can tell, that which game had a lot more money put in.
  14. Than why the whole dimension mumbo Jumbo?
  15. Technically no... at least not anymore. According to Forces the Classic Characters are now from another dimension. So they are no longer the younger version of the Modern Cast.
  16. I don't think that it will be that easy. A lot of the characters in the modern era seemed to change every single time. Amy for example can be in the modern era many things like a psychotic stalker, a ice girl who likes cute things, an adventures tomboyisch fighter, a hot headed tsundere, a damsel in distress or a feminist who fights for the rights of women. She is not really that well established as a character. Same also with Knuckles. Can we make jokes with him and the Master Emerald in the Modern Era? Is the Master Emerald and Angel Island still a thing in the Modern Era? Is Knuckles an idiot or a smart leader? I think shorts with the Modern Era or any other era after the Classic Era can only work if the universe an characters as as consistent as the classic one.
  17. Or... "These people get Classic Sonic." Classic Sonic is way more easier to handle because he is, like you already said, very simple. I'm not sure if even this Team could make a charming story for the Adventure, Boom or Modern series, because everything after the Classic era seems to be more complicated than it needed to be.
  18. I think I found another reason why Sonic unlike Mario and Crash Bandicoot suffers from quality in his games. And this time it has nothing really to do with Sega and Sonic Team themselves, but rather with the fans. Do the fans just find excuses to defend the quality of Sonic games, comics and shows? I personally think that some of them are. I actually met some fans on he internet that are hardcore Sonic fans who just love everything about this series. There was this specific Sonic fan , that really got angry with we when I called out games like 06 and Rise of Lyric "bad" games or when I gave the Sonic Boom TV show a 6/10 score. He was the type of Sonic fan that would just buy anything of the Hedgehog as long as it has his face on it. He even wants to watch the upcoming 2019 movie in theaters. If most of the fans are like him, than I'm not really surprised when Sega really doesn't want to put any quality into the Sonic brand. I mean, why should they waste money, time and resources into a high quality game, if many fans would be satisfied with a mediocre or even a bad game. Sonic Forces is actually a very good example of this. This game is really the most mediocre game of the series, but according to Sega it sold very well. So the fans seemed to be actually fine with this quality in Sonic games. I wonder if the fanbase actually did effected the quality control of the Sonic brand. Would this series have been better in quality, if we wouldn't be so forgiven towards Sega and Sonic Team? Personally I would say yes.
  19. How many dimension does this series has now? I kinda lost track now... Okay we have Classic, Adventure, Modern, Boom, Mephiles' and Blaze's dimension. Are there more?
  20. Isn't Mephiles the Dark already the biggest threat of the Sonic Universe? I mean he is technically their version of the devil... I think. Hard to say what Sega actually wanted to do with him.
  21. And how should she be different from Boom Sticks?
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