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    Rowl got a reaction from DaddlerTheDalek in Reflection about past cartoons and new series speculation   
    The future of the next Sonic cartoon kinda depends on what trend is popular at the time. If you look at all the cartoons, it seems, like they all tried to copy the formula of other successful shows at the time.
    AoStH for example tired to copy the slapstick humor of The Looney Tunes and Animaniacs and also the surreal art style of Ren and Stimpy. Also, the story structure felt more like those shows, been more episodic.
    Satam was more of a story-driven action show, which it seems where also popular at the same time as whacky slapstick cartoons. The art style and tone felt closer to shows like Batman the animated series and Gargoyles. 
    Sonic Underground... I really do not know what they wanted to achieve with this show. I heard rumors that this show wasn't planned to be a Sonic show, but instead something original, where Sonic was shoehorned in in the last minute. That would explain why Underground felt so sidelined in terms of Sonic content. 
    Sonic X is problaby the show that comes the clostes in representin a spicific era of the Hedgehog in its show. In X's case the Adventure era. But still, this anime also had some influences form other animes at the time. Because Chris was more of the star of the then Sonic, I had a bit of a Digimon and Pokémon feeling by watching this show. 
    Sonic Boom seems to took inspirations by modern western cartoons, that are more simple slice of life comedies like My little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    The next big Sonic show could be anything at this point. It really depends in what people are into in the future. It could be anything.  
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    Rowl got a reaction from Lord-Dreamerz in Shantae and the Seven Sirens (Apple Arcade, now out on PC/NSW/PS4/ONE)   
    It is not you, it is the whole SJW movement as a whole that bugs me. Everything you like from the past is wrong! If you do not agree with me, you are wrong! We are now stuck in this ruleset, where the artists really have to follow specific templates, to avoid any controversies. Storytelling, characterizations, character designs, roles, etc. is so reduced nowadays. This is the reason why I hate SJWs so much. They are a hazard for every creative mind out there and they are not even interested in art, just there agendas. 
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    Rowl got a reaction from Lord-Dreamerz in Shantae and the Seven Sirens (Apple Arcade, now out on PC/NSW/PS4/ONE)   
    Enough with this PC bullshit! Bad enough that those freaking SJWs destroy all of the old shows and movies, so I hope, really, really hope, that they will not infect games with their pc agenda as well. There is nothing wrong with Shantae and if someone has a problem with the game series, just do not buy them! This freaking SJW movement has to stop before they suck out everything that is fun out of the entertainment industry! 
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    Rowl got a reaction from Lord-Dreamerz in Shantae and the Seven Sirens (Apple Arcade, now out on PC/NSW/PS4/ONE)   
    Can we not just enjoy a thing and have fun with it? Why must everything nowadays have to be so political? I mean, Shantae is a bellydancer, so she kinda has to show her belly. I do not see anything wrong with it. But I'm also an old man that grew up with all those horrible non-political-cartoons and -games like Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Darkwing Duck, and Animaniacs, so... what do I know?
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    Rowl reacted to Tracker_TD in Team Sonic Racing - Team Up Trailer   
    The track footage was definitely a lot less interesting than the customisation trailer/b-roll footage, yeah. And the rock obstacles look extremely out of place. Hrm. I want to put this down to them just picking bad footage but given my earlier reservations on the tracks them being overly linear wouldn't surprise me. 
    Alternatively - perhaps the obstacles could be an item? I dunno if we've seen them all yet. 
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    Rowl reacted to Plasme in Team Sonic Racing - Team Up Trailer   
    Crash Team Racing will probably sell better, the N Sane Trilogy was ridiculously successful.
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    Rowl reacted to Jango in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    Not this one. CTR ever since the PSOne days was a cut above the rest. It's not "harder", the rules of the game that are different. While in every Mario Kart the rule is luck, in CTR is skill and timing. There's no blue shells in this one, that's why game jornalists suck so badly, they can't count on luck in CTR. Anyone can win in Mario Kart because the game spams OP weapons when you're in last. When they stumble into CTR, which require actually skills, they say it's hard and "not for kids" lol 
    Pretty sure 99% here played this as little kids and beat it, didn't?
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    Rowl reacted to Sonictrainer in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    Most of the characters in the Crash Bandicoot cast are villains and antagonists.
    It's literally the opposite of the Sonic Game Cast.
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    Rowl got a reaction from Blueknight V2.0 in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    Everything popular nowadays is connected to memes. Not sure why, but the youth of today see in memes their source of entertainment. 
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    Rowl got a reaction from Jango in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Again with the freaking music? Just release an album instead, if you put so much effort into the music and the marketing of it! Show us the freaking track, show us gameplay of the track! People could test Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled today and we have seen gameplay of four tracks! How the fridge can this game compete with either Crash or Mario? Crash has shown us more gameplay, more tracks, more animation, has more characters and tracks now that the CNK tracks are coming, more fanservice if the rumors are true about Spyro and other additional Crash characters, more people could test this game out unlike with TSR!
    I mean, come on Sega! You have shown us more stuff that surrounds the game rather than the game itself. That little animated short you have shown us a couple of weeks was nice and all but doesn't really reflect the quality of the game. Show us the freaking game already! 
    What about the story and mission mode? Those things are still in the game, right? Why not show us a bit of these two modes?  
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    Rowl got a reaction from Blueknight V2.0 in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    Here are also the rest of the tracks! 
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    Rowl got a reaction from Blueknight V2.0 in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    Gameplay of Sewer Speedway!
  13. Absolutely
    Rowl reacted to Jango in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    This gameplays give me life. I absolutely adore the way they've populated the tracks. THE N. BRIO SLIME MONSTERS IN SEWER SPEEDWAY!! Whaaaaaat!? That's awesome!!!! These guys at Beenox are having a blast, I'm sure of it, very creative.
    It's hard to judge how close to the original the gameplay is because most players suck balls, but there's an offscreen video of a skilled player in Electron Avenue, and apparently, yes, the reserve system IS in the game, for anyone wondering.
    Overhall, it looks like it plays amazing. Definitely looks faster than the gameplays from a month ago. You can see the CTR momentum. 
  14. Absolutely
    Rowl got a reaction from Teoskaven in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    None of the gameplay I saw showed a competent player. People nowadays really have no clue how to play games right. Remember the Cuphead fiasco? 
  15. Too Many Rings
    Rowl got a reaction from Jack out of the comics! in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Of course, it is wrong! This is a racing game! Not a freaking music album! So, therefore they have to show us more of the gameplay! Tracks, characters, modes, just something else besides music! Music is actually one of the last things people think of when they talk about a fun racer: priorities are the gameplay, controls, tracks, modes, characters, balance, vehicles, items and maybe then comes the music! Sega really focuses way too much on the most unimportant thing for this game!
    And the music isn't even that good. For my liking, they focus just way too much on the electric guitar.   
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    Rowl got a reaction from Jack out of the comics! in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    Gameplay of Sewer Speedway!
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    Rowl reacted to JezMM in Shantae and the Seven Sirens (Apple Arcade, now out on PC/NSW/PS4/ONE)   
    Yeah I was also a little let-down by HGH despite all the hype and being a backer on it.  The big issue was it's length, it had less stages than any of it's predecessors, and it felt as the game went on the stages got more and more rushed feeling.  The linear-game structure of the stages didn't gel with Shantae gameplay at all, and a lot of the platforming segments just felt a bit on the generic side without any particular creative ideas or satisfying movement.  It was such a step-down from Pirate's Curse and I HATE that PC's gameplay was so heavily tied to it's thematics because it was such an improvement.  Going back to transformation dances was a significant step down and just simply not as fun as having all your moves available to you at a button press as was the case with PC.  I really desperately want them to go back to that gameplay style.  The animal transformations are a part of Shantae's character, and I think they could keep them as instantaneous transformations to perform actions, but ditching the dancing to transform thing.  I'm sure they could apply the belly dancing stuff to something else, make it into some sort of context sensitive rhythm game thing to unlock doors or whatever, kind of like musical instruments in Zelda.
    I really want to play all the DLC for HGH (I mean I backed the game, I got it all for free!) but I was burnt out on the game after just one 100% playthrough.  I did it on the free beta version everyone got for Steam, but when the actual game came out on Wii U, I never finished my permanent copy.  Now I have the free giveaway of the complete edition on Steam and I've barely touched that either.  It's weird coz do love Shantae as a series aesthetically (well, aside from them declaring that Shantae is canonically 16, yikes) and I 100%'d the other games, but HGH just had way too little in terms of levels to try and squeeze so many retreads out of it, which is a shame because the alternate gameplay styles are fun in theory but there's only so many times I can play these stages with slight re-arrangements of the obstacles and movement mechanics.
    It's kind of horrifying to consider that if they hadn't made stretch goals, the game would've only been four stages long, let alone the meagre six we had.  I think if all the stretch goals were met, the game would've been much more satisfying - the two other stretch goal levels would've been just enough (and they sounded much cooler than the ones we got too, I wish they could've let us vote on which two stretch goal stages we got of the four rather than just arbitrarily doing the first two listed).  I think ultimately though the final, completed game is WAY too bogged down on all of the stretch goal DLC stuff, and it would've been a better game overall if they had scrapped half of the gimmicky fun bonus content and just put that budget into making one longer, cohesive game.
    Annnnnyway regardless of the above I'm definitely glad to be getting more since as said, Shantae is a series I find very easy to forgive since I adore the art style, character design and humour in them. Hopefully them scaling back on the visuals a bit and re-using stuff from HGH will mean we'll get a much meatier package in terms of level count this time around, and the lack of crowd-pleasing promises will allow them to focus on good content that they don't need to hype up to incentivise kickstarter backers and we can just discover and enjoy for ourselves as normal content.
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    Rowl got a reaction from Legendary Emerald in Shantae and the Seven Sirens (Apple Arcade, now out on PC/NSW/PS4/ONE)   
    I hope this game goes more into the Metroidvania category, wasn't much of a fan of the more Mega Man-like level-design of Half-Genie-Hero. 
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    Rowl got a reaction from Kittea in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    All of the facial expressions are great. Goddam, this game is so freaking good! This is a racing game that can really compete with Mario Kart! 
  20. Way Past Cool
    Rowl got a reaction from THATGIRLSABRIYAZEFER in Should the Sonic brand get more Japanese elements into the mix?   
    Although the Sonic series is a more western oriented brand and is also much more popular here than in Japan, it still actually had some elements taken from Japanese folklore and used for some ideas. Like for example, Tails is loosely based on the mythical creature Kitsune, the Deadly Six on the yokai demons Onis, the Chaos by Japanese Tamagotchi pets and Big, if I'm not mistaken is a homage on Ghibli's Totoro mixed with the designs of the Japanese Tanookis. 
    We also have other elements like for example that Amy likes to play with tarot cards, although I have never seen her doing this, and also Blaze might be inspired by some Japanese folklore that has to do with cats. But the only reason I think about this is that she has a jewelry suck in her forehead, which some of the cat-based Pokémon also have. 
    Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing more Japanese elements used in Sonic games. I personally would like to see more levels with a Japanese flair like Aquarium Park in Colors or Press Graden in Mania. Maybe Big the Cta can open a sushi restaurant in the next game, or the next new character they introduced can be a character based on a Japanese creature or an animal like a phoenix, a pheasant, a tanooki, or a real Kitsune who has got nine tails. Maybe one of Dr. Eggman's new boss robots can be a Samurai or a Tengu etc. 
    What do you think?
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    Rowl reacted to Diogenes in Would you say we’ve entered a new “era” yet?   
    Ah yes, that famous Adventure-era character, Zavok, and the equally famous Adventure-era level, Planet Wisp.
    Anyway "eras" are pretty vaguely defined things since most series develop organically rather than having planned divisions. We're not likely to realize the series has entered a new era until we're a couple games into it, enough to see how things have changed. Considering how most of Forces is still in line with the style of the other boost games, though, I don't see any reason to assume we're entering one yet.
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    Rowl reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Would you say we’ve entered a new “era” yet?   
    Agreed the era's are too vague and kinda smoothly fade in and out of each other making it hard to make hard boundries between them.
    Probably better to focus on specific elements rather then the whole era in general.

    Far as I'm concerned, it's the obsession with Nostalgia, elimination of character depth and lore despite heavy focus on the past, this weird fake 3d gameplay and this comedy bordering on self hatred that defines this "era" for me, so as soon as those elements are toned down, I'd consider this era to be over.
    But that's just me, others may disagree.
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    Rowl reacted to Vec in For $70 Billion The Walt Disney Company Are Set To Acquire Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. And The Deal is GO!   
    So...why is this Disney subject not treated the same way they treated the Bill Gates dilemma back then? Because, at this point, Disney will end monopolizing the entertainment industry.
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    Rowl reacted to Polkadi~☆ in For $70 Billion The Walt Disney Company Are Set To Acquire Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. And The Deal is GO!   
    oh god it actually happened
    I know I made a brainless post earlier in this topic, but this can be a terrible, terrible thing. I do not wish for Disney to take so much, and yet we have entered this odd reality. I wonder what this could mean?
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    Rowl got a reaction from Iko in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I don't think any Sonic character will be forgotten unless they do not have the typical appealing Sonic-design or serve as meme fodder like Big does. I think only human and human-like characters like Maria, Elise, Shahra and Merlina, and non-sexy anthro-characters like the Deadly Six and Lyric will be sooner or later written off for good. Maybe even the Whisp some day.
    But characters like Cream will stay and show up sooner or later. I'm pretty sure that Sticks and Marine will also show up sooner or later. 
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