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  1. Even after you leave, we will still remembre you as the great meme likable machine Regginator. Now go kick ass at home with your family. Destroy them in Smash!

  2. Never has anything alluded me more than drawing hands. It's a huge pain in the ass.

  3. And…   Happy New Year!

  4. 1st school term's just ended and I'm already going to watch Into the Spiderverse. I hope that's a good sign for the rest of the holidays

    1. Failinhearts


      Congrats and have fun! You deserve it!

  5. Sonic's movie design is the equivalent of using a real hedgehog's head on top of Satam Sonic's body if that body hit the gym. Also blue arms. Because that was received so well last time.

  6. My dad's Wi-Fi  -Great

    My brother's Wi-Fi - Also Great

    Mom's Wi-Fi - Good

    My 3DS' Wi_Fi - Good

    My PC's Wi-Fi - Bad, becomes Terrible 10 minutes later. 



    1. Failinhearts


      Something must be wrong with your PC, that's odd...

      Consider using Ethernet?

    2. TheMultiverseTraveller


      I just checked with my dad about that, and he said he'd just try to find a better internet board instead, since Ethernet would be too cumbersome for my PC. Apparently this one doesn't even have an antenna built in or something like that. I hope that'll solve it, having fluctuating Wi-Fi is frustrating. Like a sneeze that never comes.

  7. Well, I this isn't what I expected or wanted to read today. Even despite the controversies surrounding him be them from the past or present, I still somewhat respect the man even if I'm not into comics, for what he's accomplished all these years. Spotting  his cameos is always kind of charming and now they're good memories of him. At least he died during probably the highest high Marvel could ever reach in awareness and reputation. Excelsior! 

  8. Yeah, Piranha Plant being a Pre-Order Bonus/My Nintendo "Free" Purchase and then paid DLC in around February irks me. Those are all good picks, could be potentially even better characters, but I think the point was a WTF that could be recognizable and while those others are bizarre sure, but besides Excitebiker none of them are recognizabe to the wider gaming audience. Bandana Dee is actually extremely plausible as a fighter since he's actually one of the main characters of the Kirby series and apparently very much wanted in Smash.
  9. Honestly, besides Shadow not being in it (which he should have, not because I'm excited for him,but because he would've been na easy way to represente Sonic better), the game still seems like it's going to be great. Spirits Mode sounds like a replacement of Event Mode, it just has stickers now, which actually improves it I think. World of Light looks like it could be fun, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the Kirby-ish levels from Melee and Subspace. Piranha Plant was the most WTF character that could be made into a character, but I think he'll be fun. The main single-player modes seem better than Smash 4's, as in they look fun With that said, the problema with the presentation was that it was so long, but it focused on the most pointless things, stuff that's been in Smash before like Spectator mode and for some reason, Help and Brightness and Sound(I swear this going to become a meme)! It focused more on that than Games & More, which is where the bulk of 1P content is. We know about Classic, Adventure and Century Smash but where's Home-Run Contest and the other mini-games? We know they're playable since they show up on Classic Mode, so why not talk about those instead of talking about Brightness and Sound?
  10. Well, Challenges are gone now. So that's lame too. Something tells me the single-player content is going to be underwhelming besides Classic and Adventure

    1. JezMM


      Challenges are still in the game, they were shown in the direct, where he mentions how they have a sort of "comic book" look instead of a grid this time.

    2. TheMultiverseTraveller


      Oh. Well what are the challenges going to do now then? Trophies are gone, music is in a shop, unless some songs are locked behind challenges. Will we get spirits from them? Honestly I feel like Challenges' rewards will be kind of underwhelming. 


    3. JezMM


      Yeah, Sakurai said in the direct music and spirits will be locked behind challenges.  Exclusively or not, I dunno, since he implied if you're after a particular song "you may want to go to the shop rather than just rely on challenges" or something to that effect.

    4. TheMultiverseTraveller


      If that's true, the challenges are kind of lame now. All stages are unlocked from the get go, right? We just get songs and spirits/improved stickers now. Trophies are gone, which I understand. They would have make more than 1000 to compete with the last one, but they were big staples of the series that helped emphasize the importance of Smash as a museum for Nintendo's history and just the amount of stuff there was in each game.

      I just realized how redundant my comment is.

    5. JezMM


      Honestly it would've been nice to bring back the masterpieces from Brawl.  I know it's kind of awkward to include demos for games where you can't link to the eShop, but it'd still pretty cool to be able to provide a way to experience a little piece of all the games these characters came from.  For more modern ones, they could do a video file and a link to the eShop (Splatoon 2, Bayonetta etc).  Those would be a nice unlock thing for Challenges.

  11. Well that was a Direct all right. There was excitement, confusion, anger... lots of anger, and excitement again, kinda. Trophies are gone, which means challenges are gone too. Piranha Plant being a fighter is funny, but having to buy him through a pre-order or from My Nintendo Gold Coins makes my insides boil a bit. Also, almost no talk of the single-player content besides Adventure mode though...? You spent time on the Help section and Spectator mode but nothing on Games & More? Come on.
  12. It's cloudy, damp, and the rain will be right back. And also cheap costumes galore! Why, it's Halloween! And it's Smash Hype season, but also Castlevania's just got quite a bit of attention from the Netflix show and the (apparently mediocre) Requiem release, so...

    The stars have aligned so that I can post one of my favorite songs from Rondo of Blood's funky soundtrack, Opus 13:



  13. On one hand, Accolade is self-aware enough to post this trailer on Halloween, and this probably is the scariest game announcement of the year - but on the other hand how dare you. At least it's being made by Choice Provisions, so it will probably be better than the last 7 Bubsy games...hopefully.
  14. When the Grinch Leak showed up I was like "could be, could not be, let's be patient" but then the Smash Direct is announced for Thursday and now I'm shaking. I am not yet immune to hype, but I'll still try to keep my expectations in check.


    But seriously though, Layton and Wright for Smash when?

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      "PHOENIX Wright and the likes of Layton".

      Awww,  I see you are a man of quality tastes. 

  15. The Smash Direct is going to be around 40 minutes?! The last one in August was only 25 minutes long and it was almost information overload, what have they not shown us besides the rest of the fighters and the Story(?) Mode that could take up around 40 minutes ?!
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