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  1. I wasn't trying to, I was just trying to challenge the assertion that Forces is somehow "better" than 06 despite the two games sharing many similarities. "06 bad cos multiple characters/ dark story blah de blah de blaaah". When this game has the same "problems" and is still just as bad. Otherwise I agree, Sega are nothing short of cowards for de-listing 06 and other "mediocre" games like it. Just shows that they're not about learning from their history, but would rather repeat it which is what I predit will happen if this next game is even worse than Forces. What shape this hypothetical game would take is beyond even my skills of prediction. Maybe they replace the Avatar with even more Classic Sonic. And then give him the drop dash, insta-shield and homing attack all on the same button. While giving him Sonic 4 physics.
  2. I dont get how people can think Forces is anything better than awful. People say it's still better than 06 but Has multiple gameplay styles, none of which are remotely fun A story that takes itself too seriously Has Sonic's "shitty friends" 06 has all of those things too so what's different? The fact that Forces is so boring that at least it puts you to sleep before it starts getting bad? That Forces is so short that at least it can't get any worse before it ends? I think the doubters might be onto something when they say that we're in a new Dark Age.
  3. The Babylon's Fall twitter page recently put out a statement saying to the effect of "We're still working on it, we'll have more to show later". Can't Sonic Team/Sega do something like this? So the people waiting and getting impatient can calm down and so the people responding to those people don't screech "DoN't RuSh ThEm! Do YoU wAnT aNoThEr SoNiC 06!?" Cos 06 2 doesn't sound so bad at this point.
  4. Grinding and Wall running? Man, these devs are smelling blood in the water, coming after that Sonic throne.
  5. Talking purely about Rise of Lyric here, my interest in the show cratered the instant I saw it was gonna be some wacky sitcom. My favourite part was the promise. It promised a different kind ofstorytelling and multiple playable characters, things that Sonic in 2014 wasn't really known for providing. But then it came out and sucked and critics made the comparison to Sonic 06 "It has a dark story and you play as his shitty friends, all thats missing is him kissing a human ZOMGROFLMAO!!!" And then Forces came out, also having a darker story and multiple playable characters, and it also sucked. It just makes me wonder if blocky 2D and "baldy nosehair" are what people assosciate with quality these days.
  6. I like how we're so starved for announcements that we're bumping dead threads about Sonic's height just to have something to discuss. It's funny to imagine everything is shorter in Classic Sonic's dimension. The world record for worlds tallest man is 8'11". Imagine him being like 5 feet or something.
  7. It's been happening since the X1's backward compatability started. I saw something similar for Red Dead Redemption: an Xbox 360 game in the Xbox One section in an Xbox One case.
  8. Look at this Chocograph
    Everytime I do, it makes me laugh.

    I swear Chocobo Hot N' Cold is driving me insane.

  9. One thing I would do is re-list the games Sega de-listed at the turn of the decade like 06 and Unleashed. My argument would be "we could delist every game in the series that was mediocre, and axe Lost World, Rise of Lyric and Forces, but that would be a waste of everybody's time and energy for no discernable benefit. We should accept that these games happened rather than strike them down with holy retribution like Nintendo on a fan project."
  10. BAsically Adventure, but diversify the controls so everything isn't mapped to one button. But at the same time don't map every single move to it's own button like Lost World. Who knows how the franchise that went to only needing to press 1 button went to having 7 buttons each do different things like it's an MMO.
  11. While we're on that topic, I ship Sonic X Blaze. Just similar enough with powers, skills and responsibilities, but different in terms of personality and mannerisms.
  12. Well here's mine for what it's worth FORMAT Title: Sonic: Scourge of Mobius Media written narrative Outline When another Sonic arrives from another dimension, it seems like the usual mundane insanity of Sonic's World in effect. But as The Real Sonic realizes this discovery, the bizarre chain of events could have disastrous consequences not only for Sonic and his friends but also the worlds they protect. Basically an alternate Sonic comes, thw twist being that when main Sonic and alt-sonic come into contact, theres a violent metaphysical reaction that makes one weak, both physically and mentally, and the other one having all the power but becoming a total jerkwad who goes back to his own universe to defeat his own Eggman and take over his world. The clue is in the name after all. (Scourge. Eh? Eh?) Sonic's friends go off to stop him while Sonic, crippled with the emotional baggage of his counterpart, stays behind. The ending would have involved weak Sonic getting off his butt and making it to the final showdown as both sides have worn each other out. Sonic reaches out to Scourge, understand what he's been through, says "I forgive you", before hugging him, causing another metaphysical reaction that returns Prime Sonic to his normal self and Scourge... is Scourge. He sends the people off, saying that he'll become his own person, even dying himself a different colour, as the gang go back to their own world... but oh no, Eggman has taken over in their absence, and the adventure continues. Does it exist? Yes because I wrote it. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12763214/1/Sonic-Scourge-of-Mobius. Yeah it's been dead for a while and thats why I feel comfortable spoiling the whole thing here. It's not a 1 to 1 copypaste from my design document cos it was lost in a computer transfer and I just typed it here from memory. Tl;dr A JoJo referance masquerading as a story. (Steel Ball Run and D4C is where I got the sort of idea from.) Sonic defeats his evil double with the power of empathy. And what the hell, how about another one? FORMAT Title Sonic: Into the Sonicverse Media Maybe a Game Outline Shenanigens happen, and now there are 3 Sonics: Game/IDW, Archie and Fleetway. Each would have 2 partner characters: Game would have Tails & Knuckles, Archie would have Sally and Antoine and Fleetway would have Amy and Shortfuse the Cybernik. The former characters (Tails, Sally, Amy) would be more technical to play while the latter (Knuckles, Antoine, Shortfuse) would be brawler types. Each would have a character who communicated with them over a comm. Rouge, Nicole and Tekno respectively. Each would even have a set of villains. Game: Eggman, Black Doom, Team Hooligan and Infinite. Comic: Eggman + Snively, Ixis Naugus, The Destructix, and Enerjak. Fleetway: Robotnik + Grimer, Super Sonic, The Metallix Brotherhood and the Drakon Empire. Then it would turn out the REAL villains were a triumvirate of Dr. Zachary, Dr. Finetivus and Dr. Starline (I was gonna have Imperator Ix but who remembers Sonic Chronicles?) Due to Dimensional crossover, duplicates of the same person have a risk of self destructing when interacting with each other. (I seem oddly fascinated with this concept.) Hence different versions of Tails, Knuckles etc can't interact with each other. Not even Sonic, who can't touch his other selves. This makes battling Super Sonic extremely difficult. It is this effect that makes Enerjak return, when the three versions of Knuckles touch each other, and the infusion of chaos energy and memories of each overwhelm him. And smaller character appearances, mostly for gags: Scratch & Grounder (AoStH) Sonia and Manic (Underground) Chris Thorndyke (X) Sticks the Badger (Boom) Tom Wachowski (Movie) Elise (06) Shade (just to throw Sonic Chronicles a bone) Does it exist? Kinda? https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13515359/1/Sonic-The-Hedgehog-The-Fleetarch-Conundrum I came up with it before finding this story, to be fair. Tl;dr It's in the title. Can't get a better TL;DR than that.
  13. I bet Sonic Teams thought process when creating the Lost Hex was "it's a fantasy world, anything can happen and we don't have to explain anything!" We know little to nothing about the Lost Hex itself. It's got hexagonal pieces, it's got holes in it like Cocoon from Final Fantasy XIII... and that's it. We know more about Little Planet: it comes every decade and has things called the Time Stones. Which is probably why that isn't raised as a problem in CD's disfavour compared to the Hex for Lost World. Same other other zones like most things from Heroes and such. They didn't tease us with worldbuilding with a cast of characters like the Zeti and objects like the Conch. As the saying goes: Go big or go home, and they did neither.
  14. In that case, less anger and more confusion. Classic fans would be apprehensive about it because it's not 2D, and adventure and boost fans would be torn because it's a 3D game with designs and aesthetics they're unfamiliar with. And that's all before they even play such a game.
  15. This is a throback. I wonder how Mania and Forces screwed up the timeline further. "Classic Sonic is in the past but it's also another dimension but Sonic & co. act like they always knew him and and always knew he was from another dimension despite an entire game's evidence to the contrary."
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