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  1. Game Journos be like:1071213185_06bad.thumb.jpg.e6e1c25c1679d06507b478258756fa35.jpg

    1. BadBehavior


      The year is 5000 AD
      Mankind has fled to the stars
      Earth is a barren wasteland
      Ravaged by flash waves of intense heat and cold
      survivors hole up in caves
      a new survivor comes to your cave
      entertainment starved cave dwellers ask for fantastical stories
      sipping water from a canteen to wet his lips
      he begins to weave a web
      little kiddies listening intensely
      he begins his story:

      "Remember when Sonic kissed a human?"

      Turns out he was a game reviewer.

    2. Crow the BOOLET
    3. Snowragnarok


      It’s because there’s nothing to joke about Rise of Lyric. It’s just that bad.

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