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  1. Diablo does what Sonic don't. image.png.2dfefda012e3e00ea19a53ca4279138c.png

  2. I've picked up the switch versions of the first 3 Dragon Quests and holy hell is the leap in quality between 1 and 2 massive. It's like if Sega made Sonic Unleashed immediately after making Sonic Forces. Same game but a million, billion, trillion times better in every way.

    1. VisionaryofSUPER


      Graphical or just mechanical? Because if you think the leap between 1 and 2 is huge, wait until you get to 3.

    2. PublicEnemy1


      Unless it was the NES versions of those games.

      The NES version of 2 was a fucking slog if you ask me. Love the GBC version tho

    3. BadBehavior


      I just said it was the Switch versions, which I assume are based on the mobile versions which I assume are rebalances of the original. Even I thought that version of 1 was a slog, I can't conceive of it being any worse on NES

      Also, obviously mechanical cos the games look the exact same. On Switch at least.

      Also also, is it me or does the hero of 1 look like Mario? His chin is his nose and the black space under the head is his moustache.

      Dragon Quest 1 Nintendo Switch Review | by Alex Rowe | Medium

    4. VisionaryofSUPER


      Shit. It does look like Mario's head. Dammit.

      Anyways, DQ3 does improve the visuals are bit in its port, so you'll notice the character sprites won't look as ugly as the ones in DQ1 and 2.

    5. BadBehavior


      I'm just distracted by the animations of 2 and how all the party members move in exact synchronization.

  3. What I'm looking forward to the most with the Colours remaster news are the Forces kids who are gonna play this and think "Woww, it's like that thing I played 4 years ago!" and be the games next generation of cheerleaders for the forseeable future.

    I've heard motorcycle engines that made more pleasant noises.

    1. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      Wait, you don't enjoy the sound of a motorcycle revving up?

  4. Forces only has only two things going for it: the menu design and the fact that it has no gamebreaking glitches. Congrats Sonic team, you finally made a functional game. A bland, soulless, pandering, "not a single iota of trying detected" game that I will hold up as the nadir of the entire series for years to come but hey, at least I don't get stuck climbing walls. And you don't kiss a princess.
  5. If Part 6 is getting adapted, I'd love to see how they tackle Bohemian Rhapsody. Just check the wiki for the insane shit that stand pulls off.

  6. No matter how good or bad the new game is (whenever it comes out), I just have one question...


    We all excited to fight the Nega Wisp Armor for the 4th time?

    1. Thigolf


      Sonic Adventure Remake but Perfect Chaos is the Nega Wisp Armor again

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Non-auto running boss fights that aren't 2d? What're you talking about?

  7. Have we reached the same place Nintendo fans were in a while back where every single whiff of possible information is exhaustedly scrutinized to determine if it's a hint for a game reveal?

    Nintendo Everything on Twitter: "Nintendo maintenance schedule – August 30,  2020 https://t.co/ULx4SUKyyS… "

  8. It'll all be worth it if we get Total War Mobius from Creative Assembly
  9. I just wish they put more effort into their boss fights than just recycling the same one from Colours like they're trying to out-lazy yearly sports game developers. It just removes all tension if you've played the previous games, you recognize the patterns and go "I instantly know how to beat this boss, now all the excitement has evaporated". Though I guess that's a different problem entirely that won't be fixed by making Sonic go Super during the fight.
  10. Just beat Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Tried for full completion, rescued the dalmations, synthesized the ultima blade, and beat all the bosses. Except Sephiroth. I could handle all of his BS until he came out with this attack that left me on 1hp with no reliable way of preventing it. So rather than suffer through that like I did with Unknown and the Phantom and white mushroom farming, that's where I drew the line.

    But I still had a blast. Theres something about KH1's less flashy combat and more zoomed in camera that feels cozy to me, like comparing the unrefined, experimental Sonic Adventure to the spectacular bombast of the Boost duology. (Whats a Colours?) Probably cos it's the only one I played when I was younger on the OG PS2, lugging it on holidays saying "This time, this time I will beat Riku Ansem and not have to sit through that cutscene again". And I never did.

  11. That has me wondering, if we wouldn't be seeing so much pushback against Classic Sonic if Sonic Team just left him out of Forces. If as you say, isolated them to best appeal to their respective groups. That they didn't, and all the positive press and goodies Mania got like it's dlc, youtube shorts and now a lego set, must've started a panic among modern fans that Classic was going to be the new focus of the series and that Modern was going in the trash. Of course that might not come true, but we had no way of knowing that back then.
  12. I already made a status about this but I saw someone say that the split between Classic & Modern could be handled like the split between Mega Man and Mega Man X. I get what he was going for but it doesn't assuage us new kids that one of them saw a successful revival and the other hasn't seen a new installment since 2004. Off topic but could you imagine if this topic was made on Retro? Literally everyone would just be like "nuh-uh"
  13. image.png.0c796dc96059417043dfd14404c60383.png

    One of those camps saw a successful revival, and the other hasn't had an original game since 2004. I'm not sure if he were thinking of that when he made that comparison but still, doesn't exactly soothe modern fans worries.

  14. I was gonna link the Beta level designs from Sonic Forces, like Mortar Canyon. But that would've been a rant about how they took level designs in a very boring, mindless game and made them even more boring and mindless, and this is an "Appreciation" thread so I guess my nomination is literally everything from 06.
  15. They've done that precisely TWICE in the entire franchises history: once when 06 "nearly killed Sonic" (I'll just take the oldbies word for it since I wasn't a fan at the time) and they pivoted the entire franchise in the exact opposite direction to remind people as little of that game as humanly possible (Which is now biting them in the ass cos the games still suck even without what made that game notorious). And again when a dev build of Sonic 4 Episode 1 leaked and they incorperated feedback as a result like removing a contentious level in the casino world. Thrice if you count when they patched Sonic Lost World so 100 rings actually gave you lives and made motion controls optional. Which still didnt save the game cos it was exclusive to the Wii U.
  16. Same reason Pokemon peaked in 2008 and hasn't meaningfully improved or innovated since. Both it and Sonic rake in tons of cash, and any attempts at fixing their respective problems would be too big of a short term hit to that cashflow. Although at least Pokemon has the excuse of it being a tightly interconnected multimedia juggernaut where even one part of it being delayed means its other parts (anime, manga, TCG, etc) also suffer. Sonic doesn't, they are still a game series where the games are the star of the show. so Sega not wanting to improve the games is just them being chunderheads.
  17. Can Betteridge's Law of Headlines apply even if the headline in question doesn't end in a question mark? image.png.974c2142496f1ec906ec4ca5353ab98e.png

    1. Milo


      everytime i see that photo of roger in B&W and that headline i can't shake off the feeling of it being an actual "in memoriam" obituary

  18. I'm just gonna quote myself from another topic:
  19. "This field is required" No it isn't


    1. Jingilator


      I don't get it.

  20. We'll get fans who grew up with Forces and start calling for it's (bad) design and (even worse) writing to be carried forward, which is proof that we are living in the worst timeline.
  21. "I don't want cheesy and fun to mock. I want something that, despite being light-hearted, makes the general gaming public take Sonic seriously and not as that weird franchise with dark, anime-esque storylines and a weird fanbase."

    I'm sorry but who was listening to Baldy Nosehair and thinking "ah yes, finally, I can take a game franchise about a blue hedgehog fighting a guy that looks like an egg seriously"?

    1. Diogenes


      i can take it more seriously than same hedgehog being killed by his doppelganger's doppelganger and being kissed back to life by a human princess.

    2. Milo


      Yeah I saw the thread where that comment was made, and I don't get that either. If "Saturday morning cartoon" level writing is your preference, that's fine; but that type of material usually isn't considered worth taking seriously besides some standout examples.

      e: That said, I don't think convoluted, unironic edge is all that much better either. Neither are all that good and shouldn't be the standard the series should aim for.

    3. Kuzu


      People like different things and have different interpretations from yours, crazy I know. 

    4. Wraith


      It's because the 2010 sonic games writing are for people who REALLY hate the 2000s games and nobody else. thats why they never get discussed without the 2000s games being brought up. the jokes aren't actually funny or notable at all on their own power but if you ever actually point this out you'll just get told to remember sonic 06 and eat your peas.

      There's this running contradiction that Sonic is above all of those gross edgy anime tropes that were popularized in shows aimed at it's target demographic. That the people who liked serious storylines were actually the insecure ones all along but the adults that constantly needed reminders to not get too invested in this kiddy cartoon animal shit were the ones that were well adjusted. I think the culture in the Sonic fanbase has changed enough that most people are willing to admit we had this backwards, but it was a hard few years from when Sonic Lost World was revealed until now.

      Shadow is the most popular character besides Sonic himself and is probably more popular with the kids everyone is concerned about than any of the lighthearted stuff they've done since, but we're just going to try and ignore that factoid for as long as possible and hope it just stops being true instead of taking it in stride. Even the people involved in the series seemed to have realized this was a mistake, but who knows what the next game is going to look like. 

    5. Kuzu


      If recent events have taught us anything, it's that people's beliefs can and will cause them to ignore reality regardless.  Any refutation of people's beliefs, they can and will rationalize it anyway they can.

      I legit got told on Sonic  Retro that people who liked Modern Sonic are insecure kids who can't move on, while also arguing that the Classic design is iconic and timeless and the irony was completely missed out on him. 

      Some fans in this fanbase are living on a completely different plane of reality born of their own beliefs, and nothing you say or show to them is really gonna change that. 

    6. Milo


      @Kuzu (I'm gonna hazard a guess and presume you're Sonic5993 over there, right? If so, that kinda surprises me b/c I feel you speak up on Sega's behalf over there than you do here on this forum, lol.)

    7. Kuzu


      That's cuz this forum sucks for actual discussion most of the time. 

    8. BadBehavior


      True. Retro is for actual discussion, this place is for complaining when the clowns take over the discussion.

  22. Man, if every fake Sonic leak turned into the game it said it was, we wouldn't even be in a drought right now.


  23. If the other NATO members decided to launch an invasion of America from the Bay of Pigs to enforce the result of a democratic election, I would just sink in my chair and drink my Irony Tea.

    1. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Hate to sink that idea, but they’d hardly make it halfway across the Atlantic to even begin the first stages.

      You’d need at best 4-5 aircraft carriers just to stand a chance.

      Only fair shot would be Canada going nuclear and making demands.

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