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  1. Just take Mephiles, untangle his plan and give him a but more personality and boom. You've already got someone x1000 times better than most Sonic villains in the past decade. So yes, they can work. Can they work well is another question.
  2. Fans of Classic Sonic in Generations when they play Classic Sonic in Forces. The Godfather - Look How They Massacred My Boy GIF by MikeyMo | Gfycat

    1. Ferno


      to be fair that was also fans of the classics reacting to classic sonic in generations too

    2. Kuzu


      Yup, Sonic fans hate everything about Sonic don't you know. 

    3. JezMM
    4. Miraculous Milo

      Miraculous Milo

      some of us classic fans gave classic sonic in generations a pass because while it wasn't accurate, it was still better than sonic 4

      (people were also happy to have the original design brought back after sega claimed they weren't bringing it back for sonic 4 with the 'it's a new game so it needs the modern design' excuse)

    5. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Fans of classic sonic in Forces and generations when they play as classic sonic in mania:


    6. Wraith


      The last fix Sonic 4 needed was Sonic's design to be dialed back to the old one but thankfully we can count on Sonic fans to leverage their influence well and focus on critique that's helpful and productive

  3. Obligatory "Forces took 4 years to make and look how that turned out" comment. Just saying, all the time in the world doesn't matter if that time is being pissed down the drain like it must have been during that games development.
  4. Maybe PS1 era Square and not "lost ¥6.5 Billion thanks to Avengers" Square
  5. I recently wondered why I like the return of N.Sanity Island in Crash 4 when I hate how Green Hill Zone keeps coming up in Sonic games.

    Then I realized because Crash was dead for most of the 2010s and didn't overuse N.Sanity Island enough to grind it into a tasteless paste like every Sonic game Generations onwards did to GHZ.

    Well that and N.Sanity Isle has more going for it than just 1. Green and 2. Checkerboard, so even if it did come back, theres always some visual variety to it.

    1. StaticMania


      It's also a world and not just a single level

  6. Yeah I only just discovered that it does loop around recently. Also thanks for the heads up on the level select, though idk why it's buried under a menu I didn't even go in until now. It says "level stats" which teels me its the stat for the levels, maybe if it was renamed Level Select then i'd have noticed it earlier. Even Sonic Forces had a clear menu for selecting levels. You know, for as much that it mattered in Sonic Forces. I also just discovered how the triple spin works. You don't just mash the Square button, you have to time it just right. And it does give you a burst of speed. Got the gold relic in the 1st level: Rude Awakening. But jeez it's asking me to shave of about 20 seconds of time. Unless theres some cheeky shortcut I missed then how does TfB expect me to improve on that?
  7. Kay, just beat the game and Ieres a few new throughs I like how the skins you get for beating the game is just Crahs & Coco beaten up and in bandages. They knew how hard they made it. Why is there no conveniant way to replay levels other than pressing directions until you get to the world and level you want? They had the foresight to have Flashback tape portals in every world but not a mechanism to teleport from the final world to the 1st one? Cortex Castle. Holy hell this meme wasn't lying. I didn't like how costumes were tied to getting every gem in a specific level rather than a general gem count that counted every levels gems towards a shop or something to buy them. So when I got the N.verted levels and I saw that you could earn gems in either of them but they still counted toward earning a particular skin, I liked it. It meant a player didn't have to perfect one level, just be mostly good in two. And then the gem requirement just kept rising until the final world where you have to earn all the gems in both normal and N.Verted levels for them. You had a good thing going for a sec guys, oh well. I think the overall quality of the game took a hit after beating N.Tropy. The joint Dingodile/Tawna level is just everything wrong with the game in a nutshell: too long and so many goddamn boxes to break for completion. The Cortex level was fine until the sudden, out of nowhere autoscrolling section at the very, very end where Crash is crossing a pile of debris falling out of a plane. This section ruined my box total, my 3 life limit, and made the death counter spike hard. It's physics are weird, it seems to go faster when you're jumping, and I just couldn't get a handle on it. If it absolutely had to be gameplay and not a cutscene, couldn't they just make another new level rather than ruin another one of Cortex's? Also, as I was writing this, I finally got the sapphire gem with the "use the bouns round as a checkpoint" strat and I still think it's a bullshit hard challenge that few if any people on the team playtested seriously. Even when you approach an obstaclke the same way, theres some element of luck that seems to determine whether you win or lose, whether Akano will decide to be a fucking bastard and break that box that you could swear you were nowhere near, or whether he decides to be a good boy and doesn't. What the hell is the powerup you earn for beating the game? A better spin? I don't think it even works. Tried it with Coco, didn't feel a difference. Tried it with Crash in another level, still nothing. Why no Crash Dash? "Well if the players going that fast then it will be hard for the levels to load in after them" Then you shouldn't have made such massive goddamn levels, shouldn't you eh? Overall I was at an 8.75 around when I got to Tawna, but all this combined just drops it down to a solid 8. Better than Crash 3 in my eyes (by virtue of having no racing levels like Hog Ride & Road Crash, never liked those.) but just far too bloated with stuff to be better than Crash 2. Theres some stuff I hope come back for a sequel and theres other stuff I hope they yeet into the sun with the fruit bazooka
  8. this this this a million times this. I'm willing to bet actual money on Toys for Bob never actually playtesting that level. Or at least the people they got to playtest it where Crash Bandicoot gods who would've blown it's challenge out of the water. "oh it has a no crate gem, it's like the 1st level of crash 2" yes except that level was short and puzzling in the good way where the level design was clearly built around that challenge. Like that wall of crates. You wonder "how do I get around that?" then you notice the multi-bounce crate, so you hop on it precisely once to scale the wall. That's a clever moment that gets the blood pumping. Imagine that level with less of that clever design, more relying on pixel perfect platforming, and you have a powerup that forces you to constantly spin, and it's a long level where you can't break checkpoint boxes. That might be my main problem with the game. The other stuff I could see being fixed in a sequel: tying costume earning not to overall gem collection but making it level specific (though that could be to incentivize replaying the levels), having a linear level progression like Crash 1 rather than the small hubs of 2/3/WoC, all the tertiary characters (Tawna, Dingodile, Cortex) best levels being their introductory ones because they're the only ones where are controlled the entire way through and they don't awkwardly swap to Crash/Coco half way through. Like... I get that Tawna spooked N.Brio, causing him to misthrow the mixture and blowing open the door for Crash, seeing how that happened is cool... but why do I then have to play the exact same level I just played as the exact same character I just played it as after that point? I should not be reminded of Sonic 06's amigo swapping in the year of our lord 2020. side-rant: what is with retro revival games having obscenely, grotesquely massive levels that take what feels like ages to beat? Sonic Mania, Mega Man 11 and now Crash 4. Makes completion a total chore.
  9. Well considering how every game post Heroes has managed to include knuckles without so much as even paying lip service to the Master Emerald (heck, Lost World and Forces haven't even mentioned the Chaos Emeralds. Despite both having playable Super Sonic. 🤔), I'd say not really. Besides this might be a case where we're better off not knowing. We wanted to know how the Classic and Modern games took place in the same world and we got the whole "Two Worlds" BS for our troubles. Sonic's just a few handwave/retcons like that away from turning into Kingdom Hearts.
  10. reading this thread and oh geez, I wonder if if the people who slathered undue praise on Colours will do the same for Forces? They share a whole lot in common.
  11. So even before the release of Rise of Lyric were people complaining about the tone, characterization and plot. I wonder if people were complaining about them even when they were new, even when everyone else was going "what do you mean? Baldy Nosehair is the peak of comedy!"
  12. I bought Forces on PC, mostly to have it in my collection again, and to pre-empt anyone saying "you can't criticize the game if you don't own it". I pretty much hate everything going for it: the story, the playable character selection, the controls, the level design, even the music is low-tier compared to other games in the series. Everything that should have been amazing was neutered either through a vicious development cycle or something, into being average at best. I find it a struggle to have any positive reaction towards it. The closest was when I got to Classic Sonic Green Hill and I smirked at the truly god awful music. (Side note, we all owe an apology to Jun Senoue for the Sonic 4 OST. We didn't know that it could get even worse.) Most of the time I just feel nothing. And the rest of the time I'm either exasperated at the most baffling of choices like the double boost sections that just play themselves and a whole two sets of collectibles (the numbers and the moon rings) that don't earn you anything except achievements, OR frustrated at shit like the controls in 2D and literally everything to do with Classic Sonic. Guy who designed End of the World in Sonic 06: I have designed the worst final level in the entire series! Guy who designed Iron Fortress: Hold my beer... Speaking of 06, at least the fangame to fix that only had to fix the controls and physics (and bugs obviously). To fix Forces you'd have to tear the whole rotten thing down. Import the levels into Generations, the game with the superior handling? Well the level design is still actual boost to win hallways when it's not infested with 2D. Conversely, import Generations superior levels into Forces, you have to deal with their shoddy acceleration and how they removed moves like the light dash, wall jump and the drift. tl;dr: I hate forces, hate playing Forces, hate thinking about Forces and if the next game in the series is anything even remotely like Forces, then I'm gonna hate it even more.
  13. Remember how Todd Howard came out and said that a voiced protagonist in Fallout 4 wasn't that good of an idea and everyone reacted "Yeah, no shit"?

    I wonder if someone from Sonic Team (doesn't even have to be Iizuka) will come out and say "Maybe putting Classic Sonic in Forces wasn't a good idea" and everyone will react "Yeah, no shit".

    1. shdowhunt60


      Aaron Webber would've been the one if that leaked beta script was anything to go off of.

  14. UK Cinemas are usually dead silent (Usually cos I go later in a films run when its quieter). But I remember one moment it wasn't.

    Avengers Endgame and we went to see it. Theater was packed. And what happened when we saw Thor... and his buddy was playing Fortnite, of all goddamn things. The entire theater let out a collective groan, not unlike when Artifact was first revealed.

    I still remember "Guys calling me a dickhead again"

    1. Ferno


      Wild how they thought Forknife is still gonna be relevant in 2023

    2. Tracker_TD


      Hilariously, my first 'UK cinema wasn't silent' moment (besides when a fight broke out during Tintin, somehow) was... Sonic


      When Tails showed up at the end, it was utter madness. There was cheering, screaming, I'm pretty sure I heard one row singing Sonic Heroes at some point. I was gonna do a little 'woo' but the explosion of cheering caught me completely off guard. It was the first showing of it in Manchester though, so I'm guessing the theatre was just full of Sonic fans. Bought a big ol' smile to my jaded face. 


  15. Oh boy new games! My predictions: Sonic Mania 2, but it's all Green Hill Zone, as well as different Hill zones in different shades of green. (Turqouise Hill Zone, Moss Hill Zone, Shamrock Hill Zone etc) Sonic Forces 2, but it's all Classic Sonic. But it plays like the unholy love child of Forces Classic and Sonic 4 Episode 1. If you try rolling down a slope, you are given a trophy called "As you truly imagined it" because this game is all about the memes. If you have 100% completion save data for both, you are given the opportunity to play Azure Sunrise, an awesome as hell proof of concept level from a potential Sonic Adventure spiritual successor, but it was scrapped to focus on the projects the fans really wanted. And if you beat Azure Sunrise, your reward is to watch the 1st episode of Sonic X, redubbed with the current voice cast.
  16. I wanna live in the world where 06 is another mediocre dissapointment in a line of mediocre dissapointments while Forces is the irredeemable garbage fire that nearly killed the franchise.

  17. Definitely not Forces, that's for sure. This one track aside, I feel the other tracks just lack variety and blend in with each other, all Modern Sonic sounds the same, the avatar stuff sounds the same, and Classic Sonic is like someone heard Sonic 4's OST and went "hold my beer" To actually answer the question, Adventure, Adventure 2 and even 06 have a great variety of melodies and instruments that, unlike Forces, even reinforce the atmosphere of the level. Wave Ocean is laid back but also upbeat, Crisis City is frantic and desperate, Radical Train is a mad chase etc.
  18. Game Journos be like:1071213185_06bad.thumb.jpg.e6e1c25c1679d06507b478258756fa35.jpg

    1. BadBehavior


      The year is 5000 AD
      Mankind has fled to the stars
      Earth is a barren wasteland
      Ravaged by flash waves of intense heat and cold
      survivors hole up in caves
      a new survivor comes to your cave
      entertainment starved cave dwellers ask for fantastical stories
      sipping water from a canteen to wet his lips
      he begins to weave a web
      little kiddies listening intensely
      he begins his story:

      "Remember when Sonic kissed a human?"

      Turns out he was a game reviewer.

    2. Crow the BOOLET
  19. Toys for Bob: We made Dingodile and Cortex playable, what about you? Sonic Team: YoU CaN PlAy As ClAsSiC SoNiC!1! That's 3 things this game is doing better than Sonic Forces. 4 if you include the character outfits.
  20. Sonic: YoU CaN PlAy As ClAsSiC SoNiC!
    Crash: You can play as Dingodile


    1. iambitter21


      Twip be like: HOw cRAsH 4 MaY fAiL.

      Toys for bob be like: don't you dare f*&king lie to me.

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Shoot, I need to get a new console.

      Didn't know dingodile turned to a good guy.

    3. Miragnarok


      Forces DID have Shadow as DLC... a character you would normally expect.

  21. Night Palace from Secret Rings is Null Space but done right.

    1. iambitter21


      and in an arguably worse game.

  22. Seems to be a co-development between Naka's SE subsidiary Balan Company and Oshima's Arzest, from what I can ascertain. Possibly a similar arrangement to Comcept or Mistwalker where one studio creates the idea for the game while a 2nd company does the legwork. (Not the first time Oshima has been in that situation, considering Artoon, his previous studio, developed Blue Dragon.)
  23. Who needs video games with neat ideas that actually try when we COULD have... jlzu2zyxffe51.jpg

    1. BadBehavior


      I will die on this hill for the record. This game is a travesty and I want to see every copy yeeted into the Shadow Realm.

    2. iambitter21


      meh, I think forces is fine.. not really good, but I think it's okay.

  24. I have an opinion (not sure if it's unpopular or not) that where I think a potential Project P-17 that Fixes forces would require a lot more effort than P-06. The level design of that game was alright for the most part, and was seen as a breath of fresh air by some who tired of the more linear boost formula. Forces is just linear boost formula cranked up to 11 Thousand. What good would making Sonic control better do if in service of playing these short, boring levels? Are the levels any more fun when ported into Generations? (Genuine question cos I haven't tried it for myself).
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