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    BadBehavior reacted to Kuzu in Honestly don't know how to feel when fans claim Premy is one of the "good" Sonictuber   
    @Soniman There are plenty of Sonic fan youtubers who like the Modern stuff just fine, and even the ones who aren't as fond of it, can articulate their opinion without coming off as obnoxious as Premy tends to be. Jeb comes off as more sensible, because while he's very vocal about his distaste for the series as it is now, I can respect that he at least tries to articulate his points on why he feels the way he does and trying to tone down the obnoxiousness. 
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    BadBehavior reacted to Supah Berry in Still hoping Rangers doesn't have any old recurring characters besides Sonic.   
    The game will feature Sonic, and only Sonic, as the only character in the entire game. The whole plot consists of Sonic running around completely empty environments, all while hallucinating other people exist and talks as though they're telling him where to go
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    BadBehavior reacted to azoo in Okay what do you think is the worst Sonic remix? A complete butchering of a great son   
    the original white jungle >>>>>>>>>> this shit. drowning out the song with ShTH guitars, and turning the drums WAYYY down are just bad calls. and that Forces bee synth chorus is just a big fat nooooooooononono No
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from charmsb in From a new fan to old fans; I've been a fan since around 2017, so the core cast has b   
    Makes me wonder what new hedgehog their gonna add in Rangers. That ghost girl?
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from charmsb in Whats the most disagreeable Sonic opinion you ever heard   
    Most disagreeable opinion: Forces soundtrack is good.
    Maybe if the only instrument you've ever heard in your life is cheap synths then maybe. But compared to the classics, adventures, even the good boost games, it reflects the whole "made in 4 hours with only $2" vibe of the rest of the game. Especially the clown who chose the instruments for the Classic stages.
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    BadBehavior reacted to TheOcelot in Colors HD and Origins are nice and all but it still kinda sucks Rangers is our only N   
    Kinda hope Zippo's prediction of a new modern 2d game is true, even though he's probably talking out of his ass.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Soniman in Colors HD and Origins are nice and all but it still kinda sucks Rangers is our only N   
    Well it's been said since forces that the longer Dev times between games don't even matter since the games still come out bad vs Unleashed/Colors/Gens coming out in a three year span and all of them were well received or have been well received with time at least more then what came after on top of all the spin off titles still coming out during that time as well.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Soniman in Why did SLW fail?   
    Sales wise? Wii U
    Critically? To many ideas and they don't fully flesh out any of them making for a half baked unpolished experience 
    Fandom wise? Pontaff and Mario-inspiration 
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    BadBehavior reacted to Wraith in People calling SA2 "melodramatic" only proves to me just how much the Sonic fandom ha   
    people can not like it all they want but being realistic it's the most popular sonic story of them all so it's not like it's going anywhere. the dead little girl was in official art last year and it was the most shared piece out of them all. no point in all this bitching when they're not going to pick a side. they're just going to make everyone share no matter how awkward of a situation that creates.

    i will never be seriously convinced that it's an insane tonal shift anyway. the last game had more war and murder in it than this one. it's equally blurred by the way it was contextualized, but it's there. aside from sonic CD, the classic games don't have any overtly tragic themes...because they barely have any narrative at all. as soon as angel island could be contextualized it was established as having a bloody history.  if you ask me, the classic sonic "tone" that people accuse SA2 of destroying has been exaggerated in hindsight but that's a whole other topic.

    if you don't like tragedy mixed in with sincerity and comedy like sonic adventure/sonic adventure 2's tone then you probably just don't like sonic's tone, in which case... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯skip the cutscenes and hope that those rolling physics are waiting for you on the other side. surely, this time is it.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Strickerx5 in People calling SA2 "melodramatic" only proves to me just how much the Sonic fandom ha   
    Honestly, this has been apparent since I first started following this series. Some are legitimately terrified of things like 06 or Shadow and rather see the series burn before it takes anything from those titles again. And it is understandable on a base level. Those games were bad.
    Though, at every turn where the series tries to do more with its story, you'll instantly have folks barge in with the old "sonic shouldn't be serious" defense and instinctively bring up 06 and Shadow like they happened yesterday. Shit has gotten old and I'm glad that a large portion of the base has seemingly moved past this primal fear in hopes for a more substantial narrative in the future. Hell, there was a long while there where "sonic doesn't need a story" tore through the base like nothing else. Now that shit was truly awful.
    This all being said though, let's not pretend that SA2 (and Shadow to that extent) wasn't kind of insane in hindsight lol. Like as a kid, there's no fucking way you're picking up on half the shit going on in the last story which, imo, makes it fine as it added layers for other ages. But yeah, having a crazed scientist who has his granddaughter mowed down in a government raid giving his final message before a firing squad is... a lot. I can't knock people for never wanting that again. Though, I will continue to knock them for believing that's the end goal to the push for more engaging narratives.
    It's all about balance at the end of the day. We've seen them lean too far in both directions and I wouldn't call either outcome worth repeating over another.
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    BadBehavior reacted to SenEDDtor Missile in People calling SA2 "melodramatic" only proves to me just how much the Sonic fandom ha   
    @Mr. Ion
    That's the problem though.
    There's still a really pervasive mindset that being even remotely serious or tackling any subject matter that isn't just a typical "Sonic beats Eggman in funny cartoon animal world" plot as being "too edgy" or "melodramatic", even when it doesn't even end up being like that or even if it adds something fresh to the game. Bad execution of the idea, I can get criticisms of. But too many people still act as if the mere premise itself is being too edgy or too angsty.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from Waveshocker Sigma in If Sonic Rangers gets a metacritic score over 90 the government should give us a 4 da   
    I'd consider a score that high as good an apology for the Boost/Meta/Pontaff/Nostalgia Era as any.
    Provided it's not any of those things of course.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from Strickerx5 in TSR is getting a 30th anniversary edition   
    maybe if they removed Zavok it could be interesting.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Supah Berry in I almost want Rangers to have no recurring characters at all. Just to see what they c   
    You couldn't live with the secondary characters' failures
    And where did it bring you
    Back to the No Shitty Friends stigma
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from KingMario05 in But people have been vocal about a Mania 2 tho....   
    That's what I've been saying.
    Also, if fans could beg for an Adventure 3 for a whole decade and all we get is some wishywashy lip service to Chaos in Forces, then why should anyone expect anything more substansial for Mania?
  17. Absolutely
    BadBehavior got a reaction from Supah Berry in But people have been vocal about a Mania 2 tho....   
    That's what I've been saying.
    Also, if fans could beg for an Adventure 3 for a whole decade and all we get is some wishywashy lip service to Chaos in Forces, then why should anyone expect anything more substansial for Mania?
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from Supah Berry in Say it to the heavens and let nobody tell you otherwise.   
    "what's really cool is being cool while doing things that are lame. "
    Youre right. Baldy Nosehair is cool.
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    BadBehavior reacted to SenEDDtor Missile in Xbox: We nabbed Obsidian Sony: Oh yeah? Well we nabbed Obsidian... 's sound... guy...   
    I thought you were going to say Obsidian's Stunt Double for a second.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Strickerx5 in I've been thinking about this since Colors Ultimate was announced for Epic Games. Why   
    There's quite a bit to dislike about the EGS. Though, I think the major gripes can be boiled down to 3 key reasons. 1, It lacks a lot of features that even small storefronts offer (let alone steam). 2, Epic likes to buy exclusives for their store, limiting purchase options for consumers. 3, Tencent owns a large stake in the company which has led people to worry about Chinese spyware (nothing of which has ever been found mind you).
    Some also dislike it for simply being another launcher that's not Steam and they see that as, to try and make this sound less ridiculous than it really is, a needless complication when starting games.
    I don't think you'll fine many out there who prefer the EGS over Steam, including myself.
    Now, with all that being said, I do find the amount of hate the store gets to be pretty ridiculous at times. Personally, a game being on there exclusively will never directly effect my decision to buy it. I don't use a lot of Steam's extra features so as long as the actual game is good, I couldn't care less what icon I have to click on in order to start it up.
    Also, I do believe that there's often a lot of hyperbole and double standards that go on with these discussions. Mainly evolving around how people will, rightfully, give Epic a good beaten but, at the same time, often completely ignore all the shit Valve does. Like, no one likes to ever bring up how much strong arming Valve did with Steam when it first showed up way back when.
    At the end of the day, they're both companies who don't care about you so I often find people holding Steam up in the PC community as this holy thing to be really silly. Like, it's good and I love it too, but really.
    So when it comes to Colors being on the EGS, I really don't care. I care so much more about the actual port itself and how that's shaping up. Cause, real talk, if Sega was releasing this on Steam I still wouldn't be thinking about buying it. Steam isn't going to make those loading hitches and poor lighting go away.
    edit: sorry for the long post
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    BadBehavior reacted to Blue Blood in Pokemon Gen 5 kinda feels like the "Unleashed" of Pokemon right now, to a lesser exte   
    Gen V has a huge range of issues though, just like Unleashed. The best part of the analogy is how both series were sanitised and started nostalgia baiting a of a lot more afterwards.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from Failinhearts in Couldn't sell the consoles today, oof. I have to wait for the weekday for them to hav   
    took a ps2, with all the cables but no controller, into cex recently. Said they wouldn't take it without a controller cos they couldn't test it otherwise. Now im sure theres probably some covid restriction but you have PS2 controllers on your shelves, just appropriate one for a few minutes?
    Part of me wanted to be a smartass and buy a PS2 controller right there just to trade it back in with the console.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in The Sonic 2022 trailer is a bit shit, isn't it? Like, I'm satisfied with it and don't   
    I love the idea that Sonic Team takes all the trouble to go hire a profesional animation studio, draws out storyboards and goes trough that whole expensive and time consuming circus....
    All for "Sonic runs trough forest"
    At least the Sonic Forces teaser trailer had stuff in it.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Blue Blood in I think the very frustrating thing about Sonics shitty friends not being playable any   
    I've actually never thought about it this way, and it's quite true really. People have often said that it's annoying to see Tails reduced to "the tech guy" when he was the originally the definitive playable sidekick in video games. And the same goes for the rest of the cast acting like cheerleaders incapable of doing anything without Sonic around. It just doesn't make sense for all of these super powered characters to do nothing. If they're present, they should be involved in the action. And if they're involved in the action, I want to play as them at least sometimes. And I'd rather they weren't present in the games at all if they're never going to playable.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Crow the BOOLET in So Doug Walker is apparently sponsored by Square-Enix now   
    Ah yes my favorite Final Hearts character Master Walkernortiroth
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