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    BadBehavior reacted to Kuzu in Demoted Protagonists.   
    Even so, blaming earlier games for the problems of the later ones is only done in hindsight; do the problems of the later games just suddenly invalidate what came before? It's like how people suddenly decided that Colors and Generations were terrible games because Forces was bad, that type of thinking runs on a fallacy.
    Sequels after Sonic Adventure 2 do not invalidate the popularity of the game at the time. If those problems really were as big as you're making them out to be, the game would have never been as popular as it was. I have no doubt that the game was pretty divisive to begin with because of all of the changes from SA1, but it didn't stop the game from being just as popular as it's predecessor. 
    If you're gonna judge those games, judge them on their own merits of poor quality and not blame the idea itself. That type of attitude is exactly why they threw out the baby and bathwater, because everyone just started to scapegoat all of those things and assumed that was the problem.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from Snowragnarok in Demoted Protagonists.   
    I have to wonder why we need to worry about Sonic being 1-upped by his own cast. Not every Mario game has Mario in it. People aren't whining and whinging about Luigi's mansion, demanding that they play as the more popular guy.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Chili Dawg in Sonic Colors's Story: Your Opinion   
    You know this is kind of a really really good point, and something I gotta admit I myself have been guilty of. Back in the day I was kinder to Color's story, but thinking about it, so much of it was just for things the story DIDN'T do. Like I praised it at the time basically for not being Shadow or 06, now I miss the days of the bonkers unpredictable nonsense since we've moved into an era where they're afraid to move too far from what's expected of Sonic as a brand. I guess the moral is don't listen to me, I probably don't know what I actually want.
    I feel like the story is a lot like the game as a whole. Something we kinda needed at the time. And a lot of us liked it while acknowledging it could be improved significantly. It's just... that never really happened.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Kuzu in Sonic Colors's Story: Your Opinion   
    The primary reason Colors got as much praise as it did at the time is because it trimmed down what most critics were critical of at the time; the game was simple and accessible and its central gimmick doesn't dominate the game, the cast was trimmed down to the bare minimum, and the story was as straightforward as it gets.
    Regardless of the game's actual quality, all of these things were seen as net positives by the general public with the vocal dissenters being cowed into silence.
    Its why you don't see much praise for it anymore; the series has barely improved since then and the ones who liked it have either moved on or just don't feel the need to speak up, which only leaves that once cowed Vocal minority left, and they have all of the ammunition they need to trash this game since it exercised the elements they liked about the series.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Wraith in Sonic Colors's Story: Your Opinion   
    It's bad.
    I think it's pretty telling that it's often praised in comparison to other Sonic games and not on it's own merits. People mostly like the idea of a back to basics premise, and I think that's fair. I didn't hate the idea itself. The Interstellar Amusement Park, the surrounding planets, and the core premise are evocative of older Sonic titles without being derivative. It's a nice sweetspot that the series should hit more often. I'm not really a fan of the idea of stripping the cast down to Sonic and Tails but it's also a respectable decision if the game uses that to it's advantage. 

    The final game delivers on a fantastic setting in it's visuals but the story itself is kind of a wet fart. Sonic and Tails don't really feel like they're being pressured or challenged for the entire thing, a far cry from even the oldest games in the series. The cutscenes have some pretty barebones animation compared to previous games and decide to make the dialogue the star of the show. If you've ever played a Sonic game released before this you probably know how bad of an idea this is.

    The new writers and actors make the duo sound more natural but plenty of cringe is still there without any wonky translation or delivery to blame it on. Just a really poor sense of humor that doesn't play to any of the strengths of the series, the characters or this game's setting. Humor is subjective, but even if you find a line or two funny the game will make sure to hang on it long enough to make sure you  don't before the joke is over. Sometimes it feels like the cutscenes are stalling to meet some kind of time quota, which is a weird step down by how quickly something like SA2 can convey what's going on before jumping back into the action. 
    It might be easy to forget what the game's conflict is actually about while it's losing itself in it's ingenious sense of humor. The Wisps's plight is kind of tossed into the background. The mind control beam is sabotaged within 10 minutes of us learning about it. Tails being taken over by Eggman is dealt with before the cutscene is over. Almost every attempt to dig deeper into the setting or premise is a nonstarter. No matter how you feel about the previous Sonic games, how they wrecked your perception of the universe or made you uncomfortable or whatever, this is just thoroughly unsatisfying storytelling in comparison. Almost everything is painted as a nonissue. Other Sonic games at least follow through on plot threads and conflicts in basic ways.
    This was also the start of the premise feeling completely disconnected from the gameplay. The cutscenes can happen pretty much anywhere, in any order as the game's nonlinear second half shows.  Tails being hypnotized presents an obvious opportunity for a rival battle or at least a unique gameplay sequence where Sonic has to avoid hurting him, but it's dealt with quickly. There's no real attempt by the game to flesh out the planets Eggman took over or the Wisps. Compare how much we got to know the echidna, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Chip or Merlina. It would have been nice to see how the Park was during normal operations.
    There are a couple of solid moments toward the end. Sonic sending Tails away from the final boss is a nice moment that's kind of undercut by how easy it turns out to be. I like that Sonic gets overwhelmed by the black hole at the end. A lot of other games would have taken that opportunity to lean into the power fantasy but we got a nice dose of reality instead. We'll be generous and call the wisps saving Sonic at the end a nice send up to Super Mario Galaxy, but it doesn't even work as well here as it does there since there's no sacrifice. It's at least nice to see the wisps pay back Sonic for helping him, but that's about it. 
    The story isn't a big part of Sonic Colors so it can't bring the game down that much, but it's not the best icing on top of a game I already find underwhelming mechanically for a lot of reasons. Some less than stellar gameplay sequences in other Sonic games are elevated into being memorable just by the context. Sonic Colors even has an example of this in the black hole. It's a shame this game largely forgot about this aside from that. 
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from Scritch the Cat in Things you hate about your favorite games   
    Security Hall. That is all.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Snowragnarok in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Indeed so. Though unlike a P-13 or P-14, it would at least be worth imagining new level layouts and such for it. The story makes it worthwhile.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Flame Lance in Why I hardly have faith in the Sonic franchise now   
    I'm pretty concerned about Sonic's future for one large reason here being the lack of output mixed with underwhelming quality. Sonic Forces was almost three years ago. The game took an alleged 4 years and yet was one of the most painfully mediocre Sonic products perhaps ever. Sonic Mania was also released in 2017 and saw DLC about a year later. Now we are left to wonder if we will be seeing more Mania style games. It's 2020 and we don't have even so much as a hint as to whether a Mania 2 is on the way or not. And the only games we've had since those two are the bargain-bin low budget Team Sonic Racing and the 2020 Olympics title. And well... mobile crap. This just seems awfully poor considering Crash Bandicoot had the smash hit N Sane trilogy in 2017, CTR Nitro Fueled in 2019 which performed FAR better than TSR, and is now about to see a huge sequel title in the way of Crash 4, which is coming out this year and will likely do extremely well, whereas Sonic has... nothing coming out this year. Not games anyway.
    I mean, am I missing something here? How is it that Sega is not properly competing with Crash? I suppose it is possible that they're putting all of their eggs into the 30th anniversary basket and we'll see multiple big titles next year, however I am pretty skeptical of this after being disappointed for so long. And I think I'm just worried that Sonic will only really see new games whenever there's an anniversary and not yearly like in the past. I know they promise taking their time and giving us quality, but these things have been said before, and not much has really improved. I'll eat my words if they prove me wrong on this, but I'd honestly settle for two or so mediocre games a year than wait years just for one mediocre title. I was a happier fan during the so-called "dark ages" because we at least got content on the regular even if not everything hit the mark. Now we wait ages just to get rubbish like Forces. This is honestly not what I would consider an improvement, but as I said before, I will gladly take back my words if next year ends up amazing. 
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    BadBehavior reacted to Wraith in Why I hardly have faith in the Sonic franchise now   
    A newfound focus on comedy and character interaction didn't sound like the worst thing in the world for me at the time. It had the potential to fill the holes in the flaws of the series storytelling up until that point with a less plot driven approach. I like almost every story arc and character introduced from SA2 up until Sonic and the Black Knight but there was plenty of room for improvement and the lack of interesting character interactions was a big one. There are a lot of great scenes butplenty of them come down to exposition or the characters just talking about where to go next due to the nature of those games. A lot of old school Sonic art showed tons of laid back interactions and moments that rarely manifested in the plot driven games and it would have been cool to see our favorite characters in a different light. 
    The problem was that these changes were committed to so half-heartedly that it felt like mandates or lipservice instead of someone who actually had an idea on how to make something great. Long standing favorites like Knuckles and Amy were shoved into the background for no practical reason while the duo of Sonic and Tails had possibly the driest interactions they've ever had in the forefront. It was pretty obvious to me that integrating the series's treasure trove of characters would have spiced these new games up, even if they only limited themselves to characters introduced before '98, but we're limited to Tails and Eggman because that's what Sonic 2 did and Sonic 2 is still one of the most successful games in the series. Tails and Eggman also directly serve a function as guide and boss respectively, and those are really the only types of characters a game needs, right? It's all very cynical and calculated in the worst possible way.
    Nothing was actually done to leverage this simplification in a way that justified it. Colors doesn't do an uninterrupted deep dive into the atmosphere of an alien world like CD does. There are moments where the game's atmosphere comes together for some really beautiful moments like the intros to Starlight Carnival and Planet Wisp, but those are rare. The plight of the wisps is hardly acknowledged at all before the last third. Sonic is deliberately cut off from most of the cast so we can't use the lack of tension to spend time with our favorite heroes in a low stakes environment. Bland or lackluster animation still plagues most of the cutscenes so the lack of characters or complex action sequences mostly just feels like a step down instead of a concession. Most of Unleashed's underlying gameplay flaws carried over with the goal to the tweaks boiling down to making it easier to reach the goal ring instead of taking steps toward a more free-form action game meaning people like me that liked the fact that Unleashed was challenging are left out to dry.
    Sonic Lost World runs into a lot of similar problems. The attempt to create friction between Sonic and Tails was appreciated, but it's just about the only narrative thread the game introduced that it was interested in and they still can't help but drop the ball at the end. It gets points for me for it's attempt at more free-form gameplay and I genuinely think some of the changes they did to the artstyle are interesting, but it never really comes together.
    Any new additions to the series lore were so understated that it became hard for me to get attached to them and their simplified designs didn't help with that. They started to lean on function over aesthetic appeal which was never Sonic's style. Just take a look at Knuckles who debuted in 1994 if you want to see how core to the series this really is. He's obviously designed to be a ground based boxer evocative of Sonic, but almost nothing about his actual abilities in game are communicated. He flies around and climbs walls with punching being a footnote. It didn't matter too much though because Knuckles is such a cool design that would stand out in any cast. I'd give similar praise to most of the other Sonic characters introduced before 2006. 
    Meanwhile, something like the wisps, D6 or Donda Pa feel like function was prioritized over form. Generic tutorial faeries or miniboss squads that felt evocative of other popular games so you immediately understood what their purpose was. You can argue that this started with Chip but you can at least tell the writing staff didn't change yet because he's given something resembling an arc. The deadly six are so focused on playing their role with almost no focus on the 'why' that it's understandable to me when people say they feel like they're from a different franchise. Not every Sonic rival came with the most interesting and justifiable motivation but we were almost always encouraged to try to see their perspective on things through an alternate campaign or going to good lengths in the story to explain their motivations. The Deadly Six are only a step above badniks in terms of autonomy  which is a big step back from the likes of chaos or shadow.

    I'm open minded to a paradigm shift, but Sonic Colors and onward wasn't even that. It was a lesser product through and through.

    To be fair to the series though it does feel like they're recognizing these issues and taking steady steps in the right direction. Sonic Mania actually justifies it's back to basics approach by bringing back almost all the gameplay strengths of the good old days and improving on them few strings attached. Sonic Forces is a disaster as a game but Infinite is the most interesting design in the main games in quite some time and the story made an attempt to do most of what I was asking for above. The comics have introduced Tangle, Whisper, and Starline who not only feel like big wins in terms of designs but fit in with the cast established before 2007 like a glove in terms of depth. Animated shorts have started coming out that actually execute on all of the things I wanted Sonic Colors Gens, and Lost World to do so effortlessly that it's embarrassing. Lackluster releases like Sonic Boom and the movie are still frequent, but I'm nowhere near where I was with the series in 2016. I'm actually curious to see what the plan is instead of dreading it.
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    BadBehavior reacted to HPX in Why I hardly have faith in the Sonic franchise now   
    Yeah, I've realized I'm in the minority on stanning shonen Sonic.
    My impression was always that Sega wanted a mascot that would appeal to Western audiences, with 'cool' being the driving guideline, and Sonic Team naturally only knew how to realize that through their own cultural lexicon. From the beginning, Japanese video games always had manga and anime to draw from, and Sonic was no exception; Super Sonic alone is the obvious analogue, but Naka has stated that even the blue sphere special stages were directly inspired by one of the Dragon Ball Z ending sequences, to say nothing of the Chaos Emeralds. I don't see how it also being inspired by Star Wars somehow negates the predominate culture that birthed Sonic and the narrative and aesthetic staples that contributed to it. Star Wars is also directly inspired by Kurosawa, so we can go in circles on this.
    The disconnect comes from Sega of America adapting the brand/character into punk rock Micky Mouse which, as we've seen, worked really well at the time. But having two separate renditions of the same brand was never going to end prettily as, to this day, laypeople still say, "Eggman? I thought his name was Doctor Robotnik." I remember reading an interview with Naka where he spoke about how bizarre it was to see Sonic Underground on tv in the mornings when he was in San Francisco because it was completely its own thing with its own lore and presentation and characters. You can see they tried to make the Japanese rendition/presentation the 'official' Sonic the Hedgehog throughout the early 2000's, but the dominant consumer base just never could reconcile these two takes on the same character. So of course the West won out, it was the territory where Sonic sold the most. I don't think Unleashed was the series remembering anything, as Sonic was never "cartoony" outside of Western promotional presentation, but the word "cartoony" can easily devolve into a semantic argument; I'm sure Sonic Team would agree with you that Sonic is cartoony, but I'm willing to bet they'd mean it in the same way that anime are technically cartoons. That was their frame of reference. And sure, the Deadly Six can have been based on oni, but the fact remains that the presentation was absolutely geared toward Western sensibilities. They look like they'd fit into that late Pac-Man reboot, and I don't think that's by accident.
    Sega did such a poor job of managing this brand that it virtually has no identity anymore. There are so many "eras," so many takes and continuities. Sonic's not a character anymore so much as a brand on the level of Hello Kitty; kids recognize him and he sells ice-cream and backpacks. Unfortunately, that seems to be enough.
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    BadBehavior reacted to HPX in Why I hardly have faith in the Sonic franchise now   
    As someone who fell in love with Sonic specifically for its shonen edge carrying themes of anti-authoritarianism, anti-militarism, environmentalism, forgiveness and, yes, friendship, I haven't found these qualities in any meaningful degree from this franchise for over the last decade. I am talking strictly about the games here, I have little to no interest in peripheral media outside of the original Sonic X and the OVA.
    From what I've gathered, Sonic as a brand seems to have always had a friction between its Japanese sensibilities and its predominantly Western audience. There'd always been a hard split in presentation of the character between the two territories and, while things started to get more consolidated around the Adventure era, this tension never really went away. It came to a head in Sonic '06 which, to my mind, was really everything Sonic was always about in terms of vibe and presentation. But with how that game got thoroughly screwed and the resulting fallout, that tension snapped and Sonic fell squarely into the West's court, as Western critics had been the most vocal, most volatile, hyperbolic, etc.
    Following that, we got Unleashed which suddenly presented itself as if Sonic were a premier Disney/Pixar character in a whimsical new world full of orchestrated music and super deformed human characters, seemingly completely eschewing the lore and characters that had been built up since the first game. They tried to reinvent the character and distance itself as much as it could from all of the anime spirit much of the Western audience found so unpalatable in '06, and so this marks the point where I become increasingly unable to recognize the character and the world I fell in love with. Black Knight was really the last gasp of Sonic's shonen spirit.
    I realize there are many people who like or even prefer the games from this era, and I respect that, but I have to say I cringe every time I see a wisp or Zavok and the Sinister Six or whatever the koopalings are called. I cringe whenever I hear Roger's Sonic. I hated the movie and found it to fundamentally not understand what this series was originally about. As much as I like Sonic Rush, I don't believe the boost had any business becoming the standard model for Sonic design, as it's only really stripped the premise of the character down to its barest minimum, only without the nuance of letting players master Sonic's movement and physics, thereby enabling player expressivity outside of "choose which lane you want to swap to."
    Sonic's a character with limitless potential--unlike any other video game character I can think of. And I love to see so much of that potential realized in fanworks. Aside from replaying my favorite games in the series over and over again, seeing the love and creativity of the community is what's kept me here, despite all my unhappiness and doubts. The promise of this franchise, the premise at its heart is what's kept me hoping to maybe one day see Sonic again.
    All that said, though, I think my interest in the franchise lives or dies by the next game. It's exhausting feeling like I care more than SEGA and Sonic Team. Frankly, a corporation doesn't deserve the amount of love Sonic gets from its community, myself included.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from HPX in Why I hardly have faith in the Sonic franchise now   
    Like I said to another person replying: I was just trying to challenge the assertion that Forces is somehow "better" than 06 despite the two games sharing many similarities. "06 bad cos multiple characters/ dark story blah de blah de blaaah". When this game has the same "problems" and is still just as bad.
    Say what you will about 06, at least it takes more than 2 hours to beat. And you have to do more than hold down the Square button to beat it.
    And no Green Hill or Chemical Plant zone so 06 shoots up like a thousand spaces in my tier list for that.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from batson in Why I hardly have faith in the Sonic franchise now   
    That might be part of it but I don't think people were asking for a more innovative game, they were asking for a game of equal quality. That's what they mean when they say Forces is worse: worse level design, worse controls, pretty much everything has been downgraded for no discernable reason. A downgrade from Adventure 1 or 2 to 06 is embarrassing, but to repeat such a "feat" again for an entirely different gameplay style just makes you wonder what the HFIL happened.
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    BadBehavior reacted to Johnster4 in Sonic Team & It's fans.   
    The only way I see the "SEGA hire this man" meme dying down is if Sonic Team consistently gives us high quality Sonic games, it might not happen after one game but 2 or 3 games later people might trust Sonic Team again.
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    BadBehavior reacted to The Deleter in sooo... what's the deal about sonic... holding a sword?   
    A knife?

    Gotta shank fast™
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    BadBehavior reacted to Scar in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Its not really self entitlement to be brutally honest.
    Its simply just being cognisant of the fact that you are very likely to end up disappointed in a product made by Sonic Team. The last time this didn't happen was a year shy of a decade ago, and even that game; Generations, was barely an 8/10 to the wider gaming community.
    You are more than welcome to think what you will of pessimism and cynicism. That's your prerogative. But in the case of Sonic the Hedgehog, its not even cynicism or pessimism any more. Its just realism. I have simply lowered my expectations of what Sonic Team are actually capable of. They can say whatever the fuck they want, but words are wind. After 15 goddamn years of disappointment I want some evidence. 
    And just as you consider cynicism pointless, I consider blind optimism and faith in a team with a suspect track record to be nothing short of naivety. And naivety is in many ways worse than cynicism. It leaves you blind to reality. More than cynicism, it is actually the vector for stagnation. 
    I used to be the same way. I used to hear some nice words from Sonic Team. They've learned their lessons. They're taking their time with game development. And I used to hopelessly believe that it would yield in some progress. It did not. I just can't be bothered to give Sonic Team the benefit of the doubt any more. No matter what they say. As I've said. Words are wind. I want to see results now. And not just one game. String a few 8+/10 games together, and then maybe I'll be a bit more forgiving. 

    Its not self-entitlement, cause I'm not really making any demands. The sad reality is I frankly do not care as much as I used to. I don't have the energy to get excited or optimistic about Sonic any more.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from RadicalLaRuby in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (PS4 / Xbox One)   
    Grinding and Wall running? Man, these devs are smelling blood in the water, coming after that Sonic throne.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from Moose the Cat in Pitch your Sonic fanfic   
    Well here's mine for what it's worth
    Title: Sonic: Scourge of Mobius
    Media written narrative
    Outline  When another Sonic arrives from another dimension, it seems like the usual mundane insanity of Sonic's World in effect. But as The Real Sonic realizes this discovery, the bizarre chain of events could have disastrous consequences not only for Sonic and his friends but also the worlds they protect.
    Basically an alternate Sonic comes, thw twist being that when main Sonic and alt-sonic come into contact, theres a violent metaphysical reaction that makes one weak, both physically and mentally, and the other one having all the power but becoming a total jerkwad who goes back to his own universe to defeat his own Eggman and take over his world. The clue is in the name after all. (Scourge. Eh? Eh?)
    Sonic's friends go off to stop him while Sonic, crippled with the emotional baggage of his counterpart, stays behind. The ending would have involved weak Sonic getting off his butt and making it to the final showdown as both sides have worn each other out. Sonic reaches out to Scourge, understand what he's been through, says "I forgive you", before hugging him, causing another metaphysical reaction that returns Prime Sonic to his normal self and Scourge... is Scourge. He sends the people off, saying that he'll become his own person, even dying himself a different colour, as the gang go back to their own world... but oh no, Eggman has taken over in their absence, and the adventure continues.
    Does it exist? Yes because I wrote it. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12763214/1/Sonic-Scourge-of-Mobius.
    Yeah it's been dead for a while and thats why I feel comfortable spoiling the whole thing here. It's not a 1 to 1 copypaste from my design document cos it was lost in a computer transfer and I just typed it here from memory.
    Tl;dr  A JoJo referance masquerading as a story. (Steel Ball Run and D4C is where I got the sort of idea from.) Sonic defeats his evil double with the power of empathy.
    And what the hell, how about another one?
    Title  Sonic: Into the Sonicverse
    Media Maybe a Game
    Shenanigens happen, and now there are 3 Sonics: Game/IDW, Archie and Fleetway.
    Each would have 2 partner characters: Game would have Tails & Knuckles, Archie would have Sally and Antoine and Fleetway would have Amy and Shortfuse the Cybernik. The former characters (Tails, Sally, Amy) would be more technical to play while the latter (Knuckles, Antoine, Shortfuse) would be brawler types.
    Each would have a character who communicated with them over a comm. Rouge, Nicole and Tekno respectively.
    Each would even have a set of villains. Game: Eggman, Black Doom, Team Hooligan and Infinite.
    Comic: Eggman + Snively, Ixis Naugus, The Destructix, and Enerjak.
    Fleetway: Robotnik + Grimer, Super Sonic, The Metallix Brotherhood and the Drakon Empire.
    Then it would turn out the REAL villains were a triumvirate of Dr. Zachary, Dr. Finetivus and Dr. Starline (I was gonna have Imperator Ix but who remembers Sonic Chronicles?)
    Due to Dimensional crossover, duplicates of the same person have a risk of self destructing when interacting with each other. (I seem oddly fascinated with this concept.) Hence different versions of Tails, Knuckles etc can't interact with each other. Not even Sonic, who can't touch his other selves. This makes battling Super Sonic extremely difficult.
    It is this effect that makes Enerjak return, when the three versions of Knuckles touch each other, and the infusion of chaos energy and memories of each overwhelm him.
    And smaller character appearances, mostly for gags:
    Scratch & Grounder (AoStH)
    Sonia and Manic (Underground)
    Chris Thorndyke (X)
    Sticks the Badger (Boom)
    Tom Wachowski (Movie)
    Elise (06)
    Shade (just to throw Sonic Chronicles a bone)
    Does it exist? Kinda? https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13515359/1/Sonic-The-Hedgehog-The-Fleetarch-Conundrum
    I came up with it before finding this story, to be fair.
    Tl;dr  It's in the title. Can't get a better TL;DR than that.
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    BadBehavior reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in Who is your least favorite Sonic character?   
    Actually, they can.
    It’s just they were literally told to write him in a certain other way that ended up not being well received.
    Given the team behind IDW Sonic is the same as the one behind Archie Sonic—who did the best Shadow at the time before it was cancelled—I ‘d think they could do it again if the people mandating the characters would ease on the leash.
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    BadBehavior reacted to dbzfan7 in Who is your least favorite Sonic character?   
    The Deadly Shits are the worst. I mean there's other characters I hate like Elise, Chris, Cosmo, Sticks, Boom Knuckles, Marine, Mephiles, Orbot and Cubot but nothing beats the Deadly Shits. I can at least see something with everyone else, but I see nothing with them. They are nothing. They have terrible designs, they have the most cliche stereotype bad guy personalities, none of their abilities are cool, nothing about them is good. Yet they keep coming back....like seriously stop coming back. They're trying to make these guys like the next koopa kids like baddies but at least they're done and over with without having to yap or waste my time. So not only do I hate them, but they aren't at least tossed away like a bad memory like most other bad characters, these little shits keep stinking up the place. Go away. I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually really like these characters....they're not even freaking meme worthy. I mean at least give us that if you're gonna suck at everything....but no not even meme worthy. They're a pile of shit a dog keeps leaving on your lawn. You get annoyed, you tell the owner to stop leaving shit on your lawn. Then you forget about them for a while til they shit on the lawn again and remind you how shit they are.
    If only I could just banish them

    I'll quickly go over Orbot and Cubot and just say they wouldn't bug me so much if they at least had a reason to exist outside of being for conversation. They do nothing, succeed at nothing, and basically just make Eggman look stupid. Have them at least pilot badniks or do something to make them have a reason to exist. Even Scratch and Grounder seem to have more reason to be lackies than those two and they're purposely played up to be bumbling and stupid.
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    BadBehavior reacted to batson in Who is your least favorite Sonic character?   
    Zeena is to women what a character wearing a grass skirt and eating missionaries is to africans.
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    BadBehavior reacted to DabigRG in Who is your least favorite Sonic character?   
    Guess this is as good a time as any to do a Why Zeena Zucked write-up
    Scantly one-dimensional archetype Stereotypical bordering on offensive personality Inconsistent character bio Adds little to the band roster Undefined powerset Nothing to do in the story
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    BadBehavior reacted to Sean in Who is your least favorite Sonic character?   
    Just to restrict myself to games only (because tbh there are way too many to choose from in Archie alone), I think the entire Deadly Six safely hold this honor for me. There have been many Sonic characters that I disliked in the past, but I grew to either appreciate them later on once I stopped caring about things like 2 edgy 4 sonic, or they were written better in future games or other incarnations such as the comics. Hell, fan art has gotten me to like certain Sonic characters that I didn't before. The D6 though, I don't think there's any salvaging of these guys. I already don't like their designs one bit, and they're all centered around very specific clichés with absolutely no meaningful depth or character development. I haven't read any IDW comics featuring them but I'd be surprised if even those endeared me to them, as much as I otherwise immensely appreciate the comics team for doing a lot of good for the Sonic series.
    As much as I don't like other characters such as Mephiles or Infinite, they have something going for them that I get why some people do like them. Plus they only showed up in one game. The D6 keep appearing and I'm already more sick of them than I am of the wisps. I don't despise them the way some people do but there really isn't anything for me to get out of any scene that involves them.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from Snowragnarok in Your ideal Control Scheme for future 3D Sonic games.   
    BAsically Adventure, but diversify the controls so everything isn't mapped to one button.
    But at the same time don't map every single move to it's own button like Lost World. Who knows how the franchise that went to only needing to press 1 button went to having 7 buttons each do different things like it's an MMO.
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    BadBehavior got a reaction from PC the Hedgehog in Filling Blanks: Lost Hex   
    I bet Sonic Teams thought process when creating the Lost Hex was "it's a fantasy world, anything can happen and we don't have to explain anything!"
    We know little to nothing about the Lost Hex itself. It's got hexagonal pieces, it's got holes in it like Cocoon from Final Fantasy XIII... and that's it.
    We know more about Little Planet: it comes every decade and has things called the Time Stones. Which is probably why that isn't raised as a problem in CD's disfavour compared to the Hex for Lost World. Same other other zones like most things from Heroes and such.
    They didn't tease us with worldbuilding with a cast of characters like the Zeti and objects like the Conch. As the saying goes: Go big or go home, and they did neither.
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