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  1. Never played it, don't want to. But hey, at least it served as backstory for the stellar IDW comics. Also, as edgy as Infinite's theme is, it totally slaps.
  2. Jesus Christ. Florida election officials "accidentally" ignored mail-in ballots... Which usually break for Democrats. The GOP is fucking irredeemable.
  3. I'd prefer to see a crossover with Transformers, mostly because I'm a Transformers fan. I'd prefer for it to be out of continuity with the current IDW Transformers continuity; a team-up between a goofy G1 cartoon-styled Megatron and the good doctor would be fantastic.
  4. I really hate Team Flare from Pokemon XY. They're basically a lazy rehash of Team Galactic, but the way the game goes well out of its way to make them seem ridiculous (and unlike the ever-hilarious Team Skull, they're not the funny sort of ridiculous - they're just cringe-inducingly obnoxious) and then expects you to take them seriously is infuriatingly dumb. XY were a major letdown in a lot of ways, especially coming directly after my beloved Gen 5, but Team Flare is insufferable. They're the worst villain team in the games.
  5. Hey, everyone. I'm Dragoon, aka Dusty/Dustflier. I just got back into Sonic because of the IDW comics, and my favorite characters are E-102 Gamma, Blaze and Tangle. I'm also a big Pokemon fan; I'm actually a moderator on Bulbagarden's Discord!
  6. As a kid, I was *terrified* of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. As I got older, I realized that the way she can be super-creepy one moment and hilarious the next made her a fantastic villain. Also, the opening of The Great Mouse Detective when the bat crashes through the window? Nightmarish, even though he becomes funny for the rest of the movie. Neither of these creep me out now, but you know what still does?
  7. We have a shitload of Boomers and rednecks. I held out hope for Andrew Gillum, but the fucking panhandle screwed us over, just like they did in 2016. I'm seriously considering moving now. Probably to somewhere in Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts.
  8. KH has more than enough original characters to work, honestly. You have Riku and Kairi, Xehanort and his clones, Organization XII, Lea and the Wayfinder Trio, for starters. And then of course you have the metric boatloads of Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed and Dream Eaters. And yeah, I don't dislike Geno, but his inclusion would be pretty much pandering to a really small cult following. It'd make more sense to use another Square character, like Sora, Chrono, another Final Fantasy character, a Bravely series character, someone from Octopath Traveler, a Dragon Quest character, and hell, even Neku. Like, I love E-102 Gamma, but I still think Tails, Knuckles, Amy or Shadow would belong as playable characters more than he does.
  9. I didn't get into the Sonic games until Adventure (I've always been more into the comics), so it'd be rad to have Adventure on a handheld. Also might give me the opportunity to finally play Jet Set Radio; that game sounds like something I'd enjoy.
  10. Good. I loved Masuda back when he was the mastermind behind Platinum, HGSS and BW (BW are still my fave games in the series), but XY's all-round mediocrity and his more recent statements have made me lose a lot of faith in him.
  11. Sora is my most-wanted character out of the "characters that are probably gonna be DLC" club. I'm a big Disney and KH geek, so Sora showing up would be amazing. Hell, Sora's potential reveal trailer would probably be as much of a hype moment for me as Mega Man's announcement was for Sm4sh.
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