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  1. Fair play man... I've been playing these games since '91... I've been an obsessed fan ever since. Sonic's probably the main thing that led me to move to Japan... but I never though about this. It has blown my mind despite hiding in plain sight this whole time haha. He DOES have two eyes!! Holy shit!! Great post!
  2. I think MainJP and Blue Blood have nailed it with their replies already. It's definitely a key part of the design. As important as the spikes IMO. I mean... Look at Sonic Team's logo lol.
  3. Respectfully... That is madness lol. It's like saying Mickey Mouse looks better without ears or Homer Simpson looks better without yellow skin. It's absolutely integral to the design and has been for almost 30 years. It's iconic AF. In my opinion of course! Sonic with separate eyes looks wrong. It doesn't look like Sonic and there is no reason to change it for the movie. If we can have a live action Mr Mime and Ditto, we can have a live action, mono-eye Sonic.
  4. Really though, I know a lot of people say gloves and teeth... But surely the eyes are the most obvious design issue. Such a distinctive part of the design and they have ruined it. It's even the Sonic Team logo! If this design doesn't fix the eyes to mono-style it will never look right. White hands in place of gloves is fine with me.
  5. Thanks for sharing the link but, well... Lol these Tumblr guys have no idea do they? Alleged secondary descriptions from someone they spoke to who may have seen one potential design proposal? The eyes "may have been bigger" They've sat on this non-information and tried to hype it up like they have something? I don't think there's any credibility here.
  6. Gotta be fake. Not sure what kind of movie poster would focus on the character's crotch for the teaser image. Well... I mean I'm sure there are plenty of 'movies' that do just that on their posters 😅 But not family movies about a CG hedgehog.
  7. Haha given all this shit the first trailer got, I reckon the producers are in with editors now having a good hard think about whether they really want to include that in the final movie...
  8. "And there's a whole scene dedicated to SA2." Blatantly gonna be getting chased by Eggman's truck through San Fran.
  9. I assumed for a while it would be with Dora too. We shall see tomorrow! 😁 As someone who liked the first trailer (minus Gangsta's Paradise and that awful design), I am sure to lose my shit if they manage to do a new trailer with a cool looking Sonic and a more fitting choice of music. We shall see tomorrow!
  10. I'm assuming so. Trailer Track is saying no. That Brazilian guy was saying yes. Do Paramount have another big kids movie before Sonic? I would have thought at least a very short teaser tomorrow? They need to start advertising it again.
  11. To be fair Jim Carrey has a point. But at the same time he isn't invested in the franchise at all (he clearly knows bugger all about it in the interviews lol). Where as I agree to an extent, that Sonic design was fucking awful and HAD TO change. I wish something similar had happened with the Michael Bay TMNT (although it was dead from day one as they ruined the origin story, at least it would have been more visually pleasing.)
  12. Anyone else think those prototypes, while still looking naff, looked better than what we saw in the trailer? Lol Also, I agree. Something seems to be happening with this movie. Expecting something new imminently. 6 1/2 months from the rescheduled re-release, right? They need to get those posters up now so I expect we will see the design sooner rather than later.
  13. Guys... am I losing my mind here? Sega Shop e-mailed me to promote the Mega Drive Mini and, well, see the attached photos. Am I losing my mind?! Or did someone just goof up and reveal something about a potential Dreamcast mini? The subject of the e-mail was 'Join Beat in Tokyo-to this September!'
  14. I assume in the movie that Green Hills is just a name by coincidence and Sonic goes there because he's lost in a new world and he sees a familiar name. I don't think it's literally meant to be the movie universe's Green Hill Zone. Just speculating of course.
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