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  1. Yeah there's teasers and then there's... whatever tf that was lol. It could literally be anything. Is is tied to Sonic Prime? Is that warping effect the scatterverse opening? Back to realistic environments now too. Gotta love the inconsistency from game to game haha. It did seem like he's had a redesign for sure. Somewhere between the two.
  2. That is fantastic. I had totally missed this. Cheers for the heads up!
  3. Lol can anyone just wander on to this set and take any photos they want? That's a menacing Robotnik look though. I like it. Still wish it was red, though I am sure there will be bits of red in it like in the first movie.
  4. Agreed. If there is money to be made, Paramount will 100% keep making them. And I will keep watching them! This won't stop at a trilogy. I hope we get a new Sonic movie every two years for the foreseeable future!
  5. I can't put into words the joy seeing a bald, moustached Jim Carrey on set has given me. I am so excited for this sequel.
  6. My prediction is this: Obviously Tails has a big role. And Knuckles will have a major role as an antagonist on side with Eggman until the final act when he realised he's been tricked and sides with Sonic. Maybe, if we see more of Sonic's world, more characters could appear in a small capacity in the background. In the same way we had Pachacamac in the first movie.
  7. If the Jason Mamoa thing is true then that's a much bigger name than I expected for Knuckles. Maybe they can justify it in the budget by having a much more low-cost voice actor for Tails - Colleen!
  8. Its official. Its called Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Source: Sonic Movie twitter
  9. Sonic '06 for me. A mainline entry that was to serve as a reboot. It promised so much and delivered absolutely nothing. (I still think another 12 months or more in the development 'oven' and it could have been good though. Albeit with a weird plot and art style.)
  10. This sounds pretty cool. I mean, I'd rather it was just called Sonic the Hedgehog and was like a CG animated version of the IDW comics, but at least it sounds like this won't just be aimed at very young audiences.
  11. Unfortunately, WeGotThisCovered literally just make stories up for clicks. Maybe 1 in 100 times the guess something correctly but it really is a nonsense site, I'm sorry to say. I'm sure the studio are anticipating doing a bunch more of these movies though.
  12. I checked and the first teaser poster for the first movie was released 11 months before the release of the movie. So maybe May time (when shooting wraps) we will get a glimpse. Or not. But maybe.
  13. For sure, but movies tend to follow a pattern of when stuff drops. Not always, but generally. Like you know by now all the concept art and character designs will have been done as the gear up for production.
  14. Anyone remember how long it was before the original first released date (Nov. 2019) that we got our first glimpse of those awful teaser posters for the first movie BTW? It could give us an indication of when we will get our first teaser posters for the sequel. I wanna say it was maybe... May 2018?
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