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  1. Curious btw guys... I know this is a 'fan image' (kind of) but it's clearly influenced by an amalgamation of the revealed movie images.. Would you be cool with this? I kinda would... (It's not what I wanted, but not bad.)
  2. Fuck it! I'm still looking forward to seeing Sonic on the big screen. Even if it doesn't look like Sonic!
  3. BASELESS THEORY TIME: Paramount leaked that early design to test 'eye reaction' with the general public following the backlash to the design. Seems odd that it suddenly shows up after a year, at the height of people kicking off about the design? I am basing this on literally NOTHING!
  4. I actually think the final design will end up being very similar to that. Those legs are pretty thin and could match what is seen on the bridge poster.
  5. Gives us a better idea of how he will look. In that case, at least 1. He's not the size of an adult. 2. They seem to have moved the design closer to the games than in this image. Fuck dem eyes though. Of course the classic eyes would work.
  6. So people are still arguing "video game designs won't work in a live action setting!", huh? Or that it "won't appeal to audiences outside the fandom". Despite the fact that we've *just seen* the Detective Pikachu trailer which has proven both of those statements to be nonsense. Hell, even that live action Yogi Bear in one of the posts above looks EXACTLY like the original character. There was no reason to take Sonic in this direction at all.
  7. Moving away from the Sonic design for a moment, has anyone involved in production described Jim Carrey's appearance yet? Crew, extras, anyone? It's amazing that it's been kept this quiet. After seeing Sonic's design, who even knows what to expect from Eggman. Maybe he'll be a silver CGI robot with tits, wearing a green top hat and smoking a pipe, because why the hell not. Realism. Tim Miller knows best!
  8. They're going crazy for it on James Marsden's Instagram...
  9. I respectfully disagree. No crap video game adaptation has ever damaged a brand. Not Mario, Street Fighter, Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider... none of them. And with the internet, it's incredible easy to research. There will still be Sonic games getting released around the time of this. It comes out a few months after Team Sonic Racing for starters. Ain't no one gonna get confused by this. Besides, it might actually be really good. Maybe...
  10. It won't be that dramatic. I was a kid in 93, as were my friends (obviously lol) and we all knew there was a blatent difference between movie Mario, video game Mario and TV Mario. Like wise, we knew SegaSonic, SatAM and AoStH were all different universes. Because they're all blatently completely different. Mario movie was a flop but it didn't damage the brand. This won't either.
  11. Ah Sonic's still 'edgier' than those. In the last game we was beaten and "killed", then it turned out he was being tortured for six months in space prison instead. In SA2 you had all the shit on the Ark too, with Gerald Robotnik's daughter/granddaughter getting shot or killed in some way. There's usually some world ending threat and big battles in space and now and again a character "dying". All that, coupled with the freakiest hunk-Sonic design makes it clear what tone they're going for.
  12. But it's an action franchise? He runs around at the speed of sound, transforms into a Super Saiyan knock-off and fights robots and other monsters (and occasionally the Government). Much closer to other action franchises than their weird kids shows like Smurfs.
  13. This is true, although I never know why people compare Sonic to very young kids franchises like Alvin and Smurfs. This is clearly going for the TMNT and Transformers crowds. And I have no doubt it will success
  14. Tbh guys, I'm thinking more and more this movie isn't for 'us' (the fans). Every post regarding it on FB has massively more likes than angry or laughing reacts. Sure, there are negative comments but they're still disproportionate to the casuals who just see the post and think 'Hey, that's cool!' *like* All signs point to the design looking like shit (and I'm sure, by now after seeing the Detective Pikachu reactions, the creative team realise the fucked up) but I'm sure it'll still make an insane amount of money regardless.
  15. Can we find the Twitter users and get confirmation? I'd do it myself but am just about to drive a car for quite some time.

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