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  1. Dr Ryan

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    This thread is bonkers talk. Not only does Sonic work extremely well as a game, the best of the franchise are literally my favourite games! Replayed Sonic Mania the other day. That game is f-ing perfection! In summery, yes, I feel Sonic works as a game.
  2. Dr Ryan

    Team Sonic Racing Overdrive (Part 2 Coming Soon)

    Wow! This is just fantastic!! Who knew it works with modern Sonic too! I really hope they give Neko Productions a shot at making a movie some time. Even if it's a direct to video thing because this animations are just perfection!
  3. Dr Ryan

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    At a party and I missed it. Was it crap again? What a swizz.
  4. It's usually someone dressed as the character for over-the-shoulder shots or shots of the character from where you can't see their face or when the actor isn't needed to actually do any acting. Just a stand in when it isn't focused on them. Because you don't need to have the A-list actor there for those shots. I assume that's what the person means here. Edit: Although without knowing the context of the scene or what Jim Carrey looks like or what he's doing I could be off here. He could be heavily CGI for all I know and they just needed someone there as a stand-in for eyeline for the other actors. Second edit: I find it bizarre that we haven't seen Jim Carrey on set if he's actually in these scenes talking to other actors. I don't know why he wouldn't be there unless he's so massively CGI that he doesn't need to be? Perhaps he is? CGI'd onto a fat guy? Maybe the black coat Eggman is temporary because the haven't finished the effects yet? Pure speculation from me, but I find it all a bit odd. (I'm sure when the movie drops it will all become clear though!)
  5. Maybe it's possible that if we comb through the set photos we will actually see Robotnik's movie look, if the stand in is dressed in the same outfit...? Look for a guy in a long black coat I guess. Just a thought!
  6. We didn't know a think about Detective Pikachu until recently. No one knows anything about Terminator 6 yet (out before Sonic) or Star Wars really. It's pretty standard practice.
  7. Baby Sonic is probably an attempt to shift shit loads of merch. Like they did with Baby Groot or something.
  8. It will be a massive swizz if Robotnik is Jim Carrey in a black coat. Even if this is just meant to be an origin story. Kinda feel I've gone from knowing nothing about this movie to knowing too much now to the point of spoiling it for myself! Anyone else get the feeling we're ruining it for ourselves? (Before any snarky comments I'm one of the three guys still looking forward to this!) I normally don't even watch trailers for anything I already intend to see.
  9. The most shocking thing, I think, is that they got the half-mouth thing spot on! How is one pupil and issue but a mouth that slides around his face acceptable? Lol
  10. Side note: looks like they have a pretty good grasp on personality from those guidelines. Mixing modern Sonic with Western 90s "hedgehog with attitude" stuff. Definitely not juvinile delinquent!
  11. Lmao. I've been a defender of this movie all along but that is fucking hidious lol. What in the f-ing fuck were they thinking? (obviously I'll still watch it though haha)
  12. Lol this topic is fucking mess! Bizarre speculation and hate when literally all we have to go on are two teaser posters, an IGN article and some set photos of Green Hills. Isn't this a road trip movie? Meaning that presumably Green Hills makes up a tiny part of it? Most sets for this seem to be kept very secretive. I mean... Let's be honest none of us know anything about it really. We have literally seen basically nothing yet. All we do know is that it has a fantastic cast and crew with a proven track record (albeit an inexperienced director). No reason to hate yet! In fact, maybe even 'Hunk Sonic' might not look too weird in the movie. If you look at what they're presumably using for an eyeline when talking him in the set photos he's friggin' tiny (the kinda height you would expect him to be).
  13. Lol there is some ridiculous speculation on this movie in this thread based on basically no information. What is the point of it? We all know bugger all about this film because they've only actually done one official piece of press with IGN and the faceless poster reveal. We're just going on throwaway comments (I'm looking at you "juvinile delinquent" from a year of so ago!!) and speculation based on filming locations (San Fransisco = GUN chase!!). None of us know anything about this movie yet. None of us know which characters are in it because it hasn't been announced, and we're unlikely to get a trailer or anything else for a long time as is the standard. I've followed production just about as closely as one possibly could given the limited amount of leaks and information available and feel completely in the dark. And that's normal this far from release. It'll probably be fine.
  14. There will definitely be more characters than just Sonic in this, even if they're minor roles. Because toy sales.
  15. I can absolutely imagine this being true. Trying to appeal to the Fast and the Furious crowd. Tbh though, it's probably not gonna be the Sonic movie any of us want but it probably will be pretty successful. If it's a PG-13 action comedy from FATF and Deadpool with a big name like Jim Carrey attached it's going to be a bigger hit that a CGI SegaSonic movie that the fan community want. I get why they're doing it. I'm still excited for it. Movie universe can be it's own canon. I just hope it isn't a massive piece of shit.

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