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  1. I guess that's just opinion though. To me, hidious design aside, I'm really looking forward to this. Fan of almost 30 years here. CGI or 2D animation would be preferable, but this looks fun! Fix the design, drop Gangsta's Paradise (seriously, wtf?!) and I had no issues with that trailer.
  2. I'm starting to wonder if Deadpool was a fluke. Tim Miller really goofed up pushing for this "realistic" design. Looks like he's about to shit the bed with Terminator too. Or maybe its a Paramount thing? Either way, it's good to see him hold his hands up and admit a mistake. I reckon, based on the first interview/press piece with IGN, that hidious design is more Miller's doing than anyone else.
  3. Haha I know it's not a popular opinion, but all I know is this movie, plot wise and humour wise, looks exactly like what I expected from the day it was announced and we started seeing behind-the-scenes shots from that town. I've been playing these games since 1991 (old man Ryan over here!) and I'm still fine with what they're doing here. Sure, I'd rather some high-budget 2D or 3D fully-animated movie, but I still know I'm gonna have a blast watching this non-canon silliness in the cinema - if they fix the fuckin' design haha (which they are doing, and I have faith in it if Tyson Hesse is doing it!*) *Deep down half expecting to eat those words when they reveal another crap design which is basically the same with slightly larger eyes and gloves.
  4. Dude, like me, you have been psyched for this movie for so long. Don't let internet negativity drag you down. We'll get a new design soon. We probably don't even need to be cautious with our optimism I'm sure we will get something at SDCC.
  5. "Carrey's Eggman is surprisingly faithful to the original design visually, but don't expect any good characterization beyond Carrey's usual wackiness that he plays in nearly every movie." - We know that isn't the case AT ALL regarding his appearance though. He looks nothing like Eggman. The classic look was wedged in at the end, rumour has it because of a test screening reaction? "I know some basic plot stuff and little bits of script and even pre-vis stuff I've seen and that's it." - Then by this point, we've seen more of the movie than he has. By the looks of things, he was probably a runner or someone on set who got to see a bit of storyboard (where Eggman was drawn in the classic style from what we've seen elsewhere) and a plot outline, possibly some raw footage, and is basing it on that. The one interesting bit is the redesign. Where as I don't think it was planned, I don't think they were confident in it either (how could you be??! Haha) Hence keeping it hidden for so long and promptly announcing a redesign. The studio probably knew it was on the cards. Overall, thanks for the link. You're right, I didn't read it properly first time. Apologies. I still call mostly bullshit on it. We've seen more than he had and I think, hidious design aside, it looks okay.
  6. Lol... C'mon... These are the most obviously bullshit "leaks" I have ever seen. Don't even entertain them. This is a light-hearted family film. Jim Carrey's wacky Robotnik is not going to murder a woman and send Sonic into a depression haha. And of course the design backlash wasn't planned. The internet is a silly place...
  7. There's no way they'll dump this on a streaming site. Clearly the studio have high hopes for this film. If they didn't, they'd have just released it with the shit design, made back what they could and then dropped the sequel plans. The fact that they're willing to chuck a load more cash at this movie to make it better is a clear indication they see a lot of potential in it. Redoing all that CGI on top of an already 90m+ budget. Fair play to them. And if they do have Tyson Hesse doing the redesign (that was what was implied, right?) then Sonic should look pretty awesome in the final movie.
  8. Hell no it wouldn't! I'm 34 and that shit is nightmare fuel! 😛 Talented guy with a great portfolio, but that design would never appeal to anyone.
  9. Did anyone see this fuck-ugly movie fan design that Yuki Naka shared earlier? Where as the artist is clearly extremely talented at working with CG well... https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Vdkl5Z Not sure if this is allowed on this thread as it's technically just fan work so please delete if I've committed a forum sin. It's just shown me that the movie design could have been worse!
  10. Anyone got the Switch version yet? Wondering if 30fps and slightly longer loading times is the only major difference? Torn between Xbox for its performance or Switch for its portability... Anyone else in the same boat? Cheers.
  11. I dunno. I managed alright with garbage like Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground and some of the appallingly bad stuff that the Fleetway Sonic the Comic put out. This movie already looks better than all of those.
  12. Still a million miles away for me, although it is an improvement. I really think the eyes are the main issue here by a long way. They are so iconic to the design. Look at Sonic Team's logo or the original Sonic Adventure teasers for how important that mono-eye thingy is in making the character instantly recognisable.
  13. Lol I've been thinking today how bonkers this whole saga has been. We have waited SO LONG to see the Sonic design and now it's finally been revealed and they're changing it and we're back to square one... waiting to see the Sonic design reveal again!! I really hope we get to see something sooner rather than later. Fair play though, it's got everyone talking about the movie!
  14. Well the states is always a blast with a gnarly craft beer scene. There are worse ideas!
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