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  1. I definitely don't want to see more egg-shaped robots in the sequel. I wanna see full on Badniks. Maybe Eggman saw Sonic's world and it inspired his designs. I want a classic-style motobug on the big screen! ­čśü
  2. I too wonder about this from time to time. The movie barely got any merch at all in the end. I guess due to the redesign and maybe because they were expending a box office bomb before the redesign.
  3. Sequel talk. Jim Carrey wanting to wear a fat suit, echidnas, Tails and more. https://www.fandom.com/articles/sonic-sequel-jim-carrey-fat-suit
  4. For any fellow Brits, the UK digital release has been moved from April 27th to THIS FRIDAY! WOOO! https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a32077175/watch-sonic-the-hedgehog-online/
  5. I just found out the UK release in inexplicably April 27th!!! What bullshit. All cinemas are closed, there is no other way to watch the movie, I wonder what possible reason there is for this decision? (As you can probably tell it's pissed me off haha)
  6. Any word on an early digital release yet, like they're doing with Birds of Prey and The Invisible Man? Because I'm raring to watch this again from quarantine/lockdown!
  7. Yeah, We Got The Covered is absolute trash. I wouldn't bother reading anything the post.
  8. There's a part 3 to the interview, probably coming today or tomorrow. I assume the topic will be Sonic movies, and I'm sure it will be a good laugh!
  9. Actually I take my previous comment back. I never liked his comics but he comes across very well in the interview. Seems he's got a good business head on him at least, and it seems like Sega has no idea what they wanted at the time.
  10. Just did my second viewing in a busy screening with a box of Punk IPA (I opted for a blue-canned beer). I enjoyed the movie even more the second time. Some slight pacing issues and cringy jokes early on for sure (I'm looking at you "I'm in the Bahamas with Rhianna.") but still a really solid movie. More Mobius stuff and 'Full Eggman' in the sequel would be great. It was a joy to see kids lose their shit in post-credits scene 2. Gives me hope for the future! (Love the design, but Sonic should be mono-eye IMO. Like he always has been.)
  11. Gotta say that at present Sega Ages Sonic 2 is buggy as hell. I got stuck in a wall in Chemical Planet, the physics just went absolutely nuts in Oil Ocean (Sonic stuck moving at double speed, jumping extremely high plus high gravity) and now Tails is rapidly sliding around the screen whilst doing his stood still yawing animation! Hoping for a patch soon! It's perfectly playable, but weird stuff happens pretty often!
  12. @TheOcelot cheers! Fingers crossed. I feel the need to buy the game for the millionth time for some reason.
  13. It came after Tekken, Virtual Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, all of which have much more depth imo. Although maybe they were trying to make StF very basic for kids I guess.
  14. Genuine question though: Apart from the main series games, what was so good about Sonic in the 90s? Don't get me wrong, I was a MASSIVE Sonic fan at the time (still am), but AoStH and Underground were awful, SatAM was completely different from the games and we had plenty of stinkers like Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters back then. Even as a kid, my friends and I knew we were just 'making do' with the comics and cartoons of the time (we wanted non-existent Sega Sonic media above all else). And if the games were what was so good back then, we recently got Mania which IMO is the best 2D Sonic game. One thing I have been thinking though is maybe this movie will lead to more straight to video animated movies in a more traditional sense, alongside the big budget movies. Kinda like DC does with there stuff.
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