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  1. Anyone got the Switch version yet? Wondering if 30fps and slightly longer loading times is the only major difference? Torn between Xbox for its performance or Switch for its portability... Anyone else in the same boat? Cheers.
  2. I dunno. I managed alright with garbage like Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground and some of the appallingly bad stuff that the Fleetway Sonic the Comic put out. This movie already looks better than all of those.
  3. Still a million miles away for me, although it is an improvement. I really think the eyes are the main issue here by a long way. They are so iconic to the design. Look at Sonic Team's logo or the original Sonic Adventure teasers for how important that mono-eye thingy is in making the character instantly recognisable.
  4. Lol I've been thinking today how bonkers this whole saga has been. We have waited SO LONG to see the Sonic design and now it's finally been revealed and they're changing it and we're back to square one... waiting to see the Sonic design reveal again!! I really hope we get to see something sooner rather than later. Fair play though, it's got everyone talking about the movie!
  5. Well the states is always a blast with a gnarly craft beer scene. There are worse ideas!
  6. UK is only 2 weeks sooner. Get yourself into a press screening before hand. That's what I'm gonna do. It's always possible to blag your way into these things if you get chatting to the staff.
  7. Midnight's Edge, a truly fantastic channel with lots of inside contacts, are currently covering this movie. I guarantee you it will be interesting viewing. These guys really know their shit.
  8. I'm a defender of this movie, but I'm still proud of the fanbase and the rest of the world in standing together to let Paramount know that Sonic's hidious design is not acceptable. At all. I hope it's all kicking off behind the scenes with whoever pushed for that look and whoever approved it. I think, whether you like the movie or not, we can all agree Sonic himself looks fucking AWFUL and is the very worst thing about this. Which is unfortunate really, because he's the many character and the movie is called Sonic the Hedgehog.
  9. Yup. The guy who had already seen most of the trailer a couple of times and said it looked good, but yesterday decided to jump on the bandwagon with a false shocked reaction video, again, despite already knowing exactly what the movie was like weeks (months?) ago. A bit embarrassing, innit. (And now seems to be backpedaling again with his "It's so bad. I love it! reactions.)
  10. No, but the internet complains about everything all the time lol. It can be hard to tell what is legitimate criticism and what is just people who've never created anything in their life complaining about because they bored or because it gets views/hits/upvotes/whatever it is internet people crave. @CleverSonicUsername tagging you in to respond to your previous post!
  11. I gotta say, as a defender of this movie (and I still am, it looks fun) I am genuinely surprised at the downvotes this is getting on YouTube. I thought outside of the superfans most people would just see a fun movie trailer and enjoy it. So either the general public thinks it looks shit too, or there are far more Sonic fans unhappy with this out there than I previously thought. Either way, I have been proven wrong. For me though it's non-canon Sonic fun, and I am looking forward to seeing Sonic on the big screen. The design of Sonic is fucking hidious but the action sequences look cool and Jim Carrey is great. I look forward to this. In a world where shit like Sonic Underground and '06 exist, this is far from the worst thing to happen to this franchise lol. For the people who think it looks shite (and I get that too), let's hope it's at least successful enough for Paramount to realise the potential this franchise has, and have another, more game-accurate attempt at a movie the next year. I think it will be a fun movie though, and I'll be there opening night with a big bag of beers and a big smile on my face!
  12. I think some execs just wanted something 'very 90s' to accompany 90s franchise. I don't think much more thought went into it than that. The music choice was atrocious. Just baffling really. But maybe that was the point...? Get people talking. No publicity is bad publicity and all that.
  13. It's a shame this trailer is getting GB 2016 levels of dislike on YouTube. I'm really looking forward to it but I think they're learning the hard way they shouldn't have fucked up his design.
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