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  1. I personally like this concept art for a redesign... no idea where the image is sourced from, it was a thumbnail for a youtube video.
  2. What's kind of funny is that this movie looks bad, but enough people are going to go see it because it looks so bad that it will probably be a successful movie. Well, that and parents taking kids to see it because it is a CG movie with a blue hedgehog. Hollywood is going to think this is what we want because it is going to do well. I'm gonna go see it too becuase i can't miss out on this travesty... What a comedic tragedy of a world we live in...
  3. Jim Carey looks like the villain from Lazy Town... and to be honest, I love it!! This movie is going to be legendary!
  4. ^ Though unrealistic and not gonna happen, it'd be cool to have an extremely rare Jaleel White cameo out of nowhere. It could be akin to a Stan Lee cameo in a marvel film. That'd be sick
  5. Or too many badly placed pop-cultural references. Tik Tok may be hot with the kiddies right now, but that doesn't mean that it needs to be referenced in the Sonic movie... [add another plethura of examples here; etc] ūüėā
  6. For me, it was much easier to like Cream as a character in the Sonic Advance series. That's how I was introduced to her. In Sonic Advance 2, Cream didn't have too too much to offer in terms of who she was as a character... and I was kind of okay with that. She just seemed like a fun addition to the roster. Cream just seemed like a wide-eyed adventurer-type to me; of course being a huge fan of the Chao Garden in SA2, it was pretty cool that she fought along side a Chao as well. I remeber being dissappointed by how when I played Sonic heroes though and just how different the character felt to me as opposed to how she was in Advanced. Sure, there wasn't much to go off of from her appearance in the Advanced series, but it just didn't feel like the character that I had envisioned. This really didn't help either when I saw her appearance in Sonic X and basically started to find the character to be a little bit less than endearing. She was right on par with Max for me; her and Max to me added almost nothing to any episode that they were in. I would say that the voice of the character is a big part of it all as well though... It's kind of like that book that you thought was pretty good. You hear that there's a movie coming out based on that book and you decide to give it a go... But then, you see the movie and you realize that the writers have totally transformed this property into something unrecognizable that you purposely tell your friends not to go see...
  7. Huh... don't recall it being that way at all. Seemed to inspire fairly civil dicussion from what I remember. Perhaps I need to go back and revisit these threads haha Edit: On another note, I seem to recall most of the speculation and feedback towards new info on and about the development of ASRT to have been well-received by the forum members, at the time... Possibly even conjuring up interactions that could be percieved as constructive... but that could be viewed through some sort of glasses with a bit of a rose-like tint to them.
  8. I thought that it was a call-back/reference to Sonic Spinball at first glance xD
  9. When I think of a cool idea for a character spin off, Shadow comes to mind. And, the idea for a game that comes with it would be sort of like Shadow's version of Batman: Arkham City. Also, with a mix of ideas from the Shadow the Hedgehog game. There could even be a karma/reputation system involved. The player would essentially get to decide what direction Shadow takes throughout the game. Of course, this is all very nondescript and vague xD
  10. Played a lot of Sonic 2 on Genesis. So this level clear theme is particularly nostalgic to me. Though, objectively I think that Sonic 3&K's is better, I'm also torn because of the feels I get from the original level clear theme. Perhaps it is better this way; after all, since 3&K's has been remade and reused soooo much, it doesn't generate any nostalgic feelings at all for me.
  11. Kind of, however one is in a pyramid/tomb while the other is set in a desert during the daytime. So... yeah. However, there wasn't much to the Sand Hill level in Sonic Adventure and there certainly wasn't enough there to be able to theme an entire track around it in my opinion. Without the music this track is just a generic desert level and nothing else. Edit: The music is cool though
  12. He's kinda made himself out to be a jerk. At the same time though, he's probably under attack from all fronts. And, to be perfectly fair, should he be the one who's getting all this hate? He is one of the writers after all. I doubt he really had that* much influence in Sonic's design... That being said though, he certainly seems to be okay with feeding the trolls.
  13. Though I really like Sonic Mania, I also think that if there were to be another Genesis-Sonic type game that it should take some inspiration from Freedom Planet. Having enemies that only hurt you while attacking and incorporating kicks and punches as well as power-up/dashing abilities could add a lot to the experience.

    1. Sean


      I don't think sonic is cut out for combat. It's a game designed to keep you on the move and not dwell on fights. I also think the combat in FP is pretty janky requiring you to get way too close all the time and tank the damage.

    2. Tracker_TD


      Yeah, agreed with Sean here. I hate FP's combat with a passion, feels like an extremely awkward mishmash of Gunstar and Sonic that wasn't as thought out as it could've been. 

    3. Unidus


      The dashing ability (at least with lilac) seemed to help with the jankiness of hand-to-hand with some enemies though. Honestly I think I'm just a big Freedom Planet fan and am going to find myself having trouble to objectively argue points xD However, can we at least agree that the boss fights in Freedom Planet were pretty cool in pacing? That's probably one aspect that I really enjoy in the Freedom Planet series vs Sonic. Though in Mania there are a few bosses that you have to slow down to fight, I really think longer and more intense battles would be a neat addition to a future Sonic title... Once again, could be the rose-tinted glasses talking in regards to Freedom Planet lol

    4. Tracker_TD


      I would like more Treasure-styled bosses, but I'd rather look at something like Eggman Hates Furries for that. FP's bosses exacerbated the issues I had with the combat, they're what led me to just stop playing.

    5. Unidus


      I respectfully disagree. But, then again to each their own :) Personally, I found the challenge in FP's boss battle and there weren't many* times that I felt that when I lost, it was at the fault of bad mechanics. However, even I can't say that was always the case.

    6. Diogenes


      i could see removing contact damage (though in some cases being physically in the way is about the only chance enemies have of hitting you) but FP's combat is not even very good within FP, and it would seriously cut into the flow of an actual sonic game.

  14. Arin Hanson? Nope. Not buying it. Even if he did say that he liked Forces I would presume he said it ironically. If anything, he probably said that he liked it because he knew the reception of the game was not good to start with; in other words, he was trolling, at best.
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