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  1. Never have played Skies of Arcadia. Has anyone here? I've been curious about the game for a long time.

    1. DanJ86


      I have. It's been years though.

      I think what set it apart from other JRPGs is the ship battles. The world is one that takes place in the skies with floating landmasses that act as the countries you visit. To get from one to the next, you'd use flying machines often in the shape of a ship. As you play, you'll be forced to combat enemy ships with your own, starting with traditional cannons that you can later upgrade with other weapons. Eventually, you'll be able to form your own crew.

      Specific people out in the world could be recruited to travel with your companions. The story has it's own twists too and I'm not even sure if I ever completed it.

    2. bmn


      Good game. Battles are a bit slow, and magic got a really bad deal*, but it has good mechanics, flows well, and has an entertaining story. SoA and Grandia 2 are the two classic Dreamcast JRPGs, and they have similar, but very differently executed, ideas about how to do interesting battle systems.

      The Gamecube version, Legends, is the better version, apart from the slight mangling it does to the sequenced music (DC had a more capable synthesiser, who knew?). It emulates well on Dolphin.


      * (it uses up SP, which you have to painfully build up during each battle and generally want to be spending on special moves instead; it also uses your characters' MP which is a pain to recover; and then it turns out you can buy consumable items that cast the magic but don't use SP or MP)

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