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  1. Hey guys! Keep in mind that the film is having its private premier screening tommorow in LA. We might here some criticism. I don't think that "final trailer" that random Twitter poster talked about is happening. I honestly think that it would have been shown this week or last week if it was really THAT soon. And plus, movies that are only an hour and 30 minutes normally don't get more than 2 trailers these days. With all this being said, I may leave this forum for a while to avoid major spoilers now. I think it's also time I admitted, I know a few people who worked on this movie. I know some people on here are probably not going to enjoy it because it's essentially "Not MY Sonic!" for some people, but as a movie on its own, for people with an open mind, and general audiences, I honestly think it's going to turn out well for them. I think it will be decent. Definitely one of the better video game movies.
  2. Not gonna lie, the lack of funny lines and reuse of that same "I HAVE NO IDEA" scene is sort of bothering me. But still, very curious to see this movie and not doubting good comedy just yet. I think the "almost constantly" line is little funny, but not hilarious. Though again, that's also reused footaged. Edit: to be fair, we have been warned that although this film is good, there's some cheesiness
  3. All of the promotion for it right now is completely normal. Of course a restaurant is going to promote it, toys and merch is going to be made, and SEGA would have something to do with it. Honestly, I actually don't think they're doing enough with advertising. Boom had more promotion than this.
  4. Yeah...I'm not doubting this movie will be good, but I do have some suspicions sometimes. This is an "adventure comedy". Not an ACTION adventure comedy. So I bet a lot of people are expecting a huge emphasis on action scenes, when really, this movie is almost primarily going to focus on its humor and its story (its characters too). There have been few jokes that got a chuckle out of me (my favorite being the child abduction joke), but other than that...the humor isn't all that impressive. I also noticed there's a lot of scenes where characters are screaming. I hope that isn't a common thing throughout the movie. and Tom has that same "WHAT!?", "NO DON'T DO THAT", "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!", "DO NOT DO THAT", kind of personality you see in every one of these live action adaptations that have an animal friend involved (Detective Pikachu was a lot like that too). But like I said, a major thing that has raised my suspicion is the extreme lack of advertising here in the US. I find it odd how they're JUST NOW releasing TV spots here. Do they not care about box office because the film is so bad, or are they so confident with how much publicity it gained during the post to full redesign process that they think it will succeed? I haven't lost all hope in the jokes though. A trailer does not represent an entire movie. Dora and Angry Birds 2 looked like absolute unfunny trash in the trailers but ended up hilarious. I feel like the same case will apply here. EDIT: I will say though I find it weird how they keep reusing the same footage in all the ads. Like the exact same thing in every one. Especially the "HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD!?" scene
  5. In the pre-redesign version of the film he's smiling in that shot. Odd that he's not here. The original version gave me the vibe of him being witty. To be fair, he looked like he was standing up in the original too. Although the direction of Sonic looking back at Tom is way off in that image too.
  6. Again, considering we haven't seen the entire film, and that this is an origin story, it's kind of reasonable as to why they don't look like badnicks. This takes place during a time before Sonic and Robotnik met, and we know that Robotnik gets crazier as the film progresses. My prediction is that Sonic is the one that caused him to have a fascination with capturing animals and using their powers. I wouldn't say that's a spoiler because it's pretty clear that's what's happening in this film. A sequel or possibly towards the end of this film is when we start to see badnicks develop. Also epic photos, where did you find that?
  7. I'm glad that there's potential swearing in this movie, and I'm happy that Detective Pikachu had that as well. The American PG rating needs to start actually freaking meaning something these days.
  8. Haven't seen that video yet, but if I'm going to be honest...I wouldn't mind some kind of Sonic reboot spawning from this film. The Sonic franchise has such a confusing timeline, setting, and rule on what's canon or not canon. It's like we get a completely different soft reboot everytime they change the voice cast and it just adds more to confusion. I think they should make some sort of spin off adaptation (like a film series, cartoon, or even anime) to explain the entirety of the story of these games in a proper less confusing timeline. I wouldn't even mind a continuation of Sonic X to be real, since they already got Adventure 1 and 2 down. It'd be cool if we got to see that series or these films adapt games we never got to see adapted before. Like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic CD, a better story for Sonic Heroes/Shadow The Hedgehog, the Sonic Advance series, the Sonic Rush series, the two storybook games, Sonic Unleashed, etc. And no, I'm not really thinking of Sonic fans themselves when I say this, I'm once again thinking of general audiences who have never played these games before. They could now visit these stories from another medium such as film or a series.
  9. This film has been described as having a "hard PG". Do you think it'll have slight swearing like Detective Pikachu?
  10. I chose that because Sonic is acting as if saving the world is a simple or fun essential task (hence the word "basically"). His tone of voice and the fact that he's smiling with somewhat of a smug expression while saying that, kind of gives off a "I'm going to have fun kicking Robotnik's ass" kind of vibe to me.
  11. ...This movie comes out in less than a month and I've seen almost zero ads for it in the US. Detective Pikachu promoted itself way earlier than this Sonic movie did. Gonna be honest guys...not looking good. $70 million in box office isn't a bad estimate for how this movie could perform. I hope I'm wrong though. I think it may surpass a lot of other films this February because there doesn't seem to be a lot of interesting movies that month, but I won't be shocked if it does poorly in the box office because of no one even being aware of its release.
  12. I think that when Robotnick gets more crazier throughout the film, his robots will be more practical and more insane. That's my prediction at least. Also are people really just now noticing that Sonic has a bag when he keeps his rings? I keep seeing posts about it online. I noticed that like as soon as the redesign trailer released.
  13. Ngl, the extreme lack of advertising is scaring me a bit. I haven't seen any ads or TV spots here in America (why the hell weren't those animations ads on YouTube?), and they're just barely now selling toys right? This is probably one of the reasons why people are concerned with box office. I don't understand why Paramount WOULDN'T advertise this movie in December. 20-30 people viewing the redesign trailer shows that many people are aware of this film. Imo, people NEED to see this movie because one of the few times Hollywood actually listened to criticism.
  14. I feel like Sonic Boom could have really showed the potential of Sonic and Amy being a thing. Amy became a more comical and empathetic character Boom. There are some times where she's kind of just there to make fun of political correctness (to be fair though, every character in that show has a flaw/joke in them. Knuckles is dumb, Sticks is superstitious, Sonic's ego embarrasses himself, Tails messes up in realistic situations, etc.) but she is genuinely a more creative, empathetic, independent. My one problem though is that Boom didn't show as much chemistry between those two characters. Most episodes either had them all together talking as a group, or just sticking to Knuckles exclusively, or an episode with just Amy and Sticks, or Sonic and Tails, or Eggman, or Orbot and Cubot. But whenever you did see just Amy and Sonic in a scene together, there was humor on both of their mistakes, but also an obvious close friendship between these two characters that clearly have an attraction towards each other. So I'm not gonna lie, I agree. I don't really like how the games made Amy really one dimensional. But Boom seemed to have really fixed her. I honestly think it could work in that environment. I really wish Boom hadn't ended after its second season. There was so much more to experiment with. It makes me almost wish we had a CGi Sonic Boom film/finale by Warner Bros instead of this movie. I did however hear rumors that the reason why a major Sonamy moment never happened in that series is allegedly because the writers were actually divided about whether or not they thought Sonic and Amy would work well as a couple in the series. Some of them wanted it, others thought it was irrelevant (again, alleged/uncomfirmed).
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