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  1. I feel like an entirely CGi Sonic Boom movie could be hilarious, and something that general audiences could enjoy due to the lack of story arc Boom has. Boom mainly focuses on the charm of its characters, humor, and sometimes action. They had a 4 part episode, and a 2 part season finale that was pretty good at combining those 3 elements. Even if they made a straight to DVD movie/finale of the series, made by the same people who created the show, I'd still be satisfied. Boom was very unappreciated by the network. And they shouldn't have made toys and games until it actually started to get popular. I see extremely popular meme pages post clips of the series, so it appears that a cult following for the show has finally happened, even though the series just ended about 2 years ago. It really needs to come back in some form.
  2. Guys...I never said the film is going to be good. I'm just saying that if this movie wasn't live action, and the design looked accurate, people wouldn't be making such a big deal out of it or hoping it would be bad. Even if the script was exactly the same.
  3. No. As a critic, I don't want any film to fail, and I don't want this movie to do bad either. Not necessarily because it is a Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Why would you want any movie to be bad? Isn't it better that we actually have a good Teen Titans GO! movie? Isn't it pleasantly surprising that the live action Dora movie is actually good? A trailer doesn't necessarily represent an entire movie. I wasn't particularly fond of the trailer, but I'm still keeping an open mind about it. The fact that they were willing to delay the movie to redesign the character shows that genuine effort was put into this. And again, I guarantee that if this movie was entirely animated and Sonic's design was never weird looking, but everything about the plot was kept the same, suddenly, automatically, more people on this thread would magically think that it looks good. But the fact that it's live action, everyone's freaking out.
  4. People always say "blame the animators" when something goes wrong like this, yet don't realize that it isn't entirely their fault. Everyone in that studio was involved and nobody, not even the high authority, stopped an executive and thought "We should reconsider this." The producer or director may have had a specific vision and told the animators to do stuff like, "make Sonic look like a weird humanoid because he's an alien", "let's make Sonic's eyes small to make it more realistic", "he has to be feral, so let's lose the gloves". The animators may have made the problem, but they also may have not necessarily caused it. Or maybe they did. We don't know
  5. Pretty sure the tagline is just a joke about Sonic's speed lmao. Way better than "A New Speed Of Hero". If it is November 12th when the trailer is releasing online, then it likely will be premiering during Playing With Fire. Paramount sometimes releases their trailers online the next Tuesday after they put it in theaters. Maybe the SpongeBob trailer is also playing during the same film and they're going to show the trailer for that on Thursday online instead of Sonic.
  6. No SpongeBob today either. Yet it releases in 6 months (and trailers for films usually come out 6 months before release). I'm kind of hoping both Sonic and The SpongeBob Movie trailers both release around the same time as Frozen 2, and show during Frozen 2, because those are both films I'm interested in. I guarantee that Playing With Fire is going to bomb hard in box office. Hardly anyone really knows about it, and nobody cares about it lmao.
  7. He said previously in an interview that he thought the film was really funny. He seems to enjoying it a lot.
  8. Yeah. I think Jeff Fowler joined because he's had experience with the games. Tim Miller didn't like the direction Deadpool 2 was going, so he went to work on this film (probably remembering he's worked on Sonic before). As for Patrick Casey, Josh Miller, and Oren, I've been wondering since the very beginning of development as to why they were hired to write this movie. Casey and Josh have really bad resumes and little experience with theatrical films. Hell, Josh was stressed out because he originally thought Sonic was an obscure franchise. Oren, I guess I can kind of understand because he worked on a Mortal Kombat web series, so he's had good experience with video game media before (he wrote the final draft of this movie. I hope he saved it). But otherwise, why were these guys hired? Honestly they should have brought in some of the people who have worked on the comics, or Boom, or big people like Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Detective Pikachu and Angry Birds 2 were the first American video game movies to have people with quality resumes to work on them, and they both ended up being (so far) the greatest video game movies in the country. Also remember how Iizuka said it isn't a SEGA movie? Takeshi Ito, Mie Onishi, and Toru Nakahara (all people from SEGA) are apparently producers of the movie.
  9. I think Sonic is going to spend a lot of time on Earth before he meets Tom. How does he know who The Rock is and what a ham sandwich is?
  10. I still like to believe that this is supposed to be Sonic 1 and that's why Sonic and Robotnik are the only two characters from the game. Even if it's not an insanely accurate representation of it. (Potential spoilers) I think that this is supposed to be a film series, and that the next film is going to be Sonic 2 (that is if this movie does well in box office and gets decent reviews). My theory is that at the end of THIS movie (Sonic 1), Sonic will go back to his home planet and Robotnik will follow him. The entire 2nd movie will probably be fully animated and introduce Tails and Sonic's brotherly relationship.
  11. I think it's going to be one of those surprisingly decent movies that nobody expected to have good reception (like Dora, Angry Birds 2, Teen Titans GO! To The Movies, Peter Rabbit) though after reading this thread for a while, I think general audiences will enjoy it more than Sonic fans (but Sonic fans will probably still see it out of curiosity). As a Boom fan, it just seems like this community is too stuck in the "it's different, therefore it's bad" mentality. I hear people say they hate Sonic Boom because they redesigned the characters and gave them different characteristics as a spin off series, completely ignoring some of its genuinely good satire, witty moments, and meta references to the games, film, and the video game community as a whole. If this movie has any quality to it on its own, NOT JUST as a Sonic movie, but as a film itself (like its comedy or action or character development or something) fans will still complain about something like the fact that it's live action or that there's humans or that Sonic is with a cop or something. I'm not saying the movie will indeed be good or bad, I'm just saying people will complain regardless.
  12. Damn...okay it indeed probably will release near Playing With Fire. Not a good marketing decision imo. I'm hoping they also release a trailer during Frozen 2 then. But still...advertising during Playing With Fire? Oof. Not many people will see the trailer in theaters then (which keep in mind, trailers in a theater can also raise attention just as much as trailers online, if not, sometimes more).
  13. I respect your opinion. I don't like this argument. I AM NOT DEFENDING THIS MOVIE, but this is exactly why I said months ago that I feel like people are just judging this film only because of the fact that it's something different. Sure, if Sonic's design was good from the very beginning, it wouldn't get the same rep it's gotten now, but I guarantee that if everything about this movie was exactly the same, but it was stop motion, CGi, or traditionally animated, people wouldn't be freaking out as hard right now. People would probably criticize the idea of Sonic teaming up with a cop, but because it's a medium that isn't live action, I guess that automatically means it has a chance of being above average. I prefer animation. I wish this film was entirely animated. But live action doesn't automatically mean a bad film. A lot of people thought Dora & The Lost City Of Gold would be shit. It got amazing reviews. A handful of people thought Bumblebee would be shit (an adaptation of something that HAS failed as a live action property before), and it wasn't. A group of people were skeptical about Detective Pikachu and Alita Battle Angel because live action video game and manga adaptations mostly suck. They were both fine. Paddington ended up great. Peter Rabbit ended up decent. It's okay to be skeptical, but we need to stop jumping to conclusions that just because a trailer is bad, or the fact that it's a live action adaptation and has an odd concept, it's immediately bad. You can argue that shit like the Disney live action remakes or movies like Alvin & The Chipmunks are examples of crappy live action adaptations, but if you look at the RESUMES of the people who made those movies, it was clear those films were doomed from the beginning. If you look at the RESUMES of people who made movies like Pikachu, Dora, Alita, and even Sonic, there is a good handful of people who have previously worked on quality films. This will be the third video game movie in America to actually have good producers involved (the first two being Detective Pikachu and Angry Birds 2, WHICH BOTH GOT GOOD REVIEWS). I was skeptical about the writing staff, because Patrick Casey and Josh Miller have written shit before, but it appears they took notes and improved after working on the 2nd season of Golan The Insatiable with other people. I will admit that Sonic's design looked disgusting. I'll admit the trailer's not great. I'll admit the idea of a Sonic movie where the character teams up with a cop is bizarre. I'm not even saying the movie will be good. But I'm also not going to just hear the words "live action" and "Sonic" in the same sentence and just immediately think "instantly terrible". Personally I think the best chance is that this movie will receive mixed reception, or at least slightly above average. Even if the plot is weird or Sonic's design was shit, maybe the humor is good and the action is cool (a trailer doesn't necessarily represent an entire movie. Dora's trailers were bad yet the film was good). Maybe the cinematography is stunning. Who knows.
  14. I'm not gonna lie, I think Playing With Fire looks really bad. I know it's biased to say that we won't get a trailer during that movie, but it's such a tiny budget film that likely won't do well in box office and critical reception (I'm predicting it's going to be a trainwreck based on the trailer and the production team involved with it). I'm pretty sure Nickelodeon Movies has seperate policies from original Paramount films too. This is just my opinion (it could still premier around the same time as Playing With Fire) but the smartest decision would be to show a trailer during Frozen 2. Hell it'd be smart to even just release a trailer during Terminator rather than Playing With Fire. This is supposed to be Paramount's biggest film of next year, they shouldn't release a trailer during their smallest, and potentially weakest film of this year.
  15. These two do indeed look suspiciously similar. Even with that back leg. Be rational everyone.
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