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  1. The costume's changed look may have nothing to do with the redesign. Might just be a prototype to official difference.
  2. I think it's fake just because the set up and proportion of the picture is weird. What is that big tan thing supposed to be? His hand on his hip? Is his arm fat and attached to an odd section of his body? What's happening?
  3. Would they really release a trailer 3 or 4 months before it comes out though? That wouldn't be very smart. I mean neither was how they initially designed Sonic, but if we're talking about in terms of box office, releasing a trailer sometime in at least September and then advertising more after that would be wiser. Then again, the redesign is probably going to spread attention.
  4. I'm going to once again say that the redesign for Sonic has been in production since January. It isn't necessarily too soon.
  5. That doesn't suggest a reveal at the end of the month, though it is still weird how that tweet got deleted. I assume it's because of the redesign again.
  6. Tommorow's Thursday (a day Paramount normally uploads trailers). If the rumors are true about information being shown in "late August", there has to be something tommorow. Either that or we could be getting a photo or something the next day or the day after that.
  7. I know a little bit more about this movie more than others (that's why I'm partially defending it). There's a reason as to why Sonic isn't wearing gloves in the film. So the art where Sonic is wearing a glove and holding a signpost with the delayed date actually kind of made me confused. I really hope that isn't a change they make in this film because it's important to the plot. Personally what I expect is still a blue armed Sonic with no gloves, maybe still seperated eyes, but less humanoid.
  8. "I had plans, but… our duo became a trio~ Being a trio means more teamwork, more ground to cover, more planning, and most importantly: More friendship!" That kind of made me cringe. Nobody talks like that in real life. I think this is fake. Could be wrong though. Maybe they just talk weird.
  9. If the "news" for this month is a new trailer, expect something either tomorrow, the 26th, or the 28th. Remember what that guy who leaked the Robotnik image said, we should be getting close now to something. I looked through movies coming out in late August and early September, and the only thing I found significant is IT: Chapter 2. Unless they're seriously considering releasing a trailer during Playmobil: The Movie. Maybe this "news" is fake, or maybe it isn't a trailer.
  10. Something that kind of weirded me out about the trailer... Sonic is apparently kind of awkward in this film because he's not used to Earth. He also originated from a planet where there's animals. How does he know what a ham sandwich is? I mean it's assumed that he had been on Earth for a while before he met Tom so I'm sure he knows what some terms are, and doesn't understand others (like how he thinks "athlete's foot" is a compliment). Does he know ham comes from pig and that people are eating it?
  11. The Sonic movie was in development before Detective Pikachu even started production. Before Pikachu's trailer released, it was thought to be impossible to create realistic CGi models of animated character's while staying true to their original look. I guess nobody thought to delay Sonic after Pikachu's trailer because they assumed Sonic's design wouldn't effect anything too much (people still thought the Detective Pikachu designs were creepy but most people seemed to tolerate it because they looked exactly like the original). I actually wouldn't be shocked if Sonic ends up driving a car. From everything we've heard about this film, Sonic doesn't seem to exactly know how his speed works and he's only just getting used to it (again this is obviously an origin story). There has to be some sort of limitation to what Sonic can do. Otherwise it'd be pointless to see Sonic being capable of going so fast it looks like he's freezing time in an entire film where he could have just stopped Robotnik immediately. That scene where he's dodging missiles is likely at the climax. Edit: Tim Miller did say that Sonic doesn't obtain his powers RIGHT AWAY. So I'm probably right.
  12. Understandably so. But the fact that they're delaying the film, the production team's confidence, the fact that they've had to confirm it's not going to have fart jokes, it's not going to be like Chipmunks, makes this evident that passion was clearly thrown in here. Even if the film is bad, I can respect that people obviously worked hard to make this movie good and that it's not some cash grabbing Disney live action remake or formulaic american animated film that's clearly only made to conceive a parent's wallet
  13. I hope all the low expectations become worth it in the end. I walked into Dora & The Lost City Of Gold (another live action adaptation by Paramount) expecting it to be absolute shit, but ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would, and the critics seem to agree. If Sonic ends up being a pretty decent film (notice how Patrick Casey keeps telling people who complain to actually wait and go see the movie), people will be not only pleasantly surprised but will enjoy it 1000x more than they expected themselves to. Which will definitely impact their perspective on this movie.
  14. I usually draw in a similar artstyle as shows like Ren & Stimpy and SpongeBob (not really sure what the technique is called, but I've studied it). I don't really see that comparison here. If you want to see a Ren & Stimpy-esq animated Sonic, watch Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog. Vincent Waller, a guy who worked on both Ren & Stimpy and SpongeBob, storyboarded that show. The "Ren & Stimpy" technique is when every frame of an animated character's movement has a new, overly exaggerated, and (lack of better words) squash and stretch style of expression. If anything, hotdiggitydemon follows the Ren & Stimpy method (and most people like it). I see this Sonic animation as just very cartoony, but not too exaggerated to the point where it wouldn't work in a live action movie if it's trying to aim for a semi-realistic appeal. I can definitely notice the animal-like inspiration with his quills going up while screaming, and the added whiskers (that's something Detective Pikachu was aiming for when animating too).
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