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  1. Here's my question though. What exactly is this movie trying to prove? Who ASKED for this? If they fuck this up (90% sure of that) this is gonna go down as yet another Sonic project that was a failure. Is there a legitimate audience for an edgy live action Sonic movie? I'd LOVE to see the numbers on that. If Sega is looking for another Sonic work that'll be a critical darling, why don't they take inspiration from Mania? Mania didn't need to be a complete 180 of everything the franchise is to be successful. I think a cute little CG movie about Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles going on an adventure would do wonders for Sonic's reputation instead of...this. Granted, no guarantees THAT would be good but if they got the Mania Adventures people to work on it? It wouldn't be this trainwreck, that's for sure. Sonic doesn't need to be "badass" and "edgy" to be successful.
  2. Quite a few. My history teacher pointed and screamed "DEAR GOD WHAT DID THEY DO TO SONIC???" and once the spotlight was on the poster, people started loudly expressing their disgust for it. "Why does he have hairy legs?" "Where's the belt buckle?" "Why is it LIVE ACTION????"
  3. Hi hi, longtime lurker but I finally have something to contribute! They’re putting up posters at my local theater, I went today with my school and everyone visibly cringed as they passed by it. I know we’ve already had concrete proof the poster was real but if we needed anymore here ya go: This is at the AMC theaters in downtown Boston btw

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