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  1. I make only wholesome art.

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    1. Forte-Metallix


      your eating us out of house and home


    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      why do these forums still not have a dislike button

    3. Adamabba


      @Shaddy Zaphod they used to

    4. Kiah


      @Adamabba Yes there was one here on SSMB years back but it was heavily abused and definitely contributed to a toxic atmosphere so it was removed and there is no intention to restore it due to the certainty that history would repeat itself.

      Instead one can not give a like/reaction and keep it moving if constructive criticism isn’t going to be used with something one doesn’t like. It’s better that way.

    5. DanJ86


      Something about that resembles Garfield...or am I seeing things?

      Speaking of dislike, I have to admit, it's never made sense to me. If people don't like a video on YouTube, why do they bother wasting time on such a button? If I don't like a video, I wonder how the hell I ended up watching it?! I'm more likely to watch something that I will like because I'm not a total imbecile.

      If the video happens to contain a part I dislike, I tend to forget about it and move onto something more important. Or, if it's something that bugs me, I might be motivated to speak about it in a comment section and then forget about it and move on.

      Though speaking on a philosophical level, I feel like it's much easier to dislike than it is to like. But nobody asked and I don't know why I'm saying this. I need sleep. I shall go and do that thing...

    6. Lord-Dreamerz


      I've seen/heard of at least 3 different gaming forums over time along with some other things... and what each had in common was them quickly regretting adding a dislike feature and removing it after some time. It never works out on forums especially as people abuse the hell out of it. However I feel something like Youtube is another case where it is good to have and believe it's fine there... Not sure I like the rumor I hear that Youtube will be removing the dislike button option soon-ish.


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