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  1. Then again, Chip isn’t one of the characters people ask to come back, is he? It’s usually Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow... Those still have more potential. If you look closer, some characters’ stories didn’t really conclude as much as they just... fizzled out. Tails learns to be independent of Sonic, carries out missions on his own (or with the help of other friends), even avenges his idol... and then he just stops and turns into resident undeservedly smug exposition dispenser. Amy discovers she can hold her own in this world, inspires others to be better by her sheer empathy, does her best win Sonic’s affection by earning his respect... then transforms into a stalker freak, followed by generic action girl. Just rewinding the canon back to when they were most in-character, SA2, would let them resume these arcs and conclude them proper. Then you have characters whose initial arcs are over, but could get new ones. Maybe the world actually turns on Shadow like Mephiles warns in ‘06. Maybe characters who never really had much development could have their own stories. The potential really is endless.
  2. Why is it that the Japanese social media seems to put out more... badass content? Like these cool Uekawa artworks. The American branch mostly posts memes and cutesy stuff.
  3. As long as it’s not all as low energy as this. Maybe have some action stuff in the style of the Storybook cutscenes. Retro Sonic really doesn’t need to be further infantilized.
  4. I might be crazy, but I think this artwork by Sonic artist Yuji Uekawa could be a good reference. The style of the eyes, «merged» hair and certain exaggerated features like the large hands makes her work with the Sonic universe. Meanwhile the overall accurate human anatomy marks her as a different species from the anthros. (Because frankly, I don’t see any complaints that Eggman, chao or wisps should have Sonic anatomy.)
  5. Dark or light, simple or complicated - doesn’t matter. What matters is executing on the chosen direction. As three examples of good Sonic stories, I’d give Adventure 2, S3&K and the Mania Adventures christmas special. Obviously they vary in tone and complexity, but they commit to an idea and do them well from a storytelling perspective. Adventure 2 is great because it continues the character development from the first one and has a natural mixture of light and dark. S3&K is great because it manages to convey a continuous world and the struggles of its characters through animation, backgrounds and music. The Mania Adventures episode is great because it puts the characters in a strange situation, yet keeps them in-character. Obviously none of the examples are perfect stories, but the pieces of the perfect Sonic narrative are there. They’re just spread all across the franchise and never really come together. I think the status quo is too damaged to be invested in at this point, but with a reboot (maybe a semi-reboot starting from after SA2), they may have another shot. From the classic games: Don’t overexplain things when a non-verbal cue would suffice. From the Adventure games: Make characters somewhat multifaceted, give them character development and let them keep said development across games. (And have some cheesy monents like the faker exhange, as long as they don’t distract from the overall story.) From the classics and Adventures: Build a consistent, believable world with a bit of a unique flair to every major location. Use dark and light elements wisely to get the setting and characterizations across. Let characters react appropriately to events. From the modern era (mostly talking Boom and Mania Adventures): Make relations like Sonic and Tails’ friendship feel genuine. Give the characters some cute downtime moments (NOT in the middle of the action). It’s just so frustrating to see each individual element right there, but to only have a few being used at a time.
  6. Isn’t Sonic way more popular in the West anyway? Business-wise, it makes the most sense to adapt to that demographic. Mixing cultures like that is right at the core of the franchise. I mean, the original Sonic and Eggman look like hybrids of 30s cartoon and anime characters.
  7. Title: KNUCKLES: GUARDIAN ANGEL (or maybe just Knuckles) Story: Okay, so I don’t really have a whole plot, but I do have a general vibe. This is a prequel to S3&K starring Knuckles the Echidna. He explores Angel Island, learns a bit of his people’s past and takes on his job as the island’s guardian. The game might start with Knuckles’ birth. His egg (yes, echidnas come from eggs) lies in the frozen mountaintops of Ice Cap, possibly along with one of the Emeralds. A gust of wind sends the egg tumbling downhill. When it comes to a stop, Knux punches his way out with the most determined look you’ve ever seen on a newborn. My idea was, the cold of Ice Cap slowed down his development so he hatced long after the other echidnas were dead. If his egg lies with an Emerald, the implication could be that its radiation mutated him into a peak condition echidna, just like it mutated Chaos. Early on we see Knuckles being raised by a certain soul residing in the Master Emerald. It communicates telepathically and its meaning is conveyed through text, but we can understand by a female whispery voice and an orange glow from the Emerald who’s really talking. Throughout the game, you can find writing from the ancient civilization. They hint at everything from daily life, to war, to the attack of Chaos (maybe referred to as a dragon as in S3&K’s manual), to words directly from Knux’ forefathers to him. To jokes about de wae. Okay, maybe not that last one. World and gameplay: This is a fully open-world game set entirely on Angel Island. You can explore any of the areas from S3&K’s story mode (bar Carnival Night, Flying Battery and Launch Base as they don’t exist yet), plus Azure Lake from the multiplayer and Red Mountain from Adventure 1, all reimagined in 3D with natural transitions between each other. Sky Sanctuary is a late game area, and mixes in visual elements from Angel Island Zone from Advance 1 and the last two zones of Advance 3. There are no invisible walls, but as the island is suspended miles above the ocean, falling below it means instant death. The controls are pretty much based on Adventure 1, but less buggy. Knux can run, jump, roll, spindash, climb, glide and dig his way across the island. You can even get onto the side of the island, explore some grottoes and maybe even find new routes to Hydrocity or Lava Reef. By digging, you can find collection items, bits of lore and simple powerups. Some of these abilities may be on a stamina meter that increases over the course of the game. This prevents them from being overpowered right away, and it demonstrates how Knuckles gets familiar with his abilities. As for combat... I’m not sure in what degree it’s necessary. Like, what would he even fight? If it’s there, though, it’d probably have a bit more depth than usual, with different moves and enemy health bars. Knux might have a health bar filled by rings. In each zone, there’s a Master Emerald altar. The Emerald can be summoned here for advice, and the altars act as checkpoints for when you respawn. Additionally, reaching an altar makes it available for fast travel from any other uncovered altar. Knuckles teleports with a flash that resembles Chaos Control. Music: Similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the soundtrack usually consists of sparse, simple melodies with instruments fitting of the area. If you spend long in a zone or go near a major landmark, the music swells up into a low-fi hip hop beat reminiscent of Knuckles’ tracks in Adventure 2. Even better would be if Hunnid-P could return to do lyrics. Most of the melodies come from previous games. For example, Ice Cap’s music takes cues from both the original S3&K, the PC version and the Ice Cap tracks from Adventure 1. Marble Garden mixes its originial compositions with Tikal’s theme. DLC: & Sonic This idea isn’t that thought out, just spitballing. But this could add a post-S3&K state to the island, featuring Carnival Night, Launch Base and a crashed Flying Battery. Knuckles would have all his abilities maxed out, maybe not even needing a stamina meter. As the DLC title implies, Sonic is playable, trading Knux’ echidna abilities for increased speed and parkour skill. Maybe even throw in Tails and his flight.
  8. I'm imagining a near-open world 3D game with classic/Adventure-style controls for this. Basically, a mesa/jungle hybrid area. There are paths and surrounding walls of red and yellow clay, but you can go off the paths into the woods. There are also caves you can go through and wooden bridges held up by vines. If the game has an act-type structure, the miniboss would chase you up a giant tree trunk. This leads you to act 2, taking place up in the canopies where you can leap across oversized insect hives. If you need more setpieces, the goal of act 2 might be a volcano or something. The best visual I have is this Minecraft screenshot. (Imagine it with proper graphics more Sonic-y terrain and some larger trees.)
  9. How, though? Wasn’t his plan just to suck the life energy out of Earth to get revenge on Eggman?
  10. I mean that the powers of the Zeti don’t match their appearance or personality. The crazy one has a moon that shoots stars... for some reason. The girl one has killer snowmen... for some reason. And the EMP powers are just convenient to keep the badniks as enemies. The logic of Little Planet and the Zeti... well, LP and the Lost Hex are both surreal locations? (Though I’d say LP is more tasteful for the Sonic universe.) We don’t see the natives of LP, and the Zeti look alien enough to fit in there. My idea is basically the opposite of that theory. Bits of the Lost Hex fell onto Earth.
  11. Sonic: Give him the red soles with white edges that someone here photoshopped. Give him a red scarf that trails behind as he moves, accentuating his movement and communicating his love of adventure. Give him the back-of-head spine, though I dunno how it’d work in 3D graphics. Give him a tiny upward tuft of peach-colored hair on his chest and in his ears to mark it as fur rather than bare skin. And make that color warmer, resembling the tan of someone who spends time outside adventuring, and also going with his golden shoe buckles. Eggman: Make his glasses into black, slightly larger shades placed in front of his eyes (not in them). Give him an open, red leather jacket with a collar that goes slightly up, a yellow shirt underneath and a belt with a silver buckle. Give him separated shoes, looking like they’re made for mechanic work. Tails: Make the straps on his shoes and gloves more prominent to help show his mechanic trait (and make them all blue to go with his eyes). Make his shoes green to subtly convey independence from Sonic, and give him green pilot goggles to match (and maybe a shorter green pilot-type scarf). Knuckles: Give him his darker muzzle fur from SA2. Remove the red from his shoes. Make his gloves into just wrappings of yellow cloth around his hands, with the spikes being metal and wrapped in with the hands. Make the crescent on his chest clearly smeared on, making it war paint of the Knuckles clan. Amy: Like others have said, make her dress go up to her chin and give her shorts or a more drooping skirt. Also, make the red of her clothes slightly more magenta-ish to show both admiration and independence from Sonic. If she ever gets a super form, make it a copper-like orange/red. Big: Just make his eyes more expressive like in early concept art. Shadow and Silver: Give them the floofy ears like Sonic and their respective muzzle fur colors from their origin games. Mighty: Bridge his eyebrows into his nose. Give his forehead a brick-like texture and add brick-like tattoos to his arms. (Admittedly, a lot of these ideas come from the fan project Sonic Skyline.) And as a general graphic effect thing: don’t give everyone a glowing aura for everything. Sonic has it just for jumping at this point. He’s supposed to be Sonic the Hedgehog, not Sonic the Plasma-Generating Cyborg. Just a side note: I’d like to see how they’d look if their eyes were all pupil, just slightly narrower, taller and shaded in different colors that don’t clutter the palette. Sonic’s could be red (hinting at a more intense side), Tails’ remain blue, Knuckles’ be green (picking up the green in his shoes and showing his status as a nature man), Amys’ be a golden yellow, etc.
  12. That was in Mario games less, I mean. And they could still put a Sonic twist on it with loops, corkscrews, some surreal-looking dirt and the temple/ruins I mentioned.
  13. That reminds me. The Deadly Six’s associated location would also need to be fleshed out. They could be natives of Little Planet, but if you wanna keep the idea of the Lost Hex, sure. Just give it unique worldbuilding. Like, say the Lost Hex is a belt of planetoids around Earth/Mobius/Sonic’s™ World™ that only emerges in the event of an extreme chaos energy eruption. I know that sounds dumb, I came up with that in like two minutes, but you get the point. It could even be the origin of surreal landmasses like South and West Side Island. And instead of the cookie cutter New Super Mario Bros biomes, why not build whole areas out of the few cool ideas the place does have? The honeycomb level was neat, so you could have a whole forest of weird floating trees like that. And have hives with some weird bee-like creature, and even a golden temple dedicated to them.
  14. I like this. They look a bit goofy, but badass at the same time. The issue with the Deadly Six isn’t just their looks, though. It’s also their one note personalities, their incongruous powers, their lack of context in the story, the generic name of their group... if you were to change them enough to work in a Sonic story, they’d hardly be recognizable.
  15. See, this is the logical continuation of the themes established in Sonic 1 and iterated on in CD. It just makes too much sense. Maybe to go with the CD connections, Little Planet could be an important location in this theoretical game. Not too sure about this. The great thing with this kind of reboot is being able to tell new stories without being restricted by the dark age and meta era. I don't think they should use it to retell existing games just to fix some plotholes. Using individual ideas, like Infinite or the Wisps or Eggman ruling the world? Sure. But straight retelling seems like a bit of a waste.
  16. I agree with all of this. And while we're working of this relatively clean slate of canon, why not connect the the Classic locations into the overall lore like Angel Island was? Like, what if the Chaos Emeralds sealed within West Side Island were excavated by Gerald, and that's where Mystic Cave Zone comes from? How about even tying Little Planet into it all? The clean slate may also lead to more unexpected character dynamics. For example, Knux could remember his job, and Amy could become the go-to third Team Sonic member instead. Shadow could remain dead, at least for a couple of games, and Rouge would investigate Project Shadow for some closure with the help of Vector and Espio. With time, I think even some modern era ideas could be Adventure-ized and brought back. You could have Infinite powered by Eggman boss-themed cyborg augmentations rather than the cop-out Phantom Ruby. You could have the Wisps, but less cutesy and more mysterious (like the Kodama from Princess Mononoke), and their transformations could look more badass.
  17. Bit late to the party, but to the people who say writing the modern characters well is too hard because they’ve been so all over the place... To me, the obvious fix is to retcon out everything after Adventure 2 and continue from there. At that point, the characters were literally just the classic characters, but with dialogue and some development. It’d also make the lore and timeline much easier to work with, and past weirdness could be fixed. Like, Knuckles could keep his job as Angel Island’s guardian, maybe with Amy as Sonic and Tails’ go-to teammate instead. And Shadow could stay dead or be brought back more gracefully.
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