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  1. Do we know if IDW is planning to produce any omnibuses for Sonic, like they’ve been doing with TMNT? Oh! And has the TSR one-shot been slated for a reprint in any of the collections?
  2. Here’s the FAQ, for those who may have missed it!
  3. Who is involved in this project? - I’ve been asked not to say until positions are more finalized, sorry ^^ - The team should be releasing this information soon enough though. What are the projection costs? - “We’re not planning on approaching an official studio.... So the plan is to instead approach experienced animators directly we find and animate it independently. We have private donators that could make this possible, including money from the pockets of the staff. With that, we think we can do this on our own, even. The Patreon just makes it easier, and more possible, to do.” - There will be multiple goals added, however. What is an actual representation of the quality of the product? - The show proper, but in 4K. No animation has been completed (hence the Patreon), but storyboarding is well underway. - I’ll have to get back to you on this one. What are the plans for the funds collected if Sega decides to act in its best interest and shut this whole thing down? - All money will be returned to the patrons. Also—a comprehensive FAQ should be added to the Patreon in the coming days ^^
  4. Hey all, Sea3on artist here! Skimming through this thread, I thought I’d try to clear a couple things up—and I apologize if any of this has already been stated ^^ To preface, I’m not intending to invalidate any of the criticism or feelings you guys have for this project (I even share plenty of it), but I have seen a bit of misinformation going around (not necessarily here) that I thought I could address. To start, I believe the Patreon animation was made back when the team first attempted this project years ago, so it truly isn’t especially representative of how the proper animation will look. Nope, the team does not have SEGA’s permission to create the project. That said, attempts to contact them have been made, and SEGA haven’t outright said “no”, so take that as you will. However, DHX (who own DiC) seem pretty cool with it. The team are looking to hire professional animators, but not necessarily a professional studio as a whole. The latter is a much taller order, and the team are well-aware. If the Patreon does not generate the required backing, team members are prepared to produce (at least) the first episode out of their own pockets. I think that’s about all I have to say...? If anyone has any specific questions, I could probably try and direct them to the people in charge of all this. Thanks for reading!
  5. Oh, nice. Do we know who it is on coloring?
  6. I guess, in my opinion, without having an outright favorite: Starline Tumble Whisper Rough Tangle Scruffy (I don’t think Lanolin’s done enough for me to really consider her a character, so I guess she’s going here) I guess my biggest gripe with the new characters so far is that they’re all pretty one-note—which works for some (Skunk Bros., Scruffy), but for others (like Tangle) I definitely feel like we were supposed to have been given more by this point. I like Whisper conceptually, as an introverted character struggling to make friends, but it seems to have come too easy to her for me to be invested, according to what we’ve seen. Tangle’s really only shown one emotion in the four-ish issues she’s appeared in, so I find her difficult to get invested in as well. Though, I really liked the brief interaction between her and Silver in #9, when she steals one of his cards—it actually got me thinking: Is this sort of behavior how she usually gets by? That’d be a neat angle to explore, I think. Is she some sort of con artist? Just a general prankster? I dunno, but I hope we get to something more (even if it’s not in that vein) soon. I’m hopeful for the miniseries for that exact reason—having two underdeveloped OCs in one place could be pretty interesting. The Skunk Bros. I didn’t care for originally, but they’ve grown on me with each passing issue, so they might end up climbing the list. Starline’s a funny one to me, though. I like his chemistry with Eggman a lot (as well as his design and what-have-you), but I honestly don’t know if I find him all that “mysterious” like others do. Maybe because there don’t seem to be many intentional clues? There’s definitely room for a mysterious angle with him, to be sure, but everything about him seems pretty straightforward to me. Also Scruffy the janitor. He’s there. He filled his role well enough. No complaints here, I dunno.
  7. I personally don’t mind Sonic being untouchable in that sense so long as he’s the catalyst for development in everyone around him. That said, if the plot is telling me that I should be invested in Sonic overcoming such an obstacle despite not having to work for it, then we have a problem. I think Archie found a great balance in Control, though—still having him be incorruptible at the end but still needing to work for it.
  8. Oh no, I agree—I Just was stating the best way I can rationalize the idea of IDW somehow having less restrictions than Archie did.
  9. I wanna say that was IDW themselves, rather than Ian—but it could be that, because the new series is so much more in-line with the games, they have more freedom within the confines of that vision, whereas it was harder to try and take the Archie elements and fit them to that same mold. Basically, I think they have more breathing room in how they approach things because everything has been aligned with SEGA’s vision since day one, rather than having to barter with them at every step.
  10. I really liked this issue. I might explain myself more later if I have the time, but overall I don’t have much negative to say. Though, as far as the naming of things goes—the lack of names was never something I really took issue with in Year 1, so I can’t say this issue really “fixed” anything there for me. (Though I do find it to be kind of funny that we’ve gone from “names are useless trivia and are ultimately unnecessary” to “name everything”.) And I don’t mind their inclusion by any means—the presence of them makes it feel like more of an actual world—but the names themselves don’t matter to me. At most, I thought it was kind of weird that Tangle’s village and Scruffy were never named in Year 1 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Yep yep I like to think it’s South Island’s counterpart
  12. I was referring to the one in Rush Adventure on Southern Island, but Apotos was the first thing to come to mind.
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