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  1. It's funny, I've been trying to find a way to get the entirety of the Sonic the Comic UK/Fleetway series myself.
  2. I feel they should stop listening to the morons who say stuff like "Sonic was never good" and "Sonic is consistently bad" first before they stop listening to the people who are actually their fans.
  3. Sonic was never good and Sonic is consistently bad, is the popular opinion I massively disagree with.
  4. A Hat in Time, especially in regards to the mechanics, general movement (general movement was already done well in the Adventure duology, so feel free to disregard this) and level design,
  5. Unpopular opinion I disagree with: Sonic is Goku down to a T, no. he's not, Sonic is not a dumbass. he's not able to use the Chaos Emeralds because he's a complete moron, Sonic knows how to drive. he's actually altruistic and heroic, and he does enjoy helping people without getting a thank you. Sonic is seen reading books unlike Goku, who is never seen doing such a thing. he's the one who obviously built his (red) Tornado, and would have had to fix said plane multiple times himself before he meets Tails. Sonic's actually book smart. his Super Form (beyond being powered by the Chaos Emeralds) is also powered by positive emotions, unlike Super Saiyan which is fueled by anger and negative emotions. like Dark Sonic from Sonic X. so no, he's not Goku. stop saying he is.
  6. I had a few ideas for 3D Sonic, using gameplay from Utopia and Adventure along with a few things from the Boost games as the basis.
  7. Well, neither Sonic nor Knuckles particularly look like real life Hedgehogs and Echidnas. so forgive me if I'm not sticking to realism in this scenario.
  8. I'd give Amy her Boom design, with one alteration. no sports tape around the waist, make it a sash in that color. Doesn't that look better and still compliment Amy's color scheme? In regards to Sonic, shorten him up (which admittedly is being done already), give him the longer spines. SA1 light-speed shoes, crystal ring and fingerless gloves.
  9. Hello there, I'm RedNether. I'm a Sonic fan, among other stuff. glad to join this forum.

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      Welcome to SSMB. I hope you'll enjoy it here.

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      Good to meet you @RedNether. Welcome to the stadium! I'm Pauly. You'll find me here on the status updates about 98% of the time XD. It's an interesting feature I have yet to see on any other Sonic forum site.

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