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    Edgy Sonic games were better?

    i just got done watching the video and skimming the replies, like other people said i don’t think the video was completely right but they did bring up some stuff i hadn’t thought of! i DID enjoy shadow the hedgehog a little more than sonic forces, even though shadow is a way less functional game. but that’s not because it was dark! i just had more fun with like... the story i guess??? i don’t think one kind of sonic is better than the other, i really like both dark and light sonic. i would just really like to see another sonic with a story that i can get into! (YES something as silly as mario odyssey would be fine) sonic forces had an interesting story but something just wasn’t right about the execution or something you know what i mean?? i WOULD have liked to see eggman taking over the world instead of just being told so! that might just be personal preference though :B EDIT: i would like to clarify i have not played sonic mania but i assume that it’s going in the right direction sdhjdfkkflfg
  2. i thiiink this is a popular opinion? my favorite sonic is toei sonic, i wish he got more use : ( (though i guess that was what they were going for in sonic mania! i'm really happy with that sonic) i also really like classic sonic, not the games specifically but the design! the light blue color is really nice : D

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