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  1. Kellodrawsalot

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    But does Sonic work as a Hedgehog? 🤔
  2. Ehh a"smart kids show ?"" It was a fine kids show but there Just sounding salty. Boom wasnt ATLA, SU OR Gravity Falls. The feminist joke would go over most kids head anyway.
  3. Kellodrawsalot

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    Sonic works fine as a game, everything desgined about him is for a game, the big and better quistion is was hé desgined to be a 3D game ? Because the 3D games have a hard time being consistence
  4. Kellodrawsalot

    Beastars, OR, the PG-13 Remake of Zootopia

    This is giving me lowkey Blacksad vibes then Zootopia now.
  5. Kellodrawsalot

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Jon Gray was your least fave really? His style did bring a breath of fresh air compared the stiff art of Penders , Many Hands and Ron Lim, and in his Defense his style was cartoony which better fits Sonic then the artist who had no Idea how to draw animal cartoons, (looking at you Dave Manek and Al Bigley) But I do agree his style often didn't dit the Tone of some of the stories , even hé seems to agree with that when you Read his rather ""this wasnt good"" comments when hé first Worked on the Infamous Sally-Slaps-Sonic issue, honestly trough the poor commucation between the artist and writers was a common problem back then. The quality control was horrible and statt didn't pay attention if one style fit a story.
  6. Kellodrawsalot

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    is Sonic Overdrive going to be a short? or a fullblown cartoon series?
  7. Kellodrawsalot

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Its today right? exciting!
  8. First story was really nicely done, story felt a bit rushed but I like the character-inteactions Dimitri's Log is very good too, a little bit dialog heavy but the art compliments it. Protegegg, I got to be honest was the story I was looking the most forward too, since so many people complimented it but I felt really let down, The art is overall good but I felt it didn't convey the tone of the story at times,, the character Eggette is really intrestring and I love her design, but I felt her introduction was trying too hard to be edgy look at how dark this kid is , a self-made orphan kind of character, just felt a little bit to much for me.
  9. You know at least TMNT started as a much more serious darker comic book series as a parody to the dark comic book series in the 80's, Sonic at the end of the day began and was always a colorful series meant to appeal to a wilder audience. There is a reason why the edgyness of Shadow the Hedgehog rubbed people the wrong way. Having swear words in your comic doesn't make your comic more adult Penders dear.
  10. There is gonna be two Bad Sonic LIFE action movies that made enough money thanks to children and China Just to work. And after the second movie being roasted in reviews we get another Hollywood reboot attempt with a Sonic movie that is much more closer to the games and design. And would be decent. This is my prediction.
  11. Kellodrawsalot

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Amy looks so cute, Kudos to the artist.
  12. Gotte disagree, there was some interesting points with the great war but it also made no sense in various ways, including the whole thing about '' future-Humans being violentjerks in their dna'' really ruined the idea that two sides were at fault also personally the whole Sonic's world is a future dystoptian earth felt more like early Western 90's comic shock value'' gimick then anything, Most of the backstories were centered arround Archie-characters and plenty of them do not have enough of a fanbaase that wishes them to make a return in a movie or any sort. Forces 's dealt-meant with War was bad , but Archie's take was the other side of the coin-bad.
  13. Penders choice of dialog never changed from his 90's work,
  14. Someone in Tumblr compared the LIFE action Pikachu Detective movie with the Sonic movie and it really shows that The Pokémon movie didn't sacrifice the details of the original designs for the sake of realism. Sonic the movie should have done that too
  15. Kellodrawsalot

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    you can tell that the Moon/Sun writers have a love for Anime in general, they either reference anime series or certain manga art styles and character designs,

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