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  1. Someone mentioned Ken used Star trek sound effects, Sorry Ken this is not going to be a game changer
  2. Might get that Whisper pin!! Its rare to see official merch of the characters so its pretty cool
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/PatchToons/status/1147584584353296384 https://mobile.twitter.com/TvsNmovies/status/1147597577828929537
  4. The lawsuit changed everything, they already had mandates with Archie but after the lawsuit they were no longer going to tolerate many many things, which I cant blame Sonic Team for. i dont get it trough Eggman never won in any of the Sonic spin offs, games or shows, Knuckles was mostly the last echidna in the games , these are the standards in the Sonic canon franchise for many many years.
  5. but that's what's happening in the comics right now. Sonic is feeling guilty about the ones he couldnt protect like Charmy,, he's mostly trying to keep his cool because he knows Eggman wants to see him lose it and get angry or overly depressed.
  6. Didn't Bioware researched the comics on them own? That's why the comic had both Satam and Archie references it to them and I believe they mentioned it themselves. Also the whole concept of ''parents have to be the copy of their kids'' is just lazy design overall most of he echidna Designs were just pretty darn lazy and felt out of place with Sonic's universe overall with the clothes they were worn were obvious Star Trek inspired, The only one that looked more creative was Julie-Su and she was designed by Spaz, Compare that to the other echidna's in Sonic Adventure, not only does Tikal stand out but the other echidna's have facial hair and different body types. atleast Bioware and Sirene knew what they were doing (kind of funny that female echidna's so far are orange)
  7. I find this to be really confushing too since... Sonic has always Won troughout the entire franchise, games , shows, spin offs alike, except for maybe Sonic Underground, Sonic the dark brotherhood, or Sonic CD, because SU got canceled , the bad ending isn't canon to Sonic CD and Sonic the Dark brotherhood was supposed to be met with a sequel that never happened because lawsuit. It just seems people are only getting upset about ''Knuckles being the only one of his kind'''' or'' Sonic is always supposed to win'' 'because its now confirmed its part of the mandates.
  8. It adds to his back story , also this is a world where Hedgehogs are blue and Rabbits can fly, Knuckles being the only echidna isnt that weird.
  9. I agree, I dont need more echidna's in the story, since him being the last is part of the game lore, and its a fine mystery, no need for the bonkers-Penders route. If anything I rather would have wanted Sonic Boom to introduce more Echidna's since Knuckles himself story and role wasnt the same there anyway. I did like the quick fan character scene as Ian Flynn was trying to show why Sonic would work with Tails or Cream despite their age, and it shows Sonic being a populair character that everyone wants to join.
  10. Really liked the lattest issue, Sonic comforting Cream like a big brother was very sweet. Im not the biggest fan of Cream the rabbit but I did liked her inclusion in this issue, and felt worried for the character, I do hope Starline doesn't doublecross Eggman too fast trough, I got the feeling Eggman might robozombify Starline himself if he keeps up the back-talk
  11. Sonic Team used to have little to no connections or contact with the staff of different Sonic Media franchises, if am not mistaken when it came to spin offs like Sonic Underground, , early days of Archie, for example newly introduced characters or concepts were hardly approved or looked over by anyone from Sonic Team
  12. Pretty cool to see that Sonic Team themselves have to aprove of the designs,
  13. Means its the fault of their printing company
  14. Opposite with me, I love a few Sega franchises more then Sonic even, Puyo Puyo would work with Sonic for example and if done right, it would be amusing to see Sonic and characters interact with the Persona 5 cast,
  15. Consider the s/m anime team has put so many references into the anime I really believe this was a nod to the American dub, why even bring up that some donuts are a different shape or jelly filled? that would be a really odd sort of dialog and very random so yes im sure.
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