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  1. There is no way Cream is going to get Robozombofied there has to be a mandate against that somewhere 😂
  2. I do like the poster, and wish them goodluck on the project but not sure if this will succeed but I wish them all the luck
  3. oh man this issue was dark '' not like omg super dark'' but first - time- dark for kids- level and its good, Wow tracey improved so much,! when reading this issue all I could think of was how cool and awesome it would have been if this was also animated? i hope one day because that be trilling to see
  4. I really hate going by numbers because a lot of Sonic comic books I have are collections and rip, I loved the arcs with ''Spark of Life and Countdown to Chaos, also like Ambused. As for IDW Issues I love issue 8 which introduced Whisper the Wolf, and the Batle for Angel Island was such a good arc , issue 14 that kickstarts the Mecha-Virus arc is very quickly and easily becoming my favorite issues because of said arc.
  5. they both look so rad, giving me dawn of the dead vibes
  6. I wanted to get the issue and it was already sold out. AHHHH
  7. someone tweeted at him that there are better more beloved arcs in the books and they mention stuff by Bollers and the Post-Reboot arcs. Penders said that all those arcs were build up from Endgame...like how does he know that when he flat out addmited he never read any of the other works?
  8. Ken Penders apparently said in a tweet response that he wrote the greatest storyline in Sonic's history. (Endgame) I just can not with this man
  9. Sorry if someone else brought this up buttt one of the people behind the Sonic movie, at first, repeatedly referred Sonic to Sonic the Hedge Dog in his emails. and then the movie got shuffeled.
  10. that argument is just so weird since that was used against gay people which Penders claims to support. Its also so outdated and ignorant. Accepting gay people and asexuals wont suddenly make more people gay or asexual. Straight people will always be the norm because homosexuality and asexuality are not common sexualties. Not to mention adopting and IFV pregnancy are all options??
  11. oh I understand, I just think he is that ignorant. He said he understood why straight/bi/gay people choose not to have children but he doesn't get why asexuals dont want to have children. I think the lack of sex-drive is a wild concept to him?
  12. Penders is not a troll, dont try to downplay the actions of his comments by treating it like he is trolling. It was also well known that he has hang-ups about asexuality before. Its just a little insulting and a bit funny since the man always claims he is progressive when it comes to minorities and different sexualies. This is the same man who was proudly saying he was the first to have a gay character in the comic book (Rotor) and that he was the only one who hired women to work on the book.
  13. Ken Penders might not be homophobic but he is making some pretty wth a asexualphobic comments https://mobile.twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1127483179319697408 What on Earth does he have against asexuals??
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