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  1. the Tails art on the right looks lazy it just traced over the satam artwork image and just changed his body/feet/arms but left everything else the same
  2. I hope we are going to see some concept art of Mimic! it was really cool to see Starline's development in his character design and I am curious of Mimic went trough the same thing
  3. if anyone wants to see which comic I have worked on from 2018 and 2019 its the Space Probe Instruction Manual mini comic, It should be soon available in the online store: https://brambletyne.com/ I am also very flattered that Duncan Gutteridge the artist from the Sonic the Hedgehog Megadrive promotional artwork in the 90’s worked on my artwork of Space Probe,
  4. haha wow, even the Dutch news social media page has an article put on that there are rumors about this being Ash's last rodeo season.
  5. Sure, Expy for Cove and Cassie, Thunderbolt maybe (not sure if Starline is already filling that role) Eclipse with a bit of re-working and maybe the Dingoes from the Knuckles comics with a bit of fixed up where they aren't portrayed as '' ignorant and just plain evil'' and the comic implied that the echidna's were right...in taken over their land and kicking the dingoes out. (really that was Yikes) I felt Ian almost fixed this but the subject never continued because pre-archie died. I do like the idea of Knuckles (on his own) dealing with one two or a tribe of Dingoes or any other animal characters seeking revenge for what the Echidna's have done to them and being redeemed. Relic the Pika (a nerdy scientist gir miss her!l) and Athair, ( my fave from the archie echdina's .. okay sega dont make him an echidna) but a wise old cracking character that can give advice or guide the characters would be nice
  6. I agree I really liked how SM broke the mold in many aspects of the previous seasons but on the other hand.. Ash/Satoshi's popularity has really declined the last 5 years despite each studio trying to step it up or improve the character in their own, (with X/Y trying the more mature cooler Satoshi approach while S/M trying to bring back the old Satoshi from the 90's ) but both attempts seems to have failed as merch of the character has sold pretty terrible to the point the last 2 years they didnt even tried to use Ash in most of the promo's or merch anymore. And someone pointed out on Twitter that Nintendo has notice the increase in sales of merch of the regular game characters and growing interest in characters like Red, Rosa, Kriss ect Heck Pokemon Center's newest promo merch was all about the trainer characters and gym leaders (I left Japan right in the last few days the new stuff came out but one of my friends manage to get few new buttons, and shirt) so they might be open to the possible of idea of focusing on new main character/characters. Which I am open too as well just as long as it isn't the characters of Lets go Pikachu/Evee. That being said Nintendo still has the belief that the reason why people outside of Japan still watch Pokemon is because American and European children love Ash sooo not sure..
  7. you ignored the fact I wasn't negative on Hope/Mina at all. dude this is a forum I am going to post my opnions if someone brings up those characters , that's pretty fair dude, not like I offended the person and if someone gets upset over someone not liking the same fictional characters..that's not healthy dude. Re-check your priorities.
  8. Just giving out my honest opnion, not to mention I didn't say anything bad about Hope or Mina but you still chose to ignore that I see.
  9. yes? A pop idol character within Sonic's universe, kind of like what Mina's role was.
  10. please no, Geoffrey is a really bad character and he would bring nothing to the table other then someone Sonic can argue with and he already has plenty of other characters to bounc off, Lien-Da is just a very boring character who mostly didn't do anything other then just stand arround giving orders standing there, another pop-idol character would be a nice idea, and Hope would either go right or wrong because human characters either tend to be very boring in the Sonic universe. That said I would say I believe Starline really surpassed Dr Finitvus he's already more original in design and Finitvus often just seem evil for the sake of being evil while Starline's evil motivations comes from him idolizing Eggman. So I personally consider him the Anti-Tails, (or eh..the anti-Amy for the part of the fandom that believe Starline's feelings for Eggman are romantic of nature lololol) that and Starline seems to have a bit more of depth.
  11. I think Sonic still has fans but it isn't as strong franchise as it was back in the 90's I think most children today would know who Mickey Mouse was but not Sonic, (unlike the 90's) Sonic fans also don't just spend money on anything Sonic-related anymore. The older fans have become more skeptical.
  12. RIP, his work was pretty amazing, and he died at a pretty young age...always sad to hear
  13. I agreed and boy that looks awesome! kind of looks like street art on a cover, it really pops!
  14. My point was that your focus should be more on ''why is Sonic Team okay with the character portrayal here'' (not that you have to agree with them) instead of '' ohh Flynn dislikes Shadow, this is all a big agenda to make people dislike the character!11 he doesn't like Shadow this is how HE sees Shadow!' fantasy. I don't care if you don't care if a writer does or not, your basing this on assumption and its not factual since Flynn never expressed any ill views to the character which he did with other characters.
  15. or maybe just maybe this is a writer working with what hes got and this is how Sonic Team themselves were fine with it because keep in mind unlike the dark ages of Archie, Sonic Team reviews the IDW comic before they are released. Which means they saw this and were fine with it. They agreed with ''this is how Shadow would have acted'' at least the new Shadow. At this point Flynn is becoming the scapegoat for every nitpicky Sonic fan (mostly from the Penders/OldArchie fanbase) but its really getting tiring its kind of crazy how so many fans accuse Flynn is being biased from accusing him of shoving Sonamy or Sonally down people's throat and dislking their preferred Sonic ship at the same time. (srsy how could either groups not see the flawed argument here) stop trying to accuse Flynn and maybe focus on your issue with Sonic Team themselves and their direction of the characters. (Edit: its still fine to criticize the writing but dont base it arround Flynn being biased )
  16. I like to call this issue ''Sonic's getting really tired, you can pinpoint the second he is almost ready to give up'' and other emotional damages such as
  17. Mandates also confirm that Amy cant be with Sonic "*canon"" but Amy cant be shown to like anyone else either one reason she was excluding from M25yl because it would be weird for a grown Amy to flirt with a married man who has kids,
  18. I am gonna get this game. the first time I saw an add for it I thought for sure this was some sort of Power Puff girl Animu spin off again, but I love the game sprites, the character designs and that theme song of the teaser also I really love how their boyfriends aren't some weak-looking generic looking guys, (which is what games often tend to do to make the love interest of the cool female character more easy for some gamers to insert themselves as those characters) but there pretty cool looking type of characters too, male characters people normally wouldn't see as types that get kidnapped , looking forward to this game!
  19. Is it me or is ShadowZombie fighting with himself? when Fighting Sonic he just seems to look like he is trying to resist
  20. Even as a Sonamy fan, (just look at my sig and art) I can't tell if you are joking 1. It would make Amy the happiest she's ever been. - It was established that Amy is already happy enough with just chasing Sonic, she's also 12, not a 40 year old single woman wanting for the guy to pop the question. 2. It would make SonAmy fans' days. - Making something ;''canon'' to make shippers happy is a really really silly reason to make it canon. By that logic Voltron should have made Klance canon to make the fans happy but anyone knowing how much of a mess and harassment that fanabse caused and how much the ship itself doesn't make sense if it become ''canon''. 3. It would remove Sonic's debatable "shyness", making him 100% hero. .....what does being shy have to do with making you less of a hero? 4. Sonic would have a roof over his head. but Sonic doesn't want to sit in once place 5. It would benefit their world, as since they'll likely have their own kids, they'd probably inherit some of their heroic traits, thus, new heroes would be born. - Let's leave that to the fandom, the writers and artist shall we? 6. Story-wise, it could take the games in an interesting direction. - Not really it could also alienate and its not like Sonic Team already has to many characters they underused when they should. 7. Sonic would feel proud if he helped bless the world with a new hero or more in the long run. - Sonic doesn't have to do that by bringing a child into the world. training Tails or any other kid to be a hero would make him feel proud. Regardless of the bloodline. 8. Sonic Team teases it to no end. - Its the teasing part that makes it interesting 9. It would make for some interesting character development for both hedgehogs, something I'm sure we all miss, right? For example, Sonic could realise that running from every situation/problem/dilemma doesn't always make them go away, and that you need to deal with them properly. - You can do too without showing a relationship ? 10. Amy might lose her short tempered side, since she'd have Sonic as her partner. - If Amy loses part of her character just based on a romantic partner it would be really bad writing and development for her,
  21. you have made the character work, (still unappealing looking but that has less to do with your art and more to do with the design itself)
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