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  1. Iunno, Eggman being scarier to Tails than to Sonic/Knuclles and having the voicelines to match always seemed like a nice touch.
  2. Define "actual place". Realistically, Sonic and Knuckles's campaigns are the only ones that matter. Tails is a rehash, and Amy, Gamma, and Big's are all self contained stories. Big's actions impacting the plot are enough for me to say that he does have a place in the story. I'd argue his crashing the Tornado 2 allowing Chaos to steal the emerald was a pretty big deal too.
  3. The only reason I'm against making Big optional is because he has the most important Tikal flashbacks. Honestly I'd just have Froggy be the goal ring and make him a Sonic reskin, with the fishing being optional.
  4. I mean, does having Metal Sonic transform immediately make it a heroes copy? Was Knuckles Chaotix retroactively a heroes copy? Heck, the Arc didn't even have the full heroes cast. It took some beats from Heroes, but that's just because Heroes was an influential game. The story was different enough from heroes for me to consider it its own story.
  5. His aesthetic is cool, and he bounces off Vector and Charmy really well. As a solo character, he still works. I think his teamup with Shadow in Shadow's game and Silver in Rivals 2 were both really cool and showed parts of him we don't usually see.
  6. Self-inserts are cool and Tails wouldn't fit that well? This feels like the Knuckles Werehog argument in a different coat of paint.
  7. Vector's dialogue under Penders is so bad, geez. And his character for the longest time would basically just be "hates women", which only makes it worse. As much as I dislike the Downunda backstory, at least I can say that it means Vector's bad jive talk has some sort of purpose.
  8. Honestly, the ages only really matter in relation to other characters. Amy being 12 is fine on its own, but matters more in comparison to Sonic.
  9. The "if I had to choose the world or Sonic, I'd choose Sonic". People use it to call Amy insane when it really just means she'd stick with him no matter what. It's not too far removed from Shadow's quote, honestly.
  10. ...Big's not debuting this issue, right? It's one of those lying covers?
  11. Saying Amy was toned down because people didn't like her in 2019 is weird because, handheld games aside, she got progessively more tame as time went on. I'd argue that she wasn't even that bad in Heroes, aside from the Team Sonic fight. Also people really like to make the 06 quote as bad as possibly when it's supposed to be a cute moment.
  12. Black Knight didn't happen. Sonic just overslept for his date with Amy and made the whole thing up as an excuse.
  13. ...Because machines not being infected is a big plot point? Iunno, that feels like one of those things that feels really weird from a story perspective. If Shadow's an android and can get infected, why can't Gemerl and Omega? This feels like the worst time to bring that plot point back again. On an unrelated note, it's really concidental that this happened after they brought back the Shadow androids for Tangle and Whisper.
  14. ...How will he explain Shadow being infected if they go that way?
  15. That's actually a good point. I'm pretty sure Forces was the only game where Amy used her Hammer in cutscenes. Even in the games where she was at her peak craziness like Battle, the hammer never came out. I'm pretty sure it was mostly an X thing.
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