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  1. That's fair. I think the problem is just that Silver appeared in Forces when Blaze didn't which makes the situation seem worse than it actually is. Like, unlike Rouge with Shadow, Blaze and Silver aren't really tied to each other as much as they're just characters who are friends. I just think the sidekick thing sounds weird when the games dont really look at Silver like that and TSR and them both kinda just be led around by Vector. They appear often together, but that's more of a branding thing than anything because Sonic is obsessed with teams. Teaming the two characters up who are both fish out of water seems like a no-brainer, and it's just circumstance that led it to look like they care about Silver more.
  2. I think Silver and Blaze are a great pair, and the whole "they shouldn't be together because 06" isnt really a good counterargument. 06 retconning itself doesnt really work either. If a dynamic is good, no matter where it debuts, other media would follow suit. The argument I hear is that Blaze is usually downgraded to just Silver's sidekick, but that requires silver to be more important than he actually is IMO.
  3. Sonic's gameplay driving the series doesn't mean people only want to play as Sonic, first of all. And we've seen that Sonic's gameplay has been complained about for a decent while now, so that argument doesn't really work. ...Period?
  4. You had us in the first half, not gonna lie. But that went from basic criticism to random personal attacks in no time flat, and I dont really get why.
  5. And Vector. And Rouge. And Shadow. Because people don't like it when characters are obnoxiously one note.
  6. That's mostly within Sonic communities, honestly. Outside of them, the Adventures memes are classics, and are arguably some of the most memorable stuff in the franchise. It's like comparing the '87 Ninja Turtles to the 4kids Ninja Turtles. The latter is technically better and more fondly remembered by turtle fans, but the original is a classic with a ton of memorable stuff, so it's the one everyone'll talk about. I'd argue that X is serious and well remembered (If not well liked), though.
  7. I think Flynn'd do a great Mario comic personally, but I'd honestly like to see him on Kirby. That's a series with a lot of stuff to play with.
  8. I hope we get a confirmation on whether it happened or not soon because it has way too much traction for what could easily be a fake story.
  9. I don't believe the interaction happened, but I'd buy that it did. Sega themselves have been trying to take the character in a certain direction, even if the games themselves never follow suit. If TSR Shadow is the future, I'll be worried. On the other hand, if Forces Shadow is thr future, I think this'll just blow over.
  10. Wait, was the mii thing confirmed? Can't you still make miis on the switch? I can't see why they'd be removed.
  11. Beijing didn't have any real single player. Nega debuted in Vancouver along with all of the other rivals.
  12. You were talking about "literally the average person". I'm saying that just because his name's on the title screen doesn't make him likely to get picked over the cooler characters with better abilities. Winning popularity polls and actually being played in-game are kinda connected, but not especially.
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