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  1. Aside from Gamma and possibly Tikal, none of the adventure only characters are major enough to warrant entirely unique VA's, so they'd probably just reuse the people already working on the game. So I'd probably say like Kyle Hebert as Gamma, Michelle Ruff as Tikal, Erica Lindbeck as Maria, and Liam O'Brien as the president.
  2. The X comics having to write around the show leads to a lot of weird bits, honestly.
  3. I feel like trying to make Amy some sort of wonder woman-like character is weird. If Amy is inspiring to people, that's cool, but it shouldn't be the goal, it should be a cool aftereffect.
  4. Things can go unmentioned for a game and still exist. I feel like this doesn't have to be said. The emeralds weren't in Forces because they wanted us to believe there was no way the resistance could win. That simple.
  5. I'm pretty sure a plot hole is just an inconsistency with what we've seen. They can make for a bad story if done in excess, but they're not bad. No storytelling tool is ever inherently bad. If we have to ignore a one off comment in Monsters Inc. so Sully and Mike can meet in college in a prequel movie, we're all better off for it. In the same fashion, we can ignore that shadow totally could have taken those guys and be sad over Maria.
  6. There's no chance it lasts past the miniseries. Zavok will go back to the Hex, and the other guys will just be recurring villains.
  7. Honestly, it seems the problem here is that people assume that any plot holes/ lore mistakes are inherently a negative thing and not just things people nitpick. Yeah, it's weird the character who runs fast didn't run fast when Maria was getting fired at. Does it change anything about the story or people's enjoyment of it? Not really. It's just one of those things people don't understand. In Yugioh 5Ds, Jean was winning his duel against Yusei, and could have won completely if he had just ended his turn. He didn't do that and ended up losing because of it. It's a weird turn for the character to take, but us as an audience realize that entertainment is more important than making sure everything makes sense for people who nitpick stories.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's the only discussion we've ever gotten on what Eggman's deal was in Sonic X.
  9. Not much, just that she predicted that she'd meet Sonic on Little Planet, which is why she was there. That was the origin of it all.
  10. Jackie Chan existing in the Sonic Universe is just comical. But yeah, the Sonic X comic was confused about a lot of things that happened the show and games, and it made for some funny errors.
  11. Honestly, the Amy thing feels like they just wanna get rid of the last scrap of Forces content in the book and move on. Like, they had Knuckles take his ball and go home in issue 10, but felt disbanding everything would be too quick, so Amy had to take charge until they felt the time was right.
  12. Ultimate Life Form is a description, not a title. Shadow is the ULF because he was gonna cure Maria and can't age. Being strong doesn't make you the Ultimate Life Form, it just makes you strong. Also, Metal Sonic explicitly copied Shadow's Ultimate Life Form data in Heroes.
  13. On purpose? Probably. The thing about Eggman is a lot of his worse actions are careless or collateral damage from something else he's doing. In general, there's a difference between doing something to a group and doing something to an individual. A million is a statistic and all that.
  14. Honestly, the difference is just that the comics are a continuing story and the games are not. Since the comic has to show the aftermath of an Eggman scheme, it can't just have Tails say all's well that ends well at the end and move on.
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