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  1. This metric would call 06, Secret Rings, and RoL a good games. This is why we don't judge things off of checklists, and we go off of percieved merit.
  2. Those are gameplay things. This a movie. Note how we don't have any of those things in the cartoons or comics either
  3. Aren't they both just seperate parts of the forces avatar?
  4. I feel like rouge accepting guilt and it actually being rouge's fault are two seperate things. But yeah, Shadow's portrayal so far has been a bit wonky. Hopefully he doesn't get infected that fast.
  5. Character fights are only bad when they base them around their playable moveset. It's why the generations fights worked well and most other examples don't. A tails fight based on games where he's not playable would be as functional as the rest of the game.
  6. And it won't be the last if people just "who cares" their way through legit criticism for half a year.
  7. Think of all the stories to be told with the same 8 characters and 4 locations! The possibilities are limitless.
  8. I like how they brought Chocola back after 10 years and he basically dies in his first reappearance.
  9. That's a fair opinion and all, but calling the games is super disingenuous.
  10. 1. Lazy days (Livin in paradise), for Sonic Adventure 2. Follow me, Sonic Heroes 3. Work it out, Sonic R 4. Free, Sonic Free Riders. Remix: Reach for the stars, Emi Jones, for Colors
  11. Then reviewers need to get with the times. This falls under the "Sonic's shitty friends" problem, where if it wasn't in the classics, it shouldn't exist no matter how many fans say otherwise.
  12. I feel there are two different conversations going on. There's the "Sonic stuff isn't for kids", and the "Sonic's main appeal has changed over time." Shockingly, the two aren't mutually exclusive. I agree with the latter, but not the former. X proves that Sonic stuff does work for kids. The thing is people really overestimate how "dark" sonic is. Ghetsis trying to murder you with Icicles was darker than most things in Sonic, let's be real here. The second thing argues that Sonic used to not be about the world being at stake, which is true. That change meaning that people shouldn't care about the story in a Sonic game is a weird take, though. That argument really only works once. After, like Adventure 2, the norm should be to care about the stories because they've always been a big part of the game.
  13. Listing things down on paper make them seen scarier than what's actually presented. That's always been the case. Mephiles and Infinite are still near impossible to take seriously. Black Doom and Erazor less so, but they're still all cartoonishly evil. Actions speak louder than words, and all that. And like, yeah, if someone did all this stuff in real life, they'd be super evil and threatening. But in a fictional media, presentation is everything. So Infinite dropping a sun on everyone isn't as scary as it's supposed to be taken, and no amount of posturing about their evilness will make a shadow clone without a mouth scary. And honestly, most of this is generic badguy stuff that doesn't make Sonic seem that dark. It just seems that way in comparison to Mario and other kiddie mascots. But since Sonic at the time was a wannabe anime, it didn't seem out of place at all.
  14. Have it revealed that Sonic's been in a coma since Sonic 1, and as he wakes up, the credits roll.
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