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  1. I keep forgetting that Dan Slott actually wrote for Sonic at some point, it just feels weird seeing mainstream comic writers on this book.
  2. Yeah, the group thing was never my favorite. Shadow the Hedgehog did it best. Have the characters be spread out, and only appear when the situation calls for it. These guys aren't military, most of them are just regular guys. It was fine for Forces and IDW, but once the virus ends, so should the whole restoration thing.
  3. I think that's a big problem honestly, people dislike one thing, so therefore the opposite of that thing is good. People don't like Amy's crush, so the games that downplay it to nonexistance are good by default, no deeper look or introspection required.
  4. The election being a plot point only to be immediately discarded makes less and less sense the more I think about it.
  5. Boom Tails was really cool, and of all characters he should have been the one they took notes from for the mainline games. The wacky inventor who takes things too seriously sometimes is perfect. And him fighting with whatever tools he has on hand at the time will always be cool. Eggman and the shapebots were their best in this series, and I love them. Sticks. That's all. Vector's random cameo was cool, and a decent interpretation. That one joke about Knuckles puttung a baby in a blender. I'll miss Boom.
  6. Define "not meant to be taken that seriously." I'm pretty sure we were supposed to feel something when Shadow killed Eggman or joined black doom or wished he was never born or whatever. The problem with Shadow was that it took itself too seriously, if anything.
  7. I don't think Gerald is what caused Eggman to go evil, it's just that it was a guiding factor. This'd be easier to sort out if we knew Eggman's age, but there's still a huge time gap unaccounted for between "child" and "grown man supervillaon"
  8. I think Shadow did it the best. Have every character do their own unique thing and you meet them all on random stages. It's not even everyone, either. Big wasn't in the game at all, and you don't even get to team up with Cream. They knew who they wanted to use and who they didn't. It's also one of the only last stories where some characters don't show up for the final cutscenes. If more games had characters pop in and out after they stopped being relevant to the plot (maybe like Rush but done well), I think characters would be less hated. Clustering everyone together like Forces did was a bad idea from the get-go.
  9. Wait, isn't Hex short for Hexagon? Like the shape? The name isn't the problem here, and it definitely doesn't have a double meaning.
  10. I mean, that scans with the prequel comic in which his ideal world was a destroyed one, it just doesn't vibe with Forces or episode shadow. This all feels so disjointed.
  11. He shot at Infinite, missed every shot, and proceeded to do nothing. Rouge said he swooped in at the end to save the day, but that's...not what we saw.
  12. ...Not really? I didn't watch that one genderswapped episode of Adventure Time and go "Man, the Ice Queen makes Ice King look really lame." I understand how AU versions of characters usually work. Eggman Nega could have had a more unique design, I agree, but he was legit just "Eggman, but for blaze to fight." That doesn't make Eggman look lame, it was just a realization that you can't have one character fight everybody at the same time. (Something that heroes didn't really understand).
  13. That doesn't really work. The games in which he's portrayed as worse than Eggman are the games in which he's not Eggman's dimensional counterpart. In Rush and the sequel, he basically had the same role as Classic Eggman in Generations.
  14. Yeah, they left no impression on me pre-Boom. Before I wrote that other post, I actually forgot they were in Forces. I feel like they only exist because these games need more characters, which is also a result of Sonic's friends getting the can. I think it's telling that in games like Generations or Rise of Lyric, when Eggman has someone else to work with, they just don't exist. It's also why they don't do anything in TSR, I guess, because Eggman has Zavok and Dodonpa to talk to. In the comics, Snively and then Starline served their role, so they were reduced to background roles, which might be a pattern.
  15. ...The credits roll, the game ends, and you get a sense of accomplishment. The fact that there happens to be other stuff you can do is really irrelevant in general. It's optional. But I'm just gonna drop this argument here before you start talking about how I cheated not only the game but myself.
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