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  1. From what we gathered in an interview with Colleen, Kate had to reaudition for Boom and lost the part to Colleen.
  2. Bioterrorism is, like, technically correct, but it's just zombies. And Zombies have been done in kids works before.
  3. This is also pretty important. Nobody makes franchises understandable only by keeping up with online interview. They're never gonna show the Master Emerald not doing anything, because there'd be no point in that. It just means that we'll see less of the Master Emerald in the future, but that's not that surprising, it hasn't been relevant in a long time.
  4. I think that's also it, it felt they wanted to have their cake and eat it too with Tommy, by giving him all these big character ending moments and then continuing to use the character. If Tommy had stayed dead in his first appearance he would not have the hatedom he does.
  5. "hate" is a very strong word. It's more that it's not his style. He's not tied down by anything, including global allegiances. The matter might have been diluted by the pseudo-cop Archie Sonic, but the games have never gone down that path. It's also why I wasn't sold on the movie before it came out, but that's only kind of related.
  6. The dislike for Shadow in IDW is obvious and i'm surprise gets so much pushback. He's not allowed to do anything interesting. This'll continue to be an issue until we get a regular Shadow appearance, which I think will happen eventually. If the book got cancelled today, Shadow's treatment would be terrible, but I feel like the more he appears and we get through this weird phase, it'll be easier to like him.
  7. Roger confirmed in an interview that he chose to leave the Sonic role. He wasn't fired. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/part-2-roger-craig-smith-on-creating-voices-sonic-batman/id1497054975?i=1000509998332
  8. Bristow's Eggman voice was already pretty distinctive, and Pollock started off doing an impression of him before slowly evolving the voice. Even if he left in 2010, Eggman would still have a certain sound in mind because of what was established in Adventure.
  9. The Antoine story has a lot of holes in it, but it's pretty effective. But it's hilarious to imagine someone just moving away in the middle of this war where people are getting roboticized.
  10. I forgot he was in Chronicles, to be completely honest. But no, they really exaggerated the dumbness in that game. But to be fair, Chronicles exaggerated a lot of character traits. Remember Amy's fake boyfriend?
  11. My favorite character's Big, but he doesn't have much variation to discuss, so I'll go with Vector. Favorite appearance: Heroes. It was his real debut game, so they had ti introduce his whole deal in a fun way, and they did a great job at that. He's a goofy but competent detective who's never really involved in Sonic's stuff. He's good in Shadow's game for the same reason. Least favorite appearance: Preboot Archie. His whole purpose is to speak in offensive slang and get beat up to show how cool Julie-Su is. Also he hates women. It's painful to read. Dishonorable mention to his Sonic X counterpart, who doesn't really investigate anything and is just a glorified messenger boy.
  12. I think this means we aren't getting the movie synergy like people thought if the one VA who was in the games and the movie couldn't reprise.
  13. I know people are focusing on the multiverse stuff, but what does "Sonic redemption quest" even mean? That's honestly a weird plot hook I for one am hyped to see Sonic repent for his sins.
  14. It's because it's easier to get soundalikes than it is lookalikes. You can't replace actors in live action because people can tell two guys apart. Animation doesn't have that pitifall. I think the issue is that Sonic tries so hard to be consistent with VA's, so whenever they switch things up, it's weird. Conroy plays Batman a lot, but he's one of 40 other guys who's played him. Sonic's had so few that change is weirder.
  15. That usually doesn't involve swapping voice actors, because they have nothing to do with the writing. It's more noticable with Eggman, and how Pollock has played him all sorts of ways because of what the scripts are, but it's not like RCS is physically incapable of doing an action oriented Sonic. And if the implication that Roger's the only one who got replaced is true, then the clean sweep is even less valid.
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