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  1. No ammo? Good. Now that I shut you down with that sales fact sheet, maybe this thread will get back on track. A history of the arguments I shutdown.... -"Side characters were not forced upon us," I quickly shut that down. - Conceded I was correct, new argument was: "Sonic is not what drives the series," I shut that down. -Conceded I was correct, new argument was: "Sonic as the only playable character do not drive the series," shut that down. -Conceded I was correct, new argument was: "He only did well because it was bundles." I also shut that down with a fact sheet of Sonic game sales. It turns out, I was correct...... You wanna know why this was always a losing argument for you? PSSST.........The best selling titles are driven by Sonic. It is nonsensical to be arguing this on a "Sonic" Forum, lol. This was my original point, which is why destroying these arguments were so easy.... You will always lose Thunder, because the brand is Sonic, the series is Sonic, the mascot is Sonic, the sales are driven by Sonic. Lets take your last point for example.... Sonic is what drove people to buy the console lol...... This goes back to my original point, he drives the series. You can't win.....This was always a losing argument for you, because your base was a contraindication. The consoles sold, because he was bundled with it.....lol.......proved my point. He drives the series. Can we end this now? I am starting to feel like a bully.......
  2. Because the majority of Sonic games are free, didn't know that..... LOL, too easy bruh, too easy... Like what? Which story drove the series to commercial success? I agree with the characters part, because Sonic is the character who drives the series, so you are correct.
  3. But yet, you are on a Sonic forum and not a Tails forum..... The irony....... Might wanna take that "Blue hedgehog" silhouette out of your avatar pic and replace it with characters that "Fuel your desire...."
  4. SEGA vs Nintendo was probably the most vicious console war of all-time. If anything, SEGA putting Sonic games on multiple platforms instead of one would benefit or inflate sales.
  5. Uhhhh....You can play as Sonic, only in that game.... Have you even played Sonic mania lol? It is akin to S3 & Knuckles, where you can play as one character solo...
  6. You answered your own question, Werehog. Werehog was a clever way for them to force an unconventional Sonic characters (Such as Silver, Big, etc) onto us. Notice how he is called Werehog, not Sonic. The best selling Sonic games of all-time only had him with the optional Tails.......Period? The worst had a cluster of crazy toons. So it works just fine, unless you were born around the 2000s and don't remember a time where it was just Sonic, with the optional Tails.
  7. That is all I wanted to hear. You are forced, period. Sonic is the reason people play Sonic games, hence it is called "Sonic the Hedgehog." Any version of Sonic is better than any other character because he is the cash cow. His game-play mechanics is what people pay for. If there were 5 versions of Sonic, that would be fine because it is Sonic. When you get away from his game-play mechanics, this is when the waters start to get murky... Sonic > All other characters, period...Because his game-play mechanics is what drives the series, period.
  8. You missed the point, you cannot progress through the game without playing as buddy, buddy... Therefore, Buddy was forced upon us. But you were forced, unless you can prove we were not, my point stands....
  9. There is no aside, lol, you are forced. Include him. What you are saying kind of sounds like this.... "Aside from the very last mainstream Sonic game they released, notwithstanding the ones of this past decade, we were not forced to play as other characters" Eh? That is a lot of variables... It kind of sounds like we were.
  10. My avatar "Was" s Sonic fan character I created, which is basically a guy (Human, not animal) surrounded by emeralds in his super-form. Not sure where he went, lol. Think I removed it by mistake when I was in my settings goofing around because I am still rather new to the boards. I will put him back in my sig whenever I get around to it.
  11. The thing I like about Mario? Mario games are Mario games. Sonic tends to steer off into a multitude of characters and game-play styles. I do not dislike tails, but if he were to get a spinoff, so be it. My issue is how convoluted Sonic games are. With that said, I have no issue with any of his roles. He is a lot like Robin; sometimes independent, sometimes in distress. My issue is how we are forced to play as other characters such as him in Sonic titles.
  12. Yesssirr https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=34270&searchtext=Virtua+Racing&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=textsearch&section=home https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=34270&searchtext=Wonder+Boy&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=textsearch&section=items That is why I specially alluded to PC players; we have a ton of games in the form of mods.
  13. Usually when Silver and Shadow are involved, the SEGA title will be a dud, save SA2. I feel like 3D Sonic needs to reinvent himself to some degree. I get there is not much you can do to make running versatile. If they release another 3D Sonic, many may say to themselves "Meh, another one?" Edit: The character creator from Sonic forces was an extremely great idea. Many games now, top sellers, have an element of player avatar customization. Skyrim, GTA, Fallout, many FPS (Perhaps the biggest genre), etc. I wish SF would have taken it a step further. Customizable super transformations, custom play-styles (Knuckles, Sonic, Silver, etc), and so on.
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/app/34270/workshop/ You do realize Steam is known for it's content, notably mods, right? Hence my whole, PC gamer thing.... Like I said, I have a ton of SEGA titles on Steam. Even titles that were multiple platform like MK. My point stands, if you are not a pc gamer, you could easily skip this. As Steam has a crap ton of SEGA titles on there. Do a Steam search function, fairly certain Wonder boy & Virtual Racing is in there.
  15. My original premise is, I, have a lot of these games on Steam, as stated here... "Anyway, I already have these titles on Steam" You said... "it does have games from those series, but far from all of them" ...Which was my point; I, have no intention on getting it. I guess it is great for..... "Those whom do not have a gaming PC" So basically, my point that I have no intention on getting this collection does not stand......That is very interesting....If I was a bit younger; I would sent you my birthday list. Heck, why think for myself when others can do it for me? Why have a preference in purchasing when others tell you what you will buy... I mean, if you Paypal the money for a Switch and the game, I will buy it lol. Other than that, it is a no go. My point still stands.
  16. I am assuming they will have Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Ecco, Shinobi, Phantasy Star series, Columns, etc. Well, what is a SEGA collection, without the franchise series?
  17. "SEGA is AGES backwards" I remember saying that in the early 90s.....Ah, good times. Anyway, I already have these title on Steam. I guess this is good for those whom do not have a gaming PC. The Steam version has a TON of games. I do not even own a Switch. Thinking of a reason to get it.
  18. Sonic mania 2 perhaps. I would not mind a Sonic Heroes 2 or Sonic Adventure 3. I like Sonic Heroes because the pace did not slow down, even when you did not play as Sonic. One of the most well-done Sonic titles imo. Sonic Adventure was also well done because the other characters where semi-optional for completest. SA 2 & 2006 forced them upon players. Maybe E3 will have an announcement; who knows.
  19. Man, I used to be all over team racing & kart titles way back in the day. The last kart game I played was Crash Team Racing for the PS1. I have not touched a racer since. Maybe it is due to me being PC based for so long. I rarely play on consoles.
  20. Yes, they made their beds. Unless they get rid of every character not named Sonic, they need to refine their roles by making them optional. That was only a snippet of what I said. "From the reviews & gamers who are not hardcore fans, characters who are not Sonic are a chore to play with. Players who want to play as Sonic only, should be afforded that option. Playing as the other characters should be optional (For completest). " Mania works because it is a 2D Sonic title old-schoolers like myself are accustomed to. 3D Sonic titles have too much going on; there is no way to change that, damage done. Make those characters optional.
  21. Sonic, or SEGA's issues in general is they attempt to do too much at one time. 32X, SEGA CD, etc. Now, we can see this mind-set leaking into their titles, notably Sonic. In the early-mid 1990s, Sonic was all about speed. Racing through stages as Tails, Knuckles, even the Choatix. Sonic Adventure became the turning point for Sonic. We got treasure hunts, shooters, fishing, etc. Sonic Mania returned Sonic back to his roots. Speedy characters tend to be enjoyed by casuals more than the E-Robots, Big, Silver, or Rogue. IMO, they need to refine the other character's game-play (The ones who are not speedsters). Personally, I would not mind knuckle stages being beat em ups (Streets of Rage fan). From the reviews & gamers who are not hardcore fans, characters who are not Sonic are a chore to play with. Players who want to play as Sonic only, should be afforded that option. Playing as the other characters should be optional (For completest).
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