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    Hurly Burly reacted to prettyinplague in Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?   
    One of the biggest flaws to me is the limitations of the character creator. You could have done SO much and they don't expand or use much creativity at all. All of the background characters and created characters just in general do not look good either, stylistically. There's a lot of untapped potential here. It's an excellent idea that should not go to waste. Expand and improve.
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    Hurly Burly reacted to DabigRG in Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?   
    Well, except Generations and Colors DS.
    That actually sounds pretty good.
    Also, there was a rumor claiming that the Avatar was the focus of the game as a spinoff originally before SonicTeam added in Sonic himself so it could also be the anniversary game.
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